Garmin® and Yacht Controller® Announce Integration
of Yacht Controller “OneHelm” Panel on Garmin MFDs

Yacht Controller, well known for providing “innovative technology for the marine industry”, announced today the integration of the Yacht Controller information and control panel on compatible Garmin multifunction displays (MFDs) with OneHelm™ functionality. This integration allows Yacht Controller and Garmin users to take advantage of the Garmin display for accessing the Yacht Controller panel during their maneuvers, thereby having a vivid color visual and easy method to start and see the system without the need for another dedicated Yacht Controller screen on their boat.

Gerald Berton, President of Yacht Controller, stated that this strategic alliance provides the opportunity for Yacht Controller and Garmin customers to take advantage of combining both companies’ advanced technologies within the Garmin screen to improve their boating pleasure, safety, and experience.

Michael Range from Garmin said that working together with a proven advanced technology brand such as Yacht Controller and incorporating them into the Garmin OneHelm solution will provide customers the opportunity to easily see and control multiple functions via Garmin’s intuitive high- resolution HD touchscreen displays and its high- performance processor providing a superior user experience.

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