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 Neptunus   56   Stephen K.   Chicago   "It is an amazing product and the best piece of equipment on my boat. The Yacht Controller is the most fabulous piece of equipment on my 56' Neptunus Hard Top Express. It stops the need for head sets, yelling, and needing help to go for a ride. It has made boating safer and more fun than the past 40 years!!! I would not own another boat without it. I would enjoy helping your company by sharing my experiences with others in the Chicago area during the summer to show how simple and easy it is to operate." 
 Cruisers   56   Drew A.   Cochranville, PA.    "The Yacht Controller has worked out well and is very handy to have. I have used it on several occasions where it would have been impossible to do from the helm" 
 Carver   56   Mark B.   Tennessee   I installed the updated yacht controller this weekend and it performed flawlessly. I was able to walk over 100' from my boat and it never lost communications. I am very happy with your unit..... Your company truly stands behind your product. Thanks again. 
 Carver    56    Joe A.    Charleston, SC   "Hello Anthony, love the yacht controller makes life fun....also. love the all-weather gear! Thanks and looking at other products you offer!" 
 Carver Voyager   57   Dana S.   -   I have owned a Yacht Controller for over 5 years and I love the system! Thank you for your help...The Yacht Controller team did a great job! You have built a fine company that really cares about your customers!  
 Ocean Sport Fish   57   Capt. Jeff   Jupiter, FL   "I told my wife and boat owner that our Yacht Controller is the best thing ever! I am truly impressed. I was able to work the Yacht Controller and dock the boat without issues on the very first try. Thank you for a great product!"  
 Carver   57   Bob D.   Washington   "I have been a boat and yacht owner for over 25 years now. My recent pleasure boat is a carver 57 ft. When I first learned of the yacht controller, I knew I had to have it. I had it installed, and since then the thought of having to move the yacht myself is no longer a challenge. Here in the Seattle area, I go in and out of the Ballard locks often. Having the yacht controller has made it more of a pleasure going through the locks rather than a chore. The unit is extremely reliable. Many boaters have seen how handy the yacht controller is. I am sure they have purchased one and I would recommend the yacht controller to anyone."  
 Carver   57   Joe O.   Maryland   "As I was telling you at the Miami boat show, I was the third boat in the United States to have the Yacht controller installed. I am so glad that I took the chance on your product. I have a 57 carver which can be a little tricky docking because of the very limited view, especially with a dinghy sitting on the upper deck. The yacht controller makes it a breeze. My wife has a bad back so that leaves me with no first mate assistance but with the remote I can be my own first mate. I also have a bad back and the controller is a must as I could not easily tie the lines without it. When I am docking my pilothouse I usually stand on the swim platform or the cockpit which causes an immediate audience when they see no one at either of the helm controls. I have been applauded many times. When I first got the controller I had only been boating for a little over a year and had the swim platform repaired once already but no reoccurrences since the controller was installed. I'll never own another boat without it."  
 Carver    57   Blaine M.   Annapolis, MD   "The controller has been a godsend. Managed to jam the 57' (Carver) into a 60 foot space on the Annapolis city dock this summer- with a huge audience of course!" 
 Krogen   57   Robert B.   Rapids City, SD   "I love it! It is especially helpful in docking - I have a 57' boat that has to go through a 60' lock to dock. It works great for this!" 
 Marlow   57'    Keith M.    Raleigh, N.C.    "I love my Yacht Controller and so do all my friends who own one! I would not consider buying another boat without one! Thank you" 
 Jefferson    57'    Phil & Mary L.    Clearwater, FL   "Hey Tony, ...The addition of the stern thrusters on the Jefferson 57 made a big difference in us handling her. Since we are older (76 & 67 now) and handled the vessel ourselves, the additional stern thruster gave us the added maneuverability to put the 65' LOA vessel anywhere. Also, we would highly recommend the Yacht Controller for a large vessel, particularly if it's a couple with no additional crew. Mary L, USCG Master Phil L." 
 Fairline   58   Joseph L.   Aventura, FL   "This feature [Yacht Controller] allows me to be all over the boat when docking instead of being stuck at the helm, I can help when I have non experienced guests on board." 
 Sirena   58   Matt H.    West Palm Beach FL   This is my second Yacht Controller and I can't say enough for the product and its benefits. I love the Yacht Controller! Very easy to use and enjoy the versatility and mobility it provides. Having recently installed my second system I was very impressed at the plug and play clean factory looking installation and was pleased to see that my MAN engine and Aventics control warranties remain intact due to the Yacht Controller working relationship. If I can ever be of support please feel free to use this testimonial!  
 Meridian   58   Bob H.   New York   "The Yacht Controller works perfectly on my new Meridian purchased through Marine Max! Everyone in Huntington Harbor has become aware of the Yacht Controller. I form a crowd every time I dock my boat with Yacht Controller at the harbor."  
 Sea Ray   58   Captain Tom Petersen   Channel Island Harbor (Oxnard), CA   I love the Yacht Controller and cannot imagine a vessel without it! Last year we attended a boat show in which we wanted the Valkyrie at the docks. The dockmaster was concerned as the Valkyrie is 16ft wide and the dock where we wanted to go was 16ft wide PLUS there was a strong cross wind. He could not believe it when I flipped the Valkyrie in reverse and stood on the swim step guiding it in inch by inch (literally an inch space on each side) without even touching the dock! The entire dockmaster crew now always cheer and wave when the Valkyrie goes by! 
 Sea Ray Sundancer   58   John W.   Detroit, MI   "This is my second one. It has taken the fear out of docking, and saves on fiberglass repairs!"  
 Sea Ray Sedan Bridge   58   Robert C.   Venice, FL   "It has made a big difference in docking my boat. I have a Sedan Bridge and it is very hard for me to see when backing into a dock. Now I can just go to the swim platform to dock - much easier!" 
 Sea Ray   58   Eni O.   Johns Island, S.C.   "I have bought a lot of upgrades for my boats over the years, not one of these upgrades has pleased me as the Yacht controller. It has improved my boating/docking confidence. The system is very responsive, easy to us and have never had a problem with it for two years now. It was the only upgrade I agreed to install in my most recent boat. This system as far as I am concerned, is a must have." 
 Outer Reef    58   Miles C.   Miami Beach, FL   I went from a sailboat to a power boat and the crossover was a big change for me. Having the Yacht Controller greatly reduced the learning curve! It made boat handling in docking situations so much easier for me an my wife! I am very satisfied with my system and will never own another boat without one! Thank you for a great product!  
 NISI Xpresso   58   Craig B    New Castle, NH   "I am writing to tell you how thrilled I am with my Yacht Controllers. As you know your company designed a yacht controller system for my two boats a 58' 2013 NISI and a 40' 2004 Hinckley Talaria. You guys were great to work with and your installation was flawless. With little practice time less that 30 minutes driving the boat using the yacht controller was easy. I will say the handling on the yacht controller exceeds the handling at the helm. More than that the yacht controller allows both boats to be single handed at docking and undocking safely. I cannot tell you how happy I am and how much I spread the word to my boating friends as to the must have nature of your great product. For those that want to witness the actual driving I shot two videos today as you can see we have significant wind conditions north of 20 kn. The person driving using the yacht controller has docked the boat just a couple of times using the the product, it is just that good! Thanks for allowing me to tell my story. " 
 Meridian   58   Allan C.   New York   "The Yacht Controller works extremely well on my Meridian 58 PH. I especially find it useful when docking in tight places. While reversing into a slip, I can walk to the aft of the boat to see perfectly and then walk forward to make sure I have enough room to swing the bow around. I was delighted to have my Yacht Controller recently while docking in Nantucket. The boat took up most of the fairway while turning to reverse into a slip, and my Yacht Controller made docking a piece of cake. It is difficult to judge the closeness of the side of the boat to a dock while at the controls on my boat. I simply walk to the side of the flybridge to have a great view and simply move the boat sideways into a dock. The Yacht Controller is well worth the cost when you consider that a minor accident while docking can result in thousands of dollars." 
 Vicem   58   Harold K   Vancouver    I will admit I was reluctant to buy the system at first but boy was I glad I did! I love my Yacht Controller! The Yacht Controller has saved me more in hull damage than the cost to buy the system! Thank you for all the support. 
 Marlow   58   Bill P.   Sarasota, FL    I love my Yacht Controller on my Marlow! its the best piece of equipment on my boat! Thank you for a wonderful product. 
 Vicem   58   Craig M.   Florida   "In 3 yrs our 58' Vicem, Nightwatch has seen over 100 marinas from Nantucket to Miami. With Yacht Controller our docking is a breeze. With only a foot or two to spare we can slide into any slip, often to the amazement of onlookers. We've even received applause." 
 Sea Ray   58   Jeffrey S.   Connecticut   "Yacht Controller has made it possible to easily dock my Sea Ray 58 Sedan Bridge single-handed! Even when we are not shorthanded it allows me to leave the helm station to handle lines and to be on deck while still in full control of the boat. My wife hates to handle the anchor chain and windlass and the Yacht Controller allows me to be on the foredeck and still "at the helm" to move the boat at will. There is no more yelling aboard my boat thanks to Yacht Controller!" 
 Sea Ray - Sedan Bridge   58    Sea Gull   -   "I have a Yacht Controller installed on my Sea Ray 58 Sedan Bridge. I use it every time I am on the boat and I cannot imagine living without it. I have been boating for more than 40 years and hold a USCG Masters license. I have taught sailing and boat handling since I was 18. When we bought Sea Gull, we looked at a lot of options for a second helm station. The Yacht Controller seemed to be the most elegant, versatile system on the market. We don't have to go into the electronic versus mechanical argument since Sea Gull already had electronic primary controls. The only leap of faith was the wireless function. We also looked at wired controls, both fixed position and with a long cord, but the wireless seemed more appropriate for us. It's usually just two of us operating the boat. We often have guests, but it is rare that we have people who can help handle the boat. The first place the Yacht Controller is helpful is when anchoring. I bring the boat to the position where I want to anchor and stop. I then walk to the bow and begin to lower the anchor. With the Yacht Controller in hand, I can bump the engines into reverse as the anchor chain pays out. Once the anchor is down and the right amount of scope is out, I can give the boat a good burst of reverse thrust to set the anchor. When it's time to weigh anchor, the process is reversed. I can be at the bow with a foot on the windlass control, a hand on the Yacht Controller and the wash-down hose in the other hand. I bump the boat forward and bring up the anchor washing with fresh water as I go. Once the anchor is aboard, I can use the Yacht Controller to hold the boat in position while I get back to the bridge. Docking is the place where the Yacht Controller really shines. At the very least it allows me to see the port side of the boat as we approach a dock. I am also free to move to the front of the fly bridge, to get a clear view below the bow or even to descend to the cockpit. Having this freedom of movement allows me to both control the boat and handle dock lines, essential for single-handed or even short-handed operation. Remember, that with a boat of this size, close is not good enough. With even a little wind or current it is almost impossible to move the boat by manual brute force. You cannot haul the boat fore or aft along the dock or pull the bow or stern line to move the boat closer to the dock. All movement is done with engines (and bow thruster) in a slow, purposeful way. The Yacht Controller allows me to be in total control. " 
 Sea Ray   58    Max A.    New Jersey   "Good evening, the job was completed and it came out fantastic! Thank you, Julian, for putting this package together and adding the (on/off) timer to the Yacht Graphics name. The Yacht Controller exceeded my expectations which were very high, but most of all Gabriel is an outstanding technician with loads of knowledge a particularly clean and responsible way of working and incredibly efficient. He is very clear on his orientation and proud of the work he performs for The Yacht Group. He is definitely a top asset to your team. Thanks again, best regards."  
 Viking   58’   Robert   Newport Beach, California   The Yacht Controller is probably the best option I’ve ever put on the boat. I was just docking this morning by myself and wind was blowing pretty good today. It was easy as pie! 
 Marquis   59   Joseph M.   Rhode Island   "It gives you the ability to create your own confident spot on the boat to maneuver the boat."  
 Marquis   59'    John D.    -   "I had my Yacht Controller installed on my 59' Marquis and I can gladly say it is the best investment I've ever made for me and my wife's boating experience! The installation was excellent the entire process by The Yacht Group was amazing. I'd highly recommend the Yacht Controller for anyone who never wants to have docking issues again! The Yacht Controller is great for new boaters, seasoned boaters, and captains alike! Thank you again for your service!" 
 Marquis   59'    Dave D.    West Palm Beach, FL    I love my Yacht Controller! I purchased it many years ago and it still works flawlessly! The Yacht Controller was the deciding factor on the purchase of the larger Marquis. I can't thank you enough for providing a wonderful product! I will never own another boat without one! 
 Sea Ray   59'    Steve R.    Northport, NY    "I could not be more happy with the Yacht Controller - iThruster 200 POD promotion package you installed on my Sea Ray with Zeus Pods! I love the system. The added bow thruster has enhanced my ability to handle the boat effectively! I resort to the Yacht Controller for all my docking needs. Thank you for the packaged system provided!" 
 Marquis    59'    Mark M.    Clearwater, FL   "This is a wonderful product (Yacht Controller). Very intuitive. This boat has challenges with visibility to some quarters from the helm. Was able to move and see what's happening while docking. Love it!" 
 Viking M/Y   60   Aaron F.   New Rochelle, NY   "I love my Yacht Controller! I've had it for several years and use it EVERY time I go boating! It simplifies the docking procedure and allows me to handle my 70-ton boat all alone. My wife and I go boating and she no longer has to worry about having to deal with casting off or docking procedure." 
 Hatteras   60   Jean D.   Barbados   "This equipment is super!" 
 Sunseeker    60   Jacques L.   Miami. Fl   "The Yacht Controller is fantastic! I recently took the boat to the Bahamas with my family on a 10 day trip and was able to dock the boat all alone every time! With the Yacht Controller in hand, it was simple to do! Thank you"  
 60 Sea Ray Sundancer   60   Erick U.   San Juan, Puerto Rico   "I'm very happy with my system! This system is my assistant!!" 
 Neptunus   60   Ronald S.   Florida   "I am addicted to the Yacht Controller, I had bought a new 60 foot yacht and had to dock it in the middle of the night on a curved stone wall in the Erie canal on my first day on ownership. The captain could not do it and did not want to use the Yacht Controller. I was the only person on board and I had the captain and another hand on shore at the bow and stern. I had never steered or docked this boat before and my last boat was 39 ft. I was able in the dead of night to take it and turn it 180 and dock it where the two shore hands only had to reach out and loop a line without bending over. I was able to move around on the fly bridge on the decks and had complete viability and more importantly complete control." 
 Sea Ray   60   David B.   Lexington, KY   "I just wanted to share with you and your people what a pleasant experience I had ordering the yacht controller and installation. Ordering, delivering and installing were done exactly when promised and the installer did a thorough job of explaining the use of the remote controller. This is an excellent aid in docking and moving around the harbor where I keep my 60 ft. Sea Ray Sundancer. I have a blind spot on the starboard rear that had caused me docking problems on more than one occasion, but with the yacht controller this problem has been completely eliminated. One person can effectively handle the 60 ft. boat with the yacht controller with no problems. I would highly recommend this product to anyone that may be considering a remote control device. 
 Horizon    60   Adam B.   BVI, Caribbean   "I tell so many people about the product (Yacht Controller). I love mine! I am the talk in Virgin Gorda Yacht Harbour! They love it!" 
 Symbol   60   Philip T.   Florida   "Just a short note to say your Yacht Controller is the best! My wife and I navigate our 60' Symbol Motor yacht together. The Yacht Controller is just like having that extra set of hands that makes life, docking and close in maneuvering safe and fun."  
 Vicem   60'   Leigh W.   Stuart, FL   "I have had the system (Yacht Controller) installed on three different boats, the first in 2005 and the most recent last year (2016). I have also recommended the system to friends. I understand the unit installed in 2005 is still functioning normally. Yacht Controller has been a highly reliable addition to each of my boats. It is highly responsive and the vessel is so much easier to maneuver in any wind or current conditions with the handheld unit. Improves safety significantly. My wife and I handle our current 51’ Dettling on our own, as we did our 60’ Vicem when we installed the first one. A really terrific concept! My best Leigh" 
 Viking Sport Fish   61   Alex C.   Key Biscayne, Fl.   "As a captain, the Yacht Controller allows me to effectively do my job and still enjoy fishing! When deep drop fishing and setting your drift, you can keep the fishing lines straight without having to be at the helm, controlling the boat with the Yacht Controller hanging around your neck. Yacht Controller is also beneficial for kite fishing. Keeping the kite's straight with the Yacht Controller in hand is a breeze. The Yacht Controller puts you in the best position to watch the kites and ensure they don't tangle all while fishing! Fish on! 
 Californian   61   -   San Francisco, CA   We are on our Benicia Yacht Club's "Summer Cruise" currently docked at "Grindstone Joe's" private island marina in the Sacramento Delta (about 70 miles by water southeast of San Francisco). We called our fellow cruisers who were already docked and were told to come on in and side tie to starboard- lots of dock space. When we arrived 20 minutes later, two other boats had pulled in, leaving us about 65 feet (for our 61.5 foot boat). With about 10 of our companions watching (some anxiously), with your Yacht Controller, while standing on the starboard side deck so I could see both bow and stern (and hear the many "helpful suggestions"),slid Seasons into the available space. I would not have tried this maneuver operating from either our bridge or aft cockpit stations alone.  
 Sea Ray   61   Scott B.   Pensacoloa, Fl   "I purchased the Yacht Controller in January 2008 and remain a fan of the product today. I talk to boat owners all the time about the product; people are always impressed with the ease and simplicity when I dock for fuel or just an overnight stay. I am amazed at the number of boat owners that have not heard of the Yacht Controller. I own a 610 SeaRay Sundancer and the Yacht Controller allows me to operate the boat, dock and tie up without assistance, it makes big boating easy. I was concerned about service and follow up after the sale since I live in Pensacola Florida, not a problem. Good news, the product has performed flawlessly and follow-up has been awesome both in person and online. I would not be without the Yacht Controller!" 
 Marlow   61   Marc O   Seattle, WA.   "Just wanted to share with you how satisfied I am with my yacht controller. I have been cruising for the past three days and I have thoroughly enjoyed docking. It makes such a difference. Even going through the lock in Seattle was a pleasure with the yacht controller. In every marina where I went everybody admired my Yacht Controller. It worked perfectly. I managed to dock {my yacht} even with a 35 knot side wind! Thanks for having sold this to me." 
 Altima   61   Steve K.   Hollywood, FL   "I have had my Yacht Controller for over 10 years and it has worked amazing! Recently, I took a lightning strike which damaged my electronics and even that could not take my Yacht Controller completely down! I look forward to my new v2 Dual Band upgrade!! Thank you for your wonderful support throughout the years!" 
 California Yacht    61   Bill P   St. Downieville, CA   "This last weekend, we (along with 3 other large yachts) sterned into the Napa Valley Yacht Club docks. Our hosts at Napa Valley were really impressed at the functionality of your Yacht Controller. Bear on in mind that in Napa- “cost is irrelevant”. They asked about the system and I gave your product rave reviews (which they could see for themselves). " 
 Viking Sportfish   61    Bob S.    Stuart, FL    "I absolutely love my Yacht Controller! Like you told me, Tony, it is a lifesaver! My wife can't thank you enough. Thank you for the wonderful product that has helped us tremendously in enjoying our Viking Sportfish!" 
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