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Precise control for more than 20 years for the small boat enthusiast
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YACHT CONTROLLER Evo with its Porsche Designed silicone membrane levers replaced the previous mechanical switches in 2009 and provide high-efficiency electronics for the proximity between receiver and transmitter on smaller vessels. The battery compartment is completely integrated and waterproof and contains three batteries for increased power and quality of the signal. Its ergonomic grip has a protection degree of 68 IP that makes it resistant to water immersion and floats, and is the essential proven design that remains in continuous use through the Yacht Controller range of products today.

With YACHT CONTROLLER Evo you can easily operate the boat from anywhere on board, through control of engines, thrusters and anchor winch with precise control., and anchoring your boat is simplified.

With Yacht Controller's silicone Porsche ergonomically designed levers you can keep your eyes directly on the movement of the boat as there is no need to look down at the transmitter. Evo’s intuitive interface, allows you to operate the engines forward and reverse, or operate the bow or the stern thrusters, by simply pressing on the lever and immediately disengages when you release making the operation precise and secure, proven by more than 25,000 boats safely in operation with Yacht Controllers on board. You can operate multiple levers at the same time to spin the boat or move it whatever direction you wish as the Yacht Controller receiver is capable of multiple operating commands at the same time to provide the greatest flexibility of control. When you stop pressing whatever lever you are using on the transmitter, that function returns in the “neutral” position.

The YACHT CONTROLLER system is composed of two components: the transmitter that enables the user to control the maneuver and the receiver that is installed inside the bridge and transmits the commands to the different systems on board, making the installation simple: by connecting connect the receiver to the control head with NO CUTTING of any wires since YACHT CONTROLLER electrically interfaces with whatever electronic control system you have on board. The system also connects to the bow and the stern thrusters as well as to the anchor winch, according to what equipment is installed on the boat.

The YACHT CONTROLLER system is currently available for more than 26 manufacturers electronic controls and is highly recommended by Boat manufacturers, Brokers and most importantly customers for 20 plus years and featured in more than 30 media publications. Winner of the overall award for the most innovative product in the marine industry by the NMMA (National marine Manufacturers Association) the EVO system is the foundation of the Yacht Controller Brand.

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