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Optimo™ Features

Remote Wi-Fi Accessibility via VPN

Allows for secure remote support from anywhere. This feature is ideal for troubleshooting technical issues even when far from a service center, ensuring a smooth journey for your trawler.

Radio Spectrum Analyzer

Helps identify potential interference and optimize signal strength, ensuring reliable control in any environment, crucial for maintaining a strong connection with your trawler.

Multiple Channel Combinations on Dual Band Frequencies

Offers redundancy and minimizes the risk of interference, crucial for maintaining a strong connection with your trawler.

Multiple User Profile Settings

Allows for personalized configurations for different users on board, accommodating various preferences at the helm of your trawler.

Pulsating Remote Range Alert:

Provides a visual and tactile cue when approaching the limit of the remote's range, ensuring you stay in control of your trawler.

Proportional and/or Incremental Engine & Thruster Speed Control

Choose between smooth, variable-speed control or precise incremental adjustments, tailored specifically to suit your trawler's handling.

Wireless Charging

Ensures your remote is always ready for use, maximizing convenience on extended voyages, a common scenario for trawler owners.

Wi-Fi Connectivity

Connects to your smartphone, tablet, or computer for convenient system monitoring and control.

At Yacht Controller, we understand the unique needs of trawler captains. Whether you are cruising with your family or are a commercial trawler captain, Optimo™ gives you enhanced handling of your boat to maneuver with ease.

Unmatched Precision and Control for Your Trawler:

  • Effortless Maneuvering: Experience proven accuracy with proportional engine and thruster controls, made for controlled movements, no matter the conditions. 
  • Stress-free Docking, Every Time: Have the freedom to move around the boat when docking. Bonus, we have an intuitive Automatic Mode feature. Pre-programmed maneuvers guide you effortlessly into position, even in tight marinas. 
  • Constant Two-Way Communication: Maintain real-time feedback and peace of mind while navigating. The Optimo™ system's transceiver remote enables constant two-way communication between you and your trawler.
  • Reliable Control in Any Environment: Operate on two separate frequencies to eliminate interference and ensure a strong connection, from marinas to open water. The Optimo™ system's dual-band frequency technology provides redundancy and minimizes the risk of signal disruption.
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