The Trusted OEM & Aftermarket Stern Thruster Option for High Performance Center Consoles

The Yacht Thruster Advantage

German and Swiss engineering at its finest. The Yacht Thruster product is manufactured in Europe and built to outperform the traditional, internally mounted thruster systems of the past. With a 2-Year full replacement warranty, energy efficient design and cooler operating temperatures for less wear and tear, Yacht Thruster offers proven performance and reliability.

Easy Installation

Requires only 3 minimally invasive holes to mount to your boat, No fiberglass work and comes with a specially designed neoprene bushing system for a secure, watertight seal.

Quiet Operation

Roughly 80% noise reduction when compared to traditional, internally mounted thruster systems due to its externally mounted motor and special engineered bushing system which reduces vibration while operating.

Long Runtime

The Yacht Thruster’s solid billet aluminum body acts as a heat sync to quickly and efficiently dissipate heat generated by the thruster motor. The cooler surrounding water temperatures quickly cool down the thruster motor allowing you to run the thruster for periods of up to 7 minutes continuously without overheating.

Space Saving

The powerful, yet compact design of the thruster, bolted externally, means no bulky motor mounted inside the boat taking up valuable storage space. Only the small 5”x5” control box (power supply) gets mounted inside the boat.

Maximum Efficiency

Optimal efficiency results from a shorter transverse tunnel providing directional flow to increase thrust performance and minimize cavitation. The high torque design of the Yacht Thruster propeller means you’ll get maximum thrust from the pitch perfect prop.


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