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 Maritimo Yachts    -   Ed F.    Fairbanks Yachts Dealer of Maritimo Yachts   "The recent install on the Maritimo M50 works great! This was a wireless unit with JCS. We are ordering another Yacht Controller this week. Not only is the product great, but the support after the sale makes the ultimate difference. The product integrates easily with the late model electronic controls. Plug and play at its finest. Thank you again Tony for you continued support. All the best. Ed" 
 Maritimo    70   Jackson W.    Destin, FL    (As a repeat customer) It is great to be back in (Yacht) Control again! Nick was on the boat first thing this morning and did a fantastic job. He was very professional and clearly knew exactly what he was doing. We discussed a couple of options (direction of windlass controls, location of receiver power switch, etc.), sorted it out and got it right the first time. He was a pleasure to work with and a great representative of your company. It was right at 14 months ago that the first installer came to the boat in Anna Maria and found the difficulty with the CAT 360 system. Your technical team certainly did a wonderful job on adapting this product as it was a very straightforward plug-and-play installation. At least Nick certainly made it look that easy. Call on me if I can be of any help. 
 Maritimo   58   Michael D.   Windsor, Ontario   "This is my second Yacht Controller and I would not have bought this boat had the Yacht Controller not been compatible! The system is a true lifesaver for boating. As a customer across a 10 year span I want to thank you for this wonderful product! All builders should standardize the Yacht Controller!" 
 Marlow 57, Pacific Mariner 85 and 55 Maritimo   -   Tom M.   -   "I have owned 3 Yacht Controllers over the past 16 years and can tell you it has been a Godsend for my boating experience! It has not only allowed me the comfort in enjoying my boating experience but has allowed me to extend my boating career! Tony has assisted me on all three purchases and can honestly say he has been a true pleasure to work with! I want to thank the Yacht Controller team for allowing me many enjoyable experiences over the years with my family on board my boats!" 
 Marlow Explorer   57   Ron W.   Jacksonville, FL   "I purchased the Yacht Controller after seeing it demonstrated at a Marlow Rendezvous – a significant enhancement to maneuvering Blue Heron, especially in tight conditions and for anchoring. Recently a close boater friend of mine purchased a 60’ Viking, he is 82 years old, very active but no way he could dock or anchor the Viking without assistance – I encouraged him to get a Yacht Controller – he reported that he has and it is one of the best technology enhancements he has every purchased for a yacht." 
 Marlow Explorer   58   Dan M.   Yonkers, NY   "Mario Delgado of the Yacht Group was extremely helpful and he addressed all of my questions and concerns In the most appropriate manner. {I recently took delivery of a brokerage Marlow with a 7+ year old system that had suffered physical damage}. The repair of the hand held unit was performed quickly and professionally and the turnaround time was most impressive. I consider the Yacht Controller to be an amazing navigational aid and it is nice to know that the company’s customer support team is equally amazing" 
 Marlow Explorer   65   Ray R.   Marco Island, FL   "You guys installed a Yacht Controller on our Marlow Explorer and it has proven to be great. Highly recommended." 
 Marlow    70   Mark H.   USA   "I love the product! It really helps me when Im running by myself, I can control the boat from anywhere on board and even allows me to hop off on the dock and get lines while keeping the boat exactly where I want it. Excellent product." 
 Marlow   53   Ken M.   Galvaston, TX   "Yacht builders of any size should not be selling their boats without the Yacht Controller! I thank you for providing a wonderful product!" 
 Marlow   53   Paul G.   USA   "It allows me to squeeze my 18' beam Marlow into a 20' slip every time, without the Yacht Controller there is no way I could do that. The ability to be in the cockpit is critical and I couldn't do it with out it. Marriage saver!" 
 Marlow   57   Keith M.    Raleigh, N.C.    "I love my Yacht Controller and so do all my friends who own one! I would not consider buying another boat without one! Thank you" 
 Marlow   58   Bill P.   Sarasota, FL    I love my Yacht Controller on my Marlow! its the best piece of equipment on my boat! Thank you for a wonderful product. 
 Marlow   61E   Marc O.   Seattle, WA   "I have used my Yacht Controller for 9 years now on board my Marlow 61E. It has been a total blessing for docking, anchoring and navigating through locks. I used my boat extensively as I take it all the way to SE Alaska from Seattle and my Yacht Controller has never failed. I just changed the batteries every two to three years. My home dock is narrow (about 4 feet side clearance) and I need to enter it going backwards so my Yacht controller allows me to move from the bow to the stern during the maneuver. I have docked my Marlow with a 40 knots side wind one day and could not have done it without the Yacht Controller. I have both a bow and stern thruster on my boat, and the yacht controller allows me to use them perfectly. I recently navigated the Columbia and Snake river to Lewiston Idaho and was able to control my boat going through 16 enormous locks on the rivers where you can only tie to one floating bollard. You can tie three lines: mid ship, stern and bow springs, but the boat rocks a lot when the lock is flooded or emptied. I could stay on the side deck and control my boat to avoid touching the wall with the swim platform or the bow by activating the thrusters with the yacht controller. Another frequent usage for me is when I anchor. I take my yacht controller to the bow of the boat and I can control the boat from there when lowering or raising the anchor. It is particularly useful when raising the anchor as with the yacht controller I keep the boat aligned with the anchor chain so that I reduce the stress on the anchor motor." 
 Marlow   61   Marc O.   Seattle, WA.   "Just wanted to share with you how satisfied I am with my yacht controller. I have been cruising for the past three days and I have thoroughly enjoyed docking. It makes such a difference. Even going through the lock in Seattle was a pleasure with the yacht controller. In every marina where I went everybody admired my Yacht Controller. It worked perfectly. I managed to dock {my yacht} even with a 35 knot side wind! Thanks for having sold this to me." 
 Marlow   65   Steve I.   USA   "This needs to be advertised as the marriage saver! We used to have the use the headset's every time we would pull in to dock but with the Yacht Controller I can do all the lines and control the boat by myself without help from anyone else. I love it, it makes life so much better!" 
 Marlow   65   Warren A.   Fort Lauderdale, FL   "Everything is good... If you need a recommendation, please have your customer(s) call me and I will be happy to give you guys high marks! 
 Marlow   66   Tom T.   West Coast, FL   I have used my Yacht Controller for years! For a period of that time I was forced into a dock where I had just enough space to squeeze a fender (approx 6")! Using the Yacht Controller during this time was indispensable! People on the docks always watched in awe as I docked effortlessly. The dockmaster always knew he didnt have to worry about getting me help! Thank you for provided such a great product for safe boat handling!" 
 Marlow   70   Dave C.   Mystic, CT   "I love my Yacht Controller! It makes the boating novice a professional! I am building a new 74' Marlow and it is a must have for my new boat!" 
 Marlow   70   Mark H.   Ft. Lauderdale, FL   "We have a Yacht Controller that was installed by Lee Moore about 5 years ago in Lauderdale. We just recently had to replace the [key pad] on the remote due to wear. The whole process was made easy thanks to Lee’s help in diagnosing the problem over the phone. Also, Gerald made the repair and got it back to me quickly. This is the best piece of equipment we have onboard. It makes docking the boat as simple as getting in and out of your car. Thanks for the great service!" 
 Marlow   72   John K.   USA   To all Marlow owners who don’t have a Yacht Controller – it is the best investment I have made since I got my Marlow in 2008. My wife and I run "good time Charlie" a 72 command bridge by ourselves. With the yacht commander docking is a lot easier because I can help my wife with bumpers and lines and still have complete control of the boat. It makes anchoring so much easier, especially bringing up the anchor. I do not know how we did without it. I would not try it but with a Yacht Controller you could run the boat single handedly. If you run the boat yourself without a crew, Yacht Commander is a must have.  
 Marlow   78   Capt. Pete   Coral Gables, FL   "I have been a professional yacht captain for 25 years and I recently had major issues with a docking system which caused engine and thruster failure on my boat requiring us to replace the thruster motors. My attempts to reach the company that installed it were unsuccessful as their numbers were disconnected. Yacht Controller was great in responding to my needs. They removed the system and replaced with their latest Dual Band Yacht Controller system. I love it! It has worked great for me in docking situations on my 78’ Marlow. It makes docking a dream! With this boat’s line of sight issues from the helm, Yacht Controller’s use in a docking situation has proven indispensable! From a safety stand point, the elimination of the blind spots has proven for a safer docking scenario. Also when towing a tender you have the flexibility to be in the cockpit or platform to facilitate easier/safer towing and also boarding and off boarding the tender. I would like to thank Yacht Controller for helping me with this issue. I strongly recommend Yacht Controller for any boat larger than 35’.” 
 Marquis    59   Mark M.    Clearwater, FL   "This is a wonderful product (Yacht Controller). Very intuitive. This boat has challenges with visibility to some quarters from the helm. Was able to move and see what's happening while docking. Love it!" 
 Marquis    72   Danny P.    San Jose, CA   "I like the Yacht Controller on my old boat especially when we are pulling anchor and we are up in the bow and needing to move forward as the chain comes in. I look forward to equipping my new build!"  
 Marquis 2007   65   David H.   Counce, TN   "Great product! Excellent customer service. Highly recommend it. I have it installed on my 2007 Marquis 65."  
 Marquis   59   Dave D.    West Palm Beach, FL    I love my Yacht Controller! I purchased it many years ago and it still works flawlessly! The Yacht Controller was the deciding factor on the purchase of the larger Marquis. I can't thank you enough for providing a wonderful product! I will never own another boat without one! 
 Marquis   59   John D.    -   "I had my Yacht Controller installed on my 59' Marquis and I can gladly say it is the best investment I've ever made for me and my wife's boating experience! The installation was excellent the entire process by The Yacht Group was amazing. I'd highly recommend the Yacht Controller for anyone who never wants to have docking issues again! The Yacht Controller is great for new boaters, seasoned boaters, and captains alike! Thank you again for your service!" 
 Marquis   59   Joseph M.   Rhode Island   "It gives you the ability to create your own confident spot on the boat to maneuver the boat."  
 Marquis   59   Owen B.   Red Bank, NJ   "I wanted to send you a note to let you know what a great job your technician did on my “new to me” 2008 59 Marquis. After introductions, [he] took the time to explain to me exactly what he was going to do for the installation of the Yacht Controller. [He] was extremely polite, qualified, and proficient in hooking up the system and running the cables throughout the boat, always taking care not to scratch the boat and was extremely conscientious when drilling holes for the activation button etc... He also took the time to explain to me the procedure to follow and operate the system, and didn’t mind that I videoed him explaining it. I am thrilled with my new Yacht Controller."  
 Marquis   65   Capt. Greg N.   -   "I want to thank Yacht Controller for removing a rogue wireless remote system off the owners 65' Marquis on March 7, 2018 as it has failed multiple times and clearly unsafe to operate. I have since discovered the rogue system had been installed by splicing into the Caterpillar harness' direct at the transmission solenoids and by-passing the Caterpillar processor. Thank you again for restoring the systems aboard the boat! I know now that Yacht Controller is truly the trusted brand!"  
 Marquis   72   Chris T.   Rocky River, OH   "Jimmy was awesome to deal with. Very knowledgeable about his product as well as how it would interface and be installed in my boat. Very positive attitude, clean and neat work disassembling and reassembling the boat back. Everything worked great and I'm looking forward to enjoying the benefits of having the Yacht Controller." 
 Menorquin   52   Lee H.   New Jersey   "I have owned my yacht controller for approximately three years. It still remains, along with my thrusters, the best investment I have made for the enjoyment of my boat. Operating a 52' vessel with a 16.5' beam with two people, or even alone, becomes simple and stress free when utilizing the yacht controller. Everyone knows the stress and concern when approaching a strange dock or even a familiar one, when no one to help is around. With the hand held yacht controller making lines fast with one or two hands on deck becomes as simple as walking around your deck. I have on many occasions, either alone, or with only one other person on hand, taken my vessel out without any concern whatsoever regarding whom might be there to help when I return. With the yacht controller, you don't have to. Why sit at the dock because there's no one who can help you? With the yacht controller, you truly don't."  
 Meridian    44    Curt L.    Massachusetts    “As I get more comfortable with the system [Yacht Controller] – I have ability on my Smartcraft to kick up my idle (button push at helm) – I found that 650/660 is ideal (normal is 600) to get the “kick” I need from my Cummins 480hp to move stern/bow with controller [Yacht Controller]. Another thing notable is the response time of the Yacht Controller – having the momentary switch also “outperforms” the boat's helm sticks. Thank you for a great product!”  
 Meridian   39   Ed F.   NY, NY   "I like the way the controller works very much, and I appreciate your fine service." 
 Meridian   41   Jack C.   Florida   "I want you to know that we are delighted with our new yacht controller. My wife and I cruise as a couple, and the controller has made our life significantly easier. Also, I cannot say enough about the service rendered by Marshall. He went out his way to assure our satisfaction." 
 Meridian   44    Yan H.    Quebec City, Quebec Canada    "I presently own a Meridian 441 with Yacht Controller wireless remote and I love it!"  
 Meridian   441   Curt L.   Boston, MA   "First, as expected, our boat is an all new experience with YC – best investment to date!" 
 Meridian   58   Allan C.   New York   "The Yacht Controller works extremely well on my Meridian 58 PH. I especially find it useful when docking in tight places. While reversing into a slip, I can walk to the aft of the boat to see perfectly and then walk forward to make sure I have enough room to swing the bow around. I was delighted to have my Yacht Controller recently while docking in Nantucket. The boat took up most of the fairway while turning to reverse into a slip, and my Yacht Controller made docking a piece of cake. It is difficult to judge the closeness of the side of the boat to a dock while at the controls on my boat. I simply walk to the side of the flybridge to have a great view and simply move the boat sideways into a dock. The Yacht Controller is well worth the cost when you consider that a minor accident while docking can result in thousands of dollars." 
 Meridian   58   Bob H.   New York   "The Yacht Controller works perfectly on my new Meridian purchased through Marine Max! Everyone in Huntington Harbor has become aware of the Yacht Controller. I form a crowd every time I dock my boat with Yacht Controller at the harbor."  
 Mochi Craft   44   Jorge K.   New York    I love the Yacht Controller! It is great for short handed docking. Anchoring and mooring can be done all by myself! It is a great system and best of all has eliminated arguing between my wife and I when docking! Thank you! 
 Mochi Dolphin   51   Igor Z.   -   I really love your Yacht controller, it is installed since 4 years on my MOCHI DOLPHIN 51 and with that I can dock, operate and maneuver the boat completely by myself, even in very bad and windy conditions. It never failed!!! As it is Key to my boating, I check with you upfront if the new Boat Wallypower 47 we want to purchase with Kameva Jet drives will be compatible with your system, before we buy it. Thank you for the Fantastic product that you created. 
 Mochi   44   Gregory K.   Long Island, NY   "I love the system! I use it extensively for docking and picking up mooring lines. I also like the ergonomic feel of the Dual Band remote!" 
 Monte Carlo Yacht    76   Jaap B.    Europe   "My Yachtcontroller works excellent! It is certainly a device I would not want to miss... During our cruise in Croatia and also during the transfer to Mallorca last year it was very useful entering different marinas almost every other day." 
 Monte Fino   72   Mark R.   Great Lakes   "I put a yacht controller on my 72' Monte Fino and just loved it. Being able to single hand a large boat is amazing."  
 Navigator M/Y   51   William F.   Langley, BC Canada   "The Yacht Controller is one of the best on the market . We have had ours for a number of years and could not operate our 52 foot boat without it." 
 Navigator Pacific Northwest   62   Frank S.   -   "I've had my Yacht Controller for 5 years now and it is the most useful piece of equipment we have on board for docking and anchoring. We love the product and could not be without it. A must for any boater that likes to single-hand." 
 Navigator    55   Dan H.    Emerald Harbor Marine Seattle, WA    On his (customer) first sea trial and training mission he was able to back his Navigator 55 into his slip while standing in the aft cockpit. He was literally laughing and overjoyed by the performance of his Yacht Controller system. I think he is still smiling. Thanks for everything! 
 Navigator   53   Phil S.   Illinois    "I think it is an excellent aid to the boater. Now I can single hand backing into our slip. Folks are actually amazed at how responsive the device is and how it makes reverse operations so flexible. In fact last week (Oct. 2010) I was alone on the boat (Navigator 53) and moved her some 150 yards betweeen docks all backing up and parallel to boats and docks and never did I feel that her movements were out of control. I recommend the unit." 
 Navigator   56   Gordon S.   Port Moody, B.C.   "I am very pleased with the Yacht Controller and use it all the time. The main use for me is on the BC coast when anchoring, we very often have to run a stern line to the shore. The Yacht Controller, needless to say, makes this manoeuvre so very much easier and keeps my wife much more relaxed......." 
 Navigator   62   George T.   W.A   It's safety device really! It has saved me thousands in potential fiberglass repairs avoided while docking. I often go through small and large locks and the Yacht Controller is a must have on any size boat doing so! 
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