Wireless Yacht Controller®

The Handheld Helm

What is a Yacht Controller®?

The Yacht Controller® is a proven secure wireless remote used on over 27,000 boats ranging from 35ft to 175ft and all brands, providing you precise control of your boat engines, bow and stern thrusters, anchors, and other systems.

A Controller You Can Trust:

Yacht Controller® uses a dual connection system - giving you double the reliability and security of any system. We combine Wi-fi and RF technology to create this trust -

  • Wi-fi to control and manipulate the data
  • RF technology to connect the remote to the controller

Meaning your controller will work every time without fail.

Product Options:


The perfect fusion of Wi-Fi and RF technologies (Patent Pending)


The Ultimate Series Designed for Super & Mega Yachts


Wireless Remote Control for Smaller Boats


Remote & Joystick Controller for Sport Boats


Wireless POD Joystick for Volvo Propulsion


Yacht Controller Mechanical Actuator System - for mechanical and hydraulic controls

Dual Band/Plus

The original gold standard for wireless control of yachts.

Fusion Plus

Dual Band Joystick Controller for wireless control of yachts.

How to Get a Yacht Controller® on your Boat:

We arrange for certified technicians to install the yacht controller on your boat (wherever that may be). During the installation, we connect it to systems the owner desires, such as the engines, bow and stern thrusters, anchors and more. After the Yacht Controller® is installed, we test it to ensure proper operation and teach you, on your boat, how to use it.

Our Controllers are Compatible with Many Boat Brands, Models, and Sizes

We have the system for your boat!

Reach out to us today.
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