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 Fairline   62   Captain Fred   Florida   The yacht controller is the best piece of equipment I have ever had to help me handle a boat and I have 30 years of experience. It makes handling of the boat easy and precise. I can do it myself without any additional crew. 
 Navigator   62   George T.   W.A   It's safety device really! It has saved me thousands in potential fiberglass repairs avoided while docking. I often go through small and large locks and the Yacht Controller is a must have on any size boat doing so! 
 Azimut   62   Charlie C.   California   "I think the yacht controller is really, really useful. I use it all the time, including when at the bow for setting the anchor."  
 Azimut   62   Ron C.   Annapolis   "Yacht Controller is a first class operation. I have referred your company to at least 100 people. I have saved thousands, not even counting possible boat damage, just by adding up the amount of food I have been able to enjoy, instead of getting the heartburn and upset stomach associated with docking." 
 Viking   62   Eddy K.    Annapolis, MD    "I have the Yacht Controller on my Viking and I absolutely love it. I'm tickled to death with it. If you ever need a referral, you can call me any time. Thank you!" 
 Neptunus   62   Dr. Stanley S.   MIAMI, FL   With the small handheld remote controller, the operator can be anywhere on the boat, typically on the side or cockpit at a docking position, using its bow and stern thrusters, bringing the boat easily to the dock. Without hesitation, for the safety and efficiency for docking and other tight maneuvers, I highly recommend your consideration to purchase the “Yacht Controller. 
 Navigator Pacific Northwest   62   Frank S   -   "I've had my Yacht Controller for 5 years now and it is the most useful piece of equipment we have on board for docking and anchoring. We love the product and could not be without it. A must for any boater that likes to single-hand." 
 Pershing   62   Jim R.   Osterville, MA   "I just wanted all of you to know how much I am enjoying using my Yacht Controller. It's really easy and very intuitive to use, and it works great! I had one of the friends on board yesterday and took the boat from my dock to the fuel dock while standing mid ship. He was amazed! Additionally, your installer, Peter Berton, when doing the initial installation recommended that I add the anchor windless function. I called and ordered the part, and the installation was done this week. It works great as well. Peter did a great job. He was very meticulous and the installation looks great as well as working great!" 
 Azimut    62   Gary R   Ft. Lauderdale, FL   "I was having issues with my Xenta system and could not get any service support from them. I was fortunate to have come across your company who came in and removed the system and equipped my boat with Yacht Controller! What a great product! I love my Yacht Controller and am happy I made the switch! Thank you for your support."  
 Hatteras   62'   Micheal H   Kingston, ON   "I ran my boat from Naples, FL to Kingston, through 31 locks. The system works flawlessly and is an absolute must traveling through the locks. It makes this trip safe for me and my family. I would recommend the Yacht Controller to all pleasure boaters!"  
 Princess   64   Tommy B.   Knoxville, TN   After a full month of operation...I thought you would be interested to hear an update concerning our utilization of the Yacht Controller on board our Princess 64 'Now or Never'. From the time I met you in person on board in Miami for an installation adjustment service call we have traveled nearly 2,000 NM and we currently are sitting on the Eastern portion of the Tennessee River. With that said, I have to say The Yacht Controller is absolutely one of the most important components we have on board and well worth the investment. We used the Yacht Controller while we navigated thru all the locks on both the Tombig and TN river as well as all the Marinas we pulled into for fueling and docking overnight which some presented a bit of a challenge due to limited space. The Yacht Controller was invaluable in those instances and allowed for us to secure dock lines without the stress of having to scream directions at one another while maneuvering our boat into a secure position. The ability to have control while moving about to get clear lines of vision makes all the difference in the world to me and we are very satisfied with The Yacht Controller to this point! We used the Yacht Controller while we navigated thru all the locks on both the Tombig and TN river as well as all the Marinas we pulled into for fueling and docking overnight which some presented a bit of a challenge due to limited space. The Yacht Controller was invaluable in those instances and allowed for us to secure dock lines without the stress of having to scream directions at one another while maneuvering our boat into a secure position. The ability to have control while moving about to get clear lines of vision makes all the difference in the world to me and we are very satisfied with The Yacht Controller to this point! 
 Princess   64'   Don H.   Fort Lauderdale, FL   "I love the response time the Yacht Controller gives me on my CAT engine controls. A must have for any Princess owner who likes to single hand their boat! 
 Pershing    64'    Gianpiero P.    New York City, NY   "I will admit it took me months to purchase my Yacht Controller. Up until installation I still felt hesitant on the purchase as I felt was not going to be useful. Wow was I wrong! This has been the best piece of equipment for my Pershing! I only wish I had installed the season prior! Thank you for a wonderful product! You have my full support anytime you need it with any customer's considering the system." 
 Pershing   64, 74, 92   Brad C.   Miami Beach, FL.   "As a captain on several Pershing Yachts, I find the Yacht Controller to be a fantastic system! The system helps me by providing better control over the vessel with improved visibility making it much easier to dock and maneuver the vessel. The Yacht Controller allows for effortless handling and flexibility when docking or mooring. Thanks for all the support over the years!" 
 Sea Ray   65   Chris B.   Waban, MA   "My Yacht Controller is working great! It has made docking my boat much easier!" 
 Sea Ray L650    65   Tom P.    Newport Beach, CA    "Wanted to report that the Yacht Controller is working great! Your tech was terrific!"  
 Marlow   65   Warren A.   Fort Lauderdale, FL   "Everything is good... If you need a recommendation, please have your customer(s) call me and I will be happy to give you guys high marks! 
 Vicem   65   Leigh W.   Connecticut   "I installed the Yacht Controller on our Vicem motoryacht "Indra" three years ago. "Indra" is 65 LOA. Having the Yacht Controller installed makes docking and line handing of a boat this size very manageable and safe. We are delighted with the technology." 
 Viking   65   Tom T.   Toledo Yacht Club Toledo, OH   "It’s the best thing I ever did, I have only one regret I should have done it when I bought the boat I waited a year. It’s like having two more people on the boat. I talked to the Owner of yacht Controller at the Boat Show and it’s a gift. I can’t be happier with it. I tell everyone to buy it don’t wait." 
 Hatteras   65   John H.   Alaska   "It gives the Capt. The ability to look down the shear on either side of the vessel and have absolute control in real time. No need for headsets and guessing what a deckhand is or was saying over the sound of the exhaust as you are backing into a slip. This one item lowers the stress of ownership if you are an owner operator. The insurance industry should encourage the installation of your product by reducing premiums for owners with the product installed."  
 Hatteras   65   Capt Rick   Ft. Lauderdale, FL   "I use the remote to go to and from the fuel dock and it has turned out to be a necessary item when backing the boat into the slip because even a little wind really gets a hold of her. Big difference between this Hatteras M/Y and the 65' Hatteras S/F I've run for the past 16 years. Thanks again for the great service."  
 Fleming   65   Mike J   Anacortes, WA.   "The installation was an easy process. The instructions were easy to follow and initial use also was easy. After a quick demonstration, my customer had no problem using the Controller. I spent a week on the boat with him and he used the unit daily. This Yacht Controller was installed on a 65 Fleming. We had no trouble docking at the marina, backing down the channel and turning into our slip and tying up without any assistance. The Yacht Controller made it possible!" 
 Carver Marquis   65   Wally M.   Great Lakes/Myrtle Beach, S.C.   "I have a 2006 65ft Carver Marquis. I boat in the great lakes in the summer and down to Myrtle Beach in the winter. The yacht controller is absolutely incredible! I've had power boats all my life and never has boating been more pleasurable than in the past three years. I go out on it many times on my own and dock without any help from anyone. All my boating friends are amazed how easily I manage this yacht on my own. The product has paid for itself many times over just because there has been zero damage caused in docking in all kinds of weather. The most important benefit is that I no longer have any stress at all when I come in to dock. I recommend the Yacht Controller to all my friends." 
 Fairline Squadron   65   Mimi L   Lighthouse Point Yacht Club FL    "I love the Yacht Controller! Until we learned about the Yacht Controller we were considering a boat in the 50' range. Having precise control in the palm of our hands my husband was able to effectively handle a larger yacht so we in turn purchased a larger model vessel 65' in size! My husband can single-handedly dock the vessel with ease! As live aboard customers we use the Yacht Controller extensively. We will never own another boat without one! Thank you for the wonderful product." 
 Marlow   65   Steve I.   USA   "This needs to be advertised as the marriage saver! We used to have the use the headset's every time we would pull in to dock but with the Yacht Controller I can do all the lines and control the boat by myself without help from anyone else. I love it, it makes life so much better!" 
 Pacific Mariner   65   Al K.    Connecticut   I purchased a dual-channel full-function Yacht Controller, which was installed on my Pacific Mariner 65..... in late May. I have been very pleased with the unit's functionality so far - it facilitates short-handed control during docking operations exactly as expected. My wife & I would not be comfortable or feel safe operating a boat of this size ourselves without it. 
 Marquis   65   Captain Greg N.   -   "I want to thank Yacht Controller for removing a rogue wireless remote system off the owners 65' Marquis on March 7, 2018 as it has failed multiple times and clearly unsafe to operate. I have since discovered the rogue system had been installed by splicing into the Caterpillar harness' direct at the transmission solenoids and by-passing the Caterpillar processor. Thank you again for restoring the systems aboard the boat! I know now that Yacht Controller is truly the trusted brand!"  
 Offshore   65   Nick C.   -   "Love using the Yacht Controller for anchoring and docking on my 65' Offshore Yacht!" 
 Outer Reef   65    John H.   Seattle, WA   "The key for many boating couples is that one of them usually the wife is not confident with the close quarter maneuvering that is required in marinas. This product allowed my wife to gain confidence and be willing to operate our vessel in close quarter situations."  
 Azimut Fly   66'   Lance C.   Annapolis, MD   The wireless controller was an add-on to a 2017 Azimut 66 Fly that I took delivery on in November. This is an awesome device and they should be installed on every boat! 
 Custom Yacht   68   David B.   Washington   "I Can't live without it! Boating without it has become unimaginable. It is literally the best piece of equipment on my entire boat."  
 Prestige 2017   68'    Larry P.    Ft. Lauderdale, FL    I was referred to Yacht Controller by one of their customers. After my installation, I only have two words THE BEST! 
 Riva    68'    Carl T.    Ft. Lauderdale, FL   "Yacht Controller kicks ass! It works like a charm. I can dock by myself with no issues, piece of cake." 
 Marlow   70   Mark H.   Ft. Lauderdale, FL   "We have a Yacht Controller that was installed by Lee Moore about 5 years ago in Lauderdale. We just recently had to replace the [key pad] on the remote due to wear. The whole process was made easy thanks to Lee’s help in diagnosing the problem over the phone. Also, Gerald made the repair and got it back to me quickly. This is the best piece of equipment we have onboard. It makes docking the boat as simple as getting in and out of your car. Thanks for the great service!" 
 Holland   70   David B.    Bellevue, WA    I keep my boat at my house on Lake Washington with my dock I need to back in 70' with less than 2 feet on either side and I can't see from controls in either the Pilothouse or the Flybridge. Almost impossible to back in especially with a breeze. I had the then brand new 60 Series Detroit Diesels with controls you had never adapted to at this early stage in your development. It has continued to work flawlessly for over 12 years! I have never had a scratch on my boat and can put it to within inches of where I need to be in any situation including difficult crosswinds. I am over 70 and my wife is 69 and we have always run our boat by ourselves. With the Yacht Controller I run the boat entirely by myself which I do often and can even go through the locks into Puget Sound alone and all this in a 70' boat! Most user friendly piece of equipment I have AND the one piece I could NOT do without!! In the early days no one had one and we were the talk of the boating community when they watched us perform, now there are many around and haven't really met any owners who don't feel entirely like we do!  
 Marlow   70   Dave C.   Mystic, CT   "I love my Yacht Controller! It makes the boating novice a professional! I am building a new 74' Marlow and it is a must have for my new boat!" 
 Viking   70   Bob L.   San Diego, CA   "Well my Kristina 8 is safely here in San Diego. I just spent the weekend on her and operated completely alone. What a huge difference your Yacht Controller makes. Anchoring is a breeze and things like just adjusting lines at the dock (thrusters) is a piece of cake. I had to drop my wife and dog off at a hotel dock and just stood on the swim platform and eased it in with inches of movement...no problems! Moving a 70' boat around like this is almost unfair but...I LOVE IT! Huge thanks for a truly wonderful product!" 
 Trawler   70   Steve W.   West Coast, FL   "I love your product. I can handle my boat with my wife alone and I could not do so had I not had a Yacht Controller! Thank you for all your support!"  
 Ferretti   70   Peter P   Newport Beach, CA   I keep my boat at Bayside Marina. I am retired boater and am able to dock my boat alone! When I have guests on board they simply watch as I dock by myself. Thank you Yacht Controller for the support! It is truly an amazing product! 
 Holland    70   David B.    Seattle, WA   "I had the first one ever sold and installed in the Northwest on Bingo, still going strong since 2002!"  
 Maritimo    70'   Jackson W.    Destin, FL    (As a repeat customer) It is great to be back in (Yacht) Control again! Nick was on the boat first thing this morning and did a fantastic job. He was very professional and clearly knew exactly what he was doing. We discussed a couple of options (direction of windlass controls, location of receiver power switch, etc.), sorted it out and got it right the first time. He was a pleasure to work with and a great representative of your company. It was right at 14 months ago that the first installer came to the boat in Anna Maria and found the difficulty with the CAT 360 system. Your technical team certainly did a wonderful job on adapting this product as it was a very straightforward plug-and-play installation. At least Nick certainly made it look that easy. Call on me if I can be of any help. 
 Pershing   70'    Robert W.    New York    "I love my Yacht Controller! I use it from Maine down to the Florida Keys and the through the Caribbean. At first, I must say I was hesitant to buy as was not sure I would use that often. Was I wrong! I use everything I go boating! I am thankful I did equip as it is a must-have product for my Pershing Yacht! Thank you for all your support." 
 Wendon   72   Clay M.   B.C. Canada    "This is a great product , one that can be used with great confidence. "I Wish" I had found Yacht Controller sooner, could have saved a couple of repairs. LOL" 
 Marlow   72   John R. Kazmer.   USA   To all Marlow owners who don’t have a Yacht Controller – it is the best investment I have made since I got my Marlow in 2008. My wife and I run "good time Charlie" a 72 command bridge by ourselves. With the yacht commander docking is a lot easier because I can help my wife with bumpers and lines and still have complete control of the boat. It makes anchoring so much easier especially bringing up the anchor. I do not know how we did without it. I would not try it but with yacht commander you could run the boat single handedly. If you run the boat yourself without a crew yacht commander is a must have. 
 Azimut   72   Bruce W   Glen Cove NY   I have owned the Xenta controller and the joystick and both are useless for docking. The delay is too ling and units hard to operate. Yacht Controller is great to dock with and easy to use! Thank you for a great product! 
 Monte Fino   72   Mark R   Great Lakes   "I put a yacht controller on my 72' Monte Fino and just loved it. Being able to single hand a large boat is amazing."  
 Hatteras   72   Kevin T.   Ft Lauderdale, FL    "Guy Pigeon from Marine Max just finished an installation aboard our new 72' Hatteras. I love the unit and have shown a lot of customers on our big Summer cruise!"  
 Ocean Alexander   72   Tim D.   Chicago, IL   "I go through 29 locks through the Erie Canal and it makes it so much easier to get through them. Docking is also a breeze! I can no longer imagine boating without Yacht Controller!" 
 Hatteras   72   Carl R.   Naples   "I purchased a new 72 Hatteras Motor Yacht in 2008. The boat had very poor visibility on both sides as well as the stern during docking operations. Rather than install two wing stations and an aft station I chose to go with the Yacht Controller and one control station on the helm. This product makes docking a dream. I can walk to the location providing me the greatest visibility and maneuver the vessel as easily as a boat half its size. An added benefit that I did not plan on was the ability to adjust lines from the dock without assistance by controlling the engines and thrusters from shore." 
 Grand Banks   72'   Thomas A.    Palm Beach Gardens, FL    "I've used the Yacht Controller on trips to the Bahamas and up and down the East coast. I could not imagine the trips without my Yacht Controller! I recently docked it with less than 6" on each side with no issues! Thank you for providing a great system!" 
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