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 Westbay Sonship   78   Jim D.   Newport Beach, CA   "The boat resides behind a luxury private residence on a very tight canal, therefore, maneuvering in and out of the slip requires precision. One wrong move would certainly mean a collision with another boat. The Yacht Controller is a fantastic tool and locks in that 100% reliability that one would require from a wireless system. The Captain is able to operate the Yacht Controller with 100% signal lock from anywhere on the boat including the engine room! We observed 100% performance with no drop in signal between the handheld unit and the Yacht Controller transceiver for a measured the distance of 275 feet!" 
 Westbay   55   Celeste K.   Roach Harbor, WA   As a female boater, I had my finest docking moment at Roach Harbor with my Yacht Controller in hand! I had to dock the boat between two boats with a few inches on each side in clearance and was able to do so all by myself as men running down the docks arrived in amazement and started to clap! It was a great feeling. I would never own another boat without one! 
 West Bay   58   Harvey B.   Seattle, WA   "Had the Yacht Controller installed on our West Bay 58. Really love it. The ability to move around and see better without blind spots during docking is just awesome especially in tight spaces. Highly recommend it!" 
 Wendon   72   Clay M.   B.C. Canada    "This is a great product , one that can be used with great confidence. "I Wish" I had found Yacht Controller sooner, could have saved a couple of repairs. LOL" 
 Voyager   57   Scott P.   Hillsborough, CA   "I’m extremely happy with my Yacht Controller. I have it installed on a carver 57 voyager and it allows me to run the boat single-handed. I’ve never had an issue with the remote getting out of range. " 
 Viking Sportfish   54   Frank E.   South Florida   "For the past few years I have been running a 54' Viking Sportfish that is equipped with a Yacht Controller. Having the Yacht Controller is simply amazing!!! The Yacht Controller allows me to not only dock the boat on my own but also allows me to move around the boat when fishing, rigging and setting lines. The Yacht Controller is an excellent product and will change the way you handle vessels."  
 Viking Sportfish   61   Bob S.    Stuart, FL    "I absolutely love my Yacht Controller! Like you told me, Tony, it is a lifesaver! My wife can't thank you enough. Thank you for the wonderful product that has helped us tremendously in enjoying our Viking Sportfish!" 
 Viking Sportfish   50   Brian G.   Miami, FL   "When I first met you last year, I was reluctant to buy the Yacht Controller, but boy am I glad I did! It is great for owner operated vessels and even for Captains as a docking aide! When I go out with my family, my wife can handle the kids with no concern, while I dock and tie the lines. Last week I went out boating alone in rough seas and I was able to fish, dock and tie the lines all by myself! I will never own another boat without one!" 
 Viking Sport Fish   61   Alex C.   Key Biscayne, Fl.   "As a captain, the Yacht Controller allows me to effectively do my job and still enjoy fishing! When deep drop fishing and setting your drift, you can keep the fishing lines straight without having to be at the helm, controlling the boat with the Yacht Controller hanging around your neck. Yacht Controller is also beneficial for kite fishing. Keeping the kite's straight with the Yacht Controller in hand is a breeze. The Yacht Controller puts you in the best position to watch the kites and ensure they don't tangle all while fishing! Fish on! 
 Viking Sport   55'   Bryan G.   Hallandale, FL   "I own and operate a 60-foot sportfish without paid crew and the Yacht Controller remote has become an essential piece of equipment for me. I couldn't operate my boat without my Yacht Controller remote. I have had it on 3 boats and it's never given me an issue. It also makes retrieving the anchor easier and it's great to not be dependent on anyone else when you need to move the boat (for instance when taking the boat to the yard for a haul out, to get out of the path of an approaching storm etc.). It's extremely easy to use and I never fumble with it. The steps to activate the remote are longer than just pushing a power on button but that is necessary so that it accidentally isn't activated and engages one or both main inadvertently. Once you get the hang of it using the remote becomes second nature." 
 Viking M/Y   60   Aaron F.   New Rochelle, NY   "I love my Yacht Controller! I've had it for several years and use it EVERY time I go boating! It simplifies the docking procedure and allows me to handle my 70-ton boat all alone. My wife and I go boating and she no longer has to worry about having to deal with casting off or docking procedure." 
 Viking   62   Eddy K.    Annapolis, MD    "I have the Yacht Controller on my Viking and I absolutely love it. I'm tickled to death with it. If you ever need a referral, you can call me any time. Thank you!" 
 Viking   70   Bob L.   San Diego, CA   "Well my Kristina 8 is safely here in San Diego. I just spent the weekend on her and operated completely alone. What a huge difference your Yacht Controller makes. Anchoring is a breeze and things like just adjusting lines at the dock (thrusters) is a piece of cake. I had to drop my wife and dog off at a hotel dock and just stood on the swim platform and eased it in with inches of movement...no problems! Moving a 70' boat around like this is almost unfair but...I LOVE IT! Huge thanks for a truly wonderful product!" 
 Viking   65   Tom T.   Toledo Yacht Club Toledo, OH     "It’s the best thing I ever did! I have only one regret. I should have done it when I bought the boat instead of waiting a year. It’s like having two more people on the boat. I can’t be happier with it! I tell everyone to buy it, don't wait."  
 Viking   54   Donald G.   San Dusky, OH   "Wow! What an incredible piece of equipment to have for stern docking...to be able to leave the bridge and the controls I've been acquainted with for 35 years and travel anywhere; bow, aft deck, other side on the boat, has certainly allowed me the assurance and confidence of a smooth docking. As a matter of fact, I found myself using it more often than necessary. I ask myself often, why did I wait so long!" 
 Viking   58   Robert   Newport Beach, California     The Yacht Controller is probably the best option I’ve ever put on the boat. I was just docking this morning by myself and the wind was blowing pretty good today. It was easy as pie!  
 Vicem   58   Harold K.   Vancouver    I will admit I was reluctant to buy the system at first but boy was I glad I did! I love my Yacht Controller! The Yacht Controller has saved me more in hull damage than the cost to buy the system! Thank you for all the support. 
 Vicem   60   Leigh W.   Stuart, FL   "I have had the system (Yacht Controller) installed on three different boats, the first in 2005 and the most recent last year (2016). I have also recommended the system to friends. I understand the unit installed in 2005 is still functioning normally. Yacht Controller has been a highly reliable addition to each of my boats. It is highly responsive and the vessel is so much easier to maneuver in any wind or current conditions with the handheld unit. Improves safety significantly. My wife and I handle our current 51’ Dettling on our own, as we did our 60’ Vicem when we installed the first one. A really terrific concept! My best Leigh" 
 Vicem   58   Craig M.   Florida   "In 3 yrs our 58' Vicem, Nightwatch has seen over 100 marinas from Nantucket to Miami. With Yacht Controller our docking is a breeze. With only a foot or two to spare we can slide into any slip, often to the amazement of onlookers. We've even received applause." 
 Vicem   65   Leigh W.   Connecticut   "I installed the Yacht Controller on our Vicem motoryacht "Indra" three years ago. "Indra" is 65 LOA. Having the Yacht Controller installed makes docking and line handing of a boat this size very manageable and safe. We are delighted with the technology." 
 Valkyrie Yacht Sales   -   Tom P.   Islands Harbor, CA   "Our current and last vessel both have Yacht Controllers aboard. They do work well and make docking very easy!" 
 Uniesse   48   Jon W.   Cancun   "My Yacht Controller makes operating my boat a breeze. It is great! I wouldn't be without it." 
 Trawler   40   Gus A.    Titusville, FL    "I have a Trawler named "Summerland" and as the owner of this boat I am happy to have the Yacht Controller on board as it has made the experience amazing. Maneuvering my boat is easy and I no longer have to be concerned if someone is there to help me. I can simply walk over, pick up the line and bring my boat in single handed. Yelling to my wife to tie lines is a thing of the past, a simple push and I am smoothly moving in the direction I need to go. I can spin my boat in place and all with one hand. My boat was equipped with the Yacht Controller in 2005. Here we are in 2013 and it's still going strong."  
 Trawler   70   Steve W.   West Coast, FL   "I love your product. I can handle my boat with my wife alone and I could not do so had I not had a Yacht Controller! Thank you for all your support!"  
 Tiara Coupe    39    Mike P.    Clayton, NY    I had a Yacht Controller equipped for my IPS boat and like it a lot!... It gives me the ability to control my pods from anywhere on board the boat for complete control and single handed docking. Thank you! 
 Tiara   42   Scott B.   Salem, MA   "I have used the Dual Band Yacht Controller remote on my Tiara since 2016 and could not recommend it more highly. My main uses are single handed docking, being able to stand at the bow to move the vessel while retrieving the anchor, and grabbing lines on a mooring in high winds. After 6 years, I just encountered a small issue and I emailed the team at Yacht Controller. John, who was travelling, called me within minutes to troubleshoot. He determined that the problem was [unrelated to Yacht Controller] and he started the [technical support] for me [regardless]. He didn't just say, "Not our problem." Great product, great service, great people." 
 Tempest   92   Jorge H.   Miami   "The Yacht Controller is indispensable yacht equipment and my captain could not run the yacht easily without it." 
 Symbol   80   Chris W.   San Diego, CA   "I purchased a Yacht Controller at the 2020 Ft. Lauderdale Boat Show. You guys had it installed on my yacht in San Diego just a few days later. The installation went smoothly and quickly. The Yacht Controller has been functioning perfectly ever since then."  
 Symbol   60   Philip T.   Florida   "Just a short note to say your Yacht Controller is the best! My wife and I navigate our 60' Symbol Motor yacht together. The Yacht Controller is just like having that extra set of hands that makes life, docking and close in maneuvering safe and fun."  
 Sunseeker Predator 2022   74   Earl S.   Ft.Lauderdale, FL   "This is my 3rd boat and it was installed the same day I took delivery. While I practiced docking without the remote, I prefer to use it because being on deck allows much better visibility and safety than the helm position. In 10 years of use on 3 boats I’ve never had a glitch or problem. It’s a dead-nuts reliable system." 
 Sunseeker    60   Jacques L.   Miami. Fl   "The Yacht Controller is fantastic! I recently took the boat to the Bahamas with my family on a 10 day trip and was able to dock the boat all alone every time! With the Yacht Controller in hand, it was simple to do! Thank you"  
 Sunseeker    100   Capt. Keith B   Ft. Lauderdale, FL    I have been a captain for over 30 years and I can say I am very impressed with the overall company. You have a wonderful product designed to help dock boats along with a great delivery team which provided me great service during the installation of the system! Your technician was as best as they come! You have definitely earned my business on all my boats in the future!  
 Sunseeker   60   Paul M.   San Diego, CA   "I had a Yacht Controller installed on our 60' Sunseeker 6 months ago and it was the best investment for our boat. The Yacht Controller allows me to take the boat out by myself or just with my wife. Being able to look over the side of the boat while docking is invaluable given our tight slip. Customer service was excellent. We had some issues during the initial installation that were taken care of without question and quickly. I also love the rubber buttons [silicone toggle keypad membrane] that have a great tactile feel compared to flat buttons of other competitors. The feel of the buttons allows me to focus on where I'm going rather than what button I'm pressing. Well worth the money and it really lets my family and I enjoy the boat without stressing about docking. The flexibility of controlling the boat from any location on the boat is very liberating." 
 Sunseeker   75   Kevin W.    Fort Lauderdale, FL   We have had a Yacht Controller for 12 years and I won't drive the boat without it. You need to have a stable of people (I would be happy to be one), that potential customers can call and speak with!  
 Sunseeker   75   Doug S.   Mercer Island, WA   "I have been very happy with the Yacht Controller. I don’t know how I would dock the boat without it. It allows me to walk about and see all of the blind spots. Also it allows me to tie off lines all by myself. It is also very helpful when anchoring, to be able to set the anchor from the bow and visually see the chain."  
 Sunseeker   60   Tim O.   Port Charlotte, FL   "I've had the Yacht Controller on 3 yachts which I operated. I often loan operate the yachts and would have a very hard time doing it by myself but with Yacht Controller, it's very manageable or easy. I highly recommend the Yacht Controller to anyone who might singlehanded a Yacht but even if you have crew or help, the Yacht Controller makes docking sooo much easier. I install the Yacht Controller on every Yacht that I buy and would NOT be without it !!" 
 Sirena   58   Matt H.    West Palm Beach FL   This is my second Yacht Controller and I can't say enough for the product and its benefits. I love the Yacht Controller! Very easy to use and enjoy the versatility and mobility it provides. Having recently installed my second system I was very impressed at the plug and play clean factory looking installation and was pleased to see that my MAN engine and Aventics control warranties remain intact due to the Yacht Controller working relationship. If I can ever be of support please feel free to use this testimonial!  
 Silverton   45   Jorge U.    Wisconsin   "I love the Yacht Controller! I think it is a fantastic product. It should be standard equipment on all boats brands. I would not own another boat without one." 
 Silverton   46   Ben B.   Florida   "Your product has saved me millions! Well ok, maybe not millions, but thousands in gelcoat repairs." 
 Silverton   48   Tom G.   Gig Harbor, WA   "Hands down the best customer service ever! We had an electrical short affecting the electronics on the flybridge of our boat and called Yacht Controller technical support. I got a voicemail and hung up, only to have Mario immediately return my call. Mind you, I didn't even leave a name or message, yet he already had my file up when he returned the call. He was quickly able to contact support and collaborate with the Volvo tech on board our boat to diagnose the problem and promptly sent the part I needed for the repair. I just had the most exasperating customer service experience dealing with a phone company last week while traveling, so it was especially gratifying to have such a positive experience with Yacht Controller. Thanks Mario!" 
 Silverton   50   Roger J.   Rockhall, MD   "We have used the Yacht Controller for an entire season now and have been very pleased with it. It has operated flawlessly and has helped a ton with docking. Most times it is just me and my wife. Having the Yacht Controller allows me to leave the bridge and add a second pair of hands for docking. I highly recommend this to anyone asking." 
 Silverton   45   John U.   Ohio   "Gives me the freedom to be in any location on the boat needed to have the visibility I need." 
 Several Vessels   -   Capt. Guillermo O.   USA    I have used the Yacht Controller on various vessels for over 14 years on yachts rangin 60-116' and I consider it to be one of the most safe and practical systems I have ever operated! I can't wait to see what Yacht Controller has in store on future models as the progression has been amazing!" 
 Selene   55   Collin's Marine Service    Anacortes, WA   "Hope all is well, customer is loving your unit and frankly so am I. It sure makes life easy backing a 65 boat in and tying it up single handed easy." 
 Selene   53   Nancy D.   Pacific NW   "The Yacht Controller gives me wireless control of the thrusters as well as transmission, and windlass. I love it! It enables me to be outside on deck where I have a better visibility when docking or anchoring. In late April, after the day of training on the Yacht Controller, I single-handed the two hours from Sidney in Canada to Roche Harbor in the U.S., having to first dock at customs before docking at my assigned slip. This was then repeated upon my return to Canada. The purpose of my cruise to Roche Harbor was to attend the annual Pacific Northwest Selene Rendezvous. At the final dinner I was awarded a handheld VHF for the accomplishment of single - handling. This successful cruise was a real confidence booster for me and it was wonderful for my accomplishment to be recognized."  
 SeaRay Fly   55   Mark F.   Coral Gables, FL   "I have a 55' Flybridge. It has been difficult to see all the corners of her when backing up or docking. The Yacht Controller allows me to walk across the bridge to see anywhere...huge difference. It also makes docking extremely easy...I can be anywhere onboard and still have confidence that I have control of my vessel. It also allows me to handle my boat by myself. Highly recommend it." 
 Searay 580 Sundancer   59   Mark P.   Woodland Park, NJ   "The Yacht Controller is a valuable tool to any captain for docking. I have a 2018 59' express cruiser, and due to limited stern viability it comes in handy for my docking, as well as allowing me to be able to make a fuel run without a crew. A friend of mine also loves his, as he has a 2020 53' single helm flybridge, and the Yacht Controller allows him to easily dock his vessel as well." 
 SeaRay   58   Derrick S.   Oak Hills, CA   "I just went to Florida from my home in California to buy a 58' Yacht. It was the hardest buying experience of my life, with one exception, the Yacht Group. Buying and having installed my Yacht Controller was the only good experience I had the month I was there. I make no exaggeration, Buying a boat in Florida is a nightmare. I got it done and left with only one good memory. The people at Yacht Controller. Shana stuck with me the entire time and made sure their installation fit with a crazy schedule. Jimmy was a pro installer and a good guy. Really good people with a very cool product. This Yacht Controller Is an excellent tool for someone like me that wants to be able to handle a big boat without a crew." 
 Sealine   42/5   Anne A.   North Carolina   "I am the owner of a F42.5 Sealine. My husband who is the captain and I took delivery of the vessel in May 2004. The yacht controller was a part of the delivery package, and we have depended on the convenience afforded by the Yacht Controller of maneuverability of the vessel in tight quarters since we have owned the boat. As the 'first mate' or Admiral, as I prefer to be called, the smoothness of docking is much better with the Yacht Controller than without. When we are docking or leaving dock, I am usually the one scampering around securing the lines and fenders, so lurching forward or backward is always risky for the one is manning the deck. With the Yacht Controller, movements are quite easy and smooth. I would miss having the Yacht Controller on our vessel."  
 Sealine   47   Fred C.   Florida   "My wife and I are about to embark on a Great Loop Trip with our "Perfect Remedy". We use the Yacht controller virtually every time we dock and most times when we are anchoring. It has become an invaluable tool in promoting enjoyment in our boating experience."  
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