V3 Platinum Extended Range and V4 Platinum Plus Extended Range

Yacht Controller Super Yacht Install

Yacht Controller V3 Platinum Extended Range (yachts 85-125 ft) and V4 Platinum Plus Extended Range (yachts in excess of 125’) systems are designed for large and mega-yachts to provide the most secure system for wireless control of these large vessels. Also available for steel and metal vessels where radio frequency communication is limited by that construction.

Yacht Controller Platinum and Platinum plus systems are coupled with our Dual band or Dual Band plus remotes and special technology including remote antennas to provide the utmost in secure communication and are tested for a minimum communication for more than 20 feet off any part of the yacht. These systems allow the captain to be in command of their yachts with control that will allow them to move the vessel precisely in the direction they wish in as little as one inch at a time with perfect visibility and no sight line issues. This precision is especially important in these large tonnage yachts as they cannot be manipulated by hand by the crew and the ability to see the position and movement of the yacht is critical for the captain.

Our yacht Controller Platinum and Platinum Plus systems the proven wireless control of large yachts for more than 6 years.