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 Navigator   -   Tom M.   Plymouth, MN   "I want to let everyone know that we absolutely loved having the Yacht Controller on our boat when we did the Great Loop in 2014. It was most helpful when docking in an unfamiliar marina, and every marina on the Great Loop was an unfamiliar marina. I really enjoyed being able to control the boat from any place on board. If we were backing into a slip I could be at the stern and have excellent vision of all parts of the boat. If we were docking bow in, I could be on the bow and again have a perfect view of the situation. The Yacht Controller gave my wife an added comfort level in my docking abilities."  
 Neptunus    72   John H.    Great Lakes/Michigan   "Ahhh Yacht Controller.... My wife saver!! It takes all the drama out of docking for a very pleasurable experience. I would not own another boat without one!" 
 Neptunus   55   James H.    Chicago, IL   The Yacht Controller installation was completed yesterday and works great! Vianca was very professional, keep everything clean, and gave me a complete review of the installation along with training and testing of the system. 
 Neptunus   55   Tim S.   London, ON   “It works great and definitely worth it. I would recommend it to anyone.” 
 Neptunus   56   Stephen K.   Chicago   "It is an amazing product and the best piece of equipment on my boat. The Yacht Controller is the most fabulous piece of equipment on my 56' Neptunus Hard Top Express. It stops the need for head sets, yelling, and needing help to go for a ride. It has made boating safer and more fun than the past 40 years!!! I would not own another boat without it. I would enjoy helping your company by sharing my experiences with others in the Chicago area during the summer to show how simple and easy it is to operate." 
 Neptunus   60   Ronald S.   Florida   "I am addicted to the Yacht Controller, I had bought a new 60 foot yacht and had to dock it in the middle of the night on a curved stone wall in the Erie canal on my first day on ownership. The captain could not do it and did not want to use the Yacht Controller. I was the only person on board and I had the captain and another hand on shore at the bow and stern. I had never steered or docked this boat before and my last boat was 39 ft. I was able in the dead of night to take it and turn it 180 and dock it where the two shore hands only had to reach out and loop a line without bending over. I was able to move around on the fly bridge on the decks and had complete viability and more importantly complete control." 
 Neptunus   62   Dr. Stanley S.   MIAMI, FL   With the small handheld remote controller, the operator can be anywhere on the boat, typically on the side or cockpit at a docking position, using its bow and stern thrusters, bringing the boat easily to the dock. Without hesitation, for the safety and efficiency for docking and other tight maneuvers, I highly recommend your consideration to purchase the “Yacht Controller. 
 Neptunus   75   Norman A.   Pinehurst, TX   "The Yacht Controller was one of the best components that I bought for my yacht, Bettina Vita (Neptunus 75 foot). Installation was very quick and the personnel knew what they were doing. I will never own another yacht without a Yacht Controller. I constantly used my Yacht Controller and found it to be a wonderful investment. I cannot tell you how many times I would pull into a dock space and people would ask how I did that from the bow of my vessel. It is by far best when paired with both the bow and stern thrusters. It provided increased safety for personal transfer as well as maintenance of the vessel. I can’t imagine not having one....." 
 Nimbus    33   Michael H.    Charleston, SC   "Hi, and first of all thank you for such a great product! I am using yacht controller on a single engine vessel with bow and stern thruster and the dual-band controller. " 
 NISI Xpresso   58   Craig B    New Castle, NH   "I am writing to tell you how thrilled I am with my Yacht Controllers. As you know your company designed a yacht controller system for my two boats a 58' 2013 NISI and a 40' 2004 Hinckley Talaria. You guys were great to work with and your installation was flawless. With little practice time less that 30 minutes driving the boat using the yacht controller was easy. I will say the handling on the yacht controller exceeds the handling at the helm. More than that the yacht controller allows both boats to be single handed at docking and undocking safely. I cannot tell you how happy I am and how much I spread the word to my boating friends as to the must have nature of your great product. For those that want to witness the actual driving I shot two videos today as you can see we have significant wind conditions north of 20 kn. The person driving using the yacht controller has docked the boat just a couple of times using the the product, it is just that good! Thanks for allowing me to tell my story. " 
 Nordhavn    55   Henry T.   Dana Point   "We would not be without it and show it to everyone. I feel after over a year using it that I could have dispensed with our aft control station and saved money! If I am in a tight spot I have my wife check one side or end of the boat while I walk around and make gentle adjustments with the Yacht controller. Apart from docking I find it invaluable when lowering and setting the anchor. I like to deploy the anchor from the bow and it is easy to position the boat in a tight spot and then set the anchor from the bow using the YC. It means that this can be a one person operation and I can see how well it sets from the bow. I have also found your post sales back up excellent.. not always the case with some of our other suppliers but vital when cruising a long way from home! It should be on the Nordhavn options list!!"  
 Nordic Tug    42   Courtney P.   Pensacola, FL    "I single hand a Nordic tug 42 which has a single engine and the Yacht Controller makes in and out of my tight slip so much easier. I also find the Yacht Controller very handy in certain anchoring conditions."  
 Nordic Tug   41   Bill A.    Virginia   "I've been very happy with the Yacht Controller. Docking my 41' Nordic Tug single-handed is a dream. The Yacht Controller also allows me to move freely between the stern and bow, and even step off onto the finger pier, to tie off and adjust lines...." 
 Nordlund   112   Tom B    Ft. Lauderdale, FL    We are loving our Yacht Controller! Our captain uses it all the time. It is like having extra crew! 
 North Pacific Trawler   43'   Henry M.   New Bern, NC   "Just wanted to let you know that, after using it for a year, the Yacht Controller is one of the best additions I’ve made to any of my boats." 
 Ocean Alexander    50   Jim P.    CA   "The Yacht Controller has worked out great for me! I am in California, last year I took the boat to Canada and it was just my wife and I and it allowed me to handle the boat alone while docking. People were surprised to see me do this. Not all people have the Yacht Controller and I don't know why!" 
 Ocean Alexander Trawler   50   Robert T.   -   "The entire experience was outstanding and would not hesitate to recommend this product to any boater who has difficulty visualizing the dock when approaching or departing."  
 Ocean Alexander   45   Steve W.   Florida   "To whom it may concern. I have a 45 foot boat and docking it by myself was impossible until I got the Yacht Controller. Now I can dock it just about anywhere. A terrific invention."  
 Ocean Alexander   72   Tim D.   Chicago, IL   "I go through 29 locks through the Erie Canal and it makes it so much easier to get through them. Docking is also a breeze! I can no longer imagine boating without Yacht Controller!" 
 Ocean Alexander   78   Mac S   Chicago IL   "Happy to report that the Yacht Controller is working flawlessly as expected. I continue to be a big fan." 
 Ocean Alexander   88   Jeff H.   Seattle, WA   "The Yacht Controller provides incredible flexibility to the operation of our 90 foot Ocean Alexander. My yacht's particular installation provides complete remote control of the bow and stern thruster as well as each main engine in idle forward or reverse. As an owner operator especially, the Yacht Controller allows me to single handedly dock and undock my yacht easily without assistance onboard or dockside. With the range of the Yacht Controller I will hold or maneuver my yacht alongside a dock while working on the dock securing and letting go the lines myself. And, while setting and retrieving the anchor, the Yacht Controller allows me to maneuver my yacht from the bow while observing firsthand the lead of the anchor chain. Whether a yacht is manned by an owner or a professional crew, the Yacht Controller is a very worthwhile asset to its operation."  
 Ocean Alexander   90   Daniel S.    Seattle, WA   "I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your wonderful product. I am,..... one of your biggest proponents for the wireless controller. Attached is a video of me docking the 90 Ocean Alexander in Anacortes, WA. Thank you for working with us (Ocean Alexander Seattle,WA) in this regard and I look forward to getting more of these units on our yachts. It really is as easy as it looks. There was about a 15/20 kts crosswind."  
 Ocean Alexander   -   Anonymous   USA   "My wife and I have owned 4 Yacht Controllers in my time since you came out with the product equipped on a Sea Ray, Marquis and 2 Ocean Alexanders! Over the ten years of doing business with you, I must say it has been a very pleasurable experience! I will never own another vessel without one! Thank you for the support and allowing my wife and I to enjoy great times out on the water!" 
 Ocean Sport Fish   57   Capt. Jeff   Jupiter, FL   "I told my wife and boat owner that our Yacht Controller is the best thing ever! I am truly impressed. I was able to work the Yacht Controller and dock the boat without issues on the very first try. Thank you for a great product!"  
 Ocean   100   Greg B.    Vancouver, B.C.   "I am totally impressed at the Yacht Controller's ability to help me dock my 100' Ocean with minimal help of my wife! I recommend you to all boaters that we meet. It is a wonderful product and you guys run a great company! Thank you." 
 Offshore MY   62   Bruce W.   Farmington, MO   "I have had my Yacht Controller for three years and love it !! When I dock the boat I comfortably stand at the back of the cockpit where I can see everything as I bring my 62’ Offshore boat “Odyssey” into a slip. People on the dock can’t believe how easily I handle the boat remotely. It works great !!!" 
 Offshore   64   David D.   -   "I have used the Yacht Controller for years. I use it all the time, whenever I come into a dock. ... I love it!" 
 Offshore   65   Nick C.   -   "Love using the Yacht Controller for anchoring and docking on my 65' Offshore Yacht!" 
 Outer Reef 2017   61   Dan K.   Stuart, FL   "We love our Yacht Controller! I’ve been running boats since I was a little kid, and know how to drive any type of boat. However, with our new 61’ Motor Yacht, I have the luxury of twin engines and bow & stern thrusters, but from the helm, visibility of the side of the boat and docks is limited. With my Yacht Controller, I can stand anywhere which allows me to select a spot that gives me full visibility, so docking is beyond easy whether I have help or solo." 
 Outer Reef    58   Miles C.   Miami Beach, FL   I went from a sailboat to a power boat and the crossover was a big change for me. Having the Yacht Controller greatly reduced the learning curve! It made boat handling in docking situations so much easier for me an my wife! I am very satisfied with my system and will never own another boat without one! Thank you for a great product!  
 Outer Reef    88   Helen U.    Washington, Alaska and Cape Horn   "We have used the Yacht Controller across 20,000 nautical miles and absolutely love the system! There was a docking scenario where we were in an extremely tight spot and as we were pulling in, my brother from the dock asked me to handle the boat with the wireless remote and I was able to effectively pull the boat right in with no issues! It was one of the greatest accomplishments in my life! I would recommend the Yacht Controller to anyone!" 
 Outer Reef   65   John H.   Seattle, WA   "The key for many boating couples is that one of them usually the wife is not confident with the close quarter maneuvering that is required in marinas. This product allowed my wife to gain confidence and be willing to operate our vessel in close quarter situations."  
 Pacific Mariner   65   Al K.    Connecticut   I purchased a dual-channel full-function Yacht Controller, which was installed on my Pacific Mariner 65..... in late May. I have been very pleased with the unit's functionality so far - it facilitates short-handed control during docking operations exactly as expected. My wife & I would not be comfortable or feel safe operating a boat of this size ourselves without it. 
 Palm Beach GT   50   Frank F.   Florida and Connecticut    The Yacht Controller has integrated perfectly with my IPS propulsion Palm Beach. I find it fun to use and appreciate the sense of freedom Yacht Controller provides when docking! I also enjoy using it when anchoring. Thank you for your support!  
 Palm Beach   70   Josh S.   Stuart, FL   "The entire experience, as coordinated by the extremely capable Shana, was seamless and smooth. Excellent communication, a very neat install, with no surprises. Thank you very much for the great service." 
 Palmer Johnson   123 38M   Capt. Alan    Ft. Lauderdale, FL    "Anytime anyone wants to ask about the Yacht Controller tell them to call me as it's one of the best things I have ever done in the 25 years I have been in the industry."  
 Palmer Johnson   90   Tim M.   New Orleans, LA   "I am a big fan of Yacht Controller having it installed on my 85' Houseboat and 90' Palmer Johnson! I rely on the system heavily as a docking tool and would not own another boat without one. Anytime I can be of support with prospective customers please do not hesitate to call! " 
 Pama   54   Mark G.   Jacksonville, FL   "Don't know what I could have ever done without it! (Yacht Controller)" 
 Pana   54   John M.    Boca Raton, FL    "I chose to install a Yacht Controller on my 54' Flybridge Motor Yacht to enable me to have better visibility during docking (coming and going), setting and retrieving the anchor, and general close quarters control. My wife and I no longer have to yell instructions unseen to each other, or fumble with radio headsets, and I can literally move the boat exactly where I want to go while seeing the exact distances to the dock or pier. The removal of stress during the docking is as important as the controlling of the boat. I also use it to control the thrusters to help set the fenders while at the dock. Like most, I wondered if my use of the Yacht Controller would justify the cost of the system; but after using it I now understand its a vital control system that allows calmer and safer docking due to the confidence of being able to control the boat from the best vantage point. I now consider it to be essential equipment and would not want to operate a boat without one." 
 Pershing    64   Gianpiero P.    New York City, NY   "I will admit it took me months to purchase my Yacht Controller. Up until installation I still felt hesitant on the purchase as I felt was not going to be useful. Wow was I wrong! This has been the best piece of equipment for my Pershing! I only wish I had installed the season prior! Thank you for a wonderful product! You have my full support anytime you need it with any customer's considering the system." 
 Pershing Sport Yacht 64 2009   64   Ed. R.   Egg Harbor Township, NJ   "Never in my wildest imagination would I have thought I could captain a 65’ yacht without a crew, but I’m doing it, with ease because of my Yacht Controller. Great investment!"  
 Pershing    92   Capt. John H.   Mediterranean Sea and Ft. Lauderdale, FL   "Just wanted to give you some feedback on the Yacht Controller we installed on our new Pershing 9X back in June 2018. After taking delivery in Montenegro, we immediately had the Yacht Controller installed just prior to commencing a 4-month summer cruise all over Europe. The first trip with the owners commenced in Athens Greece and continued all throughout the Aegean Sea and all Islands in between including Santorini. After the Aegean, we continued on to the Ionian region of the Greek islands, which included visiting a different island every day. As you may be aware of docking in Europe, it is all stern to/ med mooring. As I almost always operating the boat single-handed, having the Yacht Controller in this environment was essential. It was the perfect tool for safe mooring. From any location on the boat, I was always in full control of positioning the vessel. Having complete control of the boat in the palm of my hand made the environment fun and very safe for everyone. We continued on to Italy Sardinia and concluded in Genova at the end of September. Maneuvering into the slings for loading onto the ship in Genova, made life easier and safer for all. To date, I have had not one issue or any form of failure with the yacht controller. I especially like the easy, simple installation with zero cutting or fabrication or alterations to the boat. I would confidently say, the best accessory fitted to the boat. Thank you, for your constant follow-up with me, since installing the Yacht Controller. M/Y BAD INFLUENCE 2.0"  
 Pershing   62   Jim R.   Osterville, MA   "I just wanted all of you to know how much I am enjoying using my Yacht Controller. It's really easy and very intuitive to use, and it works great! I had one of the friends on board yesterday and took the boat from my dock to the fuel dock while standing mid ship. He was amazed! Additionally, your installer, Peter Berton, when doing the initial installation recommended that I add the anchor windless function. I called and ordered the part, and the installation was done this week. It works great as well. Peter did a great job. He was very meticulous and the installation looks great as well as working great!" 
 Pershing   64, 74, 92   Brad C.   Miami Beach, FL.   "As a captain on several Pershing Yachts, I find the Yacht Controller to be a fantastic system! The system helps me by providing better control over the vessel with improved visibility making it much easier to dock and maneuver the vessel. The Yacht Controller allows for effortless handling and flexibility when docking or mooring. Thanks for all the support over the years!" 
 Pershing   70   Robert W.    New York     "I love my Yacht Controller! I use it from Maine down to the Florida Keys and through the Caribbean. At first, I must say I was hesitant to buy as I was not sure I would use that often. Was I wrong! I use it every time I go boating! I am thankful I did equip as it is a must-have product for my Pershing Yacht! Thank you for all your support."  
 Pershing   74    Keith W.   Virginia Beach, VA   "The Yacht Controller works great! I have found so many uses for the Yacht Controller aside from docking. I can have friends and family safely board the boat as I hold the vessel dockside or when pulling up to restaurants. People are always amazed as I effortlessly handle my boat! Thank you for the wonderful product. I continue to be a supporter of the product and always look to promote it to prospective customers."  
 Pershing   80   Rob L.   -   "We recently purchased a lesser known controller for our 80 ft boat. It was plagued with problems. We contacted the Yacht Controller. They uninstalled the original and installed a new Yacht Controller. The new Yacht Controller is amazing ! We learned how to use the 1st time out. This is a great company with a fantastic staff ! No doubt YACHT CONTROLLER is the route to go ! " 
 Pershing   90   Capt. Rick   Miami, FL   "I have used the Yacht Controller on my 90' Pershing for over 5 years now and it works flawlessly! I love it! It makes handling a boat this size a breeze. Thank you for the great product." 
 PR Baron    102   Kevin W.   -   "We had scheduled the installation of the Yacht Controller when we traded boats last February and cancelled after we tried the wired remote that was on the boat. I am now ready to toss the wire and install the Yacht Controller!" 
 Prestige 2017   68   Larry P.    Ft. Lauderdale, FL    I was referred to Yacht Controller by one of their customers. After my installation, I only have two words THE BEST! 
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