The "Competition"

Yacht Controller is the original and worldwide leader in wireless control for yachts... 
The fusion of Proven Wi-fi and RF technology (Patent Pending) unmatched in the industry. 
Now with Virtual Thruster™ programmable thruster emulation! (Patent Pending)

The "Competition" simply doesn't come close

Yacht Controller

The "Competition"

Dual Band with multiple channels for robust redundancy and security.
See the video proof here >>
Single band with 6 channels or less and NO redundancy
The only Commercially certified system on the market
NOT commercially certified
The only system Certified, licensed and/or endorsed by Major electronic OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) on the market
NOT supported by any OEM electronics manufacturers
Porsche design raised silicone lever keypad provides an ergonomic design for operation without looking at the remote thereby increasing visual safety.
Button control requires looking at remote to confirm function and taking eyes off boat movement
Yacht Controller follows strict OEM safety protocol requirements to power up the system from the station and then take command at the remote to the system.
Activation bypasses OEM safety requirements providing dangerous operation
Third party laboratory tested to meet marine industry certifications and standard compliance
No outside laboratory certifications to verify quality control.
Five programmable engine speed settings
1 speed setting
Yacht Controller provides proportional and/or incremental speed control with multiple easy-to-change settings
Some brands also provide this but with a single permanent setting. Changes to the setting require a technician to revisit your vessel or shipping the system to their facility.
The only remote system with worldwide management capability for real time customer service to provide customer service, parameter setting changes, frequency communication enhancements, software updates and much more! (Patent  Pending)
NOT technologically available with other brands
Quad core 64 bit processor for unparalleled speed and operating performance with the ability to encompass many features to come!
16 bit single core processor
Built in spectrum analyzer for radio frequency enhancements and testing
NOT technologically available with other brands
Supremo series with transceiver antenna with built in microprocessor and can-bus communication protocol with up to 650’ wide open range and over 100 channel combinations
Standard antenna cable extension

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