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 Marlow   70   Mark H.   Ft. Lauderdale, FL   "We have a Yacht Controller that was installed by Lee Moore about 5 years ago in Lauderdale. We just recently had to replace the [key pad] on the remote due to wear. The whole process was made easy thanks to Lee’s help in diagnosing the problem over the phone. Also, Gerald made the repair and got it back to me quickly. This is the best piece of equipment we have onboard. It makes docking the boat as simple as getting in and out of your car. Thanks for the great service!" 
 Hatteras   65   Capt Rick   Ft. Lauderdale, FL   "I use the remote to go to and from the fuel dock and it has turned out to be a necessary item when backing the boat into the slip because even a little wind really gets a hold of her. Big difference between this Hatteras M/Y and the 65' Hatteras S/F I've run for the past 16 years. Thanks again for the great service."  
 Nordlund   112   Tom B    Ft. Lauderdale, FL    We are loving our Yacht Controller! Our captain uses it all the time. It is like having extra crew! 
 Prestige 2017   68'    Larry P.    Ft. Lauderdale, FL    I was referred to Yacht Controller by one of their customers. After my installation, I only have two words THE BEST! 
 Galeon    51'   Doug G.    Ft. Myers, FL   "The Yacht Controller system has been excellent! It works perfectly as advertised! The Yacht Controller pod wireless joystick not only runs the IPS drives but also the bow and stern thrusters. The Yacht Controller system also operates my anchor windlass which allows me to be at the bow of the boat with complete control and ability to back down with the engines all from the remote. It is a great product! Thank you very much!" 
 Marlow   53   Ken M.   Galvaston, TX   "Yacht builders of any size should not be selling their boats without the Yacht Controller! I thank you for providing a wonderful product!" 
 Azimut   72   Bruce W   Glen Cove NY   I have owned the Xenta controller and the joystick and both are useless for docking. The delay is too ling and units hard to operate. Yacht Controller is great to dock with and easy to use! Thank you for a great product! 
 Fantasy Houseboat    85'    Tim M.    Grand Rivers, KY   "I am a big fan of Yacht Controller having it installed on my 85' Houseboat and 90' Palmer Johnson! I rely on the system heavily as a docking tool and would not own another boat without one. Anytime I can be of support with prospective customers please do not hesitate to call!" 
 Monte Fino   72   Mark R   Great Lakes   "I put a yacht controller on my 72' Monte Fino and just loved it. Being able to single hand a large boat is amazing."  
 Riviera   52'   Micheal D   Great Lakes MI   "I love the Yacht Controller! I can handle the boat completely alone without my wife needed to help. Me and my wife use the boat extensively and rely heavily on the Yacht Controller. Makes life easy! Thank you for the system." 
 Neptunus    72'    John H.    Great Lakes/Michigan   "Ahhh Yacht Controller.... My wife saver!! It takes all the drama out of docking for a very pleasurable experience. I would not own another boat without one!" 
 Carver Marquis   65   Wally M.   Great Lakes/Myrtle Beach, S.C.   "I have a 2006 65ft Carver Marquis. I boat in the great lakes in the summer and down to Myrtle Beach in the winter. The yacht controller is absolutely incredible! I've had power boats all my life and never has boating been more pleasurable than in the past three years. I go out on it many times on my own and dock without any help from anyone. All my boating friends are amazed how easily I manage this yacht on my own. The product has paid for itself many times over just because there has been zero damage caused in docking in all kinds of weather. The most important benefit is that I no longer have any stress at all when I come in to dock. I recommend the Yacht Controller to all my friends." 
 Ferretti   55   James W   Hillsborough, CA   "I have really enjoyed the Yacht Controller on my Ferretti. It works great." 
 Altima   61   Steve K.   Hollywood, FL   "I have had my Yacht Controller for over 10 years and it has worked amazing! Recently, I took a lightning strike which damaged my electronics and even that could not take my Yacht Controller completely down! I look forward to my new v2 Dual Band upgrade!! Thank you for your wonderful support throughout the years!" 
 Grand Banks   49'    Bob B.   Hull, MA   Nothing beats the Yacht Controller! Being able to walk out by the handrails makes all the difference in safe docking. It's a sweet thing! 
 Eastbay    49'    Bob B.   Hull, MA   Nothing beats the Yacht Controller! Being able to walk out by the handrails makes all the difference in safe docking. It's a sweet thing! 
 Sea Ray   42   John W.   Illinois   "I've had my Yacht Controller since the Spring of 2004, and I love it. I have a bridge boat and prefer to dock stern in, but have zero visibility aft of the boat from the helm station. With the Yacht Controller I simply walk to the rear of the bridge where I have full visibility and am able to dock with ease. While docking with the Yacht Controller, I am often greeted with shouts of "That's cheating!" from my fellow, jealous dock mates. It has also proven to be helpful with docking in rough weather conditions. I have docked in winds of up to 35 mph, in one take. You can't defy the laws of nature, but the Yacht Controller helps you cheat them a little. By allowing you to get into a better vantage point on the boat, you can see the effects of the wind on your approach more readily, and can make adjustments before it's too late. Docking has been described as a "controlled crash", but the Yacht Controller helps put a lot more control into the equation." 
 Navigator   53   Phil S.   Illinois    "I think it is an excellent aid to the boater. Now I can single hand backing into our slip. Folks are actually amazed at how responsive the device is and how it makes reverse operations so flexible. In fact last week (Oct. 2010) I was alone on the boat (Navigator 53) and moved her some 150 yards betweeen docks all backing up and parallel to boats and docks and never did I feel that her movements were out of control. I recommend the unit." 
 Valkyrie Yacht Sales   -   Tom P.   Islands Harbor, CA   "Our current and last vessel both have Yacht Controllers aboard. They do work well and make docking very easy!" 
 Sea Ray   58   Eni O.   Johns Island, S.C.   "I have bought a lot of upgrades for my boats over the years, not one of these upgrades has pleased me as the Yacht controller. It has improved my boating/docking confidence. The system is very responsive, easy to us and have never had a problem with it for two years now. It was the only upgrade I agreed to install in my most recent boat. This system as far as I am concerned, is a must have." 
 Princess   102   Kevin W    Jupiter    " As one who has driven 40,000+ miles with a Yacht Controller over 12 years, I would be happy to vouch for the product and take their calls." 
 Ocean Sport Fish   57   Capt. Jeff   Jupiter, FL   "I told my wife and boat owner that our Yacht Controller is the best thing ever! I am truly impressed. I was able to work the Yacht Controller and dock the boat without issues on the very first try. Thank you for a great product!"  
 Krogen Express   53'    Robert L    Jupiter, FL    "I travel through 70+ locks a year! I love it! I'd be lost without it. Eliminates all visibility challenges and helps me calmly dock my boat." 
 Viking Sport Fish   61   Alex C.   Key Biscayne, Fl.   "As a captain, the Yacht Controller allows me to effectively do my job and still enjoy fishing! When deep drop fishing and setting your drift, you can keep the fishing lines straight without having to be at the helm, controlling the boat with the Yacht Controller hanging around your neck. Yacht Controller is also beneficial for kite fishing. Keeping the kite's straight with the Yacht Controller in hand is a breeze. The Yacht Controller puts you in the best position to watch the kites and ensure they don't tangle all while fishing! Fish on! 
 Ferretti 550   55   Juan R.   Key Biscyane FL   "I just wanted to drop a note to let you know that the control is working great, much better sensitivity than the controls and the joystick! Thank you for providing a great product!" 
 Hatteras   62'   Micheal H   Kingston, ON   "I ran my boat from Naples, FL to Kingston, through 31 locks. The system works flawlessly and is an absolute must traveling through the locks. It makes this trip safe for me and my family. I would recommend the Yacht Controller to all pleasure boaters!"  
 Princess   64   Tommy B.   Knoxville, TN   After a full month of operation...I thought you would be interested to hear an update concerning our utilization of the Yacht Controller on board our Princess 64 'Now or Never'. From the time I met you in person on board in Miami for an installation adjustment service call we have traveled nearly 2,000 NM and we currently are sitting on the Eastern portion of the Tennessee River. With that said, I have to say The Yacht Controller is absolutely one of the most important components we have on board and well worth the investment. We used the Yacht Controller while we navigated thru all the locks on both the Tombig and TN river as well as all the Marinas we pulled into for fueling and docking overnight which some presented a bit of a challenge due to limited space. The Yacht Controller was invaluable in those instances and allowed for us to secure dock lines without the stress of having to scream directions at one another while maneuvering our boat into a secure position. The ability to have control while moving about to get clear lines of vision makes all the difference in the world to me and we are very satisfied with The Yacht Controller to this point! We used the Yacht Controller while we navigated thru all the locks on both the Tombig and TN river as well as all the Marinas we pulled into for fueling and docking overnight which some presented a bit of a challenge due to limited space. The Yacht Controller was invaluable in those instances and allowed for us to secure dock lines without the stress of having to scream directions at one another while maneuvering our boat into a secure position. The ability to have control while moving about to get clear lines of vision makes all the difference in the world to me and we are very satisfied with The Yacht Controller to this point! 
 Sabre Express 2020   45    Brad M    Lake Erie Ohio and Marco Island, FL    "I'd like to take a moment and share my thoughts on the Yacht Controller that your company installed on my Volvo IPS powered Sabre Salon Express. I piloted the boat from Lake Erie, Ohio to Marco Island, Florida via the East Coast. This was over two and a half months and many docking events. The system has proven itself flawless and precise. I would call it revolutionary in boat handling capabilities. The system is everything as portrayed in your videos and literature. It's EXTREMELY helpful in tight quarters and when handling the boat solo. I will not own another boat without one. After 38 years of boating experience and tens of thousands of nautical miles this equipment is a "no brainer". I highly recommend this equipment. And NO; I haven't been compensated in any way for this review." 
 Carver   50   Paul M.   Lake Ontario, Canada   "I installed the Yacht Controller in the past spring through Jason Crawford of Keswick. Works fantastic! Best decision I’ve ever made in boating! Also put on dual stern thrusters (from your Yacht Thruster division) from you too. So, I’ve been busy using your products." 
 Sea Ray   60   David B.   Lexington, KY   "I just wanted to share with you and your people what a pleasant experience I had ordering the yacht controller and installation. Ordering, delivering and installing were done exactly when promised and the installer did a thorough job of explaining the use of the remote controller. This is an excellent aid in docking and moving around the harbor where I keep my 60 ft. Sea Ray Sundancer. I have a blind spot on the starboard rear that had caused me docking problems on more than one occasion, but with the yacht controller this problem has been completely eliminated. One person can effectively handle the 60 ft. boat with the yacht controller with no problems. I would highly recommend this product to anyone that may be considering a remote control device. 
 Fairline Squadron   65   Mimi L   Lighthouse Point Yacht Club FL    "I love the Yacht Controller! Until we learned about the Yacht Controller we were considering a boat in the 50' range. Having precise control in the palm of our hands my husband was able to effectively handle a larger yacht so we in turn purchased a larger model vessel 65' in size! My husband can single-handedly dock the vessel with ease! As live aboard customers we use the Yacht Controller extensively. We will never own another boat without one! Thank you for the wonderful product." 
 Neptunus   55   Tim S.   London, ON   “It works great and definitely worth it. I would recommend it to anyone.” 
 Mochi   44   Gregory K.   Long Island, NY   "I love the system! I use it extensively for docking and picking up mooring lines. I also like the ergonomic feel of the Dual Band remote!" 
 Riviera   41   Bruce P.    MA   "It has met my every expectation. I have no problem leaving the helm. I like it best when I'm mid ship and I have a good feel for where the bow is etc.." 
 Hargrave   78   Mike Jones   Marco Island   I leave the helm, walk down to the side & put my boat exactly where I want it. Easier to dock than my old 68'. Absolutely love it!  
 Grand Banks    54'    John H.    Marina Del Ray, CA   "We really liked our Yacht Controller on our last boat and I find people staring at me in wonder when I’m up on the bow maneuvering in a tight space… and there’s usually a lot of “discussion” after docking… It’s a great tool and a must have! I look forward to equipping my next Grand Banks!"  
 Grand Banks    Eastbay SX 54'   Capt John -    Marina Del Rey, CA   "PS… I had a wired (tethered) remote on one of my boats a number of years ago and I agree night and day vs yacht controller… having a yacht controller on my last boat when I sold it I strongly believe helped sell the boat…. It’s a really cool tool to have in the tool bag!" 
 Hampton   55   Larry J.   Maryland   "I love it! I can't imagine running a boat without it." 
 Carver   57   Joe O.   Maryland   "As I was telling you at the Miami boat show, I was the third boat in the United States to have the Yacht controller installed. I am so glad that I took the chance on your product. I have a 57 carver which can be a little tricky docking because of the very limited view, especially with a dinghy sitting on the upper deck. The yacht controller makes it a breeze. My wife has a bad back so that leaves me with no first mate assistance but with the remote I can be my own first mate. I also have a bad back and the controller is a must as I could not easily tie the lines without it. When I am docking my pilothouse I usually stand on the swim platform or the cockpit which causes an immediate audience when they see no one at either of the helm controls. I have been applauded many times. When I first got the controller I had only been boating for a little over a year and had the swim platform repaired once already but no reoccurrences since the controller was installed. I'll never own another boat without it."  
 Fleming    55   Tom and Lynn H.   Maryland   The Yacht Controller has been one of the best piece of equipment I equipped on my Fleming. I have used it for many years and continue to enjoy easy docking. You have our full support if ever needed with any prospective customers! 
 Meridian    44    Curt L.    Massachusetts    “As I get more comfortable with the system [Yacht Controller] – I have ability on my Smartcraft to kick up my idle (button push at helm) – I found that 650/660 is ideal (normal is 600) to get the “kick” I need from my Cummins 480hp to move stern/bow with controller [Yacht Controller]. Another thing notable is the response time of the Yacht Controller – having the momentary switch also “outperforms” the boat's helm sticks. Thank you for a great product!”  
 Pershing    92   Capt. John H.   Mediterranean Sea and Ft. Lauderdale, FL   "Just wanted to give you some feedback on the Yacht Controller we installed on our new Pershing 9X back in June 2018. After taking delivery in Montenegro, we immediately had the Yacht Controller installed just prior to commencing a 4-month summer cruise all over Europe. The first trip with the owners commenced in Athens Greece and continued all throughout the Aegean Sea and all Islands in between including Santorini. After the Aegean, we continued on to the Ionian region of the Greek islands, which included visiting a different island every day. As you may be aware of docking in Europe, it is all stern to/ med mooring. As I almost always operating the boat single-handed, having the Yacht Controller in this environment was essential. It was the perfect tool for safe mooring. From any location on the boat, I was always in full control of positioning the vessel. Having complete control of the boat in the palm of my hand made the environment fun and very safe for everyone. We continued on to Italy Sardinia and concluded in Genova at the end of September. Maneuvering into the slings for loading onto the ship in Genova, made life easier and safer for all. To date, I have had not one issue or any form of failure with the yacht controller. I especially like the easy, simple installation with zero cutting or fabrication or alterations to the boat. I would confidently say, the best accessory fitted to the boat. Thank you, for your constant follow-up with me, since installing the Yacht Controller. M/Y BAD INFLUENCE 2.0"  
 Tempest   92   Jorge H.   Miami   "The Yacht Controller is indispensable yacht equipment and my captain could not run the yacht easily without it." 
 Catamaran PDQ    41   Gabriel R.   Miami Beach, FL   "I'm very happy I can now handle the boat with no problem. I went out for a sunset cruise on Friday afternoon. The winds were blowing 20-25MPH so it was the perfect time to put it to the test handling the boat by myself. The experience was simply amazing, I was able to walk all the away around the boat and untie all 6 dock lines by myself and place them nicely on each piling for my return all the while keeping the boat in place with the controller around my neck. My neighbors at the dock were in aw. When I arrived at the dock it was simply a breeze to tie up by myself. I fell 100% better handling the boat now and in complete control, I just took the family out Sunday today for a little cruise and the wind was howling again and it was flawless and anchoring alone is simply easy now, no more running back and forth to the controls. The addition of the controller really eliminates all my worries I was having handling the boat alone. It is quite funny my neighbor has a 45 sea ray and had 4 people standing at each corner of his boat while he was going out, when I was leaving he walked over and said you need a hand and I said no thank you, I left the dock standing at the transom driving the boat making sure I cleared the pilings with the tender and he was cracking up. I hope that update helps, I highly recommend this to any PDQ users." 
 Outer Reef    58   Miles C.   Miami Beach, FL   I went from a sailboat to a power boat and the crossover was a big change for me. Having the Yacht Controller greatly reduced the learning curve! It made boat handling in docking situations so much easier for me an my wife! I am very satisfied with my system and will never own another boat without one! Thank you for a great product!  
 Pershing   64, 74, 92   Brad C.   Miami Beach, FL.   "As a captain on several Pershing Yachts, I find the Yacht Controller to be a fantastic system! The system helps me by providing better control over the vessel with improved visibility making it much easier to dock and maneuver the vessel. The Yacht Controller allows for effortless handling and flexibility when docking or mooring. Thanks for all the support over the years!" 
 Pershing   90   Capt Rick   Miami, FL   "I have used the Yacht Controller on my 90' Pershing for over 5 years now and it works flawlessly! I love it! It makes handling a boat this size a breeze. Thank you for the great product." 
 Carver   53   Tony C.   Miami, FL   "The Yacht Controller is a blessing. I was able to dock my 53' Carver aftward from the transom, an almost impossible task until now." 
 Viking Sportfish   50   Brian G.   Miami, FL   "When I first met you last year, I was reluctant to buy the Yacht Controller, but boy am I glad I did! It is great for owner operated vessels and even for Captains as a docking aide! When I go out with my family, my wife can handle the kids with no concern, while I dock and tie the lines. Last week I went out boating alone in rough seas and I was able to fish, dock and tie the lines all by myself! I will never own another boat without one!" 
 Neptunus   62   Dr. Stanley S.   MIAMI, FL   With the small handheld remote controller, the operator can be anywhere on the boat, typically on the side or cockpit at a docking position, using its bow and stern thrusters, bringing the boat easily to the dock. Without hesitation, for the safety and efficiency for docking and other tight maneuvers, I highly recommend your consideration to purchase the “Yacht Controller. 
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