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 Maritimo Yachts    -   Ed F.    Fairbanks Yachts Dealer of Maritimo Yachts   "The recent install on the Maritimo M50 works great! This was a wireless unit with JCS. We are ordering another Yacht Controller this week. Not only is the product great, but the support after the sale makes the ultimate difference. The product integrates easily with the late model electronic controls. Plug and play at its finest. Thank you again Tony for you continued support. All the best. Ed" 
 MarineMax   -   Guy P.   St Petersburg   "I wanted to send you this note to thank you for the great sales and service support. The Yacht Controller System has proven to be a reliable product. Yacht Controller is a great aide for docking and a piece of equipment our customers enjoy having on board their boats. Our experience in the marketplace has shown that customers will buy larger boats if they feel they can control them. Yacht Controller clearly provides this solution since it gives customers complete control when docking from anywhere on board. As a MarineMax team member who has now sold and installed many Yacht Controllers, I highly recommend the system to our customers as I am confident it will enhance their boating pleasure and experience." 
 Marlow 57, Pacific Mariner 85 and 55 Maritimo   -   Tom M.   -   "I have owned 3 Yacht Controllers over the past 16 years and can tell you it has been a Godsend for my boating experience! It has not only allowed me the comfort in enjoying my boating experience but has allowed me to extend my boating career! Tony has assisted me on all three purchases and can honestly say he has been a true pleasure to work with! I want to thank the Yacht Controller team for allowing me many enjoyable experiences over the years with my family on board my boats!" 
 Sea Ray & Meridian Yachts   -   Stuart H.    Cape Coral, FL   "I was a two time Yacht Controller owner but recently went with a pod driven boat and opting not to go with a conventional shaft driven boat and Yacht Controller. I can now say I wish I had never done so! The pod's make it difficult to maneuver the boat in tight quarters often requiring lots of throttle to move the boat a fairly short distance. In addition, you have the pod's equipment vulnerable to being damaged mounted underneath the boat. I recently damaged a pod by lightly hitting bottom and resulted in $28,000.00 in repair costs per pod as opposed to servicing a bent propeller! I am now purchasing a Sea Ray Sundancer knowing full well the Yacht Controller will provide the necessary control I need when docking! Thank you all for the support throughout the years! The Yacht Controller is a great product for which I rely heavily. The big advantages for me of the Yacht Controller over pods, is that it provides me the ability to single hand a larger boat without being at the helm. No pod driven boat can accomplish that! Hence, my confirmation of Yacht Controller's compatibility with the Sea Ray Sundancer prior to confirming the boat purchases! Thank you again" 
 Valkyrie Yacht Sales   -   Tom P.   Islands Harbor, CA   "Our current and last vessel both have Yacht Controllers aboard. They do work well and make docking very easy!" 
 Carver / Marquis 650 MY   -   Joel P.   Myrtle Beach, SC   "Excellent product and good customer experience starting with Tony and ending with the installer. This is the second vessel we have used it on. First was a Carver 570 Pilothouse. I had a remote and a joystick. Recent purchase was for a Marquis 650 motor yacht. Didn't use the joystick much so just went with the remote. Product performed flawlessly on both boats. Makes docking and close quarter maneuvering easy. My first unit was in service for over 10 years with no problems or failures. Wouldn't have a boat without installing one." 
 Luke Brown Yacht   -   Jason D.   Fort Lauderdale, FL   I've noticed your product; Yacht-controller, is having an interesting effect on one particular demographic in yachting. When I started helping people buy and sell boats 22 years ago, the 'cruising couple' would rarely venture out to sea on a boat bigger than 50'. For a large percentage of 'cruising couples' the man is stuck at the helm while the woman is on deck working the lines and fenders. Now, it appears Yacht controller is helping to reversing those roles, or at least freeing up the helmsman to participate on deck. With two on deck, or her at the helm, larger boats requiring larger and heavier lines and fenders are now manageable for the 'cruising couple'. 
 Luke Brown Yachts 2013   -   Pam B.   Fort Lauderdale, FL   "You (Tony) and Yacht Controller have been extremely generous to the marine industry. I look forward to the opportunity to referring your business and help spread the word about Yacht Controller and you other innovative products lines. Your support is much appreciated." 
 Fleming   -   Duncan C Fleming Yachts Production Manager OEM   -   "Fleming Yachts have been offering the Yacht Controller as an option on all new Fleming models for many years and we have no hesitation in recommending this product. It allows you full control of the vessel from any position on-board making it easier to maneuver your yacht, especially when shorthanded. The after-sales support from Yacht Controller has also been excellent." 
 Several Vessels   -   Capt. Guillermo O.   USA    I have used the Yacht Controller on various vessels for over 14 years on yachts rangin 60-116' and I consider it to be one of the most safe and practical systems I have ever operated! I can't wait to see what Yacht Controller has in store on future models as the progression has been amazing!" 
 Galeon Yachts    -   Bob Burke    -   Galeon Yachts Brand Manager & MarineMax Sales Manager The Yacht Controller has been a great asset to our Galeon Yacht clients who want the functionality of a joystick or remote control while maintaining a traditional shaft-driven propulsion system. The ability to be free of the helm while maintaining complete control of the yacht has been a benefit that our clients appreciate. As technology and innovation drive the industry forward, our clients continue to embrace them. 
 Sea Ray   -   Tom P.   Oxnard, CA   "12+ years and three boats all equipped with Yacht Controllers. The flexibility to control the boat from anywhere is great. Close quarter docking is so easy when you can stand right on the edge and see the entire length of the boat. It is even better than a wing helm." 
 Sea Ray Sundancer   -   MarineMax St. Pete, FL   St. Pete, FL   Our very own Capt. Brad brings this beautiful yacht over to the haul out, he's standing on the forward deck controlling her with a yacht controller we just installed. I want one! 
 Ocean Alexander   -   Anonymous   USA   "My wife and I have owned 4 Yacht Controllers in my time since you came out with the product equipped on a Sea Ray, Marquis and 2 Ocean Alexanders! Over the ten years of doing business with you, I must say it has been a very pleasurable experience! I will never own another vessel without one! Thank you for the support and allowing my wife and I to enjoy great times out on the water!" 
 Navigator   -   Tom M.   Plymouth, MN   "I want to let everyone know that we absolutely loved having the Yacht Controller on our boat when we did the Great Loop in 2014. It was most helpful when docking in an unfamiliar marina, and every marina on the Great Loop was an unfamiliar marina. I really enjoyed being able to control the boat from any place on board. If we were backing into a slip I could be at the stern and have excellent vision of all parts of the boat. If we were docking bow in, I could be on the bow and again have a perfect view of the situation. The Yacht Controller gave my wife an added comfort level in my docking abilities."  
 Sea Ray Sedan Bridge Models   -   Carl S.   Fort Meyers, FL   "I do lots of single-handing when I go out. Due to the unique way I secure my boat when leaving or returning from my slip I need to be in the cockpit when I accomplish these maneuvers. Enter the Yacht Controller. Now I can comfortably stand in the cockpit both when departing and returning to my slip. Even with a crew, it’s so much easier for just me to perform the dockage without assistance (and my passengers are quite impressed!). When approaching another marina or dock it allows me to maneuver the boat and handle the lines from the cockpit, while my wife handles the lines on the bow. It’s also much more precise, and I’m right there along the gunwale below, not up in the bridge with obstructed visibility. This Yacht Controller allowed me to buy a Sedan Bridge..." 
 -   -   Jeff P.   Fort Lauderdale, FL   "Not only do the offer some great products they have outstanding customer service! I recently dropped off an older Yacht Controller remote that needed repairing for who is now the second owner. Everyone I encountered was top notch. They really went out of their way to keep me, the previous owner as well the new owners happy. " 
 Cruisers    44   Vance W.   North Carolina   I got the system installed and it works great! 
 Marlow    70   Mark H.   USA   "I love the product! It really helps me when Im running by myself, I can control the boat from anywhere on board and even allows me to hop off on the dock and get lines while keeping the boat exactly where I want it. Excellent product." 
 Hatteras    77   Greg D.   St. Pete, FL    I had an electronic control refit with a Yacht Controller installed along with the addition of a stern thruster package with the Yacht Thruster Duplex models and the entire package works beautifully! I could not be happier. I have enjoyed the equipment since early 2014. Feel free to use me as a reference for the products and the company! Thank you for your service.  
 Sunseeker    100   Capt. Keith B   Ft. Lauderdale, FL    I have been a captain for over 30 years and I can say I am very impressed with the overall company. You have a wonderful product designed to help dock boats along with a great delivery team which provided me great service during the installation of the system! Your technician was as best as they come! You have definitely earned my business on all my boats in the future!  
 Hatteras   100   Capt. Franco   Yucatan Peninsula    "I love my Yacht Controller! Originally there was an issue with the installation but your staff attended to the issue immediately and ensured I had my system completed before my departure from Miami. I rely on the system heavily. As an experienced captain who has run several vessels over 100' I can tell you the Yacht controller is a great tool for safe docking! When my v3 Platinum Dual Band installation was completed, we tested ranges over 300' off the vessel! Not that the system was to be used in this way but it was certainly comforting to know I had strong range from anywhere on board the boat. Thank you Tony for all your efforts. Yacht Controllers are a great product! If I can ever be of reference, please do not hesitate to call."  
 Ocean   100   Greg B.    Vancouver, B.C.   "I am totally impressed at the Yacht Controller's ability to help me dock my 100' Ocean with minimal help of my wife! I recommend you to all boaters that we meet. It is a wonderful product and you guys run a great company! Thank you." 
 Hatteras   100   Capt. Cliff    Yucatan Mexico    "Tony told me about the unit and sold me the unit. Your installation crew was the best. I enjoyed getting to know everyone. They did a great job and knew what they were doing!"  
 Custom Build   100   Bill H.   Arizona   "The remote controller has worked great for my boat. It has more range than I expected."  
 PR Baron    102   Kevin W.   -   "We had scheduled the installation of the Yacht Controller when we traded boats last February and cancelled after we tried the wired remote that was on the boat. I am now ready to toss the wire and install the Yacht Controller!" 
 Princess   102   Kevin W.   Jupiter    " As one who has driven 40,000+ miles with a Yacht Controller over 12 years, I would be happy to vouch for the product and take their calls." 
 Hatteras Factory   105   Lucas H.    Newbern, NC   "Great job [on the recent Yacht Controller delivery for the new build 105], Tony. Very impressed and our captain was happy. Nicely done!!" 
 Riva Yachts   110   Capt. Phillipe   -   “The Yacht Controller that was installed works perfectly from everywhere on the boat! It's an amazing device because I can see what I am doing now when I'm moving the boat, as opposed to before when I had no visibility. My brother has the same device and swears by it! He told me years ago that I should install Yacht Controller on my next boat. I can maneuver my thrusters, engine, and anchor windlass without any assistance. I recommend it on every boat. Awesome! Thank you very much guys.”  
 Fantasy Houseboat   112   Mark R.    Evansville, IN   "The Yacht Controller has been great for my houseboat! I can take the houseboat through the river and dock all by myself. It is a great product and I recommend to anyone especially on boats with visibility issues!" 
 Nordlund   112   Tom B    Ft. Lauderdale, FL    We are loving our Yacht Controller! Our captain uses it all the time. It is like having extra crew! 
 Palmer Johnson   123 38M   Capt. Alan    Ft. Lauderdale, FL    "Anytime anyone wants to ask about the Yacht Controller tell them to call me as it's one of the best things I have ever done in the 25 years I have been in the industry."  
 Jeanneau    28   Charles W.    Seattle, WA    "I recently purchased a JCS (Yacht Controller) from The Yacht Group for my Jeanneau 855 (2016 Model Merry Fisher). I am very pleased with the system's performance and its effectiveness enabling me to maneuver my boat with a greater ease during docking.... [Your Installer] who single-handed installed the JCS on my boat worked very hard during the whole period she stayed in Seattle. She planned her work with great care; one step at a time, and with a lot of patience she fine tuned the electronics so to achieve the desired system’s performance. They were done very methodically. Also, her in-situ planning ability was good while recognizing there were many more obstacles yet to overcome. At the end of week, she had delivered a working system to the customer. [Your installer] professionalism towards her work was excellent." 
 Chaparral 2017   310 Signature   Georges B.    New Jersey   "I was about 5 miles offshore when I received an alert from my starboard mercruiser engine. All of a sudden my DTS control was no longer allowing me to shift the engine in gear. I was able to take full control of both engines through the Yacht Controller joystick and make it safely back 5 miles to my marina, even navigating through the Shark River inlet. The Yacht Controller saved me and my family that day. Had it not been for your system, we would not have made it back. I love the product." 
 Legacy    32   Bob C.    Fort Lauderdale, FL.   " I made the trip thru the Erie Canal system, into Lake Ontario to Montreal, and returned to U.S. via Chambly canals into Lake Champlain. My Yacht Controller was most helpful entering the locks. Made it much easier to control bow or stern while securing one line without the worry of the vessel sliding away from the other mooring cable. Being able to be outside the entire time was a real plus for me." 
 Nimbus    33   Michael H.    Charleston, SC   "Hi, and first of all thank you for such a great product! I am using yacht controller on a single engine vessel with bow and stern thruster and the dual-band controller. " 
 Express Trawler   36   Dr. Jim R.   Washington D.C.   "I had a Yacht Controller installed on my 36-foot fast trawler two years ago. It's a godsend. I don't know what I ever did without it. It enables me to dock and undock my boat without any distance. If you knew the nautical limitations of my girlfriend, you'd appreciate how valuable this is." 
 Albin Express   36   Jim R.    Washington, DC   "My unit is installed on a 36-foot Albin Express Trawler that I keep at Herrington Harbor South. Although I often have guests who can help with docking, sometimes I don't (my lady friend is clueless about handling lines). With the Yacht Controller, I can completely dock and undock my boat unaided." 
 Carver   37   Tadd H.    North Carolina   "Best investment I've made on the boat! The electronic control refit with the Yacht Controller remote and the stern thruster have completely changed the way I boat. I am looking to upgrade to a larger boat in a couple of years and will definitely add your systems to that one as well."  
 Aquila   38   Jerry B.   Oyster Harbors, Osterville MA   "I was introduced to the Yacht Controller while considering purchasing a large power catamaran with a 15 foot beam at the Palm Beach Boat Show in March 2013. My final decision to purchase the boat was based on having a Yacht Controller installed in order to get in and out of tight dockage spaces. When I come into a tight dock area and stand on the bow with the Yacht Controller all heads on land turn and people come up to me asking about the remote control. I sometimes even stand on the aft section of the upper deck and back into tight dockage spaces. I enthusiastically recommend the Yacht Controller to anyone with a large power boat, especially for single handed operation. It is an essential operating tool." 
 Bruckmann   38   Leigh W.   Stuart, FL   "I have had the system (Yacht Controller) installed on three different boats, the first in 2005 and the most recent last year (2016). I have also recommended the system to friends. I understand the unit installed in 2005 is still functioning normally. Yacht Controller has been a highly reliable addition to each of my boats. It is highly responsive and the vessel is so much easier to maneuver in any wind or current conditions with the handheld unit. Improves safety significantly. My wife and I handle our current 51’ Dettling on our own, as we did our 60’ Vicem when we installed the first one. A really terrific concept! My best Leigh" 
 Meridian   39   Ed F.   NY, NY   "I like the way the controller works very much, and I appreciate your fine service." 
 Tiara Coupe    39    Mike P.    Clayton, NY    I had a Yacht Controller equipped for my IPS boat and like it a lot!... It gives me the ability to control my pods from anywhere on board the boat for complete control and single handed docking. Thank you! 
 Hinckley   40   Craig B.   New Castle, NH   "I am writing to tell you how thrilled I am with my Yacht Controllers. As you know your company designed a yacht controller system for my two boats, a 58' 2013 NISI and a 40' 2004 Hinckley Talaria. You guys were great to work with and your installation was flawless. With little practice time, less than 30 minutes, driving the boat using the yacht controller was easy. I will say the handling on the Yacht Controller exceeds the handling at the helm. More than that the yacht controller allows both boats to be single handed at docking and undocking safely. I cannot tell you how happy I am and how much I spread the word to my boating friends as to the must-have nature of your great product. For those that want to witness the actual driving I shot two videos today as you can see we have significant wind conditions north of 20 kn. The person driving using the yacht controller has docked the boat just a couple of times using the product, it is just that good! Thanks for allowing me to tell my story. "  
 Sea Ray   40   Raymond M.   New York   "I am your number one fan! I will never own another boat without a Yacht Controller!" 
 Trawler   40   Gus A.    Titusville, FL    "I have a Trawler named "Summerland" and as the owner of this boat I am happy to have the Yacht Controller on board as it has made the experience amazing. Maneuvering my boat is easy and I no longer have to be concerned if someone is there to help me. I can simply walk over, pick up the line and bring my boat in single handed. Yelling to my wife to tie lines is a thing of the past, a simple push and I am smoothly moving in the direction I need to go. I can spin my boat in place and all with one hand. My boat was equipped with the Yacht Controller in 2005. Here we are in 2013 and it's still going strong."  
 Intrepid Sport Package   40   Jim S.    Mill Creek Marine   "We launched the boat this afternoon. It worked flawlessly to the point my tech docked the boat leaning on the transom with the remote!" 
 MainShip Trawler   40    Dick A.   St. Petersburg, FL   Tony, Sandi and I are just completing a 10 day shakedown cruise in preparation for our March departure for the Great Loop. I used the Yacht Controller in every docking scenario and on some departures. I'm glad I have it! We have found the Yacht Controller to be very useful in close maneuvering situations, such as docking and locking. As our competency has increased so has our ability to handle more adverse conditions like wind and current. The ability to stand on the stern and guide the boat directly into a slip has made the investment worthwhile.  
 Sea Ray   40' Fly   William M.   Davidsonville, MD   "I am a new owner of a boat that you had installed a Yacht Controller in 2018 for the prior boat owner. It could have been easy to have ignored my question about how to operate it as I was not the original client. But Mario could not have been more professional and responsive to my inquiry. He took the time to research the install of my unit, find the notes and respond to my question. Over the phone he allowed me to share photos of my helm which solved the issue I had locating an engage button that operationalized my unit. Thank you very much Mario!! I will think differently of the Yacht Controller Group because of you." 
 Meridian   41   Jack C.   Florida   "I want you to know that we are delighted with our new yacht controller. My wife and I cruise as a couple, and the controller has made our life significantly easier. Also, I cannot say enough about the service rendered by Marshall. He went out his way to assure our satisfaction." 
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