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 Catamaran PDQ    41   Gabriel R.   Miami Beach, FL   "I'm very happy I can now handle the boat with no problem. I went out for a sunset cruise on Friday afternoon. The winds were blowing 20-25MPH so it was the perfect time to put it to the test handling the boat by myself. The experience was simply amazing, I was able to walk all the away around the boat and untie all 6 dock lines by myself and place them nicely on each piling for my return all the while keeping the boat in place with the controller around my neck. My neighbors at the dock were in aw. When I arrived at the dock it was simply a breeze to tie up by myself. I fell 100% better handling the boat now and in complete control, I just took the family out Sunday today for a little cruise and the wind was howling again and it was flawless and anchoring alone is simply easy now, no more running back and forth to the controls. The addition of the controller really eliminates all my worries I was having handling the boat alone. It is quite funny my neighbor has a 45 sea ray and had 4 people standing at each corner of his boat while he was going out, when I was leaving he walked over and said you need a hand and I said no thank you, I left the dock standing at the transom driving the boat making sure I cleared the pilings with the tender and he was cracking up. I hope that update helps, I highly recommend this to any PDQ users." 
 Cigarette   42   Capt. Julian   Coral Gables, FL   "Just wanted to follow up with you. The owner just left with the boat after the demonstration and he felt like a kid on Christmas Day! Thanks for all the work from your staff to make this happen!" 
 Sea Ray   42   John W.   Illinois   "I've had my Yacht Controller since the Spring of 2004, and I love it. I have a bridge boat and prefer to dock stern in, but have zero visibility aft of the boat from the helm station. With the Yacht Controller I simply walk to the rear of the bridge where I have full visibility and am able to dock with ease. While docking with the Yacht Controller, I am often greeted with shouts of "That's cheating!" from my fellow, jealous dock mates. It has also proven to be helpful with docking in rough weather conditions. I have docked in winds of up to 35 mph, in one take. You can't defy the laws of nature, but the Yacht Controller helps you cheat them a little. By allowing you to get into a better vantage point on the boat, you can see the effects of the wind on your approach more readily, and can make adjustments before it's too late. Docking has been described as a "controlled crash", but the Yacht Controller helps put a lot more control into the equation." 
 Nordic Tug    42   Courtney P.   Pensacola, FL    "I single hand a Nordic tug 42 which has a single engine and the Yacht Controller makes in and out of my tight slip so much easier. I also find the Yacht Controller very handy in certain anchoring conditions."  
 Azimut   42   Bill L.   Pennsylvania   "I absolutely love it! It gives me a tremendous sense of safety. I do a lot of boating on my own and having the Yacht Controller gives me the mate I need to dock my boat with total control. I now have the freedom to go boating on windy days knowing I have the Yacht Controller to safely dock my boat."  
 Sealine   42/5   Anne A.   North Carolina   "I am the owner of a F42.5 Sealine. My husband who is the captain and I took delivery of the vessel in May 2004. The yacht controller was a part of the delivery package, and we have depended on the convenience afforded by the Yacht Controller of maneuverability of the vessel in tight quarters since we have owned the boat. As the 'first mate' or Admiral, as I prefer to be called, the smoothness of docking is much better with the Yacht Controller than without. When we are docking or leaving dock, I am usually the one scampering around securing the lines and fenders, so lurching forward or backward is always risky for the one is manning the deck. With the Yacht Controller, movements are quite easy and smooth. I would miss having the Yacht Controller on our vessel."  
 Lagoon Catamaran    43'    Douglas F.    St Petersburg, FL    "...It works great! The guys did a great job, and I loved the way you all responded to the issues. This is the true measure of a company. You guys get five stars in my book. I look forward to using the controller for years to come. This device gives me real freedom to run the boat with limited to no crew support. Thank you again for making this happen so quickly."  
 Catamaran   44   Capt. Sam T.   Edisto Island, S.C.   "I would like to take a few minutes to praise the owners of Yacht Controller for the prompt assistance they gave me when my sending unit stopped working. As a charter captain, I sometimes work without a mate and Yacht Controller takes that person's place. I run a 44' power catamaran with only cockpit controls where your visibility is extremely limited while docking. With Yacht Controller, I am able to walk around the deck and even drop a line over a cleat while holding the boat in place. This type of control is nice when anchoring as well since the anchor controls are on the front of the boat as far from the cockpit as you can get. My congratulations to the inventor of this device as it makes boating quite simple. Also for getting me back in business so quickly." 
 Mochi   44   Gregory K.   Long Island, NY   "I love the system! I use it extensively for docking and picking up mooring lines. I also like the ergonomic feel of the Dual Band remote!" 
 Meridian   44    Yan H.    Quebec City, Quebec Canada    "I presently own a Meridian 441 with Yacht Controller wireless remote and I love it!"  
 Meridian    44    Curt L.    Massachusetts    “As I get more comfortable with the system [Yacht Controller] – I have ability on my Smartcraft to kick up my idle (button push at helm) – I found that 650/660 is ideal (normal is 600) to get the “kick” I need from my Cummins 480hp to move stern/bow with controller [Yacht Controller]. Another thing notable is the response time of the Yacht Controller – having the momentary switch also “outperforms” the boat's helm sticks. Thank you for a great product!”  
 Mochi Craft   44'   Jorge K.   New York    I love the Yacht Controller! It is great for short handed docking. Anchoring and mooring can be done all by myself! It is a great system and best of all has eliminated arguing between my wife and I when docking! Thank you! 
 Antares   44'    John L.    St. Augustine, FL    "I am a Yacht Controller FREAK!! Have I told you how much I LOVE my YC?!?!?! Warm Florida Regards, John" 
 Meridian   441   Curt L.   Boston, MA   "First, as expected, our boat is an all new experience with YC – best investment to date!" 
 Ocean Alexander   45   Steve W.   Florida   "To whom it may concern. I have a 45 foot boat and docking it by myself was impossible until I got the Yacht Controller. Now I can dock it just about anywhere. A terrific invention."  
 Silverton   45   Jorge U.    Wisconsin   "I love the Yacht Controller! I think it is a fantastic product. It should be standard equipment on all boats brands. I would not own another boat without one." 
 Silverton   45   John U.   Ohio   "Gives me the freedom to be in any location on the boat needed to have the visibility I need." 
 Grand Banks   45   Bob C.   Fort Lauderdale. FL   "I made the trip through the Erie Canal system, into Lake Ontario to Montreal, and returned to the U.S. via Chambly canals into Lake Champlain. My Yacht Controller was most helpful entering the locks. Made it much easier to control bow or stern while securing one line without the worry of the vessel sliding away from the other mooring cable. Being able to be outside the entire time was a real plus for me."  
 Sabre Express 2020   45    Brad M    Lake Erie Ohio and Marco Island, FL    "I'd like to take a moment and share my thoughts on the Yacht Controller that your company installed on my Volvo IPS powered Sabre Salon Express. I piloted the boat from Lake Erie, Ohio to Marco Island, Florida via the East Coast. This was over two and a half months and many docking events. The system has proven itself flawless and precise. I would call it revolutionary in boat handling capabilities. The system is everything as portrayed in your videos and literature. It's EXTREMELY helpful in tight quarters and when handling the boat solo. I will not own another boat without one. After 38 years of boating experience and tens of thousands of nautical miles this equipment is a "no brainer". I highly recommend this equipment. And NO; I haven't been compensated in any way for this review." 
 Hatteras GT and Viking Sportfish   45 and 68   Stanley R.    Sarasota, FL   I am a repeat customer and can say I love the Yacht Controller! It gives me the total control I need to handle my yacht from anywhere on board. I do a lot of boating on the west coast of Florida and in the Bahamas and have found the Yacht Controller to be very helpful for docking, any close quarters maneuvering and I especially like to be able to hold the boat to a side dock while friends and family are boarding or disembarking. Thank you for providing a great product!  
 Silverton   46   Ben B.   Florida   "Your product has saved me millions! Well ok, maybe not millions, but thousands in gelcoat repairs." 
 Carver   46   Gary J.   Ontario   "I am very happy with my Yacht Controller. It's the best item I've added to my 2001 466 Carver as you cannot see the dock from the helm. It's a judgement as to how close you are, with the yacht controller standing out on the deck you know where you are at all times. It makes docking a pleasure and in 3 years of use it's been trouble free."  
 Carver   46   Raymond R.   Chantilly, VA    " I love my Yacht Controller! Before I had a Yacht Controller, I had to rely on a self installed RV video camera backup system that required additionally installed rear mounted flood lights to see at night, and the assistance of a first mate. With a high, forward mounted bridge on my Aft Cabin, and limited visibility, shouting out instructions to helpers unfamiliar with the nuances of docking turned into unpleasant moments. Yacht Controller changed all that and is the single most important upgrade to my 2004 Carver MY466 AC. I found myself without a first mate in 2009, and after buying this product and having it installed, I discovered that I never want or require help to dock or undock a 42,000 lb boat! When I have guests aboard, either boaters or non-boaters, they are always amazed at the fact that I can tie and untie, and get my boat in and out of the dock with no assistance at all. And anchoring is much easier now because I can operate the boat from the bow and maintain an eye on my chain angle and anchor position. I highly recommend this investment. It's a great product and probably the best $ I ever spent on that boat. "  
 Harbor Master   46   Richard S.   New York   "I love it! I think it is a fantastic product. It is the best piece of equipment on my boat." 
 Intrepid   47   Ken G.   Dania Beach, FL   "(The Yacht Controller) is phenomenal and just what is needed on this boat! Two important features. Using idle power just doesn’t work in most environments. (Yacht Controller's ability to) Step it up throttle to 10 percent power allows much better control in wind and currents. Have not gone to 20 or 30 but don’t seem to need it. Second is that using one engine in either direction tells your thrusters you are turning and engages them appropriately to assist in the turn. No need to hold down the thrusters. Great product and I would highly recommend!" 
 Carver   47   Ted S.   Michigan   "My name is Ted. I have a 47 foot motor yacht moored in one of Lake Michigans largest marinas. I have a YACHT CONTROLLER installed on my boat and have come to depend on it for maneuvering in and out of my slip at my home marina and depend on it even more at less familiar marinas around the lake. The back of my boat is not visible from my fly bridge which makes backing into a slip a hit or miss (no pun intended) operation. The YACHT CONTROLLER has solved this problem. I highly recommend this unit to any Captain who can use the added capability that this unit provides." 
 Sealine   47   Fred C.   Florida   "My wife and I are about to embark on a Great Loop Trip with our "Perfect Remedy". We use the Yacht controller virtually every time we dock and most times when we are anchoring. It has become an invaluable tool in promoting enjoyment in our boating experience."  
 Grand Banks   47   Bill H.    Virginia Beach, VA    Tony Valiente, you sold me a YachtController for my 2009 GB47CL several years ago. I met a guy a couple of weeks ago, named...., who is buying a new Fleming 55 to be delivered this fall. He is quite interested in the system and I gave him your name and website info. I continue to be very happy with the system!  
 Carver   47   John G.    Annapolis, MD   "I love my Yacht Thruster and Yacht Controller! The combination of stern control with my wireless remote has made handling my Carver so much easier. Thank you for all of your help!" 
 Intrepid   47'    Brad M.   Florida   I was extremely impressed with (with the Sport JCS Yacht Controller System). The system sells itself! I felt honored to have met Jerry. Quite a guy !! I will be putting a system on my boat. 
 Regal   48   Joe A.   Virginia   "(Owning the Yacht Controller) It has been a real pleasure and the controller has worked flawlessly. It really makes a difference in tight docking situations." 
 Azimut   48   Kris G.   St. Petersburg, FL   Just wanted you to know that we went on our trip to Key West, and used the Controller every day. It worked perfectly ! Makes docking so much easier!! I just wanted to say a big thank you to you and the team !  
 Uniesse   48   Jon W.   Cancun   "My Yacht Controller makes operating my boat a breeze. It is great! I wouldn't be without it." 
 Sea Ray   48   Virgilio C.   Venezuela    "Esto, es nada mas que una carta de agradecimeinto. Por el asobrozo Yacht Controller que uds. Ofrecen la verdad que es incredible. La posibilida que este brinda a la hora de atracar en el muelle y poner gasoline al barco. Una pesona sola puede, lanzar un cabo sin tener que estar corriendo. Teniedo la posibilidad de caer al agua. O de sufrir una accidente. Esto no tiene otra palabra para describirlo, sino simplemente marabilloso. Es un product excepcional. La gente se preocupa en poner tantas cosas en el barco que no usan, y el Yacht Controller es algo que realmente todo barco deberia tener. Y mas si quieres las privacidad de no tener a un ayudante o marinero abordo!"  
 Kady Krogen   48   Bill E.   Seattle, WA   "Last week I had my first opportunity to use the Yacht Controller on our boat. Let me just let you know how pleased I am with the unit. It has turned docking and anchoring maneuvering into more fun than stress. I feel in much better control of the boat. You folks have also been very easy and pleasant to work with. Thanks!"  
 Sea Ray   48   Virgilio C.   Venezuela   "This is a thank you letter. The Yacht Controller, truthfully is incredible! There are no other words to describe it, but simply wonderful, it is an exceptional product! The fact the Yacht Controller offers complete control in the palm of your hand when docking, fueling, tying lines without having to run or rely on others or avoiding accidents makes for an amazing product! People worry about investing in additions to their boats they end up not using, this is not the case with Yacht Controller. Yacht Controller is something that every boat should really have!"  
 Grand Banks   49   Tim C.   Newport Beach, CA.   "My wife and I own a 49 FT Grand Banks Eastbay and our Yacht Controller gives us complete maneuverability, even in the tightest space. My wife can back our boat into our slip with no problems. We pick up our mooring at Catalina Island regardless of wind and currents. It is a fantastic instrument." "This is our second docking instrument. Our first one was another brand and it was a disaster. It continually shorted out our electrical system, leaving us with no controls." 
 Eastbay    49'    Bob B.   Hull, MA   Nothing beats the Yacht Controller! Being able to walk out by the handrails makes all the difference in safe docking. It's a sweet thing! 
 Grand Banks   49'    Bob B.   Hull, MA   Nothing beats the Yacht Controller! Being able to walk out by the handrails makes all the difference in safe docking. It's a sweet thing! 
 Palm Beach GT   50   Frank F.   Florida and Connecticut    The Yacht Controller has integrated perfectly with my IPS propulsion Palm Beach. I find it fun to use and appreciate the sense of freedom Yacht Controller provides when docking! I also enjoy using it when anchoring. Thank you for your support!  
 Carver   50   Steve J.   California   My reluctant-sailor wife went with me to the fuel dock on Saturday to handle lines, and watched in amazement as I nudged that towering boat gently to the dock from the side rail. She said, wide-eyed, "You did that?!" ...... she said, "That's not a birthday present for you; it's a birthday present for ME!" 
 Prestige   50   Mick D.   Seattle, WA   "The Yacht Controller for my IPS boat is GREAT!! Very helpful." 
 Galeon   50   MarineMax / Mitch S.   New York, NY   "Thank You, Chris! I really appreciate all your help…My customer loves his Yacht Controller. He can’t live without it!" 
 Carver   50   Paul M.   Lake Ontario, Canada   "I installed the Yacht Controller in the past spring through Jason Crawford of Keswick. Works fantastic! Best decision I’ve ever made in boating! Also put on dual stern thrusters (from your Yacht Thruster division) from you too. So, I’ve been busy using your products." 
 Ocean Alexander    50   Jim P.    CA   "The Yacht Controller has worked out great for me! I am in California, last year I took the boat to Canada and it was just my wife and I and it allowed me to handle the boat alone while docking. People were surprised to see me do this. Not all people have the Yacht Controller and I don't know why!" 
 Viking Sportfish   50   Brian G.   Miami, FL   "When I first met you last year, I was reluctant to buy the Yacht Controller, but boy am I glad I did! It is great for owner operated vessels and even for Captains as a docking aide! When I go out with my family, my wife can handle the kids with no concern, while I dock and tie the lines. Last week I went out boating alone in rough seas and I was able to fish, dock and tie the lines all by myself! I will never own another boat without one!" 
 Ocean Alexander Trawler   50   Robert T.   -   "The entire experience was outstanding and would not hesitate to recommend this product to any boater who has difficulty visualizing the dock when approaching or departing."  
 Sea Ray   51   Ed. F   NY and FL   "I have had a Yacht Controller for almost two years on a 51 foot Sea Ray. The YC is an exceptional product that allows me to control the boat from any location on board. This is particularly important to me for docking as I often bring the boat into the slip alone. It allows me to move the boat in any direction while securing lines. The Yacht Controller is a valuable tool on any boat but a necessity on boats with limited or obstructed visibility. It can also be used from the dock to aid in securing your final lines. I have used it in many tight slips and in different marinas up and down the East Coast. The company also offers very good support to answer questions and tutorials. It is a worthwhile purchase that you will not be disappointed with." 
 Azimut   51   Rick K.   New Jersey   "I love my new Yacht Controller! I'm in total control. The greatest invention since sliced bread. I have never damaged my boat docking again since I purchased the Yacht Controller. I no longer fear docking my boat." 
 Mochi Dolphin   51   Igor Z.   -   I really love your Yacht controller, it is installed since 4 years on my MOCHI DOLPHIN 51 and with that I can dock, operate and maneuver the boat completely by myself, even in very bad and windy conditions. It never failed!!! As it is Key to my boating, I check with you upfront if the new Boat Wallypower 47 we want to purchase with Kameva Jet drives will be compatible with your system, before we buy it. Thank you for the Fantastic product that you created. 
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