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 Azimut   51   Rick K.   New Jersey   "I love my new Yacht Controller! I'm in total control. The greatest invention since sliced bread. I have never damaged my boat docking again since I purchased the Yacht Controller. I no longer fear docking my boat." 
 Palmer Johnson   90'   Tim M.   New Orleans, LA   "I am a big fan of Yacht Controller having it installed on my 85' Houseboat and 90' Palmer Johnson! I rely on the system heavily as a docking tool and would not own another boat without one. Anytime I can be of support with prospective customers please do not hesitate to call! " 
 Viking M/Y   60   Aaron F.   New Rochelle, NY   "I love my Yacht Controller! I've had it for several years and use it EVERY time I go boating! It simplifies the docking procedure and allows me to handle my 70-ton boat all alone. My wife and I go boating and she no longer has to worry about having to deal with casting off or docking procedure." 
 Harbor Master   46   Richard S.   New York   "I love it! I think it is a fantastic product. It is the best piece of equipment on my boat." 
 Cruisers   53'    Philip G.    New York    "I just wanted to take a moment to say how great it has been working with you. Your exceedingly high professionalism in your area of customer support has exceeded my expectations and has made me continue to not only be a loyal customer but rave about Yacht Controller as Whole. Great job and keep up the fine work!" 
 Carver   53   Capt. Ron   New York   "I love the fact that I have complete control of the boat while in any location on the boat while docking. I can accurately move the boat within inches in any direction I choose."  
 Sea Ray   40   Raymond M.   New York   "I am your number one fan! I will never own another boat without a Yacht Controller!" 
 Meridian   58   Allan C.   New York   "The Yacht Controller works extremely well on my Meridian 58 PH. I especially find it useful when docking in tight places. While reversing into a slip, I can walk to the aft of the boat to see perfectly and then walk forward to make sure I have enough room to swing the bow around. I was delighted to have my Yacht Controller recently while docking in Nantucket. The boat took up most of the fairway while turning to reverse into a slip, and my Yacht Controller made docking a piece of cake. It is difficult to judge the closeness of the side of the boat to a dock while at the controls on my boat. I simply walk to the side of the flybridge to have a great view and simply move the boat sideways into a dock. The Yacht Controller is well worth the cost when you consider that a minor accident while docking can result in thousands of dollars." 
 Meridian   58   Bob H.   New York   "The Yacht Controller works perfectly on my new Meridian purchased through Marine Max! Everyone in Huntington Harbor has become aware of the Yacht Controller. I form a crowd every time I dock my boat with Yacht Controller at the harbor."  
 Riviera   54   Mark B.   New York   "It has been the greatest marital aide ever invented for boating. I am going to make a video on my boat with the NY City skyline to put on your website. I feel completely confident when docking at marinas. My yacht controller saves me $50,000 yearly in captain salaries. On three different occasions, I have astonished boat captain's with many years experience." 
 Pershing   70'    Robert W.    New York    "I love my Yacht Controller! I use it from Maine down to the Florida Keys and the through the Caribbean. At first, I must say I was hesitant to buy as was not sure I would use that often. Was I wrong! I use everything I go boating! I am thankful I did equip as it is a must-have product for my Pershing Yacht! Thank you for all your support." 
 Mochi Craft   44'   Jorge K.   New York    I love the Yacht Controller! It is great for short handed docking. Anchoring and mooring can be done all by myself! It is a great system and best of all has eliminated arguing between my wife and I when docking! Thank you! 
 Pershing    64'    Gianpiero P.    New York City, NY   "I will admit it took me months to purchase my Yacht Controller. Up until installation I still felt hesitant on the purchase as I felt was not going to be useful. Wow was I wrong! This has been the best piece of equipment for my Pershing! I only wish I had installed the season prior! Thank you for a wonderful product! You have my full support anytime you need it with any customer's considering the system." 
 Galeon   50   MarineMax / Mitch S.   New York, NY   "Thank You, Chris! I really appreciate all your help…My customer loves his Yacht Controller. He can’t live without it!" 
 Ferretti   70   Peter P   Newport Beach, CA   I keep my boat at Bayside Marina. I am retired boater and am able to dock my boat alone! When I have guests on board they simply watch as I dock by myself. Thank you Yacht Controller for the support! It is truly an amazing product! 
 Westbay Sonship   78   Jim D.   Newport Beach, CA   "The boat resides behind a luxury private residence on a very tight canal, therefore, maneuvering in and out of the slip requires precision. One wrong move would certainly mean a collision with another boat. The Yacht Controller is a fantastic tool and locks in that 100% reliability that one would require from a wireless system. The Captain is able to operate the Yacht Controller with 100% signal lock from anywhere on the boat including the engine room! We observed 100% performance with no drop in signal between the handheld unit and the Yacht Controller transceiver for a measured the distance of 275 feet!" 
 Sea Ray L650    65   Tom P.    Newport Beach, CA    "Wanted to report that the Yacht Controller is working great! Your tech was terrific!"  
 Grand Banks   49   Tim C.   Newport Beach, CA.   "My wife and I own a 49 FT Grand Banks Eastbay and our Yacht Controller gives us complete maneuverability, even in the tightest space. My wife can back our boat into our slip with no problems. We pick up our mooring at Catalina Island regardless of wind and currents. It is a fantastic instrument." "This is our second docking instrument. Our first one was another brand and it was a disaster. It continually shorted out our electrical system, leaving us with no controls." 
 Viking   58’   Robert   Newport Beach, California   The Yacht Controller is probably the best option I’ve ever put on the boat. I was just docking this morning by myself and wind was blowing pretty good today. It was easy as pie! 
 Sealine   42/5   Anne A.   North Carolina   "I am the owner of a F42.5 Sealine. My husband who is the captain and I took delivery of the vessel in May 2004. The yacht controller was a part of the delivery package, and we have depended on the convenience afforded by the Yacht Controller of maneuverability of the vessel in tight quarters since we have owned the boat. As the 'first mate' or Admiral, as I prefer to be called, the smoothness of docking is much better with the Yacht Controller than without. When we are docking or leaving dock, I am usually the one scampering around securing the lines and fenders, so lurching forward or backward is always risky for the one is manning the deck. With the Yacht Controller, movements are quite easy and smooth. I would miss having the Yacht Controller on our vessel."  
 Cruisers    44'    Vance W.   North Carolina   I got the system installed and it works great! 
 Carver   37   Tadd H.    North Carolina   "Best investment I've made on the boat! The electronic control refit with the Yacht Controller remote and the stern thruster have completely changed the way I boat. I am looking to upgrade to a larger boat in a couple of years and will definitely add your systems to that one as well."  
 Sea Ray   59'    Steve R.    Northport, NY    "I could not be more happy with the Yacht Controller - iThruster 200 POD promotion package you installed on my Sea Ray with Zeus Pods! I love the system. The added bow thruster has enhanced my ability to handle the boat effectively! I resort to the Yacht Controller for all my docking needs. Thank you for the packaged system provided!" 
 Sea Ray   51   Ed. F   NY and FL   "I have had a Yacht Controller for almost two years on a 51 foot Sea Ray. The YC is an exceptional product that allows me to control the boat from any location on board. This is particularly important to me for docking as I often bring the boat into the slip alone. It allows me to move the boat in any direction while securing lines. The Yacht Controller is a valuable tool on any boat but a necessity on boats with limited or obstructed visibility. It can also be used from the dock to aid in securing your final lines. I have used it in many tight slips and in different marinas up and down the East Coast. The company also offers very good support to answer questions and tutorials. It is a worthwhile purchase that you will not be disappointed with." 
 Meridian   39   Ed F.   NY, NY   "I like the way the controller works very much, and I appreciate your fine service." 
 Silverton   45   John U.   Ohio   "Gives me the freedom to be in any location on the boat needed to have the visibility I need." 
 Carver   46   Gary J.   Ontario   "I am very happy with my Yacht Controller. Its the best item I've added to my 2001 466 Carver as you cannot see the dock from the helm it's a judgement as to how close you are, with the yacht controller standing out on the deck you know where you are at all times. It makes docking a pleasure and in 3 years of use its been trouble free." 
 American Tug    41   Mike C.   Ontario, Canada   "I have owned the Yacht Controller for years and love it! I took the "Great Loop" trip on my American Tug and was able to handle the boat the entire trip on my own! Anchoring was also much easier with the Yacht Controller in hand. If I ever buy another boat I will surely add the Yacht Controller!" 
 Catamaran PDQ    41   Jeff B.   Osterville, MA   I was introduced to your fantastic product at the Palm Beach Boat Show... The product is a life saver and it would be difficult to get by without it! 
 Pershing   62   Jim R.   Osterville, MA   "I just wanted all of you to know how much I am enjoying using my Yacht Controller. It's really easy and very intuitive to use, and it works great! I had one of the friends on board yesterday and took the boat from my dock to the fuel dock while standing mid ship. He was amazed! Additionally, your installer, Peter Berton, when doing the initial installation recommended that I add the anchor windless function. I called and ordered the part, and the installation was done this week. It works great as well. Peter did a great job. He was very meticulous and the installation looks great as well as working great!" 
 Aquila   38   Jerry B.   Oyster Harbors, Osterville MA   "I was introduced to the Yacht Controller while considering purchasing a large power catamaran with a 15 foot beam at the Palm Beach Boat Show in March 2013. My final decision to purchase the boat was based on having a Yacht Controller installed in order to get in and out of tight dockage spaces. When I come into a tight dock area and stand on the bow with the Yacht Controller all heads on land turn and people come up to me asking about the remote control. I sometimes even stand on the aft section of the upper deck and back into tight dockage spaces. I enthusiastically recommend the Yacht Controller to anyone with a large power boat, especially for single handed operation. It is an essential operating tool." 
 Selene   53   Nancy D.   Pacific NW   "The Yacht Controller gives me wireless control of the thrusters as well as transmission, and windlass. I love it! It enables me to be outside on deck where I have a better visibility when docking or anchoring. In late April, after the day of training on the Yacht Controller, I single-handed the two hours from Sidney in Canada to Roche Harbor in the U.S., having to first dock at customs before docking at my assigned slip. This was then repeated upon my return to Canada. The purpose of my cruise to Roche Harbor was to attend the annual Pacific Northwest Selene Rendezvous. At the final dinner I was awarded a handheld VHF for the accomplishment of single - handling. This successful cruise was a real confidence booster for me and it was wonderful for my accomplishment to be recognized."  
 Grand Banks   72'   Thomas A.    Palm Beach Gardens, FL    "I've used the Yacht Controller on trips to the Bahamas and up and down the East coast. I could not imagine the trips without my Yacht Controller! I recently docked it with less than 6" on each side with no issues! Thank you for providing a great system!" 
 Azimut   42   Bill L.   Pennsylvania   "I absolutely love it! It gives me a tremendous sense of safety. I do a lot of boating on my own and having the Yacht Controller gives me the mate I need to dock my boat with total control. I now have the freedom to go boating on windy days knowing I have the Yacht Controller to safely dock my boat."  
 Nordic Tug    42   Courtney P.   Pensacola, FL   "I single hand a Nordic tug 42 which has a single engine and the Yacht Controller makes in and out of my tight slip so much easier. I also find it the Yacht Controller very handy in certain anchoring conditions." 
 Sea Ray   61   Scott B.   Pensacoloa, Fl   "I purchased the Yacht Controller in January 2008 and remain a fan of the product today. I talk to boat owners all the time about the product; people are always impressed with the ease and simplicity when I dock for fuel or just an overnight stay. I am amazed at the number of boat owners that have not heard of the Yacht Controller. I own a 610 SeaRay Sundancer and the Yacht Controller allows me to operate the boat, dock and tie up without assistance, it makes big boating easy. I was concerned about service and follow up after the sale since I live in Pensacola Florida, not a problem. Good news, the product has performed flawlessly and follow-up has been awesome both in person and online. I would not be without the Yacht Controller!" 
 Krogen Express   52'    Steve W.    Pompano, FL    "I love the Yacht Controller! I handle the boat all alone. My wife appreciates the system as she no longer has to help with lines or fenders." 
 Navigator   56   Gordon S.   Port Moody, B.C.   "I am very pleased with the Yacht Controller and use it all the time. The main use for me is on the BC coast when anchoring, we very often have to run a stern line to the shore. The Yacht Controller, needless to say, makes this manoeuvre so very much easier and keeps my wife much more relaxed......." 
 Azimut   55   Julio D.   Puerto Rico   "The Yacht Controller has been my best investment. The ease of use and the security features are exceptional. Every boat must have one. This devices make any person an expert Captain." 
 Meridian   44    Yan H.    Quebec City, Quebec Canada    "I presently own a Meridian 441 with Yacht Controller wireless remote and I love it!"  
 Marlow   57'    Keith M.    Raleigh, N.C.    "I love my Yacht Controller and so do all my friends who own one! I would not consider buying another boat without one! Thank you" 
 Krogen   57   Robert B.   Rapids City, SD   "I love it! It is especially helpful in docking - I have a 57' boat that has to go through a 60' lock to dock. It works great for this!" 
 Marquis   59   Joseph M.   Rhode Island   "It gives you the ability to create your own confident spot on the boat to maneuver the boat."  
 Westbay   55   Celeste K   Roach Harbor, WA   As a female boater, I had my finest docking moment at Roach Harbor with my Yacht Controller in hand! I had to dock the boat between two boats with a few inches on each side in clearance and was able to do so all by myself as men running down the docks arrived in amazement and started to clap! It was a great feeling. I would never own another boat without one! 
 Riva    88' Riva    Jesus S.    Sag Harbor, New York    "The Yacht Controller is easy to use and works perfectly while moving in and out of the marina. It allows me to single-handedly dock this boat where without I would never be able to do so! Thank you!"  
 Viking   70   Bob L.   San Diego, CA   "Well my Kristina 8 is safely here in San Diego. I just spent the weekend on her and operated completely alone. What a huge difference your Yacht Controller makes. Anchoring is a breeze and things like just adjusting lines at the dock (thrusters) is a piece of cake. I had to drop my wife and dog off at a hotel dock and just stood on the swim platform and eased it in with inches of movement...no problems! Moving a 70' boat around like this is almost unfair but...I LOVE IT! Huge thanks for a truly wonderful product!" 
 Viking   54   Donald G.   San Dusky, OH   "Wow! What an incredible piece of equipment to have for stern docking...to be able to leave the bridge and the controls I've been acquainted with for 35 years and travel anywhere; bow, aft deck, other side on the boat, has certainly allowed me the assurance and confidence of a smooth docking. As a matter of fact, I found myself using it more often than necessary. I ask myself often, why did I wait so long!" 
 Californian   61   -   San Francisco, CA   We are on our Benicia Yacht Club's "Summer Cruise" currently docked at "Grindstone Joe's" private island marina in the Sacramento Delta (about 70 miles by water southeast of San Francisco). We called our fellow cruisers who were already docked and were told to come on in and side tie to starboard- lots of dock space. When we arrived 20 minutes later, two other boats had pulled in, leaving us about 65 feet (for our 61.5 foot boat). With about 10 of our companions watching (some anxiously), with your Yacht Controller, while standing on the starboard side deck so I could see both bow and stern (and hear the many "helpful suggestions"),slid Seasons into the available space. I would not have tried this maneuver operating from either our bridge or aft cockpit stations alone.  
 Marquis    72'    Danny P.    San Jose, CA   "I like the Yacht Controller on my old boat especially when we are pulling anchor and we are up in the bow and needing to move forward as the chain comes in. I look forward to equipping my new build!"  
 Carver Pilothouse   53   James R.   Sandusky, OH   "I am the 89th Commodore of Sandusky Yacht Club, a 11S-year old Club with 1,000 members and a fleet of 6S0 boats located on Sandusky Bay in Lake Erie. Each year at our annual Regatta we have many water events for both power and sail boats. This year in our docking contest, twin screw classification trlck Glynos garnered the top position using his "Yacht Controller" on his 53 ft I Carver Pilothouse Motoryacht. Nick amazed the judges and spectators alike by how effortlessly he was able to dock with the use of the remote control while standing on the bow of hislboat. Nick has docked his boat at many of our sailaways in spots where he would never have been able without the use of the remote controlled "Yacht Controller." It has become a crowd-pleasing event to witness Nick's docking abilities using your product; it has piqued the interest of many." 
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