How a Yacht Controller Works and Does NOT Bypass OEM Systems

Yacht Controller's Patented system utilizes OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) control systems for maximum security in exactly the same manner as your boat's original electronic controls.

 Yacht Controller DOES NOT Bypass OEM Systems

Yacht Controller is the ONLY wireless control company that enjoys Approvals from Engine & Control Head Manufacturers (see below).

Others may talk but they can't provide a single OEM verification letter. Just ask them!

Homemade systems bypass the highly engineered and proven OEM critical CPU control systems and use analog technology, thereby compromising the security and significantly increasing the possibility of multiple risks.

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Yacht Controller Approvals from Engine & Control Head Manufacturers

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 ZF Marine - Press Release
 ZF Controls
MAN Engines
ZF Controls ZF Controls MAN Engines


Bosch Rexroth (for MAN Engines)


Volvo EVC 2.0


Rexroth/Bosch Volvo EVC 2.0 Garmin


Aventics (for MAN Engines)


Glendinning (for Cummins Engines)


Carlisle & Finch Co Searchlights
Aventics Glendinning Carlisle & Finch Co.