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 Grand Banks   49   Tim C.   Newport Beach, CA.   "My wife and I own a 49 FT Grand Banks Eastbay and our Yacht Controller gives us complete maneuverability, even in the tightest space. My wife can back our boat into our slip with no problems. We pick up our mooring at Catalina Island regardless of wind and currents. It is a fantastic instrument." "This is our second docking instrument. Our first one was another brand and it was a disaster. It continually shorted out our electrical system, leaving us with no controls." 
 Grand Banks   72   Thomas A.    Palm Beach Gardens, FL    "I've used the Yacht Controller on trips to the Bahamas and up and down the East coast. I could not imagine the trips without my Yacht Controller! I recently docked it with less than 6" on each side with no issues! Thank you for providing a great system!" 
 Hampton   55   Larry H.   California   "Back in 2004 I had a Yacht Controller unit installed on my new 558 Hampton. I just sold that boat and I told the new owner that I would never own another boat without wireless Yacht Controller. It is the best option that I added to the boat and after 4 years of using it I never had any problems. I will contact you after I have found a new boat. Thanks for a great product." 
 Hampton   55   Larry J.   Maryland   "I love it! I can't imagine running a boat without it." 
 Hampton   58   Fred F.   North Palm Beach, FL   "I wouldn't leave home without it (Yacht Controller)."  
 Harbor Master   46   Richard S.   New York   "I love it! I think it is a fantastic product. It is the best piece of equipment on my boat." 
 Hargrave   78   Mike Jones   Marco Island   I leave the helm, walk down to the side & put my boat exactly where I want it. Easier to dock than my old 68'. Absolutely love it!  
 Hatteras 75 MY   75   Mari T.   Ft. Myers Beach, FL   "We had our Yacht Controller installed upon taking delivery of our semi-custom built Hatteras 75 MY November of 2015. We moved up from a 56’ Sea Ray as owner-operators so this was a leap for my wife and I. However, I took control of the helm first off in the slip and have never relinquished it since. We tow a 33’ center console and I can honestly say, if it wasn’t for the Yacht Controller, we would have to have staff on with us. Not that staff is a bad thing, it just wasn’t how we desired to operate. The Yacht Controller has never failed me." 
 Hatteras Factory   105   Lucas H.    Newbern, NC   "Great job [on the recent Yacht Controller delivery for the new build 105], Tony. Very impressed and our captain was happy. Nicely done!!" 
 Hatteras GT and Viking Sportfish   45 and 68   Stanley R.    Sarasota, FL   I am a repeat customer and can say I love the Yacht Controller! It gives me the total control I need to handle my yacht from anywhere on board. I do a lot of boating on the west coast of Florida and in the Bahamas and have found the Yacht Controller to be very helpful for docking, any close quarters maneuvering and I especially like to be able to hold the boat to a side dock while friends and family are boarding or disembarking. Thank you for providing a great product!  
 Hatteras    72   Kevin C.    Seattle, WA   "Hi Dennis. We got a yacht controller almost two years ago and love it! Thanks"  
 Hatteras    77   Greg D.   St. Pete, FL    I had an electronic control refit with a Yacht Controller installed along with the addition of a stern thruster package with the Yacht Thruster Duplex models and the entire package works beautifully! I could not be happier. I have enjoyed the equipment since early 2014. Feel free to use me as a reference for the products and the company! Thank you for your service.  
 Hatteras   100   Capt. Cliff    Yucatan Mexico    "Tony told me about the unit and sold me the unit. Your installation crew was the best. I enjoyed getting to know everyone. They did a great job and knew what they were doing!"  
 Hatteras   100   Capt. Franco   Yucatan Peninsula    "I love my Yacht Controller! Originally there was an issue with the installation but your staff attended to the issue immediately and ensured I had my system completed before my departure from Miami. I rely on the system heavily. As an experienced captain who has run several vessels over 100' I can tell you the Yacht controller is a great tool for safe docking! When my v3 Platinum Dual Band installation was completed, we tested ranges over 300' off the vessel! Not that the system was to be used in this way but it was certainly comforting to know I had strong range from anywhere on board the boat. Thank you Tony for all your efforts. Yacht Controllers are a great product! If I can ever be of reference, please do not hesitate to call."  
 Hatteras   54   Robert R.   Florida   "The Yacht Controller is like having another person on board. When we dock, my wife is on the bow and I can now leave the fly bridge to handle lines in the cockpit. When we moor or anchor, I can go on the bow and handle those duties. I appreciate the Yacht Controller and wish you all the success in the future." 
 Hatteras   60   Jean D.   Barbados   "This equipment is super!" 
 Hatteras   62   Micheal H.   Kingston, ON   "I ran my boat from Naples, FL to Kingston, through 31 locks. The system works flawlessly and is an absolute must traveling through the locks. It makes this trip safe for me and my family. I would recommend the Yacht Controller to all pleasure boaters!"  
 Hatteras   64   Michael R.   Jupiter, FL   "Wouldn’t even think about owning another boat without a Yacht Controller. I have owned and operated my 64 Hatteras for 8 years (since 2013) and had it installed when I first purchased my yacht. The service has been exemplary and I am a super fan. In the process of buying a new yacht, the first thing I will do is have a Yacht Controller installed before it leaves the dock." 
 Hatteras   65   Capt. Rick   Ft. Lauderdale, FL   "I use the remote to go to and from the fuel dock and it has turned out to be a necessary item when backing the boat into the slip because even a little wind really gets a hold of her. Big difference between this Hatteras M/Y and the 65' Hatteras S/F I've run for the past 16 years. Thanks again for the great service."  
 Hatteras   65   John H.   Alaska   "It gives the Capt. The ability to look down the shear on either side of the vessel and have absolute control in real time. No need for headsets and guessing what a deckhand is or was saying over the sound of the exhaust as you are backing into a slip. This one item lowers the stress of ownership if you are an owner operator. The insurance industry should encourage the installation of your product by reducing premiums for owners with the product installed."  
 Hatteras   72   Carl R.   Naples   "I purchased a new 72 Hatteras Motor Yacht in 2008. The boat had very poor visibility on both sides as well as the stern during docking operations. Rather than install two wing stations and an aft station I chose to go with the Yacht Controller and one control station on the helm. This product makes docking a dream. I can walk to the location providing me the greatest visibility and maneuver the vessel as easily as a boat half its size. An added benefit that I did not plan on was the ability to adjust lines from the dock without assistance by controlling the engines and thrusters from shore." 
 Hatteras   72   Kevin T.   Ft Lauderdale, FL    "Guy Pigeon from Marine Max just finished an installation aboard our new 72' Hatteras. I love the unit and have shown a lot of customers on our big Summer cruise!"  
 Hatteras   75   Jeffrey W.   Pensacola, FL   "I love the yacht controller! I am able to move the boat single handed when needed. I could go on and on about the positives…" 
 Hatteras   75   Tom T.   Ft. Myers, FL   "We had our Yacht Controller installed upon taking delivery of our semi-custom built Hatteras 75 MY November of 2015. We moved up from a 56’ Sea Ray as owner-operators so this was a leap for my wife and I. However, I took control of the help first off in the slip and have never relinquished it since. We tow a 33’ center console and I can honestly say, if it wasn’t for the Yacht Controller, we would have to have staff with us. Not that staff is a bad thing, it just wasn’t how we desired to operate. The Yacht Controller has never failed me." 
 Hinckley   40   Craig B.   New Castle, NH   "I am writing to tell you how thrilled I am with my Yacht Controllers. As you know your company designed a yacht controller system for my two boats, a 58' 2013 NISI and a 40' 2004 Hinckley Talaria. You guys were great to work with and your installation was flawless. With little practice time, less than 30 minutes, driving the boat using the yacht controller was easy. I will say the handling on the Yacht Controller exceeds the handling at the helm. More than that the yacht controller allows both boats to be single handed at docking and undocking safely. I cannot tell you how happy I am and how much I spread the word to my boating friends as to the must-have nature of your great product. For those that want to witness the actual driving I shot two videos today as you can see we have significant wind conditions north of 20 kn. The person driving using the yacht controller has docked the boat just a couple of times using the product, it is just that good! Thanks for allowing me to tell my story. "  
 Holland    70   David B.    Seattle, WA   "I had the first one ever sold and installed in the Northwest on Bingo, still going strong since 2002!"  
 Holland   70   David B.    Bellevue, WA    I keep my boat at my house on Lake Washington with my dock I need to back in 70' with less than 2 feet on either side and I can't see from controls in either the Pilothouse or the Flybridge. Almost impossible to back in especially with a breeze. I had the then brand new 60 Series Detroit Diesels with controls you had never adapted to at this early stage in your development. It has continued to work flawlessly for over 12 years! I have never had a scratch on my boat and can put it to within inches of where I need to be in any situation including difficult crosswinds. I am over 70 and my wife is 69 and we have always run our boat by ourselves. With the Yacht Controller I run the boat entirely by myself which I do often and can even go through the locks into Puget Sound alone and all this in a 70' boat! Most user friendly piece of equipment I have AND the one piece I could NOT do without!! In the early days no one had one and we were the talk of the boating community when they watched us perform, now there are many around and haven't really met any owners who don't feel entirely like we do!  
 Horizon Power Catamaran   52   Valerie A.   Virginia Beach, VA   "My husband and I can handle the wide beam power cat with ease thanks to Yacht Controller! It allows us to handle the boat with no arguing or miscommunication. It's a definite marriage savior! Lol!" 
 Horizon    60   Adam B.   BVI, Caribbean   "I tell so many people about the product (Yacht Controller). I love mine! I am the talk in Virgin Gorda Yacht Harbour! They love it!" 
 Horizon   75'   Capt. Damion J.   Riviera Beach, FL   "I have always been pro wing stations at either side of the vessel and would never have given the time of day to a wireless control but having now done over 100 dockings with the Yacht Controller I think it is fantastic! From start to finish the customer service was top notch. The Yacht Controller reacts very well with the boat and can be tuned to have more power where needed. It's slick and easy to use, quick to take command and has no wireless delays. It has a long range so you can really drive from any convenient position you choose. 10/10 would recommend it to any future clients." 
 Intrepid Sport Package   40   Jim S.    Mill Creek Marine   "We launched the boat this afternoon. It worked flawlessly to the point my tech docked the boat leaning on the transom with the remote!" 
 Intrepid   47   Brad M.   Florida   I was extremely impressed with (with the Sport JCS Yacht Controller System). The system sells itself! I felt honored to have met Jerry. Quite a guy !! I will be putting a system on my boat. 
 Intrepid   47   Ken G.   Dania Beach, FL   "(The Yacht Controller) is phenomenal and just what is needed on this boat! Two important features. Using idle power just doesn’t work in most environments. (Yacht Controller's ability to) Step it up throttle to 10 percent power allows much better control in wind and currents. Have not gone to 20 or 30 but don’t seem to need it. Second is that using one engine in either direction tells your thrusters you are turning and engages them appropriately to assist in the turn. No need to hold down the thrusters. Great product and I would highly recommend!" 
 Jeanneau    28   Charles W.    Seattle, WA    "I recently purchased a JCS (Yacht Controller) from The Yacht Group for my Jeanneau 855 (2016 Model Merry Fisher). I am very pleased with the system's performance and its effectiveness enabling me to maneuver my boat with a greater ease during docking.... [Your Installer] who single-handed installed the JCS on my boat worked very hard during the whole period she stayed in Seattle. She planned her work with great care; one step at a time, and with a lot of patience she fine tuned the electronics so to achieve the desired system’s performance. They were done very methodically. Also, her in-situ planning ability was good while recognizing there were many more obstacles yet to overcome. At the end of week, she had delivered a working system to the customer. [Your installer] professionalism towards her work was excellent." 
 Jefferson    57   Phil & Mary L.    Clearwater, FL   "Hey Tony, ...The addition of the stern thrusters on the Jefferson 57 made a big difference in us handling her. Since we are older (76 & 67 now) and handled the vessel ourselves, the additional stern thruster gave us the added maneuverability to put the 65' LOA vessel anywhere. Also, we would highly recommend the Yacht Controller for a large vessel, particularly if it's a couple with no additional crew. Mary L, USCG Master Phil L." 
 Kady Krogen   48   Bill E.   Seattle, WA   "Last week I had my first opportunity to use the Yacht Controller on our boat. Let me just let you know how pleased I am with the unit. It has turned docking and anchoring maneuvering into more fun than stress. I feel in much better control of the boat. You folks have also been very easy and pleasant to work with. Thanks!"  
 Krogan Express   52   Bob L., Director of Sales, Krogan Express Yachts   Florida   "Thanks for your support in getting the latest Yacht Controller installed on a Krogen Express. Mr. Franck is very pleased with the results." 
 Krogen Express   52   Steve W.    Pompano, FL    "I love the Yacht Controller! I handle the boat all alone. My wife appreciates the system as she no longer has to help with lines or fenders." 
 Krogen Express   53   Robert L .   Jupiter, FL    "I travel through 70+ locks a year! I love it! I'd be lost without it. Eliminates all visibility challenges and helps me calmly dock my boat." 
 Krogen   57   Robert B.   Rapids City, SD   "I love it! It is especially helpful in docking - I have a 57' boat that has to go through a 60' lock to dock. It works great for this!" 
 Lagoon Catamaran    43   Douglas F.    St Petersburg, FL    "...It works great! The guys did a great job, and I loved the way you all responded to the issues. This is the true measure of a company. You guys get five stars in my book. I look forward to using the controller for years to come. This device gives me real freedom to run the boat with limited to no crew support. Thank you again for making this happen so quickly."  
 Lazzara   76   Gary M.   Florida   "I recently spoke with you and told you of my absolute satisfaction with my handheld yacht controller. I own and operate a 76' Lazzara by myself. I have zero crew. I have owned my yacht controller for over three years and did operate the boat prior to owning the controller. Prior to the controller it was a requirement to have a trained mate for every docking situation talking to me on head sets and guiding me on distances etc. I am now able to dock in every situation including backing into a slip stern to with no assistance. This has greatly improved the usability of this boat. I would not be without the controller. Reliability of the controller has been excellent. I travel from Florida to the Great Lakes each spring and fall and negotiate in excess of 100 locks per season on the Erie and Well and Canal. The controller is a great aid in entering, tying up and exiting these locks. As I travel and dock on a nightly basis there is always amazement from dock hands and other boat owners in seeing my ease in docking. Keep up the good work and best wishes for continued success." 
 Lazzara   80   Frank W.    -   "I have been using your Yacht Controller for the past 7 years or so. My wife and I run a Lazzara 80'. We would not be able to do it as easily without your product (Yacht Controller)!"  
 Lazzara   84   Frank M.   Connecticut   "I purchased my first Yacht Controller 3 years ago for my 75ft Viking Sport Cruiser. The controller was a big help in docking the boat. I have a full time captain, but I enjoy docking the boat myself. When I purchased my new 84 ft. Lazzara, I insisted that a Yacht Controller be installed. As boats become longer and wider, the ability to move around for better visibility is very helpful, most important is my confidence in the reliability of your product." 
 Legacy    32   Bob C.    Fort Lauderdale, FL.   " I made the trip thru the Erie Canal system, into Lake Ontario to Montreal, and returned to U.S. via Chambly canals into Lake Champlain. My Yacht Controller was most helpful entering the locks. Made it much easier to control bow or stern while securing one line without the worry of the vessel sliding away from the other mooring cable. Being able to be outside the entire time was a real plus for me." 
 Leopard Catamaran    53   Chris M.   Ft. Lauderdale FL   Gentlemen, So far the addition of Yacht Controller to the 53 Leopard Catamaran has now made docking significantly easier..... [It looks OEM]. We have enjoyed it during fishing as well makes for easy landing and controlling the fish. The best part is the new Leopard 53 comes with a wireless charging pad and the new Yacht Controller wireless charges. Just place it on the pad and leave. Feel free to send me any potential or new 53 Leopard clients if they have any questions about it. It’s a must addition!"  
 Luke Brown Yachts 2013   -   Pam B.   Fort Lauderdale, FL   "You (Tony) and Yacht Controller have been extremely generous to the marine industry. I look forward to the opportunity to referring your business and help spread the word about Yacht Controller and you other innovative products lines. Your support is much appreciated." 
 Luke Brown Yacht   -   Jason D.   Fort Lauderdale, FL   I've noticed your product; Yacht-controller, is having an interesting effect on one particular demographic in yachting. When I started helping people buy and sell boats 22 years ago, the 'cruising couple' would rarely venture out to sea on a boat bigger than 50'. For a large percentage of 'cruising couples' the man is stuck at the helm while the woman is on deck working the lines and fenders. Now, it appears Yacht controller is helping to reversing those roles, or at least freeing up the helmsman to participate on deck. With two on deck, or her at the helm, larger boats requiring larger and heavier lines and fenders are now manageable for the 'cruising couple'. 
 MainShip Trawler   40    Dick A.   St. Petersburg, FL   Tony, Sandi and I are just completing a 10 day shakedown cruise in preparation for our March departure for the Great Loop. I used the Yacht Controller in every docking scenario and on some departures. I'm glad I have it! We have found the Yacht Controller to be very useful in close maneuvering situations, such as docking and locking. As our competency has increased so has our ability to handle more adverse conditions like wind and current. The ability to stand on the stern and guide the boat directly into a slip has made the investment worthwhile.  
 MarineMax   -   Guy P.   St Petersburg   "I wanted to send you this note to thank you for the great sales and service support. The Yacht Controller System has proven to be a reliable product. Yacht Controller is a great aide for docking and a piece of equipment our customers enjoy having on board their boats. Our experience in the marketplace has shown that customers will buy larger boats if they feel they can control them. Yacht Controller clearly provides this solution since it gives customers complete control when docking from anywhere on board. As a MarineMax team member who has now sold and installed many Yacht Controllers, I highly recommend the system to our customers as I am confident it will enhance their boating pleasure and experience." 
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