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 Marquis   59'    Dave D.    West Palm Beach, FL    I love my Yacht Controller! I purchased it many years ago and it still works flawlessly! The Yacht Controller was the deciding factor on the purchase of the larger Marquis. I can't thank you enough for providing a wonderful product! I will never own another boat without one! 
 Silverton   45   Jorge U.    Wisconsin   "I love the Yacht Controller! I think it is a fantastic product. It should be standard equipment on all boats brands. I would not own another boat without one." 
 Hatteras   100   Capt Cliff   Yucatan Mexico    "Tony told me abut the unit and sold me the unit. Your installation crew was the best. I enjoyed getting to know everyone of them. They did a great job and knew what they were doing!" 
 Hatteras   100   Capt Franco   Yucatan Peninsular    "I love my Yacht Controller! Originally there was an issue with the installation but your staff attended to the issue immediately and ensured I had my system completed before my departure from Miami. I rely on the system heavily. As an experienced captain who has ran several vessels over 100' I can tell you the Yacht controller is a great tool for safe docking! When my v3 Platinum Dual Band installation was completed, we tested ranges over 300' off the vessel! Not that the system were to be used in this way but it was sure comforting to know I had strong range from anywhere on board the boat. Thank you Tony for all your efforts. Yacht controller is a great product! If I can ever be of reference, please do not hesitate to call." 
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