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Wireless Control for an Enhanced Handling Experience on Boats Up to 85ft

A Leap Ahead in Advanced Technology

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The perfect fusion of Wi-Fi and RF technologies provides unmatched security and control for the precision wireless control of your yacht.
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The latest members of the Yacht Controller family evolved 25 years after Yacht Controller originated the concept of Wireless control of Boats.

Maximo™ and Supremo™ (for super/mega yachts), employ advanced technology by communicating over wi-fi from any smart device to set/modify parameters to the receiver for incremental or proportional speed control

In turn, Maximo™ communicates to its unique Yacht Controller transmitter via its proven dual-band system, (rapidly and instantly scrolling more than 100 + channels on each band) thus providing unmatched security and redundancy.
  • View, manage, and diagnose your Maximo™ or Supremo™ from anywhere in the world using any smart device!
  • 64-bit quad processor receiver scrolling more than 100 channels to eliminate interference and provide ultimate redundancy and security
  • 100+ times more powerful than any remote available
  • Instantly set/modify proportional or incremental control of engines and thrusters
  • Quick select of five pre-set profile engine speed settings to immediate suit on-board conditions, and modify them any time via your smart device
  • Remote scanning for spectrum analyzation trouble shooting or bandwidth antenna tuning
  • Range in excess of 650 feet with Supremo
  • Two-way communication between remote and receiver
  • Compatible to mirror the receiver display on Garmin, Raymarine, other navigational screens, tablets etc. for easy viewing
  • Multi- functional capability for dual anchors, swim platforms, cable masters etc. Show selection button)
  • Remote wifi accessibility via VPN for real time customer service, upgrades and modifications from anywhere in the world!

AND much more to come!

Why is Maximo™ the undisputed leader in wireless remote yacht control technology? See for yourself in this feature overview video!

Instantly view & manage incremental & proportional throttle control via your smart phone from anywhere in the world!

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