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 60 Sea Ray Sundancer   60   Erick U.   San Juan, Puerto Rico   "I'm very happy with my system! This system is my assistant!!" 
 Albin Express   36   Jim R.    Washington, DC   "My unit is installed on a 36-foot Albin Express Trawler that I keep at Herrington Harbor South. Although I often have guests who can help with docking, sometimes I don't (my lady friend is clueless about handling lines). With the Yacht Controller, I can completely dock and undock my boat unaided." 
 Alexander Marine   88   Jeff H.   Seattle, WA.    "The Yacht Controller provides incredible flexibility to the operation of our 90 foot Ocean Alexander. My yacht's particular installation provides complete remote control of the bow and stern thruster as well as each main engine in idle forward or reverse. As an owner operator especially, the Yacht Controller allows me to single handedly dock and undock my yacht easily without assistance onboard or dockside. With the range of the Yacht Controller I will hold or maneuver my yacht alongside a dock while working on the dock securing and letting go of the lines myself. And, while setting and retrieving the anchor, the Yacht Controller allows me to maneuver my yacht from the bow while observing firsthand the lead of the anchor chain. Whether a yacht is manned by an owner or a professional crew, the Yacht Controller is a very worthwhile asset to its operation."  
 Altima   61   Steve K.   Hollywood, FL    "I have had my Yacht Controller for over 10 years and it has worked amazingly! Recently, I took a lightning strike which damaged my electronics and even that could not take my Yacht Controller completely down! I look forward to my new v2 Dual Band upgrade!! Thank you for your wonderful support throughout the years!"  
 American Tug    41   Mike C.   Ontario, Canada   "I have owned the Yacht Controller for years and love it! I took the "Great Loop" trip on my American Tug and was able to handle the boat the entire trip on my own! Anchoring was also much easier with the Yacht Controller in hand. If I ever buy another boat I will surely add the Yacht Controller!" 
 Antares   44   John L.    St. Augustine, FL    "I am a Yacht Controller FREAK!! Have I told you how much I LOVE my YC?!?!?! Warm Florida Regards, John" 
 Aquila Cat   41   Richard O.   St.Petersburg,FL   "Great product, and Mario provides even better customer service. Great way to manage your yacht single handedly and excellent customer service that comes along with it. Shout out to Mario for premier customer service." 
 Aquila   38   Jerry B.   Oyster Harbors, Osterville MA   "I was introduced to the Yacht Controller while considering purchasing a large power catamaran with a 15 foot beam at the Palm Beach Boat Show in March 2013. My final decision to purchase the boat was based on having a Yacht Controller installed in order to get in and out of tight dockage spaces. When I come into a tight dock area and stand on the bow with the Yacht Controller all heads on land turn and people come up to me asking about the remote control. I sometimes even stand on the aft section of the upper deck and back into tight dockage spaces. I enthusiastically recommend the Yacht Controller to anyone with a large power boat, especially for single handed operation. It is an essential operating tool." 
 Azimut    72   William M.    West Palm Beach, FL   "Yacht Controller makes boating a pleasure. The momentary functionality makes for great control of my boat. I love my Yacht Controller!" 
 Azimut Flybridge   60   Joseph L.   Seattle, WA   "I recently purchased a new Azimut 60 in Seattle, WA and I wanted a Yacht Controller installed. I got in touch with The Yacht Group and the entire process went so smoothly - it was enjoyable. Everyone I spoke with and had dealings with was SO professional and excellent at their job. Your company's relationship w/ Pacific Yacht Management in Seattle was perfect - with all of Denis' help it could not have been better. I mentioned to my wife how professional everyone was and we wished that it was that way in our company - that we could reach that level."  
 Azimut Fly   66   Lance C.   Annapolis, MD   The wireless controller was an add-on to a 2017 Azimut 66 Fly that I took delivery on in November. This is an awesome device and they should be installed on every boat! 
 Azimut    62   Gary R.   Ft. Lauderdale, FL   "I was having issues with my Xenta system and could not get any service support from them. I was fortunate to have come across your company who came in and removed the system and equipped my boat with Yacht Controller! What a great product! I love my Yacht Controller and am happy I made the switch! Thank you for your support."  
 Azimut   42   Bill L.   Pennsylvania   "I absolutely love it! It gives me a tremendous sense of safety. I do a lot of boating on my own and having the Yacht Controller gives me the mate I need to dock my boat with total control. I now have the freedom to go boating on windy days knowing I have the Yacht Controller to safely dock my boat."  
 Azimut   48   Kris G.   St. Petersburg, FL   Just wanted you to know that we went on our trip to Key West, and used the Controller every day. It worked perfectly ! Makes docking so much easier!! I just wanted to say a big thank you to you and the team !  
 Azimut   51   Rick K.   New Jersey   "I love my new Yacht Controller! I'm in total control. The greatest invention since sliced bread. I have never damaged my boat docking again since I purchased the Yacht Controller. I no longer fear docking my boat." 
 Azimut   52   Rich K.   New Jersey   "I had a Yacht Controller installed about 5 years ago and love it! I would do a commercial on it if asked I think so highly of it. In fact, I refer to it as my "Wife Saver"" 
 Azimut   55   Julio D.   Puerto Rico   "The Yacht Controller has been my best investment. The ease of use and the security features are exceptional. Every boat must have one. This devices make any person an expert Captain." 
 Azimut   55   Paul H.   Cayman Islands   "I find the Yacht Controller is a reliable and invaluable tool for navigating and docking my Azimut 55." 
 Azimut   62   Charlie C.   California   "I think the yacht controller is really, really useful. I use it all the time, including when at the bow for setting the anchor."  
 Azimut   62   Ron C.   Annapolis   "Yacht Controller is a first class operation. I have referred your company to at least 100 people. I have saved thousands, not even counting possible boat damage, just by adding up the amount of food I have been able to enjoy, instead of getting the heartburn and upset stomach associated with docking." 
 Azimut   64   Jason S.   Maryland   "I love that thing [Yacht Controller]! I am like an evangelist for the Yacht Controller up here on the Chesapeake Bay. Everyone is fascinated by it, so hopefully it will drive some business for you!" 
 Azimut   72   Bruce W.   Glen Cove NY   I have owned the Xenta controller and the joystick and both are useless for docking. The delay is too ling and units hard to operate. Yacht Controller is great to dock with and easy to use! Thank you for a great product! 
 Azimut   78   Alvaro   -   "This is my 3rd Yacht Controller over the last three yachts I have owned and I love the system! I recently had it installed on my Azimut and would never consider buying a boat with a Yacht Controller! Thank you for all your excellent service through the years!" 
 Azimut   84   Kris G.   St. Petersburg, FL   "The Yacht Controller is really a great product. It has taken a lot of the stress out of docking for me since I can now control my boat from the stern and see exactly where I am going and adjust accordingly. The employees in your company that I have dealt with have all been very professional and friendly." 
 Azimut   86   Capt. Adam G.   -   "I love the Yacht Controller! I have used it all over the world and it has allowed me to handle a vessel this size comfortably from anywhere on board the vessel! The freedom and ability to provide me full control is matched by no other control system in the market! I have run several other boats with Yacht Controller's and always recommend them to boat owners!"  
 Bruckmann   38   Leigh W.   Stuart, FL   "I have had the system (Yacht Controller) installed on three different boats, the first in 2005 and the most recent last year (2016). I have also recommended the system to friends. I understand the unit installed in 2005 is still functioning normally. Yacht Controller has been a highly reliable addition to each of my boats. It is highly responsive and the vessel is so much easier to maneuver in any wind or current conditions with the handheld unit. Improves safety significantly. My wife and I handle our current 51’ Dettling on our own, as we did our 60’ Vicem when we installed the first one. A really terrific concept! My best Leigh" 
 Burger   90   Murray P.   Chicago, IL   "We could not more pleased with our Yacht Controller! It is an absolutely wonderful product that has allowed my wife and I to effectively handled the boat. We have now used it on numerous occasions and can tell you it's great to have! Thank you for all your efforts in working to interface with our custom bowthruster. You are a great company. We are glad to speak with any customers on behalf of the system and the company!  
 California Yacht    61   Bill P.   St. Downieville, CA   "This last weekend, we (along with 3 other large yachts) sterned into the Napa Valley Yacht Club docks. Our hosts at Napa Valley were really impressed at the functionality of your Yacht Controller. Bear on in mind that in Napa- “cost is irrelevant”. They asked about the system and I gave your product rave reviews (which they could see for themselves). " 
 Californian   61   -   San Francisco, CA   We are on our Benicia Yacht Club's "Summer Cruise" currently docked at "Grindstone Joe's" private island marina in the Sacramento Delta (about 70 miles by water southeast of San Francisco). We called our fellow cruisers who were already docked and were told to come on in and side tie to starboard- lots of dock space. When we arrived 20 minutes later, two other boats had pulled in, leaving us about 65 feet (for our 61.5 foot boat). With about 10 of our companions watching (some anxiously), with your Yacht Controller, while standing on the starboard side deck so I could see both bow and stern (and hear the many "helpful suggestions"),slid Seasons into the available space. I would not have tried this maneuver operating from either our bridge or aft cockpit stations alone.  
 Carver    56    Joe A.    Charleston, SC     "Hello Anthony, love the yacht controller makes life fun....also, I love the all-weather gear! Thanks and look at other products you offer!"  
 Carver / Marquis 650 MY   -   Joel P.   Myrtle Beach, SC   "Excellent product and good customer experience starting with Tony and ending with the installer. This is the second vessel we have used it on. First was a Carver 570 Pilothouse. I had a remote and a joystick. Recent purchase was for a Marquis 650 motor yacht. Didn't use the joystick much so just went with the remote. Product performed flawlessly on both boats. Makes docking and close quarter maneuvering easy. My first unit was in service for over 10 years with no problems or failures. Wouldn't have a boat without installing one." 
 Carver Marquis   65   Wally M.   Great Lakes/Myrtle Beach, S.C.    "I have a 2006 65ft Carver Marquis. I boat in the great lakes in the summer and down to Myrtle Beach in the winter. The yacht controller is absolutely incredible! I've had power boats all my life and never has boating been more pleasurable than in the past three years. I go out on it many times on my own and dock without any help from anyone. All my boating friends are amazed how easily I manage this yacht on my own. The product has paid for itself many times over just because there has been zero damage caused in docking in all kinds of weather. The most important benefit is that I no longer have any stress at all when I come into the dock. I recommend the Yacht Controller to all my friends."  
 Carver Pilothouse   53   James R.   Sandusky, OH   "I am the 89th Commodore of Sandusky Yacht Club, a 11S-year old Club with 1,000 members and a fleet of 6S0 boats located on Sandusky Bay in Lake Erie. Each year at our annual Regatta we have many water events for both power and sail boats. This year in our docking contest, twin screw classification trlck Glynos garnered the top position using his "Yacht Controller" on his 53 ft I Carver Pilothouse Motoryacht. Nick amazed the judges and spectators alike by how effortlessly he was able to dock with the use of the remote control while standing on the bow of hislboat. Nick has docked his boat at many of our sailaways in spots where he would never have been able without the use of the remote controlled "Yacht Controller." It has become a crowd-pleasing event to witness Nick's docking abilities using your product; it has piqued the interest of many." 
 Carver Voyager   57   Dana S.   -   I have owned a Yacht Controller for over 5 years and I love the system! Thank you for your help...The Yacht Controller team did a great job! You have built a fine company that really cares about your customers!  
 Carver    57   Blaine M.   Annapolis, MD   "The controller has been a godsend. Managed to jam the 57' (Carver) into a 60 foot space on the Annapolis city dock this summer- with a huge audience of course!" 
 Carver   37   Tadd H.    North Carolina   "Best investment I've made on the boat! The electronic control refit with the Yacht Controller remote and the stern thruster have completely changed the way I boat. I am looking to upgrade to a larger boat in a couple of years and will definitely add your systems to that one as well."  
 Carver   46   Gary J.   Ontario   "I am very happy with my Yacht Controller. It's the best item I've added to my 2001 466 Carver as you cannot see the dock from the helm. It's a judgement as to how close you are, with the yacht controller standing out on the deck you know where you are at all times. It makes docking a pleasure and in 3 years of use it's been trouble free."  
 Carver   46   Mike L.    -   "I have both the joystick and remote control on my 2003 466. It was installed in the spring of 2019 here in Michigan. The joy stick is nice for coming into port and controlling the boat in the lanes. But the remote is fantastic, especially for docking. At first I was a little shy about leaving the helm. Now I leave the bridge to see in the back or side of the boat operating it remotely. What a difference! I have Volvo Penta power with thrusters and the controller works seamlessly. ....it was one of the better decisions I made." 
 Carver   46   Raymond R.   Chantilly, VA    " I love my Yacht Controller! Before I had a Yacht Controller, I had to rely on a self installed RV video camera backup system that required additionally installed rear mounted flood lights to see at night, and the assistance of a first mate. With a high, forward mounted bridge on my Aft Cabin, and limited visibility, shouting out instructions to helpers unfamiliar with the nuances of docking turned into unpleasant moments. Yacht Controller changed all that and is the single most important upgrade to my 2004 Carver MY466 AC. I found myself without a first mate in 2009, and after buying this product and having it installed, I discovered that I never want or require help to dock or undock a 42,000 lb boat! When I have guests aboard, either boaters or non-boaters, they are always amazed at the fact that I can tie and untie, and get my boat in and out of the dock with no assistance at all. And anchoring is much easier now because I can operate the boat from the bow and maintain an eye on my chain angle and anchor position. I highly recommend this investment. It's a great product and probably the best $ I ever spent on that boat. "  
 Carver   47   John G.    Annapolis, MD   "I love my Yacht Thruster and Yacht Controller! The combination of stern control with my wireless remote has made handling my Carver so much easier. Thank you for all of your help!" 
 Carver   47   Ted S.   Michigan   "My name is Ted. I have a 47 foot motor yacht moored in one of Lake Michigans largest marinas. I have a YACHT CONTROLLER installed on my boat and have come to depend on it for maneuvering in and out of my slip at my home marina and depend on it even more at less familiar marinas around the lake. The back of my boat is not visible from my fly bridge which makes backing into a slip a hit or miss (no pun intended) operation. The YACHT CONTROLLER has solved this problem. I highly recommend this unit to any Captain who can use the added capability that this unit provides." 
 Carver   50   Paul M.   Lake Ontario, Canada   "I installed the Yacht Controller in the past spring through Jason Crawford of Keswick. Works fantastic! Best decision I’ve ever made in boating! Also put on dual stern thrusters (from your Yacht Thruster division) from you too. So, I’ve been busy using your products." 
 Carver   50   Steve J.   California   My reluctant-sailor wife went with me to the fuel dock on Saturday to handle lines, and watched in amazement as I nudged that towering boat gently to the dock from the side rail. She said, wide-eyed, "You did that?!" ...... she said, "That's not a birthday present for you; it's a birthday present for ME!" 
 Carver   53' Voyager   Rick K.    Michigan    "I could not imagine docking my Carver without my Yacht Controller! It takes all the stress out of docking. It's a marriage saver!"  
 Carver   53   Capt. Ron   New York   "I love the fact that I have complete control of the boat while in any location on the boat while docking. I can accurately move the boat within inches in any direction I choose."  
 Carver   53   John B.   Albion, RI   "I bought a 53 foot boat in 2008 and struggled docking for 3 years until I discovered and installed a Yacht Controller system. I have been using the system now for 10 years and couldn't be more pleased. I can move around the boat controlling my engines and bow thruster making docking simple and stress free. With the Yacht Controller I go to the fuel dock by myself and return to my slip without any apprehension. I would recommend this device to anyone who is uncomfortable docking their boat." 
 Carver   53   Peter K.   Florida   "I have used your Yacht Controller in my boat 53 foot Carver and it has worked better that the normal boat controls I have been able to use it anywhere on the boat with perfect ease and peace of mind without the attendant screams that goes along with the normal docking procedures that was done in the old days without the Yacht Controller. Thanks a lot for a product that works well you make me look like a pro when I use it." 
 Carver   53   Thomas H.   Missouri   "I tried the system; it is INCREDIBLY SLICK! I can now launch and dock this 53 foot yacht precisely and smoothly completely BY MYSELF. Thanks a million." 
 Carver   53   Tony C.   Miami, FL   "The Yacht Controller is a blessing. I was able to dock my 53' Carver aftward from the transom, an almost impossible task until now." 
 Carver   56   Mark & Kae E.   Tennessee   "When we purchased the Yacht Controller......we could not imagine that the end result was going to be so perfect. The equipment works just as it is suppose to. Without the Yacht Controller, I would not be able to handle our Carver 56 Voyager on my own, as it has quite a few blind spots not to mention it's shear size. Fueling, going through locks, anchoring, and obviously docking is now done with ease when short handed or even by myself. Your product will make wing stations a thing of the past! From the installation to tech support, Yacht Controller is one piece of equipment that truly does what it was built to do. It has performed reliably since being installed. I would recommend Yacht Controller to everyone and have highly recommended that it should be offered as optional equipment on new Carver Yachts." 
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