Frequently Asked Questions

What is Yacht Controller®?

A wireless device consisting of a receiver and a transmitter that allows the operator to remotely control engines in and out of gear, stern thruster, bow thruster, anchor and other operations of their boat. Additionally, a Yacht Controller® may also be a Yacht Joystick Control System JCS consisting of a wired control mounted at the helm which enables the operator to move the vessel in any direction by pushing the joystick in the desired directional movement.

Can a Yacht Controller® be installed on my boat?

If your boat is equipped with electronic controls it can be equipped with a Yacht Controller® System. There are more than 10,000 in use on more than 180 brands+ of yachts up to 150 ft in length and more installations every day! CLICK HERE if you have a vessel with mechanical controls.

How does a wireless Yacht Controller® work?

It sends a unique FCC approved band coded digital signal between the transmitter and receiver which allows the operator to control engine, thrusters, anchor and other functions easily and effectively from anywhere on board with a small hand held control.

How easy it to use a Yacht Controller®?

Anyone who can operate a cellular telephone can operate a Yacht Controller® and control their boat more precisely, easily, and safely from anywhere on board.

What happens if my Yacht Controller® does not work?

In this unlikely event, your engines, thrusters and anchor will remain safely in neutral, however you will have normal operation of all of your yacht functions through their wired controls. Additionally, if for any reason contact is lost between the transmitter and receiver, an acoustical alarm will sound.

How can I tell if the batteries in my transmitter are good?

If the batteries in your transmitter are low in power, the transmitter low battery light will illuminate.

How long will it take to install a Yacht Controller® System on my Boat?

Normal installation is done within 1-2 days which includes testing of the system and on-board operating and training instruction.

What happens if I do not turn my wireless Yacht Controller® off when I'm not using it.

The transmitter will turn itself off if not used for 4 minutes and the receiver will initiate an acoustical alarm.

Will installation require any modifications on my boat?

No. a Yacht Controller® system is easy to install and hidden from view except for the on/off switch and the Joystick (if ordered).

What is the operating range of the wireless Yacht Controller® and can I use it off my boat?

Normal-operating range is in excess of the boat length and can be up to 500 feet, although we strongly urge owners NOT to leave their boats and operate them remotely.

What happens if a boat near me is also using a wireless Yacht Controller®, will it control my boat?

No, Each Yacht Controller® is unique and will not interfere with another Yacht Controllers® in use, even in a near-by yacht.

How long is a Yacht Controller® warranty?

Yacht Controllers® carry a Factory warranty of three years in normal use.

What does a Yacht Controller® System cost for my Boat?

Cost depends on several factors including the type of engine controls (CAN BUS or Analog), number of functions you wish to control in addition to the engines, whether you want a Wireless or JCS system or both, and location of your Yacht. We will be pleased to provide you with a personalized quote upon request.

What if my boat doesn't have electronic controls?

Yacht Controller Corp. can equip your boat with our YAMAS (Yacht Controller Mechanically Activated System) system which will convert your mechanical controls to work wirelessly or through our JCS system or both ways.

How far will the wireless transmitter work from the receiver?

The transmitter is rated to work a minimum of approximately 150 feet from the receiver. However, experience shows that the range is normally much further.

Can the Yacht Controller® wireless signal be interrupted by other devices?

The system uses an FCC assigned frequency which should prevent interruption from other transmitting devices, including cellular telephones.

Can I use the Yacht Controller® to operate my boat while standing on the dock?

Yes, but this is not the recommended use if there is no one onboard. If there is someone onboard, the wireless Yacht Controller® can be used to assist the movement of the yacht to facilitate tying lines to the dock, thereby saving muscle strain.

What is the size of the transmitter?

Approximately the size of a small mobile telephone.

Is the transmitter waterproof?

Yes and it floats.

Can the wireless transmitter be submerged?

It is not meant to be submerged, but if it is momentarily dropped into the water and is retrieved, it normally will not suffer any damage.

How large is the receiver/control box?

The receiver is quite small and totally self-contained in a box of approximately 6.5" x 3" x 2".

How can I tell if the Yacht Controller® transmitter is working (communicating to the receiver)?

If the transmitter loses communication with the receiver, an acoustical alarm will sound, thereby alerting the operator.

How reliable is the Yacht Controller® for operating the functions on my yacht?

The Yacht Controller® System has been proven to be highly reliable and dependable for operating functions on a yacht and has worked even in cases where on-board controls have failed due to corrosion.

If I buy another boat can I take my Yacht Controller® System with me?

Yes. Yacht Controller® is easy to uninstall and reinstall on your next vessel.

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