The Next Generation in Wireless Control for Center Console Boats and Vessels up to 55ft
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Optimo™ Features

Remote Wi-Fi Accessibility via VPN

Allows for secure remote support from anywhere. This feature is ideal for troubleshooting technical issues even when far from a service center, ensuring a smooth ride.

Radio Spectrum Analyzer

Eliminate signal headaches. The Radio Spectrum Analyzer identifies potential interference and optimizes signal strength, ensuring reliable control in any environment.

Multiple Channel Combinations on Dual Band Frequencies

Never lose control. Multiple channel combinations on dual band frequencies provide redundancy, minimizing the risk of interference for a reliable connection, no matter where you go.

Multiple User Profile Settings

Allows for personalized configurations for different users on board, accommodating various preferences at the helm of your boat.

Pulsating Remote Range Alert:

Provides a visual and tactile cue when approaching the limit of the remote's range, ensuring you stay in control of your vessel.

Proportional and/or Incremental Engine & Thruster Speed Control

Choose between smooth, variable-speed control or precise incremental adjustments, tailored specifically to suit your boat's handling.

Wireless Charging

Ensures your remote is always ready for use, maximizing convenience on longer trips.

Wi-Fi Connectivity

Connects to your smartphone, tablet, or computer for convenient system monitoring and control.

Exceptional Performance

OPTIMO™ is the latest in a long line of innovative products brought to you by the worldwide leader in wireless control of Boats... Yacht Controller!

OPTIMO™ builds upon the success of our internationally launched product, Nemesis, delivering the same exceptional performance tailored specifically for the American market.

Compatible with these Yacht Controller Remotes

Remote - TK

Remote - TL

Remote - TJ

On/off/engage button
Automatic/manual mode
Acceleration profils (5 steps maximum)
Anchor or auxiliary output selection button.
Straight Up/Down anchor or auxiliary outputs (optional).
Left anchor Up/Down or auxiliary outputs /Optional).
Activate left or right bow thruster (Manual) or slow clockwise or counter-clockwise rotation (Joystick emulation) with motors only.
Activation of left/right stern thruster (manual) or rapid rotation clockwise or anti-clockwise (joystick emulation) with engines and thrusters.
Port engine in forward or reverse (manual) or translation (joystick emulation, automatic mode)
Starboard motor in forward or reverse (manual) or translation (joystick emulation, automatic mode)
Simultaneous activation of starboard and port engines in forward gear.
Simultaneous activation of starboard and port engines in reverse.
Left side shift - Simultaneous activation of bow and stern thrusters.
Right side shift - Simultaneous activation of bow and stern thrusters.
Expansion (horn, DPS, lighting, etc.)
Joystick & expansion (turn outboard motors independently, horn, DPS, lighting, etc.)

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