Yacht Controller Testimonials

Azimut55Paul H.Cayman IslandsI find the Yacht Controller is a reliable and invaluable tool for navigating and docking my Azimut 55.
Azimut51Rick K.New JerseyI love my new Yacht Controller! I'm in total control. The greatest invention since sliced bread. I have never damaged my boat docking again since I purchased the Yacht Controller. I no longer fear docking my boat.
Azimut42Bill L.PennsylvaniaI absolutely love it! It gives me a tremendous sense of safety. I do a lot of boating on my own and having the Yacht Controller gives me the mate I need to dock my boat with total control. I now havethe freedom to go boating on windy days knowing I have the Yacht Controller to safely dock my boat.
Carver46Gary J.OntarioI am very happy with my Yacht Controller. It's the best item I've added to my 2001 466 Carver as you cannot see the dock from the helm. It's a judgement as to how close you are, with the yacht controller standing out on the deck you know where you are at all times. It makes docking a pleasure and in 3 years of use it's been trouble free.
Carver47Ted S.MichiganMy name is Ted. I have a 47 foot motor yacht moored in one of Lake Michigans largest marinas. I have a YACHT CONTROLLER installed on my boat and have come to depend on it for maneuvering in and out of my slip at my home marina and depend on it even more at less familiar marinas around the lake. The back of my boat is not visible from my fly bridge which makes backing into a slip a hit or miss (no pun intended) operation. The YACHT CONTROLLER has solved this problem. I highly recommend this unit to any Captain who can use the added capability that this unit provides.
Custom Yacht68David B.WashingtonI Can't live without it! Boating without it has become unimaginable.It is literally the best piece of equipment on my entire boat.
Maritimo 70Jackson W. Destin, FL (As a repeat customer) It is great to be back in (Yacht) Control again! Nick was on the boat first thing this morning and did a fantastic job. He was very professional and clearly knew exactly what he was doing. We discussed a couple of options (direction of windlass controls, location of receiver power switch, etc.), sorted it out and got it right the first time. He was a pleasure to work with and a great representative of your company. It was right at 14 months ago that the first installer came to the boat in Anna Maria and found the difficulty with the CAT 360 system. Your technical team certainly did a wonderful job on adapting this product as it was a very straightforward plug-and-play installation. At least Nick certainly made it look that easy. Call on me if I can be of any help.
Hampton55Larry J.MarylandI love it! I can't imagine running a boat without it.
Harbor Master46Richard S.New YorkI love it! I think it is a fantastic product. It is the best piece of equipment on my boat.
Hatteras54Robert R.FloridaThe Yacht Controller is like having another person on board. When we dock, my wife is on the bow and I can now leave the fly bridge tohandle lines in the cockpit. When we moor or anchor, I can go on the bow and handle those duties. I appreciate the Yacht Controller and wish you all the success in the future.
Lazzara84Frank M.ConnecticutI purchased my first Yacht Controller 3 years ago for my 75ft Viking Sport Cruiser. The controller was a big help in docking the boat. I have a full time captain, but I enjoy docking the boat myself.When I purchased my new 84 ft. Lazzara, I insisted that a Yacht Controller be installed. As boats become longer and wider, the ability to move around for better visibility is very helpful, most important is my confidence in the reliability of your product.
Neptunus56Stephen K.ChicagoIt is an amazing product and the best piece of equipment on my boat.The Yacht Controller is the most fabulous piece of equipment on my 56'Neptunus Hard Top Express. It stops the need for head sets, yelling, and needing help to go for a ride. It has made boating safer and more fun than the past 40 years!!! I would not own another boat without it. Iwould enjoy helping your company by sharing my experiences with others in the Chicago area during the summer to show how simple and easy it is to operate.
Riviera54Mark B.New YorkIt has been the greatest marital aide ever invented for boating. I amgoing to make a video on my boat with the NY City skyline to put onyour website. I feel completely confident when docking at marinas. My yacht controller saves me $50,000 yearly in captain salaries. Onthree different occasions, I have astonished boat captain's with manyyears experience.
Sea Ray40Raymond M.New YorkI am your number one fan! I will never own another boat without aYacht Controller!
Silverton45John U.OhioGives me the freedom to be in any location on the boat needed to havethe visibility I need.
Tempest92Jorge H.MiamiThe Yacht Controller is indispensable yacht equipment and my captaincould not run the yacht easily without it.
Uniesse48Jon W.CancunMy Yacht Controller makes operating my boat a breeze. It is great! Iwouldn't be without it.
Carver53Peter K.FloridaI have used your Yacht Controller in my boat 53 foot Carver and it has worked better that the normal boat controls I have been able to use it anywhere on the boat with perfect ease and peace of mind without the attendant screams that goes along with the normal docking procedures that was done in the old days without the Yacht Controller. Thanks a lot for a product that works well. You make me look like a pro when I use it.
Silverton45Jorge U. WisconsinI love the Yacht Controller! I think it is a fantastic product. It should be standard equipment on all boats brands. I would not own another boat without one.
Carver53Capt. RonNew YorkI love the fact that I have complete control of the boat while in any location on the boat while docking. I can accurately move the boat within inches in any direction I choose.
Ocean Alexander45Steve W.FloridaTo whom it may concern. I have a 45 foot boat and docking it by myself was impossible until I got the Yacht Controller. Now I can dock it just about anywhere. A terrific invention.
Sea Ray42John W.IllinoisI've had my Yacht Controller since the Spring of 2004, and I love it. I have a bridge boat and prefer to dock stern in, but have zero visibility aft of the boat from the helm station. With the Yacht Controller I simply walk to the rear of the bridge where I have full visibility and am able to dock with ease. While docking with the Yacht Controller, I am often greeted with shouts of That's cheating! from my fellow, jealous dock mates. It has also proven to be helpful with docking in rough weather conditions. I have docked in winds of up to 35 mph, in one take. You can't defy the laws of nature, but the Yacht Controller helps you cheat them a little. By allowing you to get into a better vantage point on the boat, you can see the effects of the wind on your approach more readily, and can make adjustments before it's too late. Docking has been described as a controlled crash, but the Yacht Controller helps put a lot more control into the equation.
Carver56Mark & Kae E.TennesseeWhen we purchased the Yacht Controller......we could not imagine that the end result was going to be so perfect. The equipment works just as it is supposed to. Without the Yacht Controller, I would not be able to handle our Carver 56 Voyager on my own, as it has quite a few blind spots not to mention its sheer size. Fueling, going through locks, anchoring, and obviously docking is now done with ease when short handed or even by myself. Your product will make wing stations a thing of the past! From the installation to tech support, Yacht Controller is one piece of equipment that truly does what it was built to do. It has performed reliably since being installed. I would recommend Yacht Controller to everyone and have highly recommended that it should be offered as optional equipment on new Carver Yachts.
Lazzara76Gary M.FloridaI recently spoke with you and told you of my absolute satisfaction with my handheld yacht controller. I own and operate a 76' Lazzara bymyself. I have zero crew. I have owned my yacht controller for over three years and did operate the boat prior to owning the controller. Prior to the controller it was a requirement to have a trained mate for every docking situation talking to me on head sets and guiding me on distances etc. I am now able to dock in every situation including backing into a slip stern to with no assistance. This has greatly improved the usability of this boat. I would not be without the controller. Reliability of the controller has been excellent. I travel from Florida to the Great Lakes each spring and fall and negotiate in excess of 100 locks per season on the Erie and Well and Canal. The controller is a great aid in entering, tying up and exiting these locks. As I travel and dock on a nightly basis there is always amazement from dock hands and other boat owners in seeing my ease in docking. Keep up the good work and best wishes for continued success.
Albin Express36Jim R. Washington, DCMy unit is installed on a 36-foot Albin Express Trawler that I keep at Herrington Harbor South. Although I often have guests who can help with docking, sometimes I don't (my lady friend is clueless about handling lines). With the Yacht Controller, I can completely dock and undock my boat unaided.
Azimut62Charlie C.CaliforniaI think the yacht controller is really, really useful. I use it all the time, including when at the bow for setting the anchor.
Carver53Thomas H.MissouriI tried the system; it is INCREDIBLY SLICK! I can now launch and dock this 53 foot yacht precisely and smoothly completely BY MYSELF. Thanks a million.
Carver57Bob D.WashingtonI have been a boat and yacht owner for over 25 years now. My recent pleasure boat is a carver 57 ft. When I first learned of the yacht controller, I knew I had to have it. I had it installed, and since then the thought of having to move the yacht myself is no longer a challenge. Here in the Seattle area, I go in and out of the Ballard locks often. Having the yacht controller has made it more of a pleasure going through the locks rather than a chore. The unit is extremely reliable. Many boaters have seen how handy the yacht controller is. I am sure they have purchased one and I would recommend the yacht controller to anyone.
Carver57Joe O.MarylandAs I was telling you at the Miami boat show, I was the third boat in the United States to have the Yacht controller installed. I am so glad that I took the chance on your product. I have a 57 carver which can be a little tricky docking because of the very limited view, especially with a dinghy sitting on the upper deck. The yacht controller makes it a breeze. My wife has a bad back so that leaves me with no first mate assistance but with the remote I can be my own first mate. I also have a bad back and the controller is a must as I could not easily tie the lines without it. When I am docking my pilothouse I usually stand on the swim platform or the cockpit which causes an immediate audience when they see no one at either of the helm controls. I have been applauded many times. When I first got the controller I had only been boating for a little over a year and had the swim platform repaired once already but no reoccurrences since the controller was installed. I'll never own another boat without it.
Express Trawler36Dr. Jim R.Washington D.C.I had a Yacht Controller installed on my 36-foot fast trawler two years ago. It's a godsend. I don't know what I ever did without it. It enables me to dock and undock my boat without any distance. If you knew the nautical limitations of my girlfriend, you'd appreciate how valuable this is.
Hatteras65John H.AlaskaIt gives the Capt. The ability to look down the shear on either side of the vessel and have absolute control in real time. No need for headsets and guessing what a deckhand is or was saying over the sound of the exhaust as you are backing into a slip. This one item lowers the stress of ownership if you are an owner operator. The insurance industry should encourage the installation of your product by reducing premiums for owners with the product installed.
Menorquin52Lee H.New JerseyI have owned my yacht controller for approximately three years. It still remains, along with my thrusters, the best investment I have made for the enjoyment of my boat. Operating a 52' vessel with a 16.5' beam with two people, or even alone, becomes simple and stress free when utilizing the yacht controller. Everyone knows the stress and concern when approaching a strange dock or even a familiar one, when no one to help is around. With the hand held yacht controller making lines fast with one or two hands on deck becomes as simple as walking around your deck. I have on many occasions, either alone, or with only one other person on hand, taken my vessel out without any concern whatsoever regarding whom might be there to help when I return. With the yacht controller, you don't have to. Why sit at the dock because there's no one who can help you? With the yacht controller, you truly don't.
Sea Ray58Jeffrey S.ConnecticutYacht Controller has made it possible to easily dock my Sea Ray 58 Sedan Bridge single-handed! Even when we are not shorthanded it allows me to leave the helm station to handle lines and to be on deck while still in full control of the boat. My wife hates to handle the anchor chain and windlass and the Yacht Controller allows me to be on the foredeck and still at the helm to move the boat at will. There is no more yelling aboard my boat thanks to Yacht Controller!
Vicem65Leigh W.ConnecticutI installed the Yacht Controller on our Vicem motoryacht Indra three years ago. Indra is 65 LOA. Having the Yacht Controller installed makes docking and line handing of a boat this size very manageable and safe. We are delighted with the technology.
Sea Ray54Richard N.New JerseyI had the opportunity to use the Yacht Controller this weekend when we went to a less than familiar port. I was very pleased with the way that it worked. The wireless switch makes turning it on a breeze. I was asked by one dock hand if I was playing video games.
Sealine42/5Anne A.North CarolinaI am the owner of a F42.5 Sealine. My husband who is the captain and I took delivery of the vessel in May 2004. The yacht controller was a part of the delivery package, and we have depended on the convenience afforded by the Yacht Controller of maneuverability of the vessel in tight quarters since we have owned the boat. As the 'first mate' or Admiral, as I prefer to be called, the smoothness of docking is much better with the Yacht Controller than without. When we are docking or leaving dock, I am usually the one scampering around securing the lines and fenders, so lurching forward or backward is always risky for the one is manning the deck. With the Yacht Controller, movements are quite easy and smooth. I would miss having the Yacht Controller on our vessel.
Neptunus60Ronald S.FloridaI am addicted to the Yacht Controller, I had bought a new 60 foot yacht and had to dock it in the middle of the night on a curved stone wall in the Erie canal on my first day on ownership. The captain could not do it and did not want to use the Yacht Controller. I was the only person on board and I had the captain and another hand on shore at the bow and stern. I had never steered or docked this boat before and my last boat was 39 ft. I was able in the dead of night to take it and turn it 180 and dock it where the two shore hands only had to reach out and loop a line without bending over. I was able to move around on the fly bridge on the decks and had complete viability and more importantly complete control.
Meridian41Jack C.FloridaI want you to know that we are delighted with our new yacht controller. My wife and I cruise as a couple, and the controller has made our life significantly easier. Also, I cannot say enough about the service rendered by Marshall. He went out his way to assure our satisfaction.
Carver53Tony C.Miami, FLThe Yacht Controller is a blessing. I was able to dock my 53' Carver aftward from the transom, an almost impossible task until now.
Custom Build100Bill H.ArizonaThe remote controller has worked great for my boat. It has more range than I expected.
Azimut62Ron C.AnnapolisYacht Controller is a first class operation. I have referred your company to at least 100 people. I have saved thousands, not even counting possible boat damage, just by adding up the amount of food I have been able to enjoy, instead of getting the heartburn and upset stomach associated with docking.
Silverton46Ben B.FloridaYour product has saved me millions! Well ok, maybe not millions, but thousands in gelcoat repairs.
Viking70Bob L.San Diego, CAWell my Kristina 8 is safely here in San Diego. I just spent the weekend on her and operated completely alone. What a huge difference your Yacht Controller makes. Anchoring is a breeze and things like just adjusting lines at the dock (thrusters) is a piece of cake. I had to drop my wife and dog off at a hotel dock and just stood on the swim platform and eased it in with inches of movement...no problems! Moving a 70' boat around like this is almost unfair but...I LOVE IT! Huge thanks for a truly wonderful product!
Nordhavn 55Henry T.Dana PointWe would not be without it and show it to everyone.I feel after over a year using it that I could have dispensed with our aft control station and saved money!If I am in a tight spot I have my wife check one side or end of the boat while I walk around and make gentle adjustments with the Yacht controller.Apart from docking I find it invaluable when lowering and setting the anchor. I like to deploy the anchor from the bow and it is easy to position the boat in a tight spot and then set the anchor from the bow using the YC. It means that this can be a one person operation and I can see how well it sets from the bow.I have also found your post sales back up excellent.. not always the case with some of our other suppliers but vital when cruising a long way from home!It should be on the Nordhavn options list!!
Grand Banks49Tim C.Newport Beach, CA.My wife and I own a 49 FT Grand Banks Eastbay and our Yacht Controller gives us complete maneuverability, even in the tightest space. My wife can back our boat into our slip with no problems. We pick up our mooring at Catalina Island regardless of wind and currents. It is a fantastic instrument. This is our second docking instrument. Our first one was another brand and it was a disaster. It continually shorted out our electrical system, leaving us with no controls.
Ferretti55James W.Hillsborough, CAI have really enjoyed the Yacht Controller on my Ferretti. It works great.
Symbol60Philip T.FloridaJust a short note to say your Yacht Controller is the best! My wife and I navigate our 60' Symbol Motor yacht together. The Yacht Controller is just like having that extra set of hands that makes life, docking and close in maneuvering safe and fun.
Meridian58Bob H.New YorkThe Yacht Controller works perfectly on my new Meridian purchased through Marine Max! Everyone in Huntington Harbor has become aware of the Yacht Controller. I form a crowd every time I dock my boat with Yacht Controller at the harbor.
Krogan Express52Bob L., Director of Sales, Krogan Express YachtsFloridaThanks for your support in getting the latest Yacht Controller installed on a Krogen Express. Mr. Franck is very pleased with the results.
Meridian58Allan C.New YorkThe Yacht Controller works extremely well on my Meridian 58 PH. I especially find it useful when docking in tight places. While reversing into a slip, I can walk to the aft of the boat to see perfectly and then walk forward to make sure I have enough room to swing the bow around. I was delighted to have my Yacht Controller recently while docking in Nantucket. The boat took up most of the fairway while turning to reverse into a slip, and my Yacht Controller made docking a piece of cake. It is difficult to judge the closeness of the side of the boat to a dock while at the controls on my boat. I simply walk to the side of the flybridge to have a great view and simply move the boat sideways into a dock. The Yacht Controller is well worth the cost when you consider that a minor accident while docking can result in thousands of dollars.
Sealine47Fred C.FloridaMy wife and I are about to embark on a Great Loop Trip with our Perfect Remedy. We use the Yacht controller virtually every time we dock and most times when we are anchoring. It has become an invaluable tool in promoting enjoyment in our boating experience.
Nordic Tug 42Courtney P.Pensacola, FLI single hand a Nordic tug 42 which has a single engine and the Yacht Controller makes going in and out of my tight slip so much easier. I also find the Yacht Controller very handy in certain anchoring conditions.
Marquis59Joseph M.Rhode IslandIt gives you the ability to create your own confident spot on the boat to maneuver the boat.
Nordic Tug41Bill A. VirginiaI've been very happy with the Yacht Controller. Docking my 41' Nordic Tug single-handed is a dream. The Yacht Controller also allows me to move freely between the stern and bow, and even step off onto the finger pier, to tie off and adjust lines....
Catamaran44Capt. Sam T.Edisto Island, S.C.I would like to take a few minutes to praise the owners of Yacht Controller for the prompt assistance they gave me when my sending unit stopped working. As a charter captain, I sometimes work without a mate and Yacht Controller takes that person's place. I run a 44' power catamaran with only cockpit controls where your visibility is extremely limited while docking. With Yacht Controller, I am able to walk around the deck and even drop a line over a cleat while holding the boat in place. This type of control is nice when anchoring as well since the anchor controls are on the front of the boat as far from the cockpit as you can get. My congratulationsto the inventor of this device as it makes boating quite simple. Also for getting me back in business so quickly.
Sea Ray60David B.Lexington, KYI just wanted to share with you and your people what a pleasant experience I had ordering the yacht controller and installation. Ordering, delivering and installing were done exactly when promised and the installer did a thorough job of explaining the use of the remote controller. This is an excellent aid in docking and moving around the harbor where I keep my 60 ft. Sea Ray Sundancer. I have a blind spot on the starboard rear that had caused me docking problems on more than one occasion, but with the yacht controller this problem has been completely eliminated. One person can effectively handle the 60 ft. boat with the yacht controller with no problems. I would highly recommend this product to anyone that may be considering a remote control device.
Hatteras72Carl R.NaplesI purchased a new 72 Hatteras Motor Yacht in 2008. The boat had very poor visibility on both sides as well as the stern during docking operations. Rather than install two wing stations and an aft station I chose to go with the Yacht Controller and one control station on the helm. This product makes docking a dream. I can walk to the location providing me the greatest visibility and maneuver the vessel as easily as a boat half its size. An added benefit that I did not plan on was the ability to adjust lines from the dock without assistance by controlling the engines and thrusters from shore.
Hampton55Larry H.CaliforniaBack in 2004 I had a Yacht Controller unit installed on my new 558 Hampton. I just sold that boat and I told the new owner that I would never own another boat without wireless Yacht Controller. It is the best option that I added to the boat and after 4 years of using it I never had any problems. I will contact you after I have found a new boat. Thanks for a great product.
Carver50Steve J.CaliforniaMy reluctant-sailor wife went with me to the fuel dock on Saturday to handle lines, and watched in amazement as I nudged that towering boat gently to the dock from the side rail. She said, wide-eyed, You did that?! ...... she said, That's not a birthday present for you; it's a birthday present for ME!
Navigator56Gordon S.Port Moody, B.C.I am very pleased with the Yacht Controller and use it all the time. The main use for me is on the BC coast when anchoring, we very often have to run a stern line to the shore. The Yacht Controller, needless to say, makes this manoeuvre so very much easier and keeps my wife much more relaxed.......
Prestige 201768Larry P. Ft. Lauderdale, FL I was referred to Yacht Controller by one of their customers. After my installation, I only have two words THE BEST!
Azimut52Rich K.New JerseyI had a Yacht Controller installed about 5 years ago and love it! I would do a commercial on it if asked I think so highly of it. In fact, I refer to it as my Wife Saver
Fairline58Joseph L.Aventura, FLThis feature [Yacht Controller] allows me to be all over the boat when docking instead of being stuck at the helm, I can help when I have non experienced guests on board.
Viking54Donald G.San Dusky, OHWow! What an incredible piece of equipment to have for stern docking...to be able to leave the bridge and the controls I've been acquainted with for 35 years and travel anywhere; bow, aft deck, other side on the boat, has certainly allowed me the assurance and confidence of a smooth docking. As a matter of fact, I found myself using it more often than necessary. I ask myself often, why did I wait so long!
Sea Ray Sundancer58John W.Detroit, MIThis is my second one. It has taken the fear out of docking, and saves on fiberglass repairs!
Vicem58Craig M.FloridaIn 3 yrs our 58' Vicem, Nightwatch has seen over 100 marinas from Nantucket to Miami. With Yacht Controller our docking is a breeze. With only a foot or two to spare we can slide into any slip, often to the amazement of onlookers. We've even received applause.
Riviera41Bruce P. MAIt has met my every expectation. I have no problem leaving the helm. I like it best when I'm mid ship and I have a good feel for where the bow is etc..
Navigator53Phil S.Illinois I think it is an excellent aid to the boater. Now I can single hand backing into our slip. Folks are actually amazed at how responsive the device is and how it makes reverse operations so flexible. In fact last week (Oct. 2010) I was alone on the boat (Navigator 53) and moved her some 150 yards betweeen docks all backing up and parallel to boats and docks and never did I feel that her movements were out of control. I recommend the unit.
Azimut55Julio D.Puerto RicoThe Yacht Controller has been my best investment. The ease of use and the security features are exceptional. Every boat must have one. This devices make any person an expert Captain.
Alexander Marine88Jeff H.Seattle, WA. The Yacht Controller provides incredible flexibility to the operation of our 90 foot Ocean Alexander. My yacht's particular installation provides complete remote control of the bow and stern thruster as well as each main engine in idle forward or reverse. As an owner operator especially, the Yacht Controller allows me to single handedly dock and undock my yacht easily without assistance onboard or dockside. With the range of the Yacht Controller I will hold or maneuver my yacht alongside a dock while working on the dock securing and letting go of the lines myself. And, while setting and retrieving the anchor, the Yacht Controller allows me to maneuver my yacht from the bow while observing firsthand the lead of the anchor chain. Whether a yacht is manned by an owner or a professional crew, the Yacht Controller is a very worthwhile asset to its operation.
Carver 57Blaine M.Annapolis, MDThe controller has been a godsend. Managed to jam the 57' (Carver) into a 60 foot space on the Annapolis city dock this summer- with a huge audience of course!
Carver Marquis65Wally M.Great Lakes/Myrtle Beach, S.C. I have a 2006 65ft Carver Marquis. I boat in the great lakes in the summer and down to Myrtle Beach in the winter. The yacht controller is absolutely incredible! I've had power boats all my life and never has boating been more pleasurable than in the past three years. I go out on it many times on my own and dock without any help from anyone. All my boating friends are amazed how easily I manage this yacht on my own. The product has paid for itself many times over just because there has been zero damage caused in docking in all kinds of weather. The most important benefit is that I no longer have any stress at all when I come into the dock. I recommend the Yacht Controller to all my friends.
Wendon72Clay M.B.C. Canada This is a great product , one that can be used with great confidence. I Wish I had found Yacht Controller sooner, could have saved a couple of repairs. LOL
Neptunus62Dr. Stanley S.MIAMI, FLWith the small handheld remote controller, the operator can be anywhere on the boat, typically on the side or cockpit at a docking position, using its bow and stern thrusters, bringing the boat easily to the dock. Without hesitation, for the safety and efficiency for docking and other tight maneuvers, I highly recommend your consideration to purchase the “Yacht Controller.
Hatteras72Kevin T.Ft Lauderdale, FL Guy Pigeon from Marine Max just finished an installation aboard our new 72' Hatteras. I love the unit and have shown a lot of customers on our big Summer cruise!
Grand Banks47Bill H. Virginia Beach, VA Tony Valiente, you sold me a YachtController for my 2009 GB47CL several years ago. I met a guy a couple of weeks ago, named...., who is buying a new Fleming 55 to be delivered this fall. He is quite interested in the system and I gave him your name and website info. I continue to be very happy with the system!
Pacific Mariner65Al K. ConnecticutI purchased a dual-channel full-function Yacht Controller, which was installed on my Pacific Mariner 65..... in late May. I have been very pleased with the unit's functionality so far - it facilitates short-handed control during docking operations exactly as expected. My wife & I would not be comfortable or feel safe operating a boat of this size ourselves without it.
Carver46Raymond R.Chantilly, VA I love my Yacht Controller! Before I had a Yacht Controller, I had to rely on a self installed RV video camera backup system that required additionally installed rear mounted flood lights to see at night, and the assistance of a first mate. With a high, forward mounted bridge on my Aft Cabin, and limited visibility, shouting out instructions to helpers unfamiliar with the nuances of docking turned into unpleasant moments. Yacht Controller changed all that and is the single most important upgrade to my 2004 Carver MY466 AC. I found myself without a first mate in 2009, and after buying this product and having it installed, I discovered that I never want or require help to dock or undock a 42,000 lb boat! When I have guests aboard, either boaters or non-boaters, they are always amazed at the fact that I can tie and untie, and get my boat in and out of the dock with no assistance at all. And anchoring is much easier now because I can operate the boat from the bow and maintain an eye on my chain angle and anchor position. I highly recommend this investment. It's a great product and probably the best $ I ever spent on that boat.
Marlow61Marc O.Seattle, WA.Just wanted to share with you how satisfied I am with my yacht controller. I have been cruising for the past three days and I have thoroughly enjoyed docking. It makes such a difference. Even going through the lock in Seattle was a pleasure with the yacht controller. In every marina where I went everybody admired my Yacht Controller. It worked perfectly. I managed to dock {my yacht} even with a 35 knot side wind! Thanks for having sold this to me.
Ocean Alexander88Jeff H.Seattle, WAThe Yacht Controller provides incredible flexibility to the operation of our 90 foot Ocean Alexander. My yacht's particular installation provides complete remote control of the bow and stern thruster as well as each main engine in idle forward or reverse. As an owner operator especially, the Yacht Controller allows me to single handedly dock and undock my yacht easily without assistance onboard or dockside. With the range of the Yacht Controller I will hold or maneuver my yacht alongside a dock while working on the dock securing and letting go the lines myself. And, while setting and retrieving the anchor, the Yacht Controller allows me to maneuver my yacht from the bow while observing firsthand the lead of the anchor chain. Whether a yacht is manned by an owner or a professional crew, the Yacht Controller is a very worthwhile asset to its operation.
Ocean Alexander78Mac SChicago ILHappy to report that the Yacht Controller is working flawlessly as expected. I continue to be a big fan.
Ocean Alexander90Daniel S. Seattle, WAI want to take this opportunity to thank you for your wonderful product. I am,..... one of your biggest proponents for the wireless controller. Attached is a video of me docking the 90 Ocean Alexander in Anacortes, WA. Thank you for working with us (Ocean Alexander Seattle,WA) in this regard and I look forward to getting more of these units on our yachts. It really is as easy as it looks. There was about a 15/20 kts crosswind.
Ocean Alexander 50Jim P. CAThe Yacht Controller has worked out great for me! I am in California, last year I took the boat to Canada and it was just my wife and I and it allowed me to handle the boat alone while docking. People were surprised to see me do this. Not all people have the Yacht Controller and I don't know why!
Cruisers56Drew A.Cochranville, PA. The Yacht Controller has worked out well and is very handy to have. I have used it on several occasions where it would have been impossible to do from the helm
Sea Ray58Capt. Tom P.Channel Island Harbor (Oxnard), CAI love the Yacht Controller and cannot imagine a vessel without it! Last year we attended a boat show in which we wanted the Valkyrie at the docks. The dockmaster was concerned as the Valkyrie is 16ft wide and the dock where we wanted to go was 16ft wide PLUS there was a strong cross wind. He could not believe it when I flipped the Valkyrie in reverse and stood on the swim step guiding it in inch by inch (literally an inch space on each side) without even touching the dock! The entire dockmaster crew now always cheer and wave when the Valkyrie goes by!
Grand Banks45Bob C.Fort Lauderdale. FLI made the trip through the Erie Canal system, into Lake Ontario to Montreal, and returned to the U.S. via Chambly canals into Lake Champlain. My Yacht Controller was most helpful entering the locks. Made it much easier to control bow or stern while securing one line without the worry of the vessel sliding away from the other mooring cable. Being able to be outside the entire time was a real plus for me.
Legacy 32Bob C. Fort Lauderdale, FL. I made the trip thru the Erie Canal system, into Lake Ontario to Montreal, and returned to U.S. via Chambly canals into Lake Champlain. My Yacht Controller was most helpful entering the locks. Made it much easier to control bow or stern while securing one line without the worry of the vessel sliding away from the other mooring cable. Being able to be outside the entire time was a real plus for me.
Sea Ray - Sedan Bridge58Sea GullI have a Yacht Controller installed on my Sea Ray 58 Sedan Bridge. I use it every time I am on the boat and I cannot imagine living without it. I have been boating for more than 40 years and hold a USCG Masters license. I have taught sailing and boat handling since I was 18. When we bought Sea Gull, we looked at a lot of options for a second helm station. The Yacht Controller seemed to be the most elegant, versatile system on the market. We don't have to go into the electronic versus mechanical argument since Sea Gull already had electronic primary controls. The only leap of faith was the wireless function. We also looked at wired controls, both fixed position and with a long cord, but the wireless seemed more appropriate for us. It's usually just two of us operating the boat. We often have guests, but it is rare that we have people who can help handle the boat. The first place the Yacht Controller is helpful is when anchoring. I bring the boat to the position where I want to anchor and stop. I then walk to the bow and begin to lower the anchor. With the Yacht Controller in hand, I can bump the engines into reverse as the anchor chain pays out. Once the anchor is down and the right amount of scope is out, I can give the boat a good burst of reverse thrust to set the anchor. When it's time to weigh anchor, the process is reversed. I can be at the bow with a foot on the windlass control, a hand on the Yacht Controller and the wash-down hose in the other hand. I bump the boat forward and bring up the anchor washing with fresh water as I go. Once the anchor is aboard, I can use the Yacht Controller to hold the boat in position while I get back to the bridge. Docking is the place where the Yacht Controller really shines. At the very least it allows me to see the port side of the boat as we approach a dock. I am also free to move to the front of the fly bridge, to get a clear view below the bow or even to descend to the cockpit. Having this freedom of movement allows me to both control the boat and handle dock lines, essential for single-handed or even short-handed operation. Remember, that with a boat of this size, close is not good enough. With even a little wind or current it is almost impossible to move the boat by manual brute force. You cannot haul the boat fore or aft along the dock or pull the bow or stern line to move the boat closer to the dock. All movement is done with engines (and bow thruster) in a slow, purposeful way. The Yacht Controller allows me to be in total control.
Sea Ray SundancerMarineMax St. Pete, FLSt. Pete, FLOur very own Capt. Brad brings this beautiful yacht over to the haul out, he's standing on the forward deck controlling her with a yacht controller we just installed. I want one!
FlemingDuncan C Fleming Yachts Production Manager OEMFleming Yachts have been offering the Yacht Controller as an option on all new Fleming models for many years and we have no hesitation in recommending this product. It allows you full control of the vessel from any position on-board making it easier to maneuver your yacht, especially when shorthanded. The after-sales support from Yacht Controller has also been excellent.
California Yacht 61Bill P.St. Downieville, CAThis last weekend, we (along with 3 other large yachts) sterned into the Napa Valley Yacht Club docks. Our hosts at Napa Valley were really impressed at the functionality of your Yacht Controller. Bear on in mind that in Napa- “cost is irrelevant”. They asked about the system and I gave your product rave reviews (which they could see for themselves).
Fleming65Mike JAnacortes, WA.The installation was an easy process. The instructions were easy to follow and initial use also was easy. After a quick demonstration, my customer had no problem using the Controller. I spent a week on the boat with him and he used the unit daily. This Yacht Controller was installed on a 65 Fleming. We had no trouble docking at the marina, backing down the channel and turning into our slip and tying up without any assistance. The Yacht Controller made it possible!
Outer Reef 58Miles C.Miami Beach, FLI went from a sailboat to a power boat and the crossover was a big change for me. Having the Yacht Controller greatly reduced the learning curve! It made boat handling in docking situations so much easier for me an my wife! I am very satisfied with my system and will never own another boat without one! Thank you for a great product!
Horizon Power Catamaran52Valerie A.Virginia Beach, VAMy husband and I can handle the wide beam power cat with ease thanks to Yacht Controller! It allows us to handle the boat with no arguing or miscommunication. It's a definite marriage savior! Lol!
Intrepid Sport Package40Jim S. Mill Creek MarineWe launched the boat this afternoon. It worked flawlessly to the point my tech docked the boat leaning on the transom with the remote!
Outer Reef65John H.Seattle, WAThe key for many boating couples is that one of them usually the wife is not confident with the close quarter maneuvering that is required in marinas. This product allowed my wife to gain confidence and be willing to operate our vessel in close quarter situations.
Catamaran PDQ 41Gabriel R.Miami Beach, FLI'm very happy I can now handle the boat with no problem.I went out for a sunset cruise on Friday afternoon. The winds were blowing 20-25MPH so it was the perfect time to put it to the test handling the boat by myself. The experience was simply amazing, I was able to walk all the away around the boat and untie all 6 dock lines by myself and place them nicely on each piling for my return all the while keeping the boat in place with the controller around my neck. My neighbors at the dock were in aw. When I arrived at the dock it was simply a breeze to tie up by myself. I fell 100% better handling the boat now and in complete control, I just took the family out Sunday today for a little cruise and the wind was howling again and it was flawless and anchoring alone is simply easy now, no more running back and forth to the controls. The addition of the controller really eliminates all my worries I was having handling the boat alone. It is quite funny my neighbor has a 45 sea ray and had 4 people standing at each corner of his boat while he was going out, when I was leaving he walked over and said you need a hand and I said no thank you, I left the dock standing at the transom driving the boat making sure I cleared the pilings with the tender and he was cracking up.I hope that update helps, I highly recommend this to any PDQ users.
Sea Ray61Scott B.Pensacoloa, FlI purchased the Yacht Controller in January 2008 and remain a fan of the product today. I talk to boat owners all the time about the product; people are always impressed with the ease and simplicity when I dock for fuel or just an overnight stay. I am amazed at the number of boat owners that have not heard of the Yacht Controller. I own a 610 SeaRay Sundancer and the Yacht Controller allows me to operate the boat, dock and tie up without assistance, it makes big boating easy.I was concerned about service and follow up after the sale since I live in Pensacola Florida, not a problem. Good news, the product has performed flawlessly and follow-up has been awesome both in person and online. I would not be without the Yacht Controller!
Pershing64, 74, 92Brad C.Miami Beach, FL.As a captain on several Pershing Yachts, I find the Yacht Controller to be a fantastic system! The system helps me by providing better control over the vessel with improved visibility making it much easier to dock and maneuver the vessel. The Yacht Controller allows for effortless handling and flexibility when docking or mooring. Thanks for all the support over the years!
Viking Sport Fish61Alex C.Key Biscayne, Fl.As a captain, the Yacht Controller allows me to effectively do my job and still enjoy fishing! When deep drop fishing and setting your drift, you can keep the fishing lines straight without having to be at the helm, controlling the boat with the Yacht Controller hanging around your neck. Yacht Controller is also beneficial for kite fishing. Keeping the kite's straight with the Yacht Controller in hand is a breeze. The Yacht Controller puts you in the best position to watch the kites and ensure they don't tangle all while fishing! Fish on!
Trawler40Gus A. Titusville, FL I have a Trawler named Summerland and as the owner of this boat I am happy to have the Yacht Controller on board as it has made the experience amazing. Maneuvering my boat is easy and I no longer have to be concerned if someone is there to help me. I can simply walk over, pick up the line and bring my boat in single handed. Yelling to my wife to tie lines is a thing of the past, a simple push and I am smoothly moving in the direction I need to go. I can spin my boat in place and all with one hand. My boat was equipped with the Yacht Controller in 2005. Here we are in 2013 and it's still going strong.
Holland70David B. Bellevue, WA I keep my boat at my house on Lake Washington with my dock I need to back in 70' with less than 2 feet on either side and I can't see from controls in either the Pilothouse or the Flybridge. Almost impossible to back in especially with a breeze. I had the then brand new 60 Series Detroit Diesels with controls you had never adapted to at this early stage in your development. It has continued to work flawlessly for over 12 years! I have never had a scratch on my boat and can put it to within inches of where I need to be in any situation including difficult crosswinds. I am over 70 and my wife is 69 and we have always run our boat by ourselves. With the Yacht Controller I run the boat entirely by myself which I do often and can even go through the locks into Puget Sound alone and all this in a 70' boat! Most user friendly piece of equipment I have AND the one piece I could NOT do without!! In the early days no one had one and we were the talk of the boating community when they watched us perform, now there are many around and haven't really met any owners who don't feel entirely like we do!
Sea Ray48Virgilio C.Venezuela Esto, es nada mas que una carta de agradecimeinto. Por el asobrozo Yacht Controller que uds. Ofrecen la verdad que es incredible. La posibilida que este brinda a la hora de atracar en el muelle y poner gasoline al barco. Una pesona sola puede, lanzar un cabo sin tener que estar corriendo. Teniedo la posibilidad de caer al agua. O de sufrir una accidente. Esto no tiene otra palabra para describirlo, sino simplemente marabilloso. Es un product excepcional. La gente se preocupa en poner tantas cosas en el barco que no usan, y el Yacht Controller es algo que realmente todo barco deberia tener. Y mas si quieres las privacidad de no tener a un ayudante o marinero abordo!
Princess64Tommy B.Knoxville, TNAfter a full month of operation...I thought you would be interested to hear an update concerning our utilization of the Yacht Controller on board our Princess 64 'Now or Never'. From the time I met you in person on board in Miami for an installation adjustment service call we have traveled nearly 2,000 NM and we currently are sitting on the Eastern portion of the Tennessee River. With that said, I have to say The Yacht Controller is absolutely one of the most important components we have on board and well worth the investment. We used the Yacht Controller while we navigated thru all the locks on both the Tombig and TN river as well as all the Marinas we pulled into for fueling and docking overnight which some presented a bit of a challenge due to limited space. The Yacht Controller was invaluable in those instances and allowed for us to secure dock lines without the stress of having to scream directions at one another while maneuvering our boat into a secure position. The ability to have control while moving about to get clear lines of vision makes all the difference in the world to me and we are very satisfied with The Yacht Controller to this point! We used the Yacht Controller while we navigated thru all the locks on both the Tombig and TN river as well as all the Marinas we pulled into for fueling and docking overnight which some presented a bit of a challenge due to limited space. The Yacht Controller was invaluable in those instances and allowed for us to secure dock lines without the stress of having to scream directions at one another while maneuvering our boat into a secure position. The ability to have control while moving about to get clear lines of vision makes all the difference in the world to me and we are very satisfied with The Yacht Controller to this point!
Carver Pilothouse53James R.Sandusky, OHI am the 89th Commodore of Sandusky Yacht Club, a 11S-year old Club with 1,000 members and a fleet of 6S0 boats located on Sandusky Bay in Lake Erie. Each year at our annual Regatta we have many water events for both power and sail boats. This year in our docking contest, twin screw classification trlck Glynos garnered the top position using his Yacht Controller on his 53 ft I Carver Pilothouse Motoryacht. Nick amazed the judges and spectators alike by how effortlessly he was able to dock with the use of the remote control while standing on the bow of hislboat. Nick has docked his boat at many of our sailaways in spots where he would never have been able without the use of the remote controlled Yacht Controller. It has become a crowd-pleasing event to witness Nick's docking abilities using your product; it has piqued the interest of many.
Luke Brown Yachts 2013Pam B.Fort Lauderdale, FLYou (Tony) and Yacht Controller have been extremely generous to the marine industry. I look forward to the opportunity to referring your business and help spread the word about Yacht Controller and you other innovative products lines. Your support is much appreciated.
Catamaran PDQ 41Jeff B.Osterville, MAI was introduced to your fantastic product at the Palm Beach Boat Show... The product is a life saver and it would be difficult to get by without it!
Sea Ray & Meridian YachtsStuart H. Cape Coral, FLI was a two time Yacht Controller owner but recently went with a pod driven boat and opting not to go with a conventional shaft driven boat and Yacht Controller. I can now say I wish I had never done so! The pod's make it difficult to maneuver the boat in tight quarters often requiring lots of throttle to move the boat a fairly short distance. In addition, you have the pod's equipment vulnerable to being damaged mounted underneath the boat. I recently damaged a pod by lightly hitting bottom and resulted in $28,000.00 in repair costs per pod as opposed to servicing a bent propeller! I am now purchasing a Sea Ray Sundancer knowing full well the Yacht Controller will provide the necessary control I need when docking! Thank you all for the support throughout the years! The Yacht Controller is a great product for which I rely heavily. The big advantages for me of the Yacht Controller over pods, is that it provides me the ability to single hand a larger boat without being at the helm. No pod driven boat can accomplish that! Hence, my confirmation of Yacht Controller's compatibility with the Sea Ray Sundancer prior to confirming the boat purchases! Thank you again
Cheoy Lee 80Capt. RockyFt. Lauderdale, FLI have used the Yacht Controller. I recently completed an Owner trip through the Exumas on the 80 foot Cheoy Lee M/Y Anthem which had recently installed it. It allowed me complete mobility during the docking/anchoring process and performed flawlessly.
MarineMaxGuy P.St PetersburgI wanted to send you this note to thank you for the great sales and service support. The Yacht Controller System has proven to be a reliable product. Yacht Controller is a great aide for docking and a piece of equipment our customers enjoy having on board their boats.Our experience in the marketplace has shown that customers will buy larger boats if they feel they can control them. Yacht Controller clearly provides this solution since it gives customers complete control when docking from anywhere on board. As a MarineMax team member who has now sold and installed many Yacht Controllers, I highly recommend the system to our customers as I am confident it will enhance their boating pleasure and experience.
Palmer Johnson123 38MCapt. Alan Ft. Lauderdale, FL Anytime anyone wants to ask about the Yacht Controller tell them to call me as it's one of the best things I have ever done in the 25 years I have been in the industry.
Regal48Joe A.Virginia(Owning the Yacht Controller) It has been a real pleasure and the controller has worked flawlessly. It really makes a difference in tight docking situations.
Sunseeker 60Jacques L.Miami. FlThe Yacht Controller is fantastic! I recently took the boat to the Bahamas with my family on a 10 day trip and was able to dock the boat all alone every time! With the Yacht Controller in hand, it was simple to do! Thank you
Marlow70Mark H.USAI love the product! It really helps me when Im running by myself, I can control the boat from anywhere on board and even allows me to hop off on the dock and get lines while keeping the boat exactly where I want it. Excellent product.
Marlow53Paul G.USAIt allows me to squeeze my 18' beam Marlow into a 20' slip every time, without the Yacht Controller there is no way I could do that. The ability to be in the cockpit is critical and I couldn't do it with out it. Marriage saver!
Marlow65Steve I.USAThis needs to be advertised as the marriage saver! We used to have the use the headset's every time we would pull in to dock but with the Yacht Controller I can do all the lines and control the boat by myself without help from anyone else. I love it, it makes life so much better!
Meridian44Yan H. Quebec City, Quebec Canada I presently own a Meridian 441 with Yacht Controller wireless remote and I love it!
Sea Ray59Steve R. Northport, NY I could not be more happy with the Yacht Controller - iThruster 200 POD promotion package you installed on my Sea Ray with Zeus Pods! I love the system. The added bow thruster has enhanced my ability to handle the boat effectively! I resort to the Yacht Controller for all my docking needs. Thank you for the packaged system provided!
Sea Ray58Eni O.Johns Island, S.C.I have bought a lot of upgrades for my boats over the years, not one of these upgrades has pleased me as the Yacht controller.It has improved my boating/docking confidence. The system is very responsive, easy to us and have never had a problem with it for two years now. It was the only upgrade I agreed to install in my most recent boat. This system as far as I am concerned, is a must have.
Neptunus55James H. Chicago, ILThe Yacht Controller installation was completed yesterday and works great! Vianca was very professional, keep everything clean, and gave me a complete review of the installation along with training and testing of the system.
Selene55Collin's Marine Service Anacortes, WAHope all is well, customer is loving your unit and frankly so am I. It sure makes life easy backing a 65 boat in and tying it up single handed easy.
Meridian39Ed F.NY, NYI like the way the controller works very much, and I appreciate your fine service.
Aquila38Jerry B.Oyster Harbors, Osterville MAI was introduced to the Yacht Controller while considering purchasing a large power catamaran with a 15 foot beam at the Palm Beach Boat Show in March 2013. My final decision to purchase the boat was based on having a Yacht Controller installed in order to get in and out of tight dockage spaces.When I come into a tight dock area and stand on the bow with the Yacht Controller all heads on land turn and people come up to me asking about the remote control. I sometimes even stand on the aft section of the upper deck and back into tight dockage spaces.I enthusiastically recommend the Yacht Controller to anyone with a large power boat, especially for single handed operation. It is an essential operating tool.
Sea Ray52Richard C.FLThe [Yacht] Controller is great! It allows me to do many things single handed and also be more help to my first mate (my wife). The biggest benefit is how it allows me to move to an area which provides better visualization of the stern when backing into a tight slip or similar as there are many blind spots on my bridge. It is also cool and everyone on the dock is always impressed with the technology. I would definitely recommend!
Pershing90Capt. RickMiami, FLI have used the Yacht Controller on my 90' Pershing for over 5 years now and it works flawlessly! I love it! It makes handling a boat this size a breeze. Thank you for the great product.
Hatteras65Capt. RickFt. Lauderdale, FLI use the remote to go to and from the fuel dock and it has turned out to be a necessary item when backing the boat into the slip because even a little wind really gets a hold of her. Big difference between this Hatteras M/Y and the 65' Hatteras S/F I've run for the past 16 years. Thanks again for the great service.
Monte Carlo Yacht 76Jaap B. EuropeMy Yachtcontroller works excellent! It is certainly a device I would not want to miss... During our cruise in Croatia and also during the transfer to Mallorca last year it was very useful entering different marinas almost every other day.
Offshore65Nick C.Love using the Yacht Controller for anchoring and docking on my 65' Offshore Yacht!
Californian61San Francisco, CAWe are on our Benicia Yacht Club's Summer Cruise currently docked at Grindstone Joe's private island marina in the Sacramento Delta (about 70 miles by water southeast of San Francisco). We called our fellow cruisers who were already docked and were told to come on in and side tie to starboard- lots of dock space. When we arrived 20 minutes later, two other boats had pulled in, leaving us about 65 feet (for our 61.5 foot boat). With about 10 of our companions watching (some anxiously), with your Yacht Controller, while standing on the starboard side deck so I could see both bow and stern (and hear the many helpful suggestions),slid Seasons into the available space. I would not have tried this maneuver operating from either our bridge or aft cockpit stations alone.
Ocean Alexander Trawler50Robert T.The entire experience was outstanding and would not hesitate to recommend this product to any boater who has difficulty visualizing the dock when approaching or departing.
Maritimo Yachts Ed F. Fairbanks Yachts Dealer of Maritimo YachtsThe recent install on the Maritimo M50 works great! This was a wireless unit with JCS. We are ordering another Yacht Controller this week. Not only is the product great, but the support after the sale makes the ultimate difference. The product integrates easily with the late model electronic controls. Plug and play at its finest. Thank you again Tony for you continued support. All the best. Ed
NISI Xpresso58Craig B New Castle, NHI am writing to tell you how thrilled I am with my Yacht Controllers. As you know your company designed a yacht controller system for my two boats a 58' 2013 NISI and a 40' 2004 Hinckley Talaria. You guys were great to work with and your installation was flawless. With little practice time less that 30 minutes driving the boat using the yacht controller was easy. I will say the handling on the yacht controller exceeds the handling at the helm. More than that the yacht controller allows both boats to be single handed at docking and undocking safely. I cannot tell you how happy I am and how much I spread the word to my boating friends as to the must have nature of your great product. For those that want to witness the actual driving I shot two videos today as you can see we have significant wind conditions north of 20 kn. The person driving using the yacht controller has docked the boat just a couple of times using the the product, it is just that good! Thanks for allowing me to tell my story.
Hinckley40Craig B.New Castle, NHI am writing to tell you how thrilled I am with my Yacht Controllers. As you know your company designed a yacht controller system for my two boats, a 58' 2013 NISI and a 40' 2004 Hinckley Talaria. You guys were great to work with and your installation was flawless. With little practice time, less than 30 minutes, driving the boat using the yacht controller was easy. I will say the handling on the Yacht Controller exceeds the handling at the helm. More than that the yacht controller allows both boats to be single handed at docking and undocking safely. I cannot tell you how happy I am and how much I spread the word to my boating friends as to the must-have nature of your great product. For those that want to witness the actual driving I shot two videos today as you can see we have significant wind conditions north of 20 kn. The person driving using the yacht controller has docked the boat just a couple of times using the product, it is just that good! Thanks for allowing me to tell my story.
Horizon 60Adam B.BVI, CaribbeanI tell so many people about the product (Yacht Controller). I love mine! I am the talk in Virgin Gorda Yacht Harbour! They love it!
Sea Ray51Ed. FNY and FLI have had a Yacht Controller for almost two years on a 51 foot Sea Ray. The YC is an exceptional product that allows me to control the boat from any location on board. This is particularly important to me for docking as I often bring the boat into the slip alone. It allows me to move the boat in any direction while securing lines. The Yacht Controller is a valuable tool on any boat but a necessity on boats with limited or obstructed visibility. It can also be used from the dock to aid in securing your final lines. I have used it in many tight slips and in different marinas up and down the East Coast. The company also offers very good support to answer questions and tutorials. It is a worthwhile purchase that you will not be disappointed with.
Luke Brown YachtJason D.Fort Lauderdale, FLI've noticed your product; Yacht-controller, is having an interesting effect on one particular demographic in yachting. When I started helping people buy and sell boats 22 years ago, the 'cruising couple' would rarely venture out to sea on a boat bigger than 50'. For a large percentage of 'cruising couples' the man is stuck at the helm while the woman is on deck working the lines and fenders. Now, it appears Yacht controller is helping to reversing those roles, or at least freeing up the helmsman to participate on deck. With two on deck, or her at the helm, larger boats requiring larger and heavier lines and fenders are now manageable for the 'cruising couple'.
Sea Ray Sedan Bridge ModelsCarl S.Fort Meyers, FLI do lots of single-handing when I go out. Due to the unique way I secure my boat when leaving or returning from my slip I need to be in the cockpit when I accomplish these maneuvers. Enter the Yacht Controller. Now I can comfortably stand in the cockpit both when departing and returning to my slip. Even with a crew, it's so much easier for just me to perform the dockage without assistance (and my passengers are quite impressed!). When approaching another marina or dock it allows me to maneuver the boat and handle the lines from the cockpit, while my wife handles the lines on the bow. It's also much more precise, and I'm right there along the gunwale below, not up in the bridge with obstructed visibility. This Yacht Controller allowed me to buy a Sedan Bridge...
Marlow65Warren A.Fort Lauderdale, FLEverything is good... If you need a recommendation, please have your customer(s) call me and I will be happy to give you guys high marks!
Princess64Don H.Fort Lauderdale, FLI love the response time the Yacht Controller gives me on my CAT engine controls. A must have for any Princess owner who likes to single hand their boat!
Viking65Tom T.Toledo Yacht Club Toledo, OH It's the best thing I ever did! I have only one regret. I should have done it when I bought the boat instead of waiting a year. It's like having two more people on the boat. I can't be happier with it! I tell everyone to buy it, don't wait.
Maritimo58Michael D.Windsor, OntarioThis is my second Yacht Controller and I would not have bought this boat had the Yacht Controller not been compatible! The system is a true lifesaver for boating. As a customer across a 10 year span I want to thank you for this wonderful product! All builders should standardize the Yacht Controller!
Neptunus55Tim S.London, ON“It works great and definitely worth it. I would recommend it to anyone.”
Azimut86Capt. Adam G.I love the Yacht Controller! I have used it all over the world and it has allowed me to handle a vessel this size comfortably from anywhere on board the vessel! The freedom and ability to provide me full control is matched by no other control system in the market! I have run several other boats with Yacht Controller's and always recommend them to boat owners!
Marlow78Capt. PeteCoral Gables, FLI have been a professional yacht captain for 25 years and I recently had major issues with a docking system which caused engine and thruster failure on my boat requiring us to replace the thruster motors. My attempts to reach the company that installed it were unsuccessful as their numbers were disconnected.Yacht Controller was great in responding to my needs. They removed the system and replaced with their latest Dual Band Yacht Controller system. I love it! It has worked great for me in docking situations on my 78' Marlow. It makes docking a dream! With this boat's line of sight issues from the helm, Yacht Controller's use in a docking situation has proven indispensable! From a safety stand point, the elimination of the blind spots has proven for a safer docking scenario. Also when towing a tender you have the flexibility to be in the cockpit or platform to facilitate easier/safer towing and also boarding and off boarding the tender. I would like to thank Yacht Controller for helping me with this issue. I strongly recommend Yacht Controller for any boat larger than 35'.”
Cigarette42Capt. JulianCoral Gables, FLJust wanted to follow up with you. The owner just left with the boat after the demonstration and he felt like a kid on Christmas Day! Thanks for all the work from your staff to make this happen!
Sea Ray65Chris B.Waban, MAMy Yacht Controller is working great! It has made docking my boat much easier!
Krogen57Robert B.Rapids City, SDI love it! It is especially helpful in docking - I have a 57' boat that has to go through a 60' lock to dock. It works great for this!
Sea Ray Sedan Bridge58Robert C.Venice, FLIt has made a big difference in docking my boat. I have a Sedan Bridge and it is very hard for me to see when backing into a dock. Now I can just go to the swim platform to dock - much easier!
Hatteras60Jean D.BarbadosThis equipment is super!
Valkyrie Yacht SalesTom P.Islands Harbor, CAOur current and last vessel both have Yacht Controllers aboard. They do work well and make docking very easy!
Altima61Steve K.Hollywood, FL I have had my Yacht Controller for over 10 years and it has worked amazingly! Recently, I took a lightning strike which damaged my electronics and even that could not take my Yacht Controller completely down! I look forward to my new v2 Dual Band upgrade!! Thank you for your wonderful support throughout the years!
Selene53Nancy D.Pacific NWThe Yacht Controller gives me wireless control of the thrusters as well as transmission, and windlass. I love it! It enables me to be outside on deck where I have a better visibility when docking or anchoring. In late April, after the day of training on the Yacht Controller, I single-handed the two hours from Sidney in Canada to Roche Harbor in the U.S., having to first dock at customs before docking at my assigned slip. This was then repeated upon my return to Canada. The purpose of my cruise to Roche Harbor was to attend the annual Pacific Northwest Selene Rendezvous. At the final dinner I was awarded a handheld VHF for the accomplishment of single - handling. This successful cruise was a real confidence booster for me and it was wonderful for my accomplishment to be recognized.
Pershing62Jim R.Osterville, MAI just wanted all of you to know how much I am enjoying using my Yacht Controller. It's really easy and very intuitive to use, and it works great! I had one of the friends on board yesterday and took the boat from my dock to the fuel dock while standing mid ship. He was amazed! Additionally, your installer, Peter Berton, when doing the initial installation recommended that I add the anchor windless function. I called and ordered the part, and the installation was done this week. It works great as well. Peter did a great job. He was very meticulous and the installation looks great as well as working great!
Prestige50Mick D.Seattle, WAThe Yacht Controller for my IPS boat is GREAT!! Very helpful.
Trawler70Steve W.West Coast, FLI love your product. I can handle my boat with my wife alone and I could not do so had I not had a Yacht Controller! Thank you for all your support!
Ocean Alexander72Tim D.Chicago, ILI go through 29 locks through the Erie Canal and it makes it so much easier to get through them. Docking is also a breeze! I can no longer imagine boating without Yacht Controller!
Mochi44Gregory K.Long Island, NYI love the system! I use it extensively for docking and picking up mooring lines. I also like the ergonomic feel of the Dual Band remote!
Marlow70Dave C.Mystic, CTI love my Yacht Controller! It makes the boating novice a professional! I am building a new 74' Marlow and it is a must have for my new boat!
Marlow53Ken M.Galvaston, TXYacht builders of any size should not be selling their boats without the Yacht Controller! I thank you for providing a wonderful product!
Viking Sportfish50Brian G.Miami, FLWhen I first met you last year, I was reluctant to buy the Yacht Controller, but boy am I glad I did! It is great for owner operated vessels and even for Captains as a docking aide! When I go out with my family, my wife can handle the kids with no concern, while I dock and tie the lines. Last week I went out boating alone in rough seas and I was able to fish, dock and tie the lines all by myself! I will never own another boat without one!
Pershing74Keith W.Virginia Beach, VAThe Yacht Controller works great! I have found so many uses for the Yacht Controller aside from docking. I can have friends and family safely board the boat as I hold the vessel dockside or when pulling up to restaurants. People are always amazed as I effortlessly handle my boat! Thank you for the wonderful product. I continue to be a supporter of the product and always look to promote it to prospective customers.
Westbay Sonship78Jim D.Newport Beach, CAThe boat resides behind a luxury private residence on a very tight canal, therefore, maneuvering in and out of the slip requires precision. One wrong move would certainly mean a collision with another boat. The Yacht Controller is a fantastic tool and locks in that 100% reliability that one would require from a wireless system. The Captain is able to operate the Yacht Controller with 100% signal lock from anywhere on the boat including the engine room! We observed 100% performance with no drop in signal between the handheld unit and the Yacht Controller transceiver for a measured the distance of 275 feet!
Ocean AlexanderAnonymousUSAMy wife and I have owned 4 Yacht Controllers in my time since you came out with the product equipped on a Sea Ray, Marquis and 2 Ocean Alexanders! Over the ten years of doing business with you, I must say it has been a very pleasurable experience! I will never own another vessel without one! Thank you for the support and allowing my wife and I to enjoy great times out on the water!
Navigator Pacific Northwest62Frank S.I've had my Yacht Controller for 5 years now and it is the most useful piece of equipment we have on board for docking and anchoring. We love the product and could not be without it. A must for any boater that likes to single-hand.
Monte Fino72Mark R.Great LakesI put a yacht controller on my 72' Monte Fino and just loved it. Being able to single hand a large boat is amazing.
PR Baron 102Kevin W.We had scheduled the installation of the Yacht Controller when we traded boats last February and cancelled after we tried the wired remote that was on the boat.I am now ready to toss the wire and install the Yacht Controller!
Vicem58Harold K.Vancouver I will admit I was reluctant to buy the system at first but boy was I glad I did! I love my Yacht Controller! The Yacht Controller has saved me more in hull damage than the cost to buy the system! Thank you for all the support.
Princess102Kevin W.Jupiter As one who has driven 40,000+ miles with a Yacht Controller over 12 years, I would be happy to vouch for the product and take their calls.
Fairline Squadron65Mimi L.Lighthouse Point Yacht Club FL I love the Yacht Controller! Until we learned about the Yacht Controller we were considering a boat in the 50' range. Having precise control in the palm of our hands my husband was able to effectively handle a larger yacht so we in turn purchased a larger model vessel 65' in size! My husband can single-handedly dock the vessel with ease! As live aboard customers we use the Yacht Controller extensively. We will never own another boat without one! Thank you for the wonderful product.
Leopard Catamaran 53Chris M.Ft. Lauderdale FLGentlemen, So far the addition of Yacht Controller to the 53 Leopard Catamaran has now made docking significantly easier..... [It looks OEM]. We have enjoyed it during fishing as well makes for easy landing and controlling the fish. The best part is the new Leopard 53 comes with a wireless charging pad and the new Yacht Controller wireless charges. Just place it on the pad and leave. Feel free to send me any potential or new 53 Leopard clients if they have any questions about it. It's a must addition!
Hatteras100Capt. FrancoYucatan Peninsula I love my Yacht Controller! Originally there was an issue with the installation but your staff attended to the issue immediately and ensured I had my system completed before my departure from Miami. I rely on the system heavily. As an experienced captain who has run several vessels over 100' I can tell you the Yacht controller is a great tool for safe docking! When my v3 Platinum Dual Band installation was completed, we tested ranges over 300' off the vessel! Not that the system was to be used in this way but it was certainly comforting to know I had strong range from anywhere on board the boat. Thank you Tony for all your efforts. Yacht Controllers are a great product! If I can ever be of reference, please do not hesitate to call.
Azimut 62Gary R.Ft. Lauderdale, FLI was having issues with my Xenta system and could not get any service support from them. I was fortunate to have come across your company who came in and removed the system and equipped my boat with Yacht Controller! What a great product! I love my Yacht Controller and am happy I made the switch! Thank you for your support.
Sunseeker 100Capt. Keith BFt. Lauderdale, FL I have been a captain for over 30 years and I can say I am very impressed with the overall company. You have a wonderful product designed to help dock boats along with a great delivery team which provided me great service during the installation of the system! Your technician was as best as they come! You have definitely earned my business on all my boats in the future!
Ferretti70Peter P.Newport Beach, CAI keep my boat at Bayside Marina. I am retired boater and am able to dock my boat alone! When I have guests on board they simply watch as I dock by myself. Thank you Yacht Controller for the support! It is truly an amazing product!
Ocean Sport Fish57Capt. JeffJupiter, FLI told my wife and boat owner that our Yacht Controller is the best thing ever! I am truly impressed. I was able to work the Yacht Controller and dock the boat without issues on the very first try. Thank you for a great product!
Azimut72Bruce W.Glen Cove NYI have owned the Xenta controller and the joystick and both are useless for docking. The delay is too ling and units hard to operate. Yacht Controller is great to dock with and easy to use! Thank you for a great product!
Westbay55Celeste K.Roach Harbor, WAAs a female boater, I had my finest docking moment at Roach Harbor with my Yacht Controller in hand! I had to dock the boat between two boats with a few inches on each side in clearance and was able to do so all by myself as men running down the docks arrived in amazement and started to clap! It was a great feeling. I would never own another boat without one!
Marlow58Bill P.Sarasota, FL I love my Yacht Controller on my Marlow! its the best piece of equipment on my boat! Thank you for a wonderful product.
Carver Voyager57Dana S.I have owned a Yacht Controller for over 5 years and I love the system! Thank you for your help...The Yacht Controller team did a great job! You have built a fine company that really cares about your customers!
Sunseeker75Kevin W. Fort Lauderdale, FLWe have had a Yacht Controller for 12 years and I won't drive the boat without it. You need to have a stable of people (I would be happy to be one), that potential customers can call and speak with!
Viking58RobertNewport Beach, California The Yacht Controller is probably the best option I've ever put on the boat. I was just docking this morning by myself and the wind was blowing pretty good today. It was easy as pie!
Grand Banks Eastbay54John H. Stuart, FL Greetings, I had a Yacht Controller installed on my Grand Banks Eastbay 54 in early 2016. I sold that boat and left the Yacht Controller on board (I think it really helped sell the boat!!). ...I'm the best salesman you have out there… I've had tons of folks drooling at how easy it is to dock my boat all by myself!!
Hargrave78Mike JonesMarco IslandI leave the helm, walk down to the side & put my boat exactly where I want it. Easier to dock than my old 68'. Absolutely love it!
Princess75Tom C.West Palm Beach, FLFeel free to use me anytime as a reference! I love your products! The Yacht Graphx lettering design for my boat was fantastic and the Yacht Controller is a must have for my boating experience on my 75' M/Y Princess. I welcome your team on the boat for demonstration at the upcoming Princess Show. Thank you for all your support!
MainShip Trawler40Dick A.St. Petersburg, FLTony, Sandi and I are just completing a 10 day shakedown cruise in preparation for our March departure for the Great Loop. I used the Yacht Controller in every docking scenario and on some departures. I'm glad I have it! We have found the Yacht Controller to be very useful in close maneuvering situations, such as docking and locking. As our competency has increased so has our ability to handle more adverse conditions like wind and current. The ability to stand on the stern and guide the boat directly into a slip has made the investment worthwhile.
Azimut Fly66Lance C.Annapolis, MDThe wireless controller was an add-on to a 2017 Azimut 66 Fly that I took delivery on in November. This is an awesome device and they should be installed on every boat!
Intrepid47Brad M.FloridaI was extremely impressed with (with the Sport JCS Yacht Controller System). The system sells itself! I felt honored to have met Jerry. Quite a guy !! I will be putting a system on my boat.
Grand Banks49Bob B.Hull, MANothing beats the Yacht Controller! Being able to walk out by the handrails makes all the difference in safe docking. It's a sweet thing!
Eastbay 49Bob B.Hull, MANothing beats the Yacht Controller! Being able to walk out by the handrails makes all the difference in safe docking. It's a sweet thing!
Hatteras77Greg D.St. Pete, FL I had an electronic control refit with a Yacht Controller installed along with the addition of a stern thruster package with the Yacht Thruster Duplex models and the entire package works beautifully! I could not be happier. I have enjoyed the equipment since early 2014. Feel free to use me as a reference for the products and the company! Thank you for your service.
Carver56Mark B.TennesseeI installed the updated yacht controller this weekend and it performed flawlessly. I was able to walk over 100' from my boat and it never lost communications. I am very happy with your unit..... Your company truly stands behind your product. Thanks again.
Fairline62Capt. FredFloridaThe yacht controller is the best piece of equipment I have ever had to help me handle a boat and I have 30 years of experience. It makes handling of the boat easy and precise. I can do it myself without any additional crew.
Marlow72John K.USATo all Marlow owners who don't have a Yacht Controller – it is the best investment I have made since I got my Marlow in 2008. My wife and I run good time Charlie a 72 command bridge by ourselves. With the yacht commander docking is a lot easier because I can help my wife with bumpers and lines and still have complete control of the boat. It makes anchoring so much easier, especially bringing up the anchor. I do not know how we did without it. I would not try it but with a Yacht Controller you could run the boat single handedly. If you run the boat yourself without a crew, Yacht Commander is a must have.
Mochi Dolphin51Igor Z.I really love your Yacht controller, it is installed since 4 years on my MOCHI DOLPHIN 51 and with that I can dock, operate and maneuver the boat completely by myself, even in very bad and windy conditions. It never failed!!! As it is Key to my boating, I check with you upfront if the new Boat Wallypower 47 we want to purchase with Kameva Jet drives will be compatible with your system, before we buy it. Thank you for the Fantastic product that you created.
Navigator62George T.W.AIt's safety device really! It has saved me thousands in potential fiberglass repairs avoided while docking. I often go through small and large locks and the Yacht Controller is a must have on any size boat doing so!
Cruisers44Vance W.North CarolinaI got the system installed and it works great!
American Tug 41Mike C.Ontario, CanadaI have owned the Yacht Controller for years and love it! I took the Great Loop trip on my American Tug and was able to handle the boat the entire trip on my own! Anchoring was also much easier with the Yacht Controller in hand. If I ever buy another boat I will surely add the Yacht Controller!
Burger90Murray P.Chicago, ILWe could not be more pleased with our Yacht Controller! It is an absolutely wonderful product that has allowed my wife and I to effectively handle the boat. We have now used it on numerous occasions and can tell you it's great to have! Thank you for all your efforts in working to interface with our custom bow thruster. You are a great company. We are glad to speak with any customers on behalf of the system and the company!
Fleming 55Tom and Lynn H.MarylandThe Yacht Controller has been one of the best piece of equipment I equipped on my Fleming. I have used it for many years and continue to enjoy easy docking. You have our full support if ever needed with any prospective customers!
Mochi Craft44Jorge K.New York I love the Yacht Controller! It is great for short handed docking. Anchoring and mooring can be done all by myself! It is a great system and best of all has eliminated arguing between my wife and I when docking! Thank you!
Marquis59Dave D. West Palm Beach, FL I love my Yacht Controller! I purchased it many years ago and it still works flawlessly! The Yacht Controller was the deciding factor on the purchase of the larger Marquis. I can't thank you enough for providing a wonderful product! I will never own another boat without one!
Navigator 55Dan H. Emerald Harbor Marine Seattle, WA On his (customer) first sea trial and training mission he was able to back his Navigator 55 into his slip while standing in the aft cockpit. He was literally laughing and overjoyed by the performance of his Yacht Controller system. I think he is still smiling. Thanks for everything!
Riva 88' Riva Jesus S. Sag Harbor, New York The Yacht Controller is easy to use and works perfectly while moving in and out of the marina. It allows me to single-handedly dock this boat where without I would never be able to do so! Thank you!
Grand Banks Eastbay SX 54'Capt. JohnMarina Del Rey, CAPS… I had a wired (tethered) remote on one of my boats a number of years ago and I agree night and day vs yacht controller… having a yacht controller on my last boat when I sold it I strongly believe helped sell the boat…. It's a really cool tool to have in the tool bag!
Grand Banks 54John H. Marina Del Ray, CAWe really liked our Yacht Controller on our last boat and I find people staring at me in wonder when I'm up on the bow maneuvering in a tight space… and there's usually a lot of “discussion” after docking… It's a great tool and a must have! I look forward to equipping my next Grand Banks!
Marquis 72Danny P. San Jose, CAI like the Yacht Controller on my old boat especially when we are pulling anchor and we are up in the bow and needing to move forward as the chain comes in. I look forward to equipping my new build!
Pershing 64Gianpiero P. New York City, NYI will admit it took me months to purchase my Yacht Controller. Up until installation I still felt hesitant on the purchase as I felt was not going to be useful. Wow was I wrong! This has been the best piece of equipment for my Pershing! I only wish I had installed the season prior! Thank you for a wonderful product! You have my full support anytime you need it with any customer's considering the system.
Viking M/Y60Aaron F.New Rochelle, NYI love my Yacht Controller! I've had it for several years and use it EVERY time I go boating! It simplifies the docking procedure and allows me to handle my 70-ton boat all alone. My wife and I go boating and she no longer has to worry about having to deal with casting off or docking procedure.
Jeanneau 28Charles W. Seattle, WA I recently purchased a JCS (Yacht Controller) from The Yacht Group for my Jeanneau 855 (2016 Model Merry Fisher). I am very pleased with the system's performance and its effectiveness enabling me to maneuver my boat with a greater ease during docking.... [Your Installer] who single-handed installed the JCS on my boat worked very hard during the whole period she stayed in Seattle. She planned her work with great care; one step at a time, and with a lot of patience she fine tuned the electronics so to achieve the desired system's performance. They were done very methodically. Also, her in-situ planning ability was good while recognizing there were many more obstacles yet to overcome. At the end of week, she had delivered a working system to the customer. [Your installer] professionalism towards her work was excellent.
Pershing70Robert W. New York I love my Yacht Controller! I use it from Maine down to the Florida Keys and through the Caribbean. At first, I must say I was hesitant to buy as I was not sure I would use that often. Was I wrong! I use it every time I go boating! I am thankful I did equip as it is a must-have product for my Pershing Yacht! Thank you for all your support.
Carver53' VoyagerRick K. Michigan I could not imagine docking my Carver without my Yacht Controller! It takes all the stress out of docking. It's a marriage saver!
Jefferson 57Phil & Mary L. Clearwater, FLHey Tony, ...The addition of the stern thrusters on the Jefferson 57 made a big difference in us handling her. Since we are older (76 & 67 now) and handled the vessel ourselves, the additional stern thruster gave us the added maneuverability to put the 65' LOA vessel anywhere. Also, we would highly recommend the Yacht Controller for a large vessel, particularly if it's a couple with no additional crew. Mary L, USCG Master Phil L.
Marquis 59Mark M. Clearwater, FLThis is a wonderful product (Yacht Controller). Very intuitive. This boat has challenges with visibility to some quarters from the helm. Was able to move and see what's happening while docking. Love it!
Dettling 51Leigh W.Stuart, FLI have had the system (Yacht Controller) installed on three different boats, the first in 2005 and the most recent last year (2016). I have also recommended the system to friends. I understand the unit installed in 2005 is still functioning normally. Yacht Controller has been a highly reliable addition to each of my boats. It is highly responsive and the vessel is so much easier to maneuver in any wind or current conditions with the handheld unit. Improves safety significantly. My wife and I handle our current 51' Dettling on our own, as we did our 60' Vicem when we installed the first one. A really terrific concept! My best Leigh
Vicem60Leigh W.Stuart, FLI have had the system (Yacht Controller) installed on three different boats, the first in 2005 and the most recent last year (2016). I have also recommended the system to friends. I understand the unit installed in 2005 is still functioning normally. Yacht Controller has been a highly reliable addition to each of my boats. It is highly responsive and the vessel is so much easier to maneuver in any wind or current conditions with the handheld unit. Improves safety significantly. My wife and I handle our current 51' Dettling on our own, as we did our 60' Vicem when we installed the first one. A really terrific concept! My best Leigh
Bruckmann38Leigh W.Stuart, FLI have had the system (Yacht Controller) installed on three different boats, the first in 2005 and the most recent last year (2016). I have also recommended the system to friends. I understand the unit installed in 2005 is still functioning normally. Yacht Controller has been a highly reliable addition to each of my boats. It is highly responsive and the vessel is so much easier to maneuver in any wind or current conditions with the handheld unit. Improves safety significantly. My wife and I handle our current 51' Dettling on our own, as we did our 60' Vicem when we installed the first one. A really terrific concept! My best Leigh
Krogen Express53Robert L .Jupiter, FL I travel through 70+ locks a year! I love it! I'd be lost without it. Eliminates all visibility challenges and helps me calmly dock my boat.
Outer Reef 88Helen U. Washington, Alaska and Cape HornWe have used the Yacht Controller across 20,000 nautical miles and absolutely love the system! There was a docking scenario where we were in an extremely tight spot and as we were pulling in, my brother from the dock asked me to handle the boat with the wireless remote and I was able to effectively pull the boat right in with no issues! It was one of the greatest accomplishments in my life! I would recommend the Yacht Controller to anyone!
Devlin52Ed S. Seattle,WA I am soon to turn 80 and run a twin motor 52-foot LOA power boat. I almost always single-hand the boat and even when my wife is aboard there is not much she can do. The places I boat have many marinas with tight fairways crosswind and sometimes significant current. I have owned and used the wireless Yacht controller for a few years now and what a difference it makes! Now I think nothing of backing into a slip even in less than optimal conditions. I can move anywhere on the boat to see where the tight points are and walk to the stern and swim platform to step off the boat to take my stern and spring lines onto the dock tie them up while I have full control of engines and thrusters. I then can pull the bow in with the thruster grab the bowline and walla all secure no help needed!! I think the Yacht controller is not just a good product it is great.
Sea Ray48Virgilio C.VenezuelaThis is a thank you letter. The Yacht Controller, truthfully is incredible! There are no other words to describe it, but simply wonderful, it is an exceptional product! The fact the Yacht Controller offers complete control in the palm of your hand when docking, fueling, tying lines without having to run or rely on others or avoiding accidents makes for an amazing product! People worry about investing in additions to their boats they end up not using, this is not the case with Yacht Controller. Yacht Controller is something that every boat should really have!
Antares44John L. St. Augustine, FL I am a Yacht Controller FREAK!! Have I told you how much I LOVE my YC?!?!?! Warm Florida Regards, John
Cruisers53Philip G. New YorkI just wanted to take a moment to say how great it has been working with you. Your exceedingly high professionalism in your area of customer support has exceeded my expectations and has made me continue to not only be a loyal customer but rave about Yacht Controller as Whole. Great job and keep up the fine work!
Lazzara80Frank W. I have been using your Yacht Controller for the past 7 years or so. My wife and I run a Lazzara 80'. We would not be able to do it as easily without your product (Yacht Controller)!
Riva 68Carl T. Ft. Lauderdale, FLYacht Controller kicks ass! It works like a charm. I can dock by myself with no issues, piece of cake.
Azimut 72William M. West Palm Beach, FLYacht Controller makes boating a pleasure. The momentary functionality makes for great control of my boat. I love my Yacht Controller!
Grand Banks72Thomas A. Palm Beach Gardens, FL I've used the Yacht Controller on trips to the Bahamas and up and down the East coast. I could not imagine the trips without my Yacht Controller! I recently docked it with less than 6 on each side with no issues! Thank you for providing a great system!
Fantasy Houseboat 85Tim M. Grand Rivers, KYI am a big fan of Yacht Controller having it installed on my 85' Houseboat and 90' Palmer Johnson! I rely on the system heavily as a docking tool and would not own another boat without one. Anytime I can be of support with prospective customers please do not hesitate to call!
Palmer Johnson90Tim M.New Orleans, LAI am a big fan of Yacht Controller having it installed on my 85' Houseboat and 90' Palmer Johnson! I rely on the system heavily as a docking tool and would not own another boat without one. Anytime I can be of support with prospective customers please do not hesitate to call!
Fantasy Houseboat112Mark R. Evansville, INThe Yacht Controller has been great for my houseboat! I can take the houseboat through the river and dock all by myself. It is a great product and I recommend to anyone especially on boats with visibility issues!
YachtJeff P.Fort Lauderdale, FLNot only do the offer some great products they have outstanding customer service! I recently dropped off an older Yacht Controller remote that needed repairing for who is now the second owner. Everyone I encountered was top notch. They really went out of their way to keep me, the previous owner as well the new owners happy.
Kady Krogen48Bill E.Seattle, WALast week I had my first opportunity to use the Yacht Controller on our boat. Let me just let you know how pleased I am with the unit. It has turned docking and anchoring maneuvering into more fun than stress. I feel in much better control of the boat. You folks have also been very easy and pleasant to work with. Thanks!
Galeon50MarineMax / Mitch S.New York, NYThank You, Chris! I really appreciate all your help…My customer loves his Yacht Controller. He can't live without it!
Azimut78AlvaroThis is my 3rd Yacht Controller over the last three yachts I have owned and I love the system! I recently had it installed on my Azimut and would never consider buying a boat with a Yacht Controller! Thank you for all your excellent service through the years!
Galeon 51Doug G. Ft. Myers, FLThe Yacht Controller system has been excellent! It works perfectly as advertised! The Yacht Controller pod wireless joystick not only runs the IPS drives but also the bow and stern thrusters. The Yacht Controller system also operates my anchor windlass which allows me to be at the bow of the boat with complete control and ability to back down with the engines all from the remote. It is a great product! Thank you very much!
Carver 56Joe A. Charleston, SC Hello Anthony, love the yacht controller makes life fun....also, I love the all-weather gear! Thanks and look at other products you offer!
Nimbus 33Michael H. Charleston, SCHi, and first of all thank you for such a great product! I am using yacht controller on a single engine vessel with bow and stern thruster and the dual-band controller.
Carver47John G. Annapolis, MDI love my Yacht Thruster and Yacht Controller! The combination of stern control with my wireless remote has made handling my Carver so much easier. Thank you for all of your help!
Carver37Tadd H. North CarolinaBest investment I've made on the boat! The electronic control refit with the Yacht Controller remote and the stern thruster have completely changed the way I boat. I am looking to upgrade to a larger boat in a couple of years and will definitely add your systems to that one as well.
Sea Ray58Max A. New JerseyGood evening, the job was completed and it came out fantastic! Thank you, Julian, for putting this package together and adding the (on/off) timer to the Yacht Graphics name. The Yacht Controller exceeded my expectations which were very high, but most of all Gabriel is an outstanding technician with loads of knowledge a particularly clean and responsible way of working and incredibly efficient. He is very clear on his orientation and proud of the work he performs for The Yacht Group. He is definitely a top asset to your team. Thanks again, best regards.
Marlow70Mark H.Ft. Lauderdale, FLWe have a Yacht Controller that was installed by Lee Moore about 5 years ago in Lauderdale. We just recently had to replace the [key pad] on the remote due to wear. The whole process was made easy thanks to Lee's help in diagnosing the problem over the phone. Also, Gerald made the repair and got it back to me quickly. This is the best piece of equipment we have onboard. It makes docking the boat as simple as getting in and out of your car. Thanks for the great service!
Viking Sportfish61Bob S. Stuart, FL I absolutely love my Yacht Controller! Like you told me, Tony, it is a lifesaver! My wife can't thank you enough. Thank you for the wonderful product that has helped us tremendously in enjoying our Viking Sportfish!
Pershing 92Capt. John H.Mediterranean Sea and Ft. Lauderdale, FLJust wanted to give you some feedback on the Yacht Controller we installed on our new Pershing 9X back in June 2018. After taking delivery in Montenegro, we immediately had the Yacht Controller installed just prior to commencing a 4-month summer cruise all over Europe. The first trip with the owners commenced in Athens Greece and continued all throughout the Aegean Sea and all Islands in between including Santorini. After the Aegean, we continued on to the Ionian region of the Greek islands, which included visiting a different island every day. As you may be aware of docking in Europe, it is all stern to/ med mooring. As I almost always operating the boat single-handed, having the Yacht Controller in this environment was essential. It was the perfect tool for safe mooring. From any location on the boat, I was always in full control of positioning the vessel. Having complete control of the boat in the palm of my hand made the environment fun and very safe for everyone. We continued on to Italy Sardinia and concluded in Genova at the end of September. Maneuvering into the slings for loading onto the ship in Genova, made life easier and safer for all. To date, I have had not one issue or any form of failure with the yacht controller. I especially like the easy, simple installation with zero cutting or fabrication or alterations to the boat. I would confidently say, the best accessory fitted to the boat. Thank you, for your constant follow-up with me, since installing the Yacht Controller. M/Y BAD INFLUENCE 2.0
Krogen Express52Steve W. Pompano, FL I love the Yacht Controller! I handle the boat all alone. My wife appreciates the system as she no longer has to help with lines or fenders.
Neptunus 72John H. Great Lakes/MichiganAhhh Yacht Controller.... My wife saver!! It takes all the drama out of docking for a very pleasurable experience. I would not own another boat without one!
Ocean100Greg B. Vancouver, B.C.I am totally impressed at the Yacht Controller's ability to help me dock my 100' Ocean with minimal help of my wife! I recommend you to all boaters that we meet. It is a wonderful product and you guys run a great company! Thank you.
Marquis59John D. I had my Yacht Controller installed on my 59' Marquis and I can gladly say it is the best investment I've ever made for me and my wife's boating experience! The installation was excellent the entire process by The Yacht Group was amazing. I'd highly recommend the Yacht Controller for anyone who never wants to have docking issues again! The Yacht Controller is great for new boaters, seasoned boaters, and captains alike! Thank you again for your service!
Carver50Paul M.Lake Ontario, CanadaI installed the Yacht Controller in the past spring through Jason Crawford of Keswick. Works fantastic! Best decision I've ever made in boating! Also put on dual stern thrusters (from your Yacht Thruster division) from you too. So, I've been busy using your products.
Pana54John M. Boca Raton, FL I chose to install a Yacht Controller on my 54' Flybridge Motor Yacht to enable me to have better visibility during docking (coming and going), setting and retrieving the anchor, and general close quarters control. My wife and I no longer have to yell instructions unseen to each other, or fumble with radio headsets, and I can literally move the boat exactly where I want to go while seeing the exact distances to the dock or pier. The removal of stress during the docking is as important as the controlling of the boat. I also use it to control the thrusters to help set the fenders while at the dock. Like most, I wondered if my use of the Yacht Controller would justify the cost of the system; but after using it I now understand its a vital control system that allows calmer and safer docking due to the confidence of being able to control the boat from the best vantage point. I now consider it to be essential equipment and would not want to operate a boat without one.
Marlow57Keith M. Raleigh, N.C. I love my Yacht Controller and so do all my friends who own one! I would not consider buying another boat without one! Thank you
Galeon 550 Fly55Cristian M.Naples, FLThank you so much for the Yacht Controller installation. The installation went flawless and your team did a great job with the delivery. Everything went well for my client's trip up the east coast to NY city where we used the yacht controller extensively. Thanks again and I will be recommending this product to all of our customers!
Riviera52Micheal D.Great Lakes MII love the Yacht Controller! I can handle the boat completely alone without my wife needed to help. Me and my wife use the boat extensively and rely heavily on the Yacht Controller. Makes life easy! Thank you for the system.
Hatteras62Micheal H.Kingston, ONI ran my boat from Naples, FL to Kingston, through 31 locks. The system works flawlessly and is an absolute must traveling through the locks. It makes this trip safe for me and my family. I would recommend the Yacht Controller to all pleasure boaters!
Intrepid47Ken G.Dania Beach, FL(The Yacht Controller) is phenomenal and just what is needed on this boat! Two important features. Using idle power just doesn't work in most environments. (Yacht Controller's ability to) Step it up throttle to 10 percent power allows much better control in wind and currents. Have not gone to 20 or 30 but don't seem to need it. Second is that using one engine in either direction tells your thrusters you are turning and engages them appropriately to assist in the turn. No need to hold down the thrusters. Great product and I would highly recommend!
Sea Ray L650 65Tom P. Newport Beach, CA Wanted to report that the Yacht Controller is working great! Your tech was terrific!
Meridian 44Curt L. Massachusetts "As I get more comfortable with the system [Yacht Controller]“ I have ability on my Smartcraft to kick up my idle (button push at helm)“ I found that 650/660 is ideal (normal is 600) to get the power I need from my Cummins 480hp to move stern/bow with controller [Yacht Controller]. Another thing notable is the response time of the Yacht Controller and having the momentary switch also out performs the boat's helm sticks. Thank you for a great product!"
Viking62Eddy K. Annapolis, MD I have the Yacht Controller on my Viking and I absolutely love it. I'm tickled to death with it. If you ever need a referral, you can call me any time. Thank you!
Lagoon Catamaran 43Douglas F. St Petersburg, FL ...It works great! The guys did a great job, and I loved the way you all responded to the issues. This is the true measure of a company. You guys get five stars in my book. I look forward to using the controller for years to come. This device gives me real freedom to run the boat with limited to no crew support. Thank you again for making this happen so quickly.
Marquis65Capt. Greg N.I want to thank Yacht Controller for removing a rogue wireless remote system off the owners 65' Marquis on March 7, 2018 as it has failed multiple times and clearly unsafe to operate. I have since discovered the rogue system had been installed by splicing into the Caterpillar harness' direct at the transmission solenoids and by-passing the Caterpillar processor. Thank you again for restoring the systems aboard the boat! I know now that Yacht Controller is truly the trusted brand!
Galeon Yachts Bob Burke Galeon Yachts Brand Manager & MarineMax Sales Manager The Yacht Controller has been a great asset to our Galeon Yacht clients who want the functionality of a joystick or remote control while maintaining a traditional shaft-driven propulsion system. The ability to be free of the helm while maintaining complete control of the yacht has been a benefit that our clients appreciate. As technology and innovation drive the industry forward, our clients continue to embrace them.
Riva Yachts110Capt. Phillipe“The Yacht Controller that was installed works perfectly from everywhere on the boat! It's an amazing device because I can see what I am doing now when I'm moving the boat, as opposed to before when I had no visibility. My brother has the same device and swears by it! He told me years ago that I should install Yacht Controller on my next boat. I can maneuver my thrusters, engine, and anchor windlass without any assistance. I recommend it on every boat. Awesome! Thank you very much guys.”
Holland 70David B. Seattle, WAI had the first one ever sold and installed in the Northwest on Bingo, still going strong since 2002!
Hatteras 72Kevin C. Seattle, WAHi Dennis. We got a yacht controller almost two years ago and love it! Thanks
Galeon 550 55Glenn C.Punta Gorda, FL I love my Yacht Controller and would not buy another yacht without one! It makes the average boater look and feel like a pro! Thank you for this amazing product.
Nordlund112Tom B Ft. Lauderdale, FL We are loving our Yacht Controller! Our captain uses it all the time. It is like having extra crew!
Tiara Coupe 39Mike P. Clayton, NY I had a Yacht Controller equipped for my IPS boat and like it a lot!... It gives me the ability to control my pods from anywhere on board the boat for complete control and single handed docking. Thank you!
Sabre Express 202045Brad M Lake Erie Ohio and Marco Island, FL I'd like to take a moment and share my thoughts on the Yacht Controller that your company installed on my Volvo IPS powered Sabre Salon Express. I piloted the boat from Lake Erie, Ohio to Marco Island, Florida via the East Coast. This was over two and a half months and many docking events. The system has proven itself flawless and precise. I would call it revolutionary in boat handling capabilities. The system is everything as portrayed in your videos and literature. It's EXTREMELY helpful in tight quarters and when handling the boat solo. I will not own another boat without one. After 38 years of boating experience and tens of thousands of nautical miles this equipment is a no brainer. I highly recommend this equipment. And NO; I haven't been compensated in any way for this review.
Several VesselsCapt. Guillermo O.USA I have used the Yacht Controller on various vessels for over 14 years on yachts rangin 60-116' and I consider it to be one of the most safe and practical systems I have ever operated! I can't wait to see what Yacht Controller has in store on future models as the progression has been amazing!
Chaparral 2017310 SignatureGeorges B. New JerseyI was about 5 miles offshore when I received an alert from my starboard mercruiser engine. All of a sudden my DTS control was no longer allowing me to shift the engine in gear. I was able to take full control of both engines through the Yacht Controller joystick and make it safely back 5 miles to my marina, even navigating through the Shark River inlet. The Yacht Controller saved me and my family that day. Had it not been for your system, we would not have made it back. I love the product.
Sea Ray Sedan Bridge51Jonathan W.Annapolis, MDI am really enjoying the Yacht Controller! Its a great feature to the boat. I think all larger vessels should have it as a standard.
Princess54Luis N.Sag Harbour Long Island, NYI was comparing the Dockmate and the technology of wireless control considering purchasing [my wireless system] with plans to travel to Sag Harbor with our Captain. We were discussing potential options and he recommended that we should look at Yacht Controller. The next day we were on the dock in Sag Harbor and a 62 Pershing pulled into the next slip on the very windy afternoon. The captain who was alone put the boat into the slip with relative ease. I immediately asked him how he had made it look so easy operating the boat from the stern. He showed us the Yacht Controller and told me I would enjoy the experience. I researched even further and discovered this company has been around for many years and recommended by many of the best Yacht brands in the world including Princess Yachts. I decided to go with the Yacht Controller based on my gut feeling and positive research. I spoke with Tony from The Yacht Group and he was extremely professional and courteous and accommodating and made our experience seamless. He coordinated an installation almost immediately! Fortunately our experience has been one of the best so far in our boating life and for us [my wife and family] is a total game changer. It has given my wife and I total confidence to enjoy our boating experience!
Sea Ray Sundancer60Erick U.San Juan, Puerto RicoI'm very happy with my system! This system is my assistant!!
Sea Ray Sundancer 55Richard W.I wanted to update you on the Yacht Controller. It is the most amazing thing I have ever used! Our Boat has a 16' beam and I dock in an 18' wide slip, no problem!! I have an audience every time I come in. 15 people standing on the dock watching. My Wife and I go all the time, Have no problem handling the 55 by ourselves. Just wanted to tell you how happy we are with your product.
Meridian441Curt L.Boston, MA"First, as expected, our boat is an all new experience with a Yacht Controller! It is the best investment to date!"
Azimut48Kris G.St. Petersburg, FLJust wanted you to know that we went on our trip to Key West, and used the Controller every day. It worked perfectly ! Makes docking so much easier!! I just wanted to say a big thank you to you and the team !
Hatteras100Capt. Cliff Yucatan Mexico Tony told me about the unit and sold me the unit. Your installation crew was the best. I enjoyed getting to know everyone. They did a great job and knew what they were doing!
Hatteras GT and Viking Sportfish45 and 68Stanley R. Sarasota, FLI am a repeat customer and can say I love the Yacht Controller! It gives me the total control I need to handle my yacht from anywhere on board. I do a lot of boating on the west coast of Florida and in the Bahamas and have found the Yacht Controller to be very helpful for docking, any close quarters maneuvering and I especially like to be able to hold the boat to a side dock while friends and family are boarding or disembarking. Thank you for providing a great product!
Palm Beach GT50Frank F.Florida and Connecticut The Yacht Controller has integrated perfectly with my IPS propulsion Palm Beach. I find it fun to use and appreciate the sense of freedom Yacht Controller provides when docking! I also enjoy using it when anchoring. Thank you for your support!
Sirena58Matt H. West Palm Beach FLThis is my second Yacht Controller and I can't say enough for the product and its benefits. I love the Yacht Controller! Very easy to use and enjoy the versatility and mobility it provides. Having recently installed my second system I was very impressed at the plug and play clean factory looking installation and was pleased to see that my MAN engine and Aventics control warranties remain intact due to the Yacht Controller working relationship. If I can ever be of support please feel free to use this testimonial!
Pama54Mark G.Jacksonville, FLDon't know what I could have ever done without it! (Yacht Controller)
Sunseeker60Paul M.San Diego, CAI had a Yacht Controller installed on our 60' Sunseeker 6 months ago and it was the best investment for our boat. The Yacht Controller allows me to take the boat out by myself or just with my wife. Being able to look over the side of the boat while docking is invaluable given our tight slip. Customer service was excellent. We had some issues during the initial installation that were taken care of without question and quickly. I also love the rubber buttons [silicone toggle keypad membrane] that have a great tactile feel compared to flat buttons of other competitors. The feel of the buttons allows me to focus on where I'm going rather than what button I'm pressing. Well worth the money and it really lets my family and I enjoy the boat without stressing about docking. The flexibility of controlling the boat from any location on the boat is very liberating.
Ferretti 55055Juan R.Key Biscyane FLI just wanted to drop a note to let you know that the control is working great, much better sensitivity than the controls and the joystick! Thank you for providing a great product!
Marquis59Owen B.Red Bank, NJI wanted to send you a note to let you know what a great job your technician did on my new to me 2008 59 Marquis. After introductions, [he] took the time to explain to me exactly what he was going to do for the installation of the Yacht Controller. [He] was extremely polite, qualified, and proficient in hooking up the system and running the cables throughout the boat, always taking care not to scratch the boat and was extremely conscientious when drilling holes for the activation button etc... He also took the time to explain to me the procedure to follow and operate the system, and didn't mind that I videoed him explaining it. I am thrilled with my new Yacht Controller.
Marlow Explorer57Ron W.Jacksonville, FLI purchased the Yacht Controller after seeing it demonstrated at a Marlow Rendezvous – a significant enhancement to maneuvering Blue Heron, especially in tight conditions and for anchoring. Recently a close boater friend of mine purchased a 60' Viking, he is 82 years old, very active but no way he could dock or anchor the Viking without assistance – I encouraged him to get a Yacht Controller – he reported that he has and it is one of the best technology enhancements he has every purchased for a yacht.
Ferretti72Spiro P.Chicago, ILI had Yacht Controller's service manager fly up and install the system on my new 2021 72 Ferretti equipped with Xenta controls. The installation was completely plug and play. We went on several test runs both at the dock and away from the slip and the system worked great! I am very happy with my new Yacht Controller in supporting my docking needs. Thank you for all your support!
Carver46Mike L. I have both the joystick and remote control on my 2003 466. It was installed in the spring of 2019 here in Michigan. The joy stick is nice for coming into port and controlling the boat in the lanes. But the remote is fantastic, especially for docking. At first I was a little shy about leaving the helm. Now I leave the bridge to see in the back or side of the boat operating it remotely. What a difference! I have Volvo Penta power with thrusters and the controller works seamlessly. ....it was one of the better decisions I made.
Galeon Flybridge64Capt. Walter F.West Palm Beach, FLTony, [Yacht Controller] is working great! The owner [and I] love it! Thanks again.
Azimut64Jason S.MarylandI love that thing [Yacht Controller]! I am like an evangelist for the Yacht Controller up here on the Chesapeake Bay. Everyone is fascinated by it, so hopefully it will drive some business for you!
Sea RayTom P.Oxnard, CA12+ years and three boats all equipped with Yacht Controllers. The flexibility to control the boat from anywhere is great. Close quarter docking is so easy when you can stand right on the edge and see the entire length of the boat. It is even better than a wing helm.
Carver53John B.Albion, RII bought a 53 foot boat in 2008 and struggled docking for 3 years until I discovered and installed a Yacht Controller system. I have been using the system now for 10 years and couldn't be more pleased. I can move around the boat controlling my engines and bow thruster making docking simple and stress free. With the Yacht Controller I go to the fuel dock by myself and return to my slip without any apprehension. I would recommend this device to anyone who is uncomfortable docking their boat.
Sea RayL550James K.Ft. Lauderdale, FLYacht Controller is the most important piece of equipment you can have on your boat! There is no product you will find safer for docking assistance. It will completely change the way you boat. Thank you for this great product!
Sabre54Scott K. Boca Raton, FLI am extremely happy with the performance of my Yacht Controller on my 54 motorboat. The remote relieves a lot of docking anxiety and allows me to captain alone. Tony and his team have been excellent to work with. I am a big fan. Would not own a boat without a Yacht Controller.
Marlow61EMarc O.Seattle, WAI have used my Yacht Controller for 9 years now on board my Marlow 61E. It has been a total blessing for docking, anchoring and navigating through locks. I used my boat extensively as I take it all the way to SE Alaska from Seattle and my Yacht Controller has never failed. I just changed the batteries every two to three years. My home dock is narrow (about 4 feet side clearance) and I need to enter it going backwards so my Yacht controller allows me to move from the bow to the stern during the maneuver. I have docked my Marlow with a 40 knots side wind one day and could not have done it without the Yacht Controller. I have both a bow and stern thruster on my boat, and the yacht controller allows me to use them perfectly. I recently navigated the Columbia and Snake river to Lewiston Idaho and was able to control my boat going through 16 enormous locks on the rivers where you can only tie to one floating bollard. You can tie three lines: mid ship, stern and bow springs, but the boat rocks a lot when the lock is flooded or emptied. I could stay on the side deck and control my boat to avoid touching the wall with the swim platform or the bow by activating the thrusters with the yacht controller. Another frequent usage for me is when I anchor. I take my yacht controller to the bow of the boat and I can control the boat from there when lowering or raising the anchor. It is particularly useful when raising the anchor as with the yacht controller I keep the boat aligned with the anchor chain so that I reduce the stress on the anchor motor.
Viking Sportfish54Frank E.South FloridaFor the past few years I have been running a 54' Viking Sportfish that is equipped with a Yacht Controller. Having the Yacht Controller is simply amazing!!! The Yacht Controller allows me to not only dock the boat on my own but also allows me to move around the boat when fishing, rigging and setting lines. The Yacht Controller is an excellent product and will change the way you handle vessels.
Pershing Sport Yacht 64 200964Ed. R.Egg Harbor Township, NJNever in my wildest imagination would I have thought I could captain a 65' yacht without a crew, but I'm doing it, with ease because of my Yacht Controller. Great investment!
Princess52Scott M.Boston, MAThe Yacht Controller has been one of the best options I had installed for my Princess! The challenges of visibility from the Flybridge and other areas on the vessel have been completely resolved with my Yacht Controller in hand. I can now handle my boat alone. I want to thank you guys for the great experience in the delivery and support. I will never own a boat without one!
Ferretti83AnonymousThe Yacht Controller is a game changer! It changes the dynamics of single handed boating! It makes for easy docking even on this 83' Ferretti!
Hatteras Factory105Lucas H. Newbern, NCGreat job [on the recent Yacht Controller delivery for the new build 105], Tony. Very impressed and our captain was happy. Nicely done!!
Pershing80Rob L.We recently purchased a lesser known controller for our 80 ft boat. It was plagued with problems. We contacted the Yacht Controller. They uninstalled the original and installed a new Yacht Controller. The new Yacht Controller is amazing ! We learned how to use the 1st time out. This is a great company with a fantastic staff ! No doubt YACHT CONTROLLER is the route to go !
Outer Reef 201761Dan K.Stuart, FLWe love our Yacht Controller! I've been running boats since I was a little kid, and know how to drive any type of boat. However, with our new 61' Motor Yacht, I have the luxury of twin engines and bow & stern thrusters, but from the helm, visibility of the side of the boat and docks is limited. With my Yacht Controller, I can stand anywhere which allows me to select a spot that gives me full visibility, so docking is beyond easy whether I have help or solo.
Cruisers Express 200856Albert H.Marina del Ray, CAI purchased a Cruiser Yacht 560 in November 2020 which was an upgrade from my Bayliner 30 that I had owned for about 20 years. I was naturally nervous about learning how to captain and especially park my new vessel. The best decision I made in conjunction with purchasing my new yacht was to equip her with the Yacht Controller system. Luckily the captain I had hired to train me on the new yacht was also the dealer for Yacht Controller in Marina Del Rey California, and he was very familiar with the installation and training. I love the fact that I can stand anywhere on the yacht to pull her out or into the slip. What is also more convenient is the fact that I can do everything myself, including standing on the dock and continuing to position the yacht as I need to to tie the lines. I would recommend this system to anyone that wants the super convenience of a remote control system for their yacht.
Symbol80Chris W.San Diego, CAI purchased a Yacht Controller at the 2020 Ft. Lauderdale Boat Show. You guys had it installed on my yacht in San Diego just a few days later. The installation went smoothly and quickly. The Yacht Controller has been functioning perfectly ever since then.
Offshore64David D.I have used the Yacht Controller for years. I use it all the time, whenever I come into a dock. ... I love it!
Marquis 200765David H.Counce, TNGreat product! Excellent customer service. Highly recommend it. I have it installed on my 2007 Marquis 65.
Queenship61Al M.Stuart, FLThis has made the 3rd boat that I have installed a Yacht Controller on. I liked the product and I would never have a large boat without one especially since it's just my wife and I who are the only ones docking and handling the boat.
Offshore MY62Bruce W.Farmington, MOI have had my Yacht Controller for three years and love it !! When I dock the boat I comfortably stand at the back of the cockpit where I can see everything as I bring my 62' Offshore boat “Odyssey” into a slip. People on the dock can'tbelieve how easily I handle the boat remotely. It works great !!!
Sea Ray L-Class65Frank F.Lorton, VAI have several products from your company and I love them all. I frequently take out my 65ft boat by myself. I never worry about docking with my Yacht Controller. I can step off the boat and hold it while I tying lines.
Sunseeker75Doug S.Mercer Island, WAI have been very happy with the Yacht Controller. I don't know how I would dock the boat without it. It allows me to walk about and see all of the blind spots. Also it allows me to tie off lines all by myself. It is also very helpful when anchoring, to be able to set the anchor from the bow and visually see the chain.
Hampton58Fred F.North Palm Beach, FLI wouldn't leave home without it (Yacht Controller).
Azimut Flybridge60Joseph L.Seattle, WAI recently purchased a new Azimut 60 in Seattle, WA and I wanted a Yacht Controller installed. I got in touch with The Yacht Group and the entire process went so smoothly - it was enjoyable. Everyone I spoke with and had dealings with was SO professional and excellent at their job. Your company's relationship w/ Pacific Yacht Management in Seattle was perfect - with all of Denis' help it could not have been better. I mentioned to my wife how professional everyone was and we wished that it was that way in our company - that we could reach that level.
Grand Banks Europa52Jim L.New London, CTI am completely satisfied with the Yacht Controller. From the first conversation with Tony and the subsequent conversations with Shana, all was coordinated very well. I had issues on my boat which required several reschedulings which Shana took care of. The onsite installation with Jimmy went extremely well and he was an absolute pleasure to work with. The unit itself has worked flawlessly and we are extremely happy we purchased it. No negative vibes here - you have a team of rock stars!
Neptunus75Norman A.Pinehurst, TXThe Yacht Controller was one of the best components that I bought for my yacht, Bettina Vita (Neptunus 75 foot). Installation was very quick and the personnel knew what they were doing. I will never own another yacht without a Yacht Controller. I constantly used my Yacht Controller and found it to be a wonderful investment. I cannot tell you how many times I would pull into a dock space and people would ask how I did that from the bow of my vessel. It is by far best when paired with both the bow and stern thrusters. It provided increased safety for personal transfer as well as maintenance of the vessel. I can't imagine not having one.....
Hatteras64Michael R.Jupiter, FLWouldn't even think about owning another boat without a Yacht Controller. I have owned and operated my 64 Hatteras for 8 years (since 2013) and had it installed when I first purchased my yacht. The service has been exemplary and I am a super fan. In the process of buying a new yacht, the first thing I will do is have a Yacht Controller installed before it leaves the dock.
Sea Ray Sundancer55Randy W.Butler, KYBest money I have spent on the boat hands down. We have a 16' beam boat with a 18' wide slip. Back it in with no worries at all. My wife and I take our 55 Sea Ray Sundancer out all the time with no one else to help and the Yacht Controller makes it no stress and very safe. Would not own a big boat without it.
Marlow Explorer65Ray R.Marco Island, FLYou guys installed a Yacht Controller on our Marlow Explorer and it has proven to be great. Highly recommended.
Silverton50Roger J.Rockhall, MDWe have used the Yacht Controller for an entire season now and have been very pleased with it. It has operated flawlessly and has helped a ton with docking. Most times it is just me and my wife. Having the Yacht Controller allows me to leave the bridge and add a second pair of hands for docking. I highly recommend this to anyone asking.
Grand Banks Aleutian53Richard D.Westport, CT Simply put, The Yacht Controller is the best value for money I have ever spent on a boat! I have owned over a dozen boats during my 45+ years of boating, and the only other thing that comes close is GPS navigation. The Yacht Controller has enabled me to run my Grand Banks Aleutian single-handedly and with great confidence in virtually every situation possible. Docking it in high wind, or strong current situations is a piece of cake. My wife, who used to think this boat was too big for just 2 of us, thanks to the Yacht Controller, now thinks it is just right. Her own confidence docking it has grown dramatically. I would not own another large boat without one!
NavigatorTom M.Plymouth, MNI want to let everyone know that we absolutely loved having the Yacht Controller on our boat when we did the Great Loop in 2014. It was most helpful when docking in an unfamiliar marina, and every marina on the Great Loop was an unfamiliar marina. I really enjoyed being able to control the boat from any place on board. If we were backing into a slip I could be at the stern and have excellent vision of all parts of the boat. If we were docking bow in, I could be on the bow and again have a perfect view of the situation. The Yacht Controller gave my wife an added comfort level in my docking abilities.
Hatteras75Tom T.Ft. Myers, FLWe had our Yacht Controller installed upon taking delivery of our semi-custom built Hatteras 75 MY November of 2015. We moved up from a 56' Sea Ray as owner-operators so this was a leap for my wife and I. However, I took control of the help first off in the slip and have never relinquished it since. We tow a 33' center console and I can honestly say, if it wasn't for the Yacht Controller, we would have to have staff with us. Not that staff is a bad thing, it just wasn't how we desired to operate. The Yacht Controller has never failed me.
Carver / Marquis 650 MYJoel P.Myrtle Beach, SCExcellent product and good customer experience starting with Tony and ending with the installer. This is the second vessel we have used it on. First was a Carver 570 Pilothouse. I had a remote and a joystick. Recent purchase was for a Marquis 650 motor yacht. Didn't use the joystick much so just went with the remote. Product performed flawlessly on both boats. Makes docking and close quarter maneuvering easy. My first unit was in service for over 10 years with no problems or failures. Wouldn't have a boat without installing one.
Azimut84Kris G.St. Petersburg, FLThe Yacht Controller is really a great product. It has taken a lot of the stress out of docking for me since I can now control my boat from the stern and see exactly where I am going and adjust accordingly. The employees in your company that I have dealt with have all been very professional and friendly.
Navigator M/Y51William F.Langley, BC CanadaThe Yacht Controller is one of the best on the market . We have had ours for a number of years and could not operate our 52 foot boat without it.
Searay 580 Sundancer59Mark P.Woodland Park, NJThe Yacht Controller is a valuable tool to any captain for docking. I have a 2018 59' express cruiser, and due to limited stern viability it comes in handy for my docking, as well as allowing me to be able to make a fuel run without a crew. A friend of mine also loves his, as he has a 2020 53' single helm flybridge, and the Yacht Controller allows him to easily dock his vessel as well.
Riviera Sport47Larry M.Victoria, BCI have had 4 Yacht Controllers installed on my vessels. They are flawless and would not have a boat without one..have had boats from 47 feet to 68 feet. A must product for boat owners of boats this size. Total ease of single handed operation,, first mates love them.... ..
Hatteras 75 MY75Mari T.Ft. Myers Beach, FLWe had our Yacht Controller installed upon taking delivery of our semi-custom built Hatteras 75 MY November of 2015. We moved up from a 56' Sea Ray as owner-operators so this was a leap for my wife and I. However, I took control of the helm first off in the slip and have never relinquished it since. We tow a 33' center console and I can honestly say, if it wasn't for the Yacht Controller, we would have to have staff on with us. Not that staff is a bad thing, it just wasn't how we desired to operate. The Yacht Controller has never failed me.
Sunseeker Predator 202274Earl S.Ft.Lauderdale, FLThis is my 3rd boat and it was installed the same day I took delivery. While I practiced docking without the remote, I prefer to use it because being on deck allows much better visibility and safety than the helm position. In 10 years of use on 3 boats I've never had a glitch or problem. It's a dead-nuts reliable system.
Hatteras75Jeffrey W.Pensacola, FLI love the yacht controller! I am able to move the boat single handed when needed. I could go on and on about the positives…
Voyager57Scott P.Hillsborough, CAI'm extremely happy with my Yacht Controller. I have it installed on a carver 57 voyager and it allows me to run the boat single-handed. I've never had an issue with the remote getting out of range.
Aquila Cat41Richard O.St.Petersburg,FLGreat product, and Mario provides even better customer service. Great way to manage your yacht single handedly and excellent customer service that comes along with it. Shout out to Mario for premier customer service.
Sunseeker60Tim O.Port Charlotte, FLI've had the Yacht Controller on 3 yachts which I operated. I often loan operate the yachts and would have a very hard time doing it by myself but with Yacht Controller, it's very manageable or easy.I highly recommend the Yacht Controller to anyone who might singlehanded a Yacht but even if you have crew or help, the Yacht Controller makes docking sooo much easier.I install the Yacht Controller on every Yacht that I buy and would NOT be without it !!
West Bay58Harvey B.Seattle, WAHad the Yacht Controller installed on our West Bay 58. Really love it. The ability to move around and see better without blind spots during docking is just awesome especially in tight spaces. Highly recommend it!
Palm Beach70Josh S.Stuart, FLThe entire experience, as coordinated by the extremely capable Shana, was seamless and smooth. Excellent communication, a very neat install, with no surprises. Thank you very much for the great service.
Marlow 57, Pacific Mariner 85 and 55 MaritimoTom M.I have owned 3 Yacht Controllers over the past 16 years and can tell you it has been a Godsend for my boating experience! It has not only allowed me the comfort in enjoying my boating experience but has allowed me to extend my boating career! Tony has assisted me on all three purchases and can honestly say he has been a true pleasure to work with! I want to thank the Yacht Controller team for allowing me many enjoyable experiences over the years with my family on board my boats!
SeaRay Fly55Mark F.Coral Gables, FLI have a 55' Flybridge. It has been difficult to see all the corners of her when backing up or docking. The Yacht Controller allows me to walk across the bridge to see anywhere...huge difference. It also makes docking extremely easy...I can be anywhere onboard and still have confidence that I have control of my vessel. It also allows me to handle my boat by myself. Highly recommend it.
SeaRay58Derrick S.Oak Hills, CAI just went to Florida from my home in California to buy a 58' Yacht. It was the hardest buying experience of my life, with one exception, the Yacht Group. Buying and having installed my Yacht Controller was the only good experience I had the month I was there. I make no exaggeration, Buying a boat in Florida is a nightmare. I got it done and left with only one good memory. The people at Yacht Controller. Shana stuck with me the entire time and made sure their installation fit with a crazy schedule. Jimmy was a pro installer and a good guy. Really good people with a very cool product. This Yacht Controller Is an excellent tool for someone like me that wants to be able to handle a big boat without a crew.
Riva & Pershing52, 64, 68, 70, 72, 88 and 100'Capt. JohnFt. Lauderdale FLI am an experienced master captain. This is the 6th Yacht Controller installed across several model Riva's and Pershing Yachts. The ergonomic toggle control makes it so easy to dock and with the wide range, it allows you to walk all round the yacht with complete control for safe boat handling. I highly recommend the Yacht Controller.
Marquis72Chris T.Rocky River, OHJimmy was awesome to deal with. Very knowledgeable about his product as well as how it would interface and be installed in my boat. Very positive attitude, clean and neat work disassembling and reassembling the boat back. Everything worked great and I'm looking forward to enjoying the benefits of having the Yacht Controller.
Marlow66Tom T.West Coast, FLI have used my Yacht Controller for years! For a period of that time I was forced into a dock where I had just enough space to squeeze a fender (approx 6)! Using the Yacht Controller during this time was indispensable! People on the docks always watched in awe as I docked effortlessly. The dockmaster always knew he didnt have to worry about getting me help! Thank you for provided such a great product for safe boat handling!
North Pacific Trawler43'Henry M.New Bern, NCJust wanted to let you know that, after using it for a year, the Yacht Controller is one of the best additions I've made to any of my boats.
Marlow Explorer58Dan M.Yonkers, NYMario Delgado of the Yacht Group was extremely helpful and he addressed all of my questions and concerns In the most appropriate manner. {I recently took delivery of a brokerage Marlow with a 7+ year old system that had suffered physical damage}. The repair of the hand held unit was performed quickly and professionally and the turnaround time was most impressive. I consider the Yacht Controller to be an amazing navigational aid and it is nice to know that the company's customer support team is equally amazing
Sea Ray62Brian M.Chicago, ILPurchased the boat in FL last year and brought it back to lake MI. .... Within three minutes I was educated on the proper procedure on how to properly start up the Yacht Controller..... I can now safely dock my 60 plus foot boat by myself! FANTASTIC!!!
Crosswater Power Catamaran54Robert F.Forest, VAWe have a power catamaran with a helm that makes it impossible to see the corners of the boat. We just installed the Yacht Controller system and it makes a world of difference. The ability to stand on the side deck and control the engines as well as the bow thrusters makes docking a much easier and safer process. I can now see exactly where the boat is in relation to the dock and talk to the admiral as she handles the lines without using headsets. Now I can dock the boat from the lower deck and help with the line handling. [GREAT PRODUCT]!
Carver Voyager57'Scott P.Hillsborough, CAAdded the Yacht Controller to my Carver 57 Voyager which allows me to run and more importantly dock solo. This has been a huge benefit to being able to use my boat and do work on it without needing crew or when taking out inexperienced guests.I have enough trouble getting my wife on the boat as it is even when she doesn't have to help tie up!Installation was great, installer was very professional. I had one glitch which they fixed immediately. Very happy!
Aquila48Charles R.St.Petersburg, FLThe Yacht Controller unit is an integral electronic addition to the instrument control of any significant sized boat, such as the Aquila Power catamaran fleet. We own, operate and full-time live aboard an Aquila 48 and consider this tool to be a mandatory part of its operation.The ability to completely, conveniently maneuver the boat from any location is paramount. The operator has direct vision on either side or end of the vessel and has the confident knowledge as to exactly where the boat is located while docking and leaving very tight locations. The monetary value and peace of mind of avoidance of hull damage is totally reassuring and could easily pay for the cost of the unit. Docking can be accomplished effortlessly despite wind and current effects with the additional incremental and proportional throttle control.Activities such as bringing up an anchor or grabbing a mooring ball line are made simple as well. The individual operating the boat with the controller is right up at the front edge of the bow with the person performing the task and can see directly what maneuvers are required. This results in more simple communication between the participants and no need for hand signals and avoidance of potential captain-mate conflicts. It also gives an extra pair of hands for grabbing mooring poles or lines that need to be secured.Even activities such as adding a fender to the side of the boat while docked and the boat being pushed against the dock by wind and current can be accomplished effortlessly. One person using the remote Yacht Controller can manipulate the vessel away from the dock using the bow thruster and/or the differential engine power enough to slip in any additional fenders without the usual pushing and straining of several people.In any good sized boat such as the Aquila power catamaran fleet, the advantages of this unit are not a luxury but should be considered an integral necessity to operate the vessel competently and above all, safely. This unit was developed over 22 years ago and has proven its longevity over the years with a huge number of installations and commercial government certification.Having lived full-time aboard our Aquila 48 for 31/2 years and with the background as a past part-time commercial pilot and now having trained to be a 100 Ton Master licensed boat captain, I totally see the efficacy and safety margin that the Yacht Controller brings to enjoyable and safe boating. I would personally not consider any significant sized boat in this size range or type without this unit.
Sea Ray48Mike N.BahamasPossibly the best customer service I've experienced in the marine industry. Oh, and the Yacht Controller is awesome!
Sea Ray48Robert T.BahamasSame day service!! The wireless remote [many years old] controller was repaired within hours after they received it! A company that actually cares about their customers!
Tiara42Scott B.Salem, MAI have used the Dual Band Yacht Controller remote on my Tiara since 2016 and could not recommend it more highly. My main uses are single handed docking, being able to stand at the bow to move the vessel while retrieving the anchor, and grabbing lines on a mooring in high winds. After 6 years, I just encountered a small issue and I emailed the team at Yacht Controller. John, who was travelling, called me within minutes to troubleshoot. He determined that the problem was [unrelated to Yacht Controller] and he started the [technical support] for me [regardless]. He didn't just say, Not our problem. Great product, great service, great people.
Silverton48Tom G.Gig Harbor, WAHands down the best customer service ever! We had an electrical short affecting the electronics on the flybridge of our boat and called Yacht Controller technical support. I got a voicemail and hung up, only to have Mario immediately return my call. Mind you, I didn't even leave a name or message, yet he already had my file up when he returned the call. He was quickly able to contact support and collaborate with the Volvo tech on board our boat to diagnose the problem and promptly sent the part I needed for the repair. I just had the most exasperating customer service experience dealing with a phone company last week while traveling, so it was especially gratifying to have such a positive experience with Yacht Controller. Thanks Mario!
Azimut64'Jason SMarylandWe purchased the Yacht Controller to replace an existing Xenta joystick that was both fix-mounted and not nearly reliable enough to rely upon for maneuvering. The entire ownership experience from Yacht Group sales responsiveness when I was selecting the Yacht Controller, through the installation process, and then living with the system has been excellent. Installation was clean, and when a minor post-install issue arose, a Yacht Group technician even called me on a Sunday morning to help fix the issue over the phone and got us back and running. The value of the Yacht Controller cannot be overstated. On my former boat that was 20 feet shorter than the current, docking was often a source of domestic shouting and stress. Docking this larger vessel has been completely free of all yelling and domestic conflict even in the most challenging of winds, marinas, & raft-ups. Beyond the peace it brings to domestic relationships, it provides great confidence and visibility in the tightest of maneuvers that sometimes simply cannot be achieved from the helm. In two years of frequent use, it has never once failed to execute a command properly. Nor has it ever shown any command latency that I've been able to detect. It's a superbly executed system that I'm fully comfortable relying upon to keep us and the vessel safe.
Horizon75'Capt. Damion J.Riviera Beach, FLI have always been pro wing stations at either side of the vessel and would never have given the time of day to a wireless control but having now done over 100 dockings with the Yacht Controller I think it is fantastic! From start to finish the customer service was top notch. The Yacht Controller reacts very well with the boat and can be tuned to have more power where needed. It's slick and easy to use, quick to take command and has no wireless delays. It has a long range so you can really drive from any convenient position you choose. 10/10 would recommend it to any future clients.
Sea Ray48'Tony N.Bayville, NJI have bought thrusters, JCS joystick control plus just added a wireless fusion remote great people great service and very happy to be their customer. Mario in customer tech relations, and Derek and Tony owner and staff all great people. Actually, I am still getting more items from them. You build a relationship with this group that lasts.
Viking Sport55'Bryan G.Hallandale, FLI own and operate a 60-foot sportfish without paid crew and the Yacht Controller remote has become an essential piece of equipment for me. I couldn't operate my boat without my Yacht Controller remote. I have had it on 3 boats and it's never given me an issue. It also makes retrieving the anchor easier and it's great to not be dependent on anyone else when you need to move the boat (for instance when taking the boat to the yard for a haul out, to get out of the path of an approaching storm etc.). It's extremely easy to use and I never fumble with it. The steps to activate the remote are longer than just pushing a power on button but that is necessary so that it accidentally isn't activated and engages one or both main inadvertently. Once you get the hang of it using the remote becomes second nature.
Sea Ray40' FlyWilliam M.Davidsonville, MDI am a new owner of a boat that you had installed a Yacht Controller in 2018 for the prior boat owner. It could have been easy to have ignored my question about how to operate it as I was not the original client. But Mario could not have been more professional and responsive to my inquiry. He took the time to research the install of my unit, find the notes and respond to my question. Over the phone he allowed me to share photos of my helm which solved the issue I had locating an engage button that operationalized my unit. Thank you very much Mario!! I will think differently of the Yacht Controller Group because of you.
Tiara42'Scott B.Salem, MA"Hi Tony, as you know (from the chain below), I really appreciated your customer service. John went out of his way this summer quickly to troubleshoot my issue, determine the problem was a Glendinning issue, and line me up with premier service from Glendinning. I referred Ryan Buonaugurio to you after he saw my YC in action last Tuesday when we did a spin to calibrate a new autopilot he installed. I understand that he is not only going to install a YC on his boat, but is now going to represent you guys locally. (He just did an installation for me of all new electronics before I headed to FL for the first time in Odyssea this weekend. He is meticulous and also goes out of his way to please his customers.) Just wanted to reaffirm something you already know – the great, personal customer service pays dividends! I’m really glad this worked out for both of you. Have a good weekend. Best, Scott"
Carver360 Sport SedanJohn G.Alexandria, VA"Without the Yacht Controller, docking our Carver 360 Sport Sedan would be more difficult. Anyone with a flybridge would understand. Using Yacht Controller, I walk to the back of the flybridge, observe the swim platform and proceed to easily dock. A great system."
Carver53' PilothouseTim M.Charleston, SC"I recently installed the latest iteration of the Yacht Controller "Maximo" on my 2003 Carver 530.... This new version, which includes throttle control, works incredibly well with throttle ramp-ups completely intuitive and effective. Within an hour of practice with the installation team, I was running the boat with one hand from anywhere onboard. The ramp -up speed and other functions are completely programmable using a web interface that can be viewed on an iPhone or iPad. The installation went very smoothly and was completed in about 7 hrs including a couple hours of sea trial time. Reasons for purchasing this device included the desire to dock single handed (in case of an emergency) but also to be able to negotiate tight quarters and find anchor spots in reef areas. This is so much easier to do from the bow or stern depending on circumstances. I opted to get the flip switch version (rather than joystick) as this emulates my usual controls making things totally intuitive although I hear that the joystick version also works great."
Beneteau44Michael T.Sarasota, FL"I love my Yacht Controller! I moved it from my FL boat to my VT Beneteau ST44 last summer because we are finishing the loop with that boat. It is very helpful in navigating the locks and makes docking so easy! We can't wait to use it again in the summer/fall as we finish the Great Loop."
Grand Banks47'Dave S.Chicago, IL"The Yacht Controller is an incredible docking tool. Our installation team was extremely professional, very knowledgeable in the installation process, most helpful in handing off the training, giving the user full confidence in operating this tool. Highly recommended if your docking is in tight quarters! I really appreciate the remote capability allowing the boat owner complete mobility. Terrific tool!!"
SunseekerManhattan 52' Bill B. Tacoma, WA"I purchased my first boat in 2016. A beautiful 52 Sunseeker Manhattan. As a new captain learning on a boat this size was an undertaking. But the boat had a Yacht Controller! In no time I was on my own (without a captain) and going places. Every trip involved a pass through the Ballard locks in Seattle. Without my Yacht controller I would have needed additional help, but with it.....no brainer. Over the last 6 seasons I have driven this boat in and out of marinas from Tacoma Washington to Blind Channel in Canada with never a single glitch. It has made couple cruising simple and safe! Looking forward to adding one to my new boat with the added benefit of proportional control........"
Ocean Alexander85EDon T.Fort Lauderdale, FL"Makes it so easy to dock the boat. Great design."
Absolute52'Fred L.Fort Lauderdale"Thanks to Yacht Controller as a new time boater, I really feel confident using my boat and was able to command it without being afraid"
Pershing8XSam B. Fort Lauderdale, FL"We hired the Yacht Group to purchase and install a yacht controller. Jimmy was our installer and worked efficiently and professionally to install our system. His installation matched the factory wiring standards perfectly. He did an awesome job. Anthony and Shana did a great job communicating and scheduling in a way that worked with our schedule and needs. This is a great company that stands behind their product!"
Fleming58'Dr. Sal ArriaSanta Barbara, CA"The Yacht Controller is simply magic! Step outside, walk around your ship SOLO, with complete control!! Docking and anchoring (or pulling anchor) is so simple, safe, and EASY. No yelling, headphones, or help needed.... It's now a simplified solo task, without depending on the competency (or lack of) anyone else. And while the equipment is top flight, the installation and service is second to none. If I could give them 10 stars, I would!"
Marquis M/Y65'Joel P.Lighthouse Point, FL"Excellent product and customer service starting with Tony in sales and ending with the installer. Very professional and responsive. I actually talked a friend of mine into getting one first for his 56-foot Neptune's. He ran the boat by himself most of the time so it made sense for him so he could operate the boat and handle the lines while docking alone. It worked so well it sold me on the product also. He recently purchased a 75-foot LRC and immediately had a Yacht Controller installed on it. This is the second system I have purchased. The first was on a Carver Voyager 570 Pilothouse. I had the remote and the joy stick controls installed. The second one is on my 650 Marquis Motor Yacht. I didn't use the joy stick as much so opted for the remote alone even though both systems worked great. Just personal preference. Your system worked flawlessly on both vessels. Made docking and close quarters maneuvering much easier. I had the first unit on the Voyager for over 10 years without a failure or any issues at all. I would not consider having a boat without a Yacht Controller. Well worth the investment."
Sea RaySundancer 55'Randy W.Butler, KY"Best money I have spent on the boat hands down. We have a 16’ beam boat with a 18’ wide slip. Back it in with no worries at all. My wife and I take our 55 Sundancer out all the time with no one else to help and the controller makes it no stress and very safe. Would not own a big boat without it."
Sea RaySundancer 51'Mike L.West Palm Beach, FL"This is my second boat with a Yacht controller and I’ve been a customer since 2016. This is by far the best option that can be added to a boat next to air conditioning. You guys are fantastic and I will never own a boat without one"
Grand Banks59'Dan D.Largo, FL"Yacht Controller works great, easy to use, very reliable. Great customer support, not only for me but for a friend who has an older model. I highly recommend this product,"
Pershing80'Rob L.Cape Coral, FL"We recently purchased a lesser-known controller for our 80 ft boat. It was plagued with problems. We contacted Yacht Controller. They uninstalled the original and installed a new Yacht Controller. The new Yacht Controller is amazing! We learned how to use the 1st time out. This is a great company with a fantastic staff! No doubt YACHT CONTROLLER is the route to go!"
Carver56'Vincent C.Chicago, IL"This review is 6 years late. Not because it took me 6 years to decide whether it was a good product, but instead, because I waited 6 years too long to pull the trigger and have this installed on my boat. I have a Carver 564 and, even with a back up camera, going stern in solo was always challenging. For years I debated whether to invest in a Yacht Controller and, year after year, I put it off. However, in October, I was planning on relocating my boat from Chicago to Pickwick Lake, solo, heading through about a dozen locks. As such, I was effectively forced to buy the controller, and boy am I happy I did! I reached out to Tony, who I had spoken to several times when thinking about buying the Yacht Controller and, even with me being in Chicago, he had it installed in a week. Once I had it installed, I had a week before leaving for Pickwick to get used to how my boat maneuvered with the controller; it literally took me one use. I took my boat, alone, from DuSable Harbor to Burnham Harbor, a quick 4 mile-ish trip, to fuel up. Once I arrived the t-head was occupied and they directed me into a slip on the west side of the fuel dock. I flipped the boat around, engaged the Yacht Controller and headed back to the swim platform. As I slowly crept into the slip a charter captain on a Prestige 68, who was fueling up, said to me, "I wasn't aware those old Carver's had joystick control". I laughed and told him it was just good old fashioned strait shafts. He looked shocked and said, "well, tell the caption, from one caption to another, good job". I again laughed and said, you just told him! He looked puzzled. I stepped off the boat, tied up and, while the boat was being fueled up, I spoke with the captain who was shocked the Yacht Controller was that in tune with the boat. He said he had seen them at the boat shows but was skeptical of the real-world functionality. By the time I was done fueling up and he was done loading his provisions he was, no joke, ready to buy one for himself. The interaction at Burnham was the first of many during my 833-mile trip down to Pickwick. Lockmasters and boaters alike were shocked by the precision and freedom the Yacht Controller afforded me. Whether it was going into a tight space in a lock, docking between two boats on a t-head at Clifton Marina with, literally 2 feet worth of clearance at the bow and stern, with 50 people looking on, or backing into a tight slip at Green Turtle Bay, over and over the reaction was shock, disbelief and envy. As I said, this review took 6 years to write; 6 years too long. The amount of stress relief the Yacht Controller has provided me cannot be quantified. This is, by far, the best investment I have ever put into my boat. We are currently buying a second boat to keep in Chicago and, to be sure, the first investment I will be making will be in a Yacht Controller. If you are on the fence about this, email me, I will be happy to go into even greater detail about this unit, its ease of use, and how much it absolutely helps when you are operating solo, or in really tight quarters."
Capt. Sinbad"I have always been pro wing stations either side of vessel and would never have given the time of day to a wireless control but having now done over 100 dockings with the Yacht Controller I think it is fantastic! From start to finish the customer service was top notch. The yacht controller reacts very well with the boat and can be tuned to have more power where needed. It's slick and easy to use, quick to take command and has no wireless delays. It has a long range so you can really drive from any conning position you choose. 10/10 would recommend it to any future clients."
Rob P."I found the controller more sensitive than I first thought with my Volvo IPS. Move joystick tiny amount and boat moves in any direction. It took me a year to figure out the subtle movements. Wonderful system easy anchoring."
Stephen W.Humble, TX"Great customer service and help from Mario"
Marlow58Tom B.Maine to Florida"I love my Yacht Controller. Very simply put, I would never own a yacht without one!"
Sea Ray48Virgilio C.Venezuela"Esto, es nada mas que una carta de agradecimeinto. Por el asobrozo Yacht Controller que uds. Ofrecen la verdad que es incredible. La posibilida que este brinda a la hora de atracar en el muelle y poner gasoline al barco. Una pesona sola puede, lanzar un cabo sin tener que estar corriendo. Teniedo la posibilidad de caer al agua. O de sufrir una accidente. Esto no tiene otra palabra para describirlo, sino simplemente marabilloso. Es un product excepcional. La gente se preocupa en poner tantas cosas en el barco que no usan, y el Yacht Controller es algo que realmente todo barco deberia tener. Y mas si quieres las privacidad de no tener a un ayudante o marinero abordo!"
Sea Ray 48Virgilio C.VenezuelaEnglish Translation: "This is nothing more than a thank you letter for the amazing Yacht Controller that you offer. The truth is that it is incredible. The possibility that this offers when docking at the dock and putting gasoline on the boat. A single person can throw a line without having to run. Having the possibility of falling into the water or suffering an accident. This has no other words to describe it, but simply wonderful. It is an exceptional product. People worry about putting so many things on the boat that they don't use and the Yacht Controller is something that every boat really should have and more if you want the privacy of not having an assistant or sailor on board!"
San Juan48'Randy BBellingham, WA "Hi there. I just bought a 48’ San Juan that has a Yacht Controller system. I absolutely love it!! It’s a game changer!"
Capt. MurphiniShared Comment from MyOloh.com"I bought one in Jan 2019 after reading your review in 2018. Best peace of mind investment for docking. ......you’ll wonder how you lived without it!"
Trawler Sea Spirit60PatrickShared Comment from MyOloh.com"Had one installed last year when we bought our 60 foot trawler sea spirit 60. We use when raising the anchor. Great to be on the foredeck to watch the process and keep the boat straight and over the anchor."
Gail Peltz GoldmanFrom Facebook Comments"Love this!❤️ When we got our boat last year Bob insisted we didn't need it. I bought it for him and he's forever indebted to me 😉 lol. Seriously though..... yacht controller is the best thing we've bought since we bought our boat. It makes docking our soooooo easy and much less stressful!!"
Paul BecksFrom Facebook Comments"After watching your videos and based on your recommendations [The Adventures of M/Y OLOH] I am having Yacht Controller installed on my 530 Voyager in 3 weeks. Excited already!"
Jefferson75A.J. Hammer, Captian, M/Y OLOHmyoloh.com"With great regularity, we’ll be pulling into a marina and as we approach the dock, someone will invariably ask, “are you driving the boat by remote control?”. “Why yes I am!” the Captain will answer from OLOH’s foredeck. Without question, the addition of a Yacht Controller wireless remote system has been one of the greatest tools and best upgrades we’ve added to OLOH. And it was one of the very first. Yacht Controller gives us wireless control of our thrusters and gears using momentary contact silicone switches on a waterproof controller which is always on a lanyard hanging from the Captain’s neck when being used. ... we knew we would want a Yacht Controller after having helped our friend move his 75’ motor yacht up and down the east coast where we got to know and understand the system and the value of having it. Being able to bring the boat in or out of a slip from this vantage point is invaluable. We have tested it from every part of the boat (we’re 60’) and it works flawlessly everywhere. We will [also] use it from the foredeck’s working end (where the anchor lives) at an anchorage or in a mooring field which removes a layer of crew communication and, for us, makes much easier work of managing those situations. We use our Yacht Controller every time we pull into or out of a slip. Prior to untying or arriving, before quarters are close, we test every function on the remote to ensure everything is working. We have never experienced unreliable or intermittent operation. After five plus years on OLOH and hundreds of instances of docking and undocking, grabbing and releasing moorings and deploying and retrieving our anchor, we can say without question that it is one of the best tools we have at our disposal."
Hampton49'Jim M.Renton, WA"I am continuing to love my Yacht Controller (installed 2018). My boat is 54 feet LOA. The fairway between my slip and the next door marina is 52 feet. VERY tight. I am frequently backing into my skip while standing on the bow, looking down into a small boat in the neighboring marina waiting for my wife to tell me my swim platform has cleared the finger pier and I can complete my pivot, walk to the port side of the boat and start backing down. My guests and boat neighbors watch in awe, even with an 8 - 10 knot breeze. The best part about it, as I tell my friends, was that before Yacht Controller (and with my last boat, a 43 ft) the last part of any cruise was spent anxiously thinking about coming back into the slip - particularly if there was wind. Now, it's with complete confidence that I can make this boat dance under my complete control!"
PrincessY72Rick N.St. Petersburg, FL"Awesome product. Such a great tool for my captain, he loves it. I am a huge believer in having all the necessary tools to make his job easier. Thank you guys!"
PrincessY85Doug A.Key Largo, FL"This product has made docking and maneuvering our boat so much easier, it has single handedly reduced the stress on our captain. She can be anywhere on board the vessel and full access to the helm."
Azimut62 MagellanoCapt. Glenn B.Ft. Lauderdale, FL"I'm a 100-Ton Master, I've been running boats for a little over 20 years as a professional captain. I met the folks at the yacht controller, and once they installed it, you know, it really made life easier because I've been running boats all along as a single crew. I have a mate when I travel. But when the owners were on board, you know, I like to do everything myself. And with the Yacht Controller, it just made it easy. I was recently hired on another boat that had another wireless control brand that had some issues. I met Tony at the boat show and I explained I'd love to have a new Maximo Yacht Controller installed. He was very helpful and ultimately worked out having one installed replacing the faulty competing brand's system. We completed a sea trial, and I have the Magellano model which is a modified trawler which has a keel. So when you spin the boat you really have to juice it to get it to come around. It doesn't slide and that's got great big propellers. Yacht Controller set the RPMs to be able to control the boat including adjusting the ramp up speed of the proportional control. The difference was incredible! We tested the other brand and when you put it in gear, it just rumbles and it just kicks right in at about 900 R.P.M, whereas on the Yacht Controller I was able to slowly increase the RPM. It ramped up gradually and smoothly and it was wonderful. I have referred Yacht Controller to a couple other folks because you know, when you talk in the industry, you got a Yacht Controller that has become synonymous with a wireless remote. I've just been really happy with the system! It's just a whole lot easier and gives me more control. I have never once had an issue. You know, people are concerned about it coming unpaired or whatever but I have never had the issue and I've used it a lot in over five years or so. Thank you for all your support!"
MaritimoM55Charlie C.Charleston, S.C."I am a repeat Yacht Controller customer and when I recently bought my new Maritimo, I wanted to ensure compatibility before I went forward with the purchase of the vessel. I love the Yacht Controller! It makes me look like a pro and really puts me at ease when docking. I find it comforting that I can dock this Maritimo all by myself. Thank you Tony for all your support over the years."
Marlow60'Lee A.Naples, FL"I have been using your new Maximo series Yacht Controller. Recently I was able to dock in a very tight slip less than 8" on each side all by myself with no issues! I could not have done it without the Yacht Controller."
Marlow58Anna and Jeff S.Palmetto, FL"The Yacht Controller is a must have on any large boat! Nicknamed "the marriage saver" which I agree with =) I call it "the confident docking device" My husband and I own a 58 Marlow Explorer with a semi enclosed bridge that we handle ourselves. With Yacht Controller in hand, Jeff can walk around the entire boat. His ability to leave the helm to view conditions and approach with unrestricted visibility allows me to get In Lieu Of... ready for an anxiety free docking every time. Buy the Yacht Controller for your boat! You will be happy that you did. Tony and the team at the Yacht Group are fabulous. Great individuals providing top notch customer service."
Marlow57Jeff C.Sarasota, FL"Installation was quick and remote unit works properly"
Monte Carlo65'Brad E.Vancouver, BC"Excellent product [Yacht Controller] and service. A real game changer for docking."
Leopard Catamaran53'Michael H.Pompano Beach, FL"I appreciated the fact that he {technician} was able to adjust the thrusters to 80% and have a better feel. The main feature is being able to be in the rear of the boat when docking. It was like having a secondary docking station. It was great."
Vicem65Quentin T.Mattituck, NY"I'm delighted with my Yacht Controller having used it for the past six months in the Bahamas and bringing our Vicem 65 North to Strong's Water Club & Marina in Mattituck Inlet NY."
Fountaine-Pajot50Sylvain L.Montreal, CanadaI’ve been boating for 30 years. A few years ago, I purchased my first Yacht Controller and have now recently equipped my 3rd boat with one. I love it! I never operate my boat without it. For me, the Yacht Controller is not an option, instead it is a must have product for your boat handling experience! Yacht Controller is more than just a technology company. They care about their customers and always aim to make sure you are completely satisfied. This is something special to say about a company in the marine industry. Their staff is very very professional. I love this product. Thank you for all your support over the years!

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