Yacht Controller for Mechanical and Hydraulic Controls

Designed for boats equipped with cable or hydraulic controls

Yacht Controller introduced the YAMAS System (Yacht Controller Mechanical Actuator System) more than 6 years ago and since then has successfully installed the system on boats to a multitude of satisfied clients.

This system provides a revolutionary new way for boat owners with mechanical cable controls and hydraulic controls, to enjoy our wireless Yacht Controller system for docking, and at the same time have an emergency back-up system for their cable controls.

Yacht Controller's YAMAS wireless remote system allows a vessel's captain to control the yacht's gears, bow and stern thrusters, and anchor from anywhere on board, eliminating all sightline problems. It can also be used as an emergency back-up system should a failure of the cable or hydraulic controls occur.

YAMAS is the answer for finally making docking easier for mechanically-controlled boat owners who for years have yearned for an easy alternative to those hard to use cables, especially during docking. It also eliminates the concern of possibility of breaking a cable during maneuvering, and losing control of their yacht.

We continue to be proud to be at the forefront of creating products which make boating easier and safer for our customers and the boating public. YAMAS is a continuation of our product development which achieves that objective and reinforces our slogan of “Innovative products for the Marine Industry”.

Yacht Controller eliminates all the frantic activities normally associated with docking. Yacht Controller is a winner of the NMMA Innovation Award and is certified by the FCC and patented by the US Patent Office.


Yamas (Yachtcontroller Mechanical Actuator Systems) works easily and simply at the push of a button when docking your boat.

Merely turn on the Yacht Controller system and your cable or hydraulic controls are disengaged and our Yacht Controller wireless system takes over.

At the touch of our Porsche designed silicone levers you will be able to control your engine transmissions, bow thruster, stern thruster or anchor.

After you have completed your docking, or have safely moved away from your dock when departing, simply turn off the system and your mechanical controls will re-engage and work normally.

YAMAS also provides an emergency back-up system should one of your shifting cables fail, since you can merely turn on YAMAS and take control of the boat.

YAMAS is available through your local Yacht Controller Dealer. The system is easy to install and connects your existing Mechanical cables via the smart actuator control, to your transmissions and then to our central command receiver,. This receiver in conjunction with the Yacht Controller transmitter wirelessly receives and transmits your commands at the touch of your finger for instantaneous and precise command of your boat.

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