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Yacht Command

Yacht Command

Yacht Command 

The YACHT COMMAND Electronic control systems combines your mechanical controls with digital communication technology solution thereby providing a modular system, flexible, reliable, beautiful, durable, secure, safe, and easy to install.

This state-of-the-art system easily convert boats with mechanical or hydraulic controls to an easy to use electronic control system providing reliability, safety and ease of use for a much better boating experience. With the simple movement of your hand, Yacht Command allows the operator to control the yacht providing gear shifting, throttle, warm up functions and synchronization with security. Available in multiple versions and styles.

YACHT COMMAND follows the long history of our Yacht Controller brand of innovative, products, which make boating easier and provide a positive, safe alternative to the difficult shifting of mechanical and hydraulic controls. When coupled to a Yacht Controller wireless or Joystick system it provides the ultimate in safety and control of your yacht during the docking, maneuvering and tying up process.

Yacht Command is an excellent price performance replacement, update and upgrade of your mechanical controls with a full electronic control helm and when accompanied with Yacht Controller system will improve your yachting experience and your boat’s value with modern electronics.

  • Electronic control system for fly by wire technology. Ergonomically designed with state of the art CANBUS technology and secure data transmission.
  • Easy to use waterproof touchpad keyboard LED visual control and start in gear lockout.
  • Feature polished stainless steel, chrome or black housing for durability, beauty and low maintenance.
  • Fast Start-up Mode Function.
  • Trim/Flap and Synchro Trim/Flap function available some models.
  • Synchro function that can be activated either in neutral or underway some models.
  • Advanced functions for fast and safe commissioning.
  • Trolling control.
  • Starting security neutral safety switch.
  • Emergency safety devices directly on the actuator, in the case of systems with mechanical interface.

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