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 Prestige   50   Mick D.   Seattle, WA   "The Yacht Controller for my IPS boat is GREAT!! Very helpful." 
 Princess   102   Kevin W.   Jupiter    " As one who has driven 40,000+ miles with a Yacht Controller over 12 years, I would be happy to vouch for the product and take their calls." 
 Princess   52   Scott M.   Boston, MA   "The Yacht Controller has been one of the best options I had installed for my Princess! The challenges of visibility from the Flybridge and other areas on the vessel have been completely resolved with my Yacht Controller in hand. I can now handle my boat alone. I want to thank you guys for the great experience in the delivery and support. I will never own a boat without one!" 
 Princess   54   Luis N.   Sag Harbour Long Island, NY   "I was comparing the Dockmate and the technology of wireless control considering purchasing [my wireless system] with plans to travel to Sag Harbor with our Captain. We were discussing potential options and he recommended that we should look at Yacht Controller. The next day we were on the dock in Sag Harbor and a 62 Pershing pulled into the next slip on the very windy afternoon. The captain who was alone put the boat into the slip with relative ease. I immediately asked him how he had made it look so easy operating the boat from the stern. He showed us the Yacht Controller and told me I would enjoy the experience. I researched even further and discovered this company has been around for many years and recommended by many of the best Yacht brands in the world including Princess Yachts. I decided to go with the Yacht Controller based on my gut feeling and positive research. I spoke with Tony from The Yacht Group and he was extremely professional and courteous and accommodating and made our experience seamless. He coordinated an installation almost immediately! Fortunately our experience has been one of the best so far in our boating life and for us [my wife and family] is a total game changer. It has given my wife and I total confidence to enjoy our boating experience!" 
 Princess   64   Don H.   Fort Lauderdale, FL   "I love the response time the Yacht Controller gives me on my CAT engine controls. A must have for any Princess owner who likes to single hand their boat! 
 Princess   64   Tommy B.   Knoxville, TN   After a full month of operation...I thought you would be interested to hear an update concerning our utilization of the Yacht Controller on board our Princess 64 'Now or Never'. From the time I met you in person on board in Miami for an installation adjustment service call we have traveled nearly 2,000 NM and we currently are sitting on the Eastern portion of the Tennessee River. With that said, I have to say The Yacht Controller is absolutely one of the most important components we have on board and well worth the investment. We used the Yacht Controller while we navigated thru all the locks on both the Tombig and TN river as well as all the Marinas we pulled into for fueling and docking overnight which some presented a bit of a challenge due to limited space. The Yacht Controller was invaluable in those instances and allowed for us to secure dock lines without the stress of having to scream directions at one another while maneuvering our boat into a secure position. The ability to have control while moving about to get clear lines of vision makes all the difference in the world to me and we are very satisfied with The Yacht Controller to this point! We used the Yacht Controller while we navigated thru all the locks on both the Tombig and TN river as well as all the Marinas we pulled into for fueling and docking overnight which some presented a bit of a challenge due to limited space. The Yacht Controller was invaluable in those instances and allowed for us to secure dock lines without the stress of having to scream directions at one another while maneuvering our boat into a secure position. The ability to have control while moving about to get clear lines of vision makes all the difference in the world to me and we are very satisfied with The Yacht Controller to this point! 
 Princess   75   Tom C.   West Palm Beach, FL   Feel free to use me anytime as a reference! I love your products! The Yacht Graphx lettering design for my boat was fantastic and the Yacht Controller is a must have for my boating experience on my 75' M/Y Princess. I welcome your team on the boat for demonstration at the upcoming Princess Show. Thank you for all your support! 
 Queenship   61   Al M.   Stuart, FL   "This has made the 3rd boat that I have installed a Yacht Controller on. I liked the product and I would never have a large boat without one especially since it's just my wife and I who are the only ones docking and handling the boat." 
 Regal   48   Joe A.   Virginia   "(Owning the Yacht Controller) It has been a real pleasure and the controller has worked flawlessly. It really makes a difference in tight docking situations." 
 Riva    68   Carl T.    Ft. Lauderdale, FL   "Yacht Controller kicks ass! It works like a charm. I can dock by myself with no issues, piece of cake." 
 Riva    88' Riva    Jesus S.    Sag Harbor, New York    "The Yacht Controller is easy to use and works perfectly while moving in and out of the marina. It allows me to single-handedly dock this boat where without I would never be able to do so! Thank you!"  
 Riva & Pershing   52, 64, 68, 70, 72, 88 and 100’   Capt. John   Ft. Lauderdale FL   I am an experienced master captain. This is the 6th Yacht Controller installed across several model Riva’s and Pershing Yachts. The ergonomic toggle control makes it so easy to dock and with the wide range, it allows you to walk all round the yacht with complete control for safe boat handling. I highly recommend the Yacht Controller. 
 Riva Yachts   110   Capt. Phillipe   -   “The Yacht Controller that was installed works perfectly from everywhere on the boat! It's an amazing device because I can see what I am doing now when I'm moving the boat, as opposed to before when I had no visibility. My brother has the same device and swears by it! He told me years ago that I should install Yacht Controller on my next boat. I can maneuver my thrusters, engine, and anchor windlass without any assistance. I recommend it on every boat. Awesome! Thank you very much guys.”  
 Riviera Sport   47   Larry M.   Victoria, BC   "I have had 4 Yacht Controllers installed on my vessels. They are flawless and would not have a boat without one..have had boats from 47 feet to 68 feet. A must product for boat owners of boats this size. Total ease of single handed operation,, first mates love them.... .." 
 Riviera   41   Bruce P.    MA   "It has met my every expectation. I have no problem leaving the helm. I like it best when I'm mid ship and I have a good feel for where the bow is etc.." 
 Riviera   52   Micheal D.   Great Lakes MI   "I love the Yacht Controller! I can handle the boat completely alone without my wife needed to help. Me and my wife use the boat extensively and rely heavily on the Yacht Controller. Makes life easy! Thank you for the system." 
 Riviera   54   Mark B.   New York   "It has been the greatest marital aide ever invented for boating. I am going to make a video on my boat with the NY City skyline to put on your website. I feel completely confident when docking at marinas. My yacht controller saves me $50,000 yearly in captain salaries. On three different occasions, I have astonished boat captain's with many years experience." 
 Sabre Express 2020   45    Brad M    Lake Erie Ohio and Marco Island, FL    "I'd like to take a moment and share my thoughts on the Yacht Controller that your company installed on my Volvo IPS powered Sabre Salon Express. I piloted the boat from Lake Erie, Ohio to Marco Island, Florida via the East Coast. This was over two and a half months and many docking events. The system has proven itself flawless and precise. I would call it revolutionary in boat handling capabilities. The system is everything as portrayed in your videos and literature. It's EXTREMELY helpful in tight quarters and when handling the boat solo. I will not own another boat without one. After 38 years of boating experience and tens of thousands of nautical miles this equipment is a "no brainer". I highly recommend this equipment. And NO; I haven't been compensated in any way for this review." 
 Sabre   54   Scott K.    Boca Raton, FL   "I am extremely happy with the performance of my Yacht Controller on my 54 motorboat. The remote relieves a lot of docking anxiety and allows me to captain alone. Tony and his team have been excellent to work with. I am a big fan. Would not own a boat without a Yacht Controller." 
 Sea Ray & Meridian Yachts   -   Stuart H.    Cape Coral, FL   "I was a two time Yacht Controller owner but recently went with a pod driven boat and opting not to go with a conventional shaft driven boat and Yacht Controller. I can now say I wish I had never done so! The pod's make it difficult to maneuver the boat in tight quarters often requiring lots of throttle to move the boat a fairly short distance. In addition, you have the pod's equipment vulnerable to being damaged mounted underneath the boat. I recently damaged a pod by lightly hitting bottom and resulted in $28,000.00 in repair costs per pod as opposed to servicing a bent propeller! I am now purchasing a Sea Ray Sundancer knowing full well the Yacht Controller will provide the necessary control I need when docking! Thank you all for the support throughout the years! The Yacht Controller is a great product for which I rely heavily. The big advantages for me of the Yacht Controller over pods, is that it provides me the ability to single hand a larger boat without being at the helm. No pod driven boat can accomplish that! Hence, my confirmation of Yacht Controller's compatibility with the Sea Ray Sundancer prior to confirming the boat purchases! Thank you again" 
 Sea Ray - Sedan Bridge   58    Sea Gull   -   "I have a Yacht Controller installed on my Sea Ray 58 Sedan Bridge. I use it every time I am on the boat and I cannot imagine living without it. I have been boating for more than 40 years and hold a USCG Masters license. I have taught sailing and boat handling since I was 18. When we bought Sea Gull, we looked at a lot of options for a second helm station. The Yacht Controller seemed to be the most elegant, versatile system on the market. We don't have to go into the electronic versus mechanical argument since Sea Gull already had electronic primary controls. The only leap of faith was the wireless function. We also looked at wired controls, both fixed position and with a long cord, but the wireless seemed more appropriate for us. It's usually just two of us operating the boat. We often have guests, but it is rare that we have people who can help handle the boat. The first place the Yacht Controller is helpful is when anchoring. I bring the boat to the position where I want to anchor and stop. I then walk to the bow and begin to lower the anchor. With the Yacht Controller in hand, I can bump the engines into reverse as the anchor chain pays out. Once the anchor is down and the right amount of scope is out, I can give the boat a good burst of reverse thrust to set the anchor. When it's time to weigh anchor, the process is reversed. I can be at the bow with a foot on the windlass control, a hand on the Yacht Controller and the wash-down hose in the other hand. I bump the boat forward and bring up the anchor washing with fresh water as I go. Once the anchor is aboard, I can use the Yacht Controller to hold the boat in position while I get back to the bridge. Docking is the place where the Yacht Controller really shines. At the very least it allows me to see the port side of the boat as we approach a dock. I am also free to move to the front of the fly bridge, to get a clear view below the bow or even to descend to the cockpit. Having this freedom of movement allows me to both control the boat and handle dock lines, essential for single-handed or even short-handed operation. Remember, that with a boat of this size, close is not good enough. With even a little wind or current it is almost impossible to move the boat by manual brute force. You cannot haul the boat fore or aft along the dock or pull the bow or stern line to move the boat closer to the dock. All movement is done with engines (and bow thruster) in a slow, purposeful way. The Yacht Controller allows me to be in total control. " 
 Sea Ray L-Class   65   Frank F.   Lorton, VA   "I have several products from your company and I love them all. I frequently take out my 65ft boat by myself. I never worry about docking with my Yacht Controller. I can step off the boat and hold it while I tying lines." 
 Sea Ray L650    65   Tom P.    Newport Beach, CA    "Wanted to report that the Yacht Controller is working great! Your tech was terrific!"  
 Sea Ray Sedan Bridge Models   -   Carl S.   Fort Meyers, FL   "I do lots of single-handing when I go out. Due to the unique way I secure my boat when leaving or returning from my slip I need to be in the cockpit when I accomplish these maneuvers. Enter the Yacht Controller. Now I can comfortably stand in the cockpit both when departing and returning to my slip. Even with a crew, it’s so much easier for just me to perform the dockage without assistance (and my passengers are quite impressed!). When approaching another marina or dock it allows me to maneuver the boat and handle the lines from the cockpit, while my wife handles the lines on the bow. It’s also much more precise, and I’m right there along the gunwale below, not up in the bridge with obstructed visibility. This Yacht Controller allowed me to buy a Sedan Bridge..." 
 Sea Ray Sedan Bridge   51   Jonathan W.   Annapolis, MD   "I am really enjoying the Yacht Controller! Its a great feature to the boat. I think all larger vessels should have it as a standard." 
 Sea Ray Sedan Bridge   58   Robert C.   Venice, FL   "It has made a big difference in docking my boat. I have a Sedan Bridge and it is very hard for me to see when backing into a dock. Now I can just go to the swim platform to dock - much easier!" 
 Sea Ray Sundancer    55   Richard W.   -   "I wanted to update you on the Yacht Controller. It is the most amazing thing I have ever used! Our Boat has a 16' beam and I dock in an 18' wide slip, no problem!! I have an audience every time I come in. 15 people standing on the dock watching. My Wife and I go all the time, Have no problem handling the 55 by ourselves. Just wanted to tell you how happy we are with your product." 
 Sea Ray Sundancer   55   Randy W.   Butler, KY   "Best money I have spent on the boat hands down. We have a 16’ beam boat with a 18’ wide slip. Back it in with no worries at all. My wife and I take our 55 Sea Ray Sundancer out all the time with no one else to help and the Yacht Controller makes it no stress and very safe. Would not own a big boat without it." 
 Sea Ray Sundancer   58   John W.   Detroit, MI   "This is my second one. It has taken the fear out of docking, and saves on fiberglass repairs!"  
 Sea Ray Sundancer   -   MarineMax St. Pete, FL   St. Pete, FL   Our very own Capt. Brad brings this beautiful yacht over to the haul out, he's standing on the forward deck controlling her with a yacht controller we just installed. I want one! 
 Sea Ray   40' Fly   William M.   Davidsonville, MD   "I am a new owner of a boat that you had installed a Yacht Controller in 2018 for the prior boat owner. It could have been easy to have ignored my question about how to operate it as I was not the original client. But Mario could not have been more professional and responsive to my inquiry. He took the time to research the install of my unit, find the notes and respond to my question. Over the phone he allowed me to share photos of my helm which solved the issue I had locating an engage button that operationalized my unit. Thank you very much Mario!! I will think differently of the Yacht Controller Group because of you." 
 Sea Ray   40   Raymond M.   New York   "I am your number one fan! I will never own another boat without a Yacht Controller!" 
 Sea Ray   42   John W.   Illinois   "I've had my Yacht Controller since the Spring of 2004, and I love it. I have a bridge boat and prefer to dock stern in, but have zero visibility aft of the boat from the helm station. With the Yacht Controller I simply walk to the rear of the bridge where I have full visibility and am able to dock with ease. While docking with the Yacht Controller, I am often greeted with shouts of "That's cheating!" from my fellow, jealous dock mates. It has also proven to be helpful with docking in rough weather conditions. I have docked in winds of up to 35 mph, in one take. You can't defy the laws of nature, but the Yacht Controller helps you cheat them a little. By allowing you to get into a better vantage point on the boat, you can see the effects of the wind on your approach more readily, and can make adjustments before it's too late. Docking has been described as a "controlled crash", but the Yacht Controller helps put a lot more control into the equation." 
 Sea Ray   48'   Tony N.   Bayville, NJ   "I have bought thrusters, JCS joystick control plus just added a wireless fusion remote great people great service and very happy to be their customer. Mario in customer tech relations, and Derek and Tony owner and staff all great people. Actually, I am still getting more items from them. You build a relationship with this group that lasts." 
 Sea Ray   48   Mike N.   Bahamas   "Possibly the best customer service I've experienced in the marine industry. Oh, and the Yacht Controller is awesome!" 
 Sea Ray   48   Robert T.   Bahamas   "Same day service!! The wireless remote [many years old] controller was repaired within hours after they received it! A company that actually cares about their customers!" 
 Sea Ray   48   Virgilio C.   Venezuela    "Esto, es nada mas que una carta de agradecimeinto. Por el asobrozo Yacht Controller que uds. Ofrecen la verdad que es incredible. La posibilida que este brinda a la hora de atracar en el muelle y poner gasoline al barco. Una pesona sola puede, lanzar un cabo sin tener que estar corriendo. Teniedo la posibilidad de caer al agua. O de sufrir una accidente. Esto no tiene otra palabra para describirlo, sino simplemente marabilloso. Es un product excepcional. La gente se preocupa en poner tantas cosas en el barco que no usan, y el Yacht Controller es algo que realmente todo barco deberia tener. Y mas si quieres las privacidad de no tener a un ayudante o marinero abordo!"  
 Sea Ray   48   Virgilio C.   Venezuela   "This is a thank you letter. The Yacht Controller, truthfully is incredible! There are no other words to describe it, but simply wonderful, it is an exceptional product! The fact the Yacht Controller offers complete control in the palm of your hand when docking, fueling, tying lines without having to run or rely on others or avoiding accidents makes for an amazing product! People worry about investing in additions to their boats they end up not using, this is not the case with Yacht Controller. Yacht Controller is something that every boat should really have!"  
 Sea Ray   51   Ed. F   NY and FL   "I have had a Yacht Controller for almost two years on a 51 foot Sea Ray. The YC is an exceptional product that allows me to control the boat from any location on board. This is particularly important to me for docking as I often bring the boat into the slip alone. It allows me to move the boat in any direction while securing lines. The Yacht Controller is a valuable tool on any boat but a necessity on boats with limited or obstructed visibility. It can also be used from the dock to aid in securing your final lines. I have used it in many tight slips and in different marinas up and down the East Coast. The company also offers very good support to answer questions and tutorials. It is a worthwhile purchase that you will not be disappointed with." 
 Sea Ray   52   Richard C.   FL   "The [Yacht] Controller is great! It allows me to do many things single handed and also be more help to my first mate (my wife). The biggest benefit is how it allows me to move to an area which provides better visualization of the stern when backing into a tight slip or similar as there are many blind spots on my bridge. It is also cool and everyone on the dock is always impressed with the technology. I would definitely recommend!  
 Sea Ray   54   Richard N.   New Jersey   "I had the opportunity to use the Yacht Controller this weekend when we went to a less than familiar port. I was very pleased with the way that it worked. The wireless switch makes turning it on a breeze. I was asked by one dock hand if I was playing video games."  
 Sea Ray   58    Max A.    New Jersey   "Good evening, the job was completed and it came out fantastic! Thank you, Julian, for putting this package together and adding the (on/off) timer to the Yacht Graphics name. The Yacht Controller exceeded my expectations which were very high, but most of all Gabriel is an outstanding technician with loads of knowledge a particularly clean and responsible way of working and incredibly efficient. He is very clear on his orientation and proud of the work he performs for The Yacht Group. He is definitely a top asset to your team. Thanks again, best regards."  
 Sea Ray   58   Capt. Tom P.   Channel Island Harbor (Oxnard), CA   I love the Yacht Controller and cannot imagine a vessel without it! Last year we attended a boat show in which we wanted the Valkyrie at the docks. The dockmaster was concerned as the Valkyrie is 16ft wide and the dock where we wanted to go was 16ft wide PLUS there was a strong cross wind. He could not believe it when I flipped the Valkyrie in reverse and stood on the swim step guiding it in inch by inch (literally an inch space on each side) without even touching the dock! The entire dockmaster crew now always cheer and wave when the Valkyrie goes by! 
 Sea Ray   58   Eni O.   Johns Island, S.C.   "I have bought a lot of upgrades for my boats over the years, not one of these upgrades has pleased me as the Yacht controller. It has improved my boating/docking confidence. The system is very responsive, easy to us and have never had a problem with it for two years now. It was the only upgrade I agreed to install in my most recent boat. This system as far as I am concerned, is a must have." 
 Sea Ray   58   Jeffrey S.   Connecticut   "Yacht Controller has made it possible to easily dock my Sea Ray 58 Sedan Bridge single-handed! Even when we are not shorthanded it allows me to leave the helm station to handle lines and to be on deck while still in full control of the boat. My wife hates to handle the anchor chain and windlass and the Yacht Controller allows me to be on the foredeck and still "at the helm" to move the boat at will. There is no more yelling aboard my boat thanks to Yacht Controller!" 
 Sea Ray   59   Steve R.    Northport, NY    "I could not be more happy with the Yacht Controller - iThruster 200 POD promotion package you installed on my Sea Ray with Zeus Pods! I love the system. The added bow thruster has enhanced my ability to handle the boat effectively! I resort to the Yacht Controller for all my docking needs. Thank you for the packaged system provided!" 
 Sea Ray   60   David B.   Lexington, KY   "I just wanted to share with you and your people what a pleasant experience I had ordering the yacht controller and installation. Ordering, delivering and installing were done exactly when promised and the installer did a thorough job of explaining the use of the remote controller. This is an excellent aid in docking and moving around the harbor where I keep my 60 ft. Sea Ray Sundancer. I have a blind spot on the starboard rear that had caused me docking problems on more than one occasion, but with the yacht controller this problem has been completely eliminated. One person can effectively handle the 60 ft. boat with the yacht controller with no problems. I would highly recommend this product to anyone that may be considering a remote control device. 
 Sea Ray   61   Scott B.   Pensacoloa, Fl   "I purchased the Yacht Controller in January 2008 and remain a fan of the product today. I talk to boat owners all the time about the product; people are always impressed with the ease and simplicity when I dock for fuel or just an overnight stay. I am amazed at the number of boat owners that have not heard of the Yacht Controller. I own a 610 SeaRay Sundancer and the Yacht Controller allows me to operate the boat, dock and tie up without assistance, it makes big boating easy. I was concerned about service and follow up after the sale since I live in Pensacola Florida, not a problem. Good news, the product has performed flawlessly and follow-up has been awesome both in person and online. I would not be without the Yacht Controller!" 
 Sea Ray   62   Brian M.   Chicago, IL   "Purchased the boat in FL last year and brought it back to lake MI. .... Within three minutes I was educated on the proper procedure on how to properly start up the Yacht Controller..... I can now safely dock my 60 plus foot boat by myself! FANTASTIC!!!" 
 Sea Ray   65   Chris B.   Waban, MA   "My Yacht Controller is working great! It has made docking my boat much easier!" 
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