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 Galeon Yachts    -   Bob Burke    -   Galeon Yachts Brand Manager & MarineMax Sales Manager The Yacht Controller has been a great asset to our Galeon Yacht clients who want the functionality of a joystick or remote control while maintaining a traditional shaft-driven propulsion system. The ability to be free of the helm while maintaining complete control of the yacht has been a benefit that our clients appreciate. As technology and innovation drive the industry forward, our clients continue to embrace them. 
 PR Baron    102   Kevin W.   -   "We had scheduled the installation of the Yacht Controller when we traded boats last February and cancelled after we tried the wired remote that was on the boat. I am now ready to toss the wire and install the Yacht Controller!" 
 Pershing   80   Rob L.   -   "We recently purchased a lesser known controller for our 80 ft boat. It was plagued with problems. We contacted the Yacht Controller. They uninstalled the original and installed a new Yacht Controller. The new Yacht Controller is amazing ! We learned how to use the 1st time out. This is a great company with a fantastic staff ! No doubt YACHT CONTROLLER is the route to go ! " 
 Fleming   -   Duncan C Fleming Yachts Production Manager OEM   -   "Fleming Yachts have been offering the Yacht Controller as an option on all new Fleming models for many years and we have no hesitation in recommending this product. It allows you full control of the vessel from any position on-board making it easier to maneuver your yacht, especially when shorthanded. The after-sales support from Yacht Controller has also been excellent." 
 Ferretti   83   Anonymous   -   "The Yacht Controller is a game changer! It changes the dynamics of single handed boating! It makes for easy docking even on this 83' Ferretti!" 
 Azimut   86   Capt. Adam G.   -   "I love the Yacht Controller! I have used it all over the world and it has allowed me to handle a vessel this size comfortably from anywhere on board the vessel! The freedom and ability to provide me full control is matched by no other control system in the market! I have run several other boats with Yacht Controller's and always recommend them to boat owners!"  
 Carver Voyager   57   Dana S.   -   I have owned a Yacht Controller for over 5 years and I love the system! Thank you for your help...The Yacht Controller team did a great job! You have built a fine company that really cares about your customers!  
 Carver   46   Mike L.    -   "I have both the joystick and remote control on my 2003 466. It was installed in the spring of 2019 here in Michigan. The joy stick is nice for coming into port and controlling the boat in the lanes. But the remote is fantastic, especially for docking. At first I was a little shy about leaving the helm. Now I leave the bridge to see in the back or side of the boat operating it remotely. What a difference! I have Volvo Penta power with thrusters and the controller works seamlessly. ....it was one of the better decisions I made." 
 Offshore   65   Nick C.   -   "Love using the Yacht Controller for anchoring and docking on my 65' Offshore Yacht!" 
 Lazzara   80   Frank W.    -   "I have been using your Yacht Controller for the past 7 years or so. My wife and I run a Lazzara 80'. We would not be able to do it as easily without your product (Yacht Controller)!"  
 Navigator Pacific Northwest   62   Frank S.   -   "I've had my Yacht Controller for 5 years now and it is the most useful piece of equipment we have on board for docking and anchoring. We love the product and could not be without it. A must for any boater that likes to single-hand." 
 Sea Ray - Sedan Bridge   58    Sea Gull   -   "I have a Yacht Controller installed on my Sea Ray 58 Sedan Bridge. I use it every time I am on the boat and I cannot imagine living without it. I have been boating for more than 40 years and hold a USCG Masters license. I have taught sailing and boat handling since I was 18. When we bought Sea Gull, we looked at a lot of options for a second helm station. The Yacht Controller seemed to be the most elegant, versatile system on the market. We don't have to go into the electronic versus mechanical argument since Sea Gull already had electronic primary controls. The only leap of faith was the wireless function. We also looked at wired controls, both fixed position and with a long cord, but the wireless seemed more appropriate for us. It's usually just two of us operating the boat. We often have guests, but it is rare that we have people who can help handle the boat. The first place the Yacht Controller is helpful is when anchoring. I bring the boat to the position where I want to anchor and stop. I then walk to the bow and begin to lower the anchor. With the Yacht Controller in hand, I can bump the engines into reverse as the anchor chain pays out. Once the anchor is down and the right amount of scope is out, I can give the boat a good burst of reverse thrust to set the anchor. When it's time to weigh anchor, the process is reversed. I can be at the bow with a foot on the windlass control, a hand on the Yacht Controller and the wash-down hose in the other hand. I bump the boat forward and bring up the anchor washing with fresh water as I go. Once the anchor is aboard, I can use the Yacht Controller to hold the boat in position while I get back to the bridge. Docking is the place where the Yacht Controller really shines. At the very least it allows me to see the port side of the boat as we approach a dock. I am also free to move to the front of the fly bridge, to get a clear view below the bow or even to descend to the cockpit. Having this freedom of movement allows me to both control the boat and handle dock lines, essential for single-handed or even short-handed operation. Remember, that with a boat of this size, close is not good enough. With even a little wind or current it is almost impossible to move the boat by manual brute force. You cannot haul the boat fore or aft along the dock or pull the bow or stern line to move the boat closer to the dock. All movement is done with engines (and bow thruster) in a slow, purposeful way. The Yacht Controller allows me to be in total control. " 
 Ocean Alexander Trawler   50   Robert T.   -   "The entire experience was outstanding and would not hesitate to recommend this product to any boater who has difficulty visualizing the dock when approaching or departing."  
 Mochi Dolphin   51   Igor Z.   -   I really love your Yacht controller, it is installed since 4 years on my MOCHI DOLPHIN 51 and with that I can dock, operate and maneuver the boat completely by myself, even in very bad and windy conditions. It never failed!!! As it is Key to my boating, I check with you upfront if the new Boat Wallypower 47 we want to purchase with Kameva Jet drives will be compatible with your system, before we buy it. Thank you for the Fantastic product that you created. 
 Marquis   65   Capt. Greg N.   -   "I want to thank Yacht Controller for removing a rogue wireless remote system off the owners 65' Marquis on March 7, 2018 as it has failed multiple times and clearly unsafe to operate. I have since discovered the rogue system had been installed by splicing into the Caterpillar harness' direct at the transmission solenoids and by-passing the Caterpillar processor. Thank you again for restoring the systems aboard the boat! I know now that Yacht Controller is truly the trusted brand!"  
 Marlow 57, Pacific Mariner 85 and 55 Maritimo   -   Tom M.   -   "I have owned 3 Yacht Controllers over the past 16 years and can tell you it has been a Godsend for my boating experience! It has not only allowed me the comfort in enjoying my boating experience but has allowed me to extend my boating career! Tony has assisted me on all three purchases and can honestly say he has been a true pleasure to work with! I want to thank the Yacht Controller team for allowing me many enjoyable experiences over the years with my family on board my boats!" 
 Marquis   59   John D.    -   "I had my Yacht Controller installed on my 59' Marquis and I can gladly say it is the best investment I've ever made for me and my wife's boating experience! The installation was excellent the entire process by The Yacht Group was amazing. I'd highly recommend the Yacht Controller for anyone who never wants to have docking issues again! The Yacht Controller is great for new boaters, seasoned boaters, and captains alike! Thank you again for your service!" 
 Azimut   78   Alvaro   -   "This is my 3rd Yacht Controller over the last three yachts I have owned and I love the system! I recently had it installed on my Azimut and would never consider buying a boat with a Yacht Controller! Thank you for all your excellent service through the years!" 
 Sea Ray Sundancer    55   Richard W.   -   "I wanted to update you on the Yacht Controller. It is the most amazing thing I have ever used! Our Boat has a 16' beam and I dock in an 18' wide slip, no problem!! I have an audience every time I come in. 15 people standing on the dock watching. My Wife and I go all the time, Have no problem handling the 55 by ourselves. Just wanted to tell you how happy we are with your product." 
 Offshore   64   David D.   -   "I have used the Yacht Controller for years. I use it all the time, whenever I come into a dock. ... I love it!" 
 Riva Yachts   110   Capt. Phillipe   -   “The Yacht Controller that was installed works perfectly from everywhere on the boat! It's an amazing device because I can see what I am doing now when I'm moving the boat, as opposed to before when I had no visibility. My brother has the same device and swears by it! He told me years ago that I should install Yacht Controller on my next boat. I can maneuver my thrusters, engine, and anchor windlass without any assistance. I recommend it on every boat. Awesome! Thank you very much guys.”  
 Selene   55   Collin's Marine Service    Anacortes, WA   "Hope all is well, customer is loving your unit and frankly so am I. It sure makes life easy backing a 65 boat in and tying it up single handed easy." 
 Maritimo Yachts    -   Ed F.    Fairbanks Yachts Dealer of Maritimo Yachts   "The recent install on the Maritimo M50 works great! This was a wireless unit with JCS. We are ordering another Yacht Controller this week. Not only is the product great, but the support after the sale makes the ultimate difference. The product integrates easily with the late model electronic controls. Plug and play at its finest. Thank you again Tony for you continued support. All the best. Ed" 
 Legacy    32   Bob C.    Fort Lauderdale, FL.   " I made the trip thru the Erie Canal system, into Lake Ontario to Montreal, and returned to U.S. via Chambly canals into Lake Champlain. My Yacht Controller was most helpful entering the locks. Made it much easier to control bow or stern while securing one line without the worry of the vessel sliding away from the other mooring cable. Being able to be outside the entire time was a real plus for me." 
 NISI Xpresso   58   Craig B    New Castle, NH   "I am writing to tell you how thrilled I am with my Yacht Controllers. As you know your company designed a yacht controller system for my two boats a 58' 2013 NISI and a 40' 2004 Hinckley Talaria. You guys were great to work with and your installation was flawless. With little practice time less that 30 minutes driving the boat using the yacht controller was easy. I will say the handling on the yacht controller exceeds the handling at the helm. More than that the yacht controller allows both boats to be single handed at docking and undocking safely. I cannot tell you how happy I am and how much I spread the word to my boating friends as to the must have nature of your great product. For those that want to witness the actual driving I shot two videos today as you can see we have significant wind conditions north of 20 kn. The person driving using the yacht controller has docked the boat just a couple of times using the the product, it is just that good! Thanks for allowing me to tell my story. " 
 Hatteras   65   John H.   Alaska   "It gives the Capt. The ability to look down the shear on either side of the vessel and have absolute control in real time. No need for headsets and guessing what a deckhand is or was saying over the sound of the exhaust as you are backing into a slip. This one item lowers the stress of ownership if you are an owner operator. The insurance industry should encourage the installation of your product by reducing premiums for owners with the product installed."  
 Carver   53   John B.   Albion, RI   "I bought a 53 foot boat in 2008 and struggled docking for 3 years until I discovered and installed a Yacht Controller system. I have been using the system now for 10 years and couldn't be more pleased. I can move around the boat controlling my engines and bow thruster making docking simple and stress free. With the Yacht Controller I go to the fuel dock by myself and return to my slip without any apprehension. I would recommend this device to anyone who is uncomfortable docking their boat." 
 Fleming   65   Mike J   Anacortes, WA.   "The installation was an easy process. The instructions were easy to follow and initial use also was easy. After a quick demonstration, my customer had no problem using the Controller. I spent a week on the boat with him and he used the unit daily. This Yacht Controller was installed on a 65 Fleming. We had no trouble docking at the marina, backing down the channel and turning into our slip and tying up without any assistance. The Yacht Controller made it possible!" 
 Azimut   62   Ron C.   Annapolis   "Yacht Controller is a first class operation. I have referred your company to at least 100 people. I have saved thousands, not even counting possible boat damage, just by adding up the amount of food I have been able to enjoy, instead of getting the heartburn and upset stomach associated with docking." 
 Carver   47   John G.    Annapolis, MD   "I love my Yacht Thruster and Yacht Controller! The combination of stern control with my wireless remote has made handling my Carver so much easier. Thank you for all of your help!" 
 Sea Ray Sedan Bridge   51   Jonathan W.   Annapolis, MD   "I am really enjoying the Yacht Controller! Its a great feature to the boat. I think all larger vessels should have it as a standard." 
 Azimut Fly   66   Lance C.   Annapolis, MD   The wireless controller was an add-on to a 2017 Azimut 66 Fly that I took delivery on in November. This is an awesome device and they should be installed on every boat! 
 Carver    57   Blaine M.   Annapolis, MD   "The controller has been a godsend. Managed to jam the 57' (Carver) into a 60 foot space on the Annapolis city dock this summer- with a huge audience of course!" 
 Viking   62   Eddy K.    Annapolis, MD    "I have the Yacht Controller on my Viking and I absolutely love it. I'm tickled to death with it. If you ever need a referral, you can call me any time. Thank you!" 
 Custom Build   100   Bill H.   Arizona   "The remote controller has worked great for my boat. It has more range than I expected."  
 Fairline   58   Joseph L.   Aventura, FL   "This feature [Yacht Controller] allows me to be all over the boat when docking instead of being stuck at the helm, I can help when I have non experienced guests on board." 
 Wendon   72   Clay M.   B.C. Canada    "This is a great product , one that can be used with great confidence. "I Wish" I had found Yacht Controller sooner, could have saved a couple of repairs. LOL" 
 Sea Ray   48   Mike N.   Bahamas   "Possibly the best customer service I've experienced in the marine industry. Oh, and the Yacht Controller is awesome!" 
 Sea Ray   48   Robert T.   Bahamas   "Same day service!! The wireless remote [many years old] controller was repaired within hours after they received it! A company that actually cares about their customers!" 
 Hatteras   60   Jean D.   Barbados   "This equipment is super!" 
 Sea Ray   48'   Tony N.   Bayville, NJ   "I have bought thrusters, JCS joystick control plus just added a wireless fusion remote great people great service and very happy to be their customer. Mario in customer tech relations, and Derek and Tony owner and staff all great people. Actually, I am still getting more items from them. You build a relationship with this group that lasts." 
 Holland   70   David B.    Bellevue, WA    I keep my boat at my house on Lake Washington with my dock I need to back in 70' with less than 2 feet on either side and I can't see from controls in either the Pilothouse or the Flybridge. Almost impossible to back in especially with a breeze. I had the then brand new 60 Series Detroit Diesels with controls you had never adapted to at this early stage in your development. It has continued to work flawlessly for over 12 years! I have never had a scratch on my boat and can put it to within inches of where I need to be in any situation including difficult crosswinds. I am over 70 and my wife is 69 and we have always run our boat by ourselves. With the Yacht Controller I run the boat entirely by myself which I do often and can even go through the locks into Puget Sound alone and all this in a 70' boat! Most user friendly piece of equipment I have AND the one piece I could NOT do without!! In the early days no one had one and we were the talk of the boating community when they watched us perform, now there are many around and haven't really met any owners who don't feel entirely like we do!  
 Sabre   54   Scott K.    Boca Raton, FL   "I am extremely happy with the performance of my Yacht Controller on my 54 motorboat. The remote relieves a lot of docking anxiety and allows me to captain alone. Tony and his team have been excellent to work with. I am a big fan. Would not own a boat without a Yacht Controller." 
 Pana   54   John M.    Boca Raton, FL    "I chose to install a Yacht Controller on my 54' Flybridge Motor Yacht to enable me to have better visibility during docking (coming and going), setting and retrieving the anchor, and general close quarters control. My wife and I no longer have to yell instructions unseen to each other, or fumble with radio headsets, and I can literally move the boat exactly where I want to go while seeing the exact distances to the dock or pier. The removal of stress during the docking is as important as the controlling of the boat. I also use it to control the thrusters to help set the fenders while at the dock. Like most, I wondered if my use of the Yacht Controller would justify the cost of the system; but after using it I now understand its a vital control system that allows calmer and safer docking due to the confidence of being able to control the boat from the best vantage point. I now consider it to be essential equipment and would not want to operate a boat without one." 
 Princess   52   Scott M.   Boston, MA   "The Yacht Controller has been one of the best options I had installed for my Princess! The challenges of visibility from the Flybridge and other areas on the vessel have been completely resolved with my Yacht Controller in hand. I can now handle my boat alone. I want to thank you guys for the great experience in the delivery and support. I will never own a boat without one!" 
 Meridian   441   Curt L.   Boston, MA   "First, as expected, our boat is an all new experience with YC – best investment to date!" 
 Sea Ray Sundancer   55   Randy W.   Butler, KY   "Best money I have spent on the boat hands down. We have a 16’ beam boat with a 18’ wide slip. Back it in with no worries at all. My wife and I take our 55 Sea Ray Sundancer out all the time with no one else to help and the Yacht Controller makes it no stress and very safe. Would not own a big boat without it." 
 Horizon    60   Adam B.   BVI, Caribbean   "I tell so many people about the product (Yacht Controller). I love mine! I am the talk in Virgin Gorda Yacht Harbour! They love it!" 
 Ocean Alexander    50   Jim P.    CA   "The Yacht Controller has worked out great for me! I am in California, last year I took the boat to Canada and it was just my wife and I and it allowed me to handle the boat alone while docking. People were surprised to see me do this. Not all people have the Yacht Controller and I don't know why!" 
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