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 Hatteras   100   Capt Franco   Yucatan Peninsula     "I love my Yacht Controller! Originally there was an issue with the installation but your staff attended to the issue immediately and ensured I had my system completed before my departure from Miami. I rely on the system heavily. As an experienced captain who has run several vessels over 100' I can tell you the Yacht controller is a great tool for safe docking! When my v3 Platinum Dual Band installation was completed, we tested ranges over 300' off the vessel! Not that the system was to be used in this way but it was sure comforting to know I had strong range from anywhere on board the boat. Thank you Tony for all your efforts. Yacht Controllers are a great product! If I can ever be of reference, please do not hesitate to call." 
 Hatteras   100   Capt Cliff    Yucatan Mexico    "Tony told me about the unit and sold me the unit. Your installation crew was the best. I enjoyed getting to know everyone. They did a great job and knew what they were doing!"  
 Silverton   45   Jorge U.    Wisconsin   "I love the Yacht Controller! I think it is a fantastic product. It should be standard equipment on all boats brands. I would not own another boat without one." 
 Marquis   59'    Dave D.    West Palm Beach, FL    I love my Yacht Controller! I purchased it many years ago and it still works flawlessly! The Yacht Controller was the deciding factor on the purchase of the larger Marquis. I can't thank you enough for providing a wonderful product! I will never own another boat without one! 
 Azimut    72'    William M.    West Palm Beach, FL   "Yacht Controller makes boating a pleasure. The momentary functionality makes for great control of my boat. I love my Yacht Controller!" 
 Princess    75'   Tom C.   West Palm Beach, FL   Feel free to use me anytime as a reference! I love your products! The Yacht Graphx lettering design for my boat was fantastic and the Yacht Controller is a must have for my boating experience on my 75' M/Y Princess. I welcome your team on the boat for demonstration at the upcoming Princess Show. Thank you for all your support! 
 Sirena   58   Matt H.    West Palm Beach FL   This is my second Yacht Controller and I can't say enough for the product and its benefits. I love the Yacht Controller! Very easy to use and enjoy the versatility and mobility it provides. Having recently installed my second system I was very impressed at the plug and play clean factory looking installation and was pleased to see that my MAN engine and Aventics control warranties remain intact due to the Yacht Controller working relationship. If I can ever be of support please feel free to use this testimonial!  
 Trawler   70   Steve W.   West Coast, FL   "I love your product. I can handle my boat with my wife alone and I could not do so had I not had a Yacht Controller! Thank you for all your support!"  
 Albin Express   36   Jim R.    Washington, DC   "My unit is installed on a 36-foot Albin Express Trawler that I keep at Herrington Harbor South. Although I often have guests who can help with docking, sometimes I don't (my lady friend is clueless about handling lines). With the Yacht Controller, I can completely dock and undock my boat unaided." 
 Outer Reef    88'    Helen U.    Washington, Alaska and Cape Horn   "We have used the Yacht Controller across 20,000 nautical miles and absolutely love the system! There was a docking scenario where we were in an extremely tight spot and as we were pulling in, my brother from the dock asked me to handle the boat with the wireless remote and I was able to effectively pull the boat right in with no issues! It was one of the greatest accomplishments in my life! I would recommend the Yacht Controller to anyone!" 
 Express Trawler   36   Dr. Jim R.   Washington D.C.   "I had a Yacht Controller installed on my 36-foot fast trawler two years ago. It's a godsend. I don't know what I ever did without it. It enables me to dock and undock my boat without any distance. If you knew the nautical limitations of my girlfriend, you'd appreciate how valuable this is." 
 Carver   57   Bob D.   Washington   "I have been a boat and yacht owner for over 25 years now. My recent pleasure boat is a carver 57 ft. When I first learned of the yacht controller, I knew I had to have it. I had it installed, and since then the thought of having to move the yacht myself is no longer a challenge. Here in the Seattle area, I go in and out of the Ballard locks often. Having the yacht controller has made it more of a pleasure going through the locks rather than a chore. The unit is extremely reliable. Many boaters have seen how handy the yacht controller is. I am sure they have purchased one and I would recommend the yacht controller to anyone."  
 Custom Yacht   68   David B.   Washington   "I Can't live without it! Boating without it has become unimaginable. It is literally the best piece of equipment on my entire boat."  
 Sea Ray   65   Chris B.   Waban, MA   "My Yacht Controller is working great! It has made docking my boat much easier!" 
 Navigator   62   George T.   W.A   It's safety device really! It has saved me thousands in potential fiberglass repairs avoided while docking. I often go through small and large locks and the Yacht Controller is a must have on any size boat doing so! 
 Grand Banks   47   Bill H.    Virginia Beach, VA    Tony Valiente, you sold me a YachtController for my 2009 GB47CL several years ago. I met a guy a couple of weeks ago, named...., who is buying a new Fleming 55 to be delivered this fall. He is quite interested in the system and I gave him your name and website info. I continue to be very happy with the system!  
 Horizon Power Catamaran   52   Valerie A   Virginia Beach, VA   "My husband and I can handle the wide beam power cat with ease thanks to Yacht Controller! It allows us to handle the boat with no arguing or miscommunication. It's a definite marriage savior! Lol!" 
 Pershing   74    Keith W.   Virginia Beach, VA   The Yacht Controller works great! I have found so many uses for the Yacht Controller aside from docking. I can have friends and family safely board the boat as I hold the vessel dockside or pulling up to restaurants. People are always amazed as I effortlessly handle my boat! Thank you for the wonderful product. I continue to be a supporter of the product and always look to promote to prospective customers. 
 Nordic Tug   41   Bill A.    Virginia   "I've been very happy with the Yacht Controller. Docking my 41' Nordic Tug single-handed is a dream. The Yacht Controller also allows me to move freely between the stern and bow, and even step off onto the finger pier, to tie off and adjust lines...." 
 Regal   48   Joe A.   Virginia   "(Owning the Yacht Controller) It has been a real pleasure and the controller has worked flawlessly. It really makes a difference in tight docking situations." 
 Sea Ray Sedan Bridge   58   Robert C.   Venice, FL   "It has made a big difference in docking my boat. I have a Sedan Bridge and it is very hard for me to see when backing into a dock. Now I can just go to the swim platform to dock - much easier!" 
 Sea Ray   48   Virgilio C.   Venezuela   "This is a thank you letter. The Yacht Controller, truthfully is incredible! There are no other words to describe it, but simply wonderful, it is an exceptional product! The fact the Yacht Controller offers complete control in the palm of your hand when docking, fueling, tying lines without having to run or rely on others or avoiding accidents makes for an amazing product! People worry about investing in additions to their boats they end up not using, this is not the case with Yacht Controller. Yacht Controller is something that every boat should really have!"  
 Sea Ray   48   Virgilio C.   Venezuela    "Esto, es nada mas que una carta de agradecimeinto. Por el asobrozo Yacht Controller que uds. Ofrecen la verdad que es incredible. La posibilida que este brinda a la hora de atracar en el muelle y poner gasoline al barco. Una pesona sola puede, lanzar un cabo sin tener que estar corriendo. Teniedo la posibilidad de caer al agua. O de sufrir una accidente. Esto no tiene otra palabra para describirlo, sino simplemente marabilloso. Es un product excepcional. La gente se preocupa en poner tantas cosas en el barco que no usan, y el Yacht Controller es algo que realmente todo barco deberia tener. Y mas si quieres las privacidad de no tener a un ayudante o marinero abordo!"  
 Ocean   100'    Greg B.    Vancouver, B.C.   "I am totally impressed at the Yacht Controller's ability to help me dock my 100' Ocean with minimal help of my wife! I recommend you to all boaters that we meet. It is a wonderful product and you guys run a great company! Thank you." 
 Vicem   58   Harold K   Vancouver    I will admit I was reluctant to buy the system at first but boy was I glad I did! I love my Yacht Controller! The Yacht Controller has saved me more in hull damage than the cost to buy the system! Thank you for all the support. 
 Several Vessels   -   Capt Guillermo Olaya    USA    I have used the Yacht Controller on various vessels for over 14 years on yachts rangin 60-116' and I consider it to be one of the most safe and practical systems I have ever operated! I can't wait to see what Yacht Controller has in store on future models as the progression has been amazing!" 
 Marlow    70   Mark H.   USA   "I love the product! It really helps me when Im running by myself, I can control the boat from anywhere on board and even allows me to hop off on the dock and get lines while keeping the boat exactly where I want it. Excellent product." 
 Ocean Alexander   -   Anonymous   USA   "My wife and I have owned 4 Yacht Controllers in my time since you came out with the product equipped on a Sea Ray, Marquis and 2 Ocean Alexanders! Over the ten years of doing business with you, I must say it has been a very pleasurable experience! I will never own another vessel without one! Thank you for the support and allowing my wife and I to enjoy great times out on the water!" 
 Marlow   65   Steve I.   USA   "This needs to be advertised as the marriage saver! We used to have the use the headset's every time we would pull in to dock but with the Yacht Controller I can do all the lines and control the boat by myself without help from anyone else. I love it, it makes life so much better!" 
 Marlow   53   Paul G.   USA   "It allows me to squeeze my 18' beam Marlow into a 20' slip every time, without the Yacht Controller there is no way I could do that. The ability to be in the cockpit is critical and I couldn't do it with out it. Marriage saver!" 
 Marlow   72   John R. Kazmer.   USA   To all Marlow owners who don’t have a Yacht Controller – it is the best investment I have made since I got my Marlow in 2008. My wife and I run "good time Charlie" a 72 command bridge by ourselves. With the yacht commander docking is a lot easier because I can help my wife with bumpers and lines and still have complete control of the boat. It makes anchoring so much easier especially bringing up the anchor. I do not know how we did without it. I would not try it but with yacht commander you could run the boat single handedly. If you run the boat yourself without a crew yacht commander is a must have. 
 Viking   65   Tom T.   Toledo Yacht Club Toledo, OH   "It’s the best thing I ever did, I have only one regret I should have done it when I bought the boat I waited a year. It’s like having two more people on the boat. I talked to the Owner of yacht Controller at the Boat Show and it’s a gift. I can’t be happier with it. I tell everyone to buy it don’t wait." 
 Trawler   40   Gus A.    Titusville, FL    "I have a Trawler named "Summerland" and as the owner of this boat I am happy to have the Yacht Controller on board as it has made the experience amazing. Maneuvering my boat is easy and I no longer have to be concerned if someone is there to help me. I can simply walk over, pick up the line and bring my boat in single handed. Yelling to my wife to tie lines is a thing of the past, a simple push and I am smoothly moving in the direction I need to go. I can spin my boat in place and all with one hand. My boat was equipped with the Yacht Controller in 2005. Here we are in 2013 and it's still going strong."  
 Carver   56   Mark & Kae E   Tennessee   "When we purchased the Yacht Controller......we could not imagine that the end result was going to be so perfect. The equipment works just as it is suppose to. Without the Yacht Controller, I would not be able to handle our Carver 56 Voyager on my own, as it has quite a few blind spots not to mention it's shear size. Fueling, going through locks, anchoring, and obviously docking is now done with ease when short handed or even by myself. Your product will make wing stations a thing of the past! From the installation to tech support, Yacht Controller is one piece of equipment that truly does what it was built to do. It has performed reliably since being installed. I would recommend Yacht Controller to everyone and have highly recommended that it should be offered as optional equipment on new Carver Yachts." 
 Carver   56   Mark B.   Tennessee   I installed the updated yacht controller this weekend and it performed flawlessly. I was able to walk over 100' from my boat and it never lost communications. I am very happy with your unit..... Your company truly stands behind your product. Thanks again. 
 Grand Banks Eastbay   54    John H.    Stuart, FL    "Greetings, I had a Yacht Controller installed on my Grand Banks Eastbay 54 in early 2016. I sold that boat and left the Yacht Controller on board (I think it really helped sell the boat!!). ...I’m the best salesman you have out there… I’ve had tons of folks drooling at how easy it is to dock my boat all by myself!!" 
 Viking Sportfish   61    Bob S.    Stuart, FL    "I absolutely love my Yacht Controller! Like you told me, Tony, it is a lifesaver! My wife can't thank you enough. Thank you for the wonderful product that has helped us tremendously in enjoying our Viking Sportfish!" 
 Bruckmann   38'    Leigh W.   Stuart, FL   "I have had the system (Yacht Controller) installed on three different boats, the first in 2005 and the most recent last year (2016). I have also recommended the system to friends. I understand the unit installed in 2005 is still functioning normally. Yacht Controller has been a highly reliable addition to each of my boats. It is highly responsive and the vessel is so much easier to maneuver in any wind or current conditions with the handheld unit. Improves safety significantly. My wife and I handle our current 51’ Dettling on our own, as we did our 60’ Vicem when we installed the first one. A really terrific concept! My best Leigh" 
 Vicem   60'   Leigh W.   Stuart, FL   "I have had the system (Yacht Controller) installed on three different boats, the first in 2005 and the most recent last year (2016). I have also recommended the system to friends. I understand the unit installed in 2005 is still functioning normally. Yacht Controller has been a highly reliable addition to each of my boats. It is highly responsive and the vessel is so much easier to maneuver in any wind or current conditions with the handheld unit. Improves safety significantly. My wife and I handle our current 51’ Dettling on our own, as we did our 60’ Vicem when we installed the first one. A really terrific concept! My best Leigh" 
 Dettling    51'   Leigh W.   Stuart, FL   "I have had the system (Yacht Controller) installed on three different boats, the first in 2005 and the most recent last year (2016). I have also recommended the system to friends. I understand the unit installed in 2005 is still functioning normally. Yacht Controller has been a highly reliable addition to each of my boats. It is highly responsive and the vessel is so much easier to maneuver in any wind or current conditions with the handheld unit. Improves safety significantly. My wife and I handle our current 51’ Dettling on our own, as we did our 60’ Vicem when we installed the first one. A really terrific concept! My best Leigh" 
 MainShip Trawler   40    Dick A.   St. Petersburg, FL   Tony, Sandi and I are just completing a 10 day shakedown cruise in preparation for our March departure for the Great Loop. I used the Yacht Controller in every docking scenario and on some departures. I'm glad I have it! We have found the Yacht Controller to be very useful in close maneuvering situations, such as docking and locking. As our competency has increased so has our ability to handle more adverse conditions like wind and current. The ability to stand on the stern and guide the boat directly into a slip has made the investment worthwhile.  
 Azimut   48   Kris G.   St. Petersburg, FL   Just wanted you to know that we went on our trip to Key West, and used the Controller every day. It worked perfectly ! Makes docking so much easier!! I just wanted to say a big thank you to you and the team !  
 Hatteras    77'   Greg D.   St. Pete, FL    I had an electronic control refit with a Yacht Controller installed along with the addition of a stern thruster package with the Yacht Thruster Duplex models and the entire package works beautifully! I could not be happier. I have enjoyed the equipment since early 2014. Feel free to use me as a reference for the products and the company! Thank you for your service.  
 Sea Ray Sundancer   -   MarineMax St. Pete, FL   St. Pete, FL   Our very own Capt. Brad bringing this beautiful yacht over to the haul out , he's standing on the forward deck controlling her with a yacht controller we just installed . I want one! 
 California Yacht    61   Bill P   St. Downieville, CA   "This last weekend, we (along with 3 other large yachts) sterned into the Napa Valley Yacht Club docks. Our hosts at Napa Valley were really impressed at the functionality of your Yacht Controller. Bear on in mind that in Napa- “cost is irrelevant”. They asked about the system and I gave your product rave reviews (which they could see for themselves). " 
 Antares   44'    John L.    St. Augustine, FL    "I am a Yacht Controller FREAK!! Have I told you how much I LOVE my YC?!?!?! Warm Florida Regards, John" 
 Lagoon Catamaran    43'    Douglas F.    St Petersburg, FL    "...It works great! The guys did a great job, and I loved the way you all responded to the issues. This is the true measure of a company. You guys get five stars in my book. I look forward to using the controller for years to come. This device gives me real freedom to run the boat with limited to no crew support. Thank you again for making this happen so quickly."  
 MarineMax   -   Guy P.   St Petersburg   "I wanted to send you this note to thank you for the great sales and service support. The Yacht Controller System has proven to be a reliable product. Yacht Controller is a great aide for docking and a piece of equipment our customers enjoy having on board their boats. Our experience in the marketplace has shown that customers will buy larger boats if they feel they can control them. Yacht Controller clearly provides this solution since it gives customers complete control when docking from anywhere on board. As a MarineMax team member who has now sold and installed many Yacht Controllers, I highly recommend the system to our customers as I am confident it will enhance their boating pleasure and experience." 
 Devlin   52'    Ed S.    Seattle,WA    "I am soon to turn 80 and run a twin motor 52-foot LOA power boat. I almost always single-hand the boat and even when my wife is aboard there is not much she can do. The places I boat have many marinas with tight fairways crosswind and sometimes significant current. I have owned and used the wireless Yacht controller for a few years now and what a difference it makes! Now I think nothing of backing into a slip even in less than optimal conditions. I can move anywhere on the boat to see where the tight points are and walk to the stern and swim platform to step off the boat to take my stern and spring lines onto the dock tie them up while I have full control of engines and thrusters. I then can pull the bow in with the thruster grab the bowline and walla all secure no help needed!! I think the Yacht controller is not just a good product it is great."  
 Marlow   61   Marc O   Seattle, WA.   "Just wanted to share with you how satisfied I am with my yacht controller. I have been cruising for the past three days and I have thoroughly enjoyed docking. It makes such a difference. Even going through the lock in Seattle was a pleasure with the yacht controller. In every marina where I went everybody admired my Yacht Controller. It worked perfectly. I managed to dock {my yacht} even with a 35 knot side wind! Thanks for having sold this to me." 
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